Echo Zhou



Hi! I’m Echo Zhou.

I helped start Yanre Fitness, where we make durable gym equipment, now Yanre Fitness is one of the top 10 gym equipment manufacturer in China.

I lead our sales team, ensuring that our clients not only get our great products but also understand that our equipment wasn’t born perfect. Like a fine wine, it’s gotten better over the years, thanks to heaps of feedback (and a few learning curves).

I’m a mom to two cute kids who definitely keep me on my toes—think of them as my in-house quality control experts who test my patience more than our products!

I also write a bit. I share tips that gym owners and fitness business owners might find really helpful for making their places better.

I love talking to people and sharing stories.

Whether you’re into fitness business world or just looking for some buying tips, I’m here.

Let’s explore the world of fitness business together!