Wholesale Yoga Straps Definitive FAQ Guide

With all the tools available to enhance your yoga studio or gym, the most popular accessory to invest in is a great quality yoga strap.

Are you looking for premium quality yoga straps in bulk at the best wholesale price for your gym or studio? We can assist!

Below we look at everything you need to know about buying yoga straps in bulk.

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What is a yoga strap?

Yoga straps are stretchable extensions that help you to safely move into those difficult pose positions during your yoga workout.

Straps are created from high quality elastic and non-elastic materials. It is crafted and designed to enhance your balance during poses. It also helps to deepen stretches throughout your yoga exercises.

With a great variety of lengths, colors, and materials available, you can be sure to find the perfect yoga straps, for your gym or studio, in bulk at Yanre fitness.

Wholesale Yoga Straps 1

Figure 1: Yoga strap

What is the difference between yoga straps and yoga bands?

The most notable difference is that a yoga strap is non elastic where a yoga band is fully elastic and stretchable.

Yoga Strap or belt

  • Made from 100% dense cotton
  • Non-elastic
  • Cannot stretch
  • Has buckles or D-rings
  • Stronger and sturdier than a yoga band
  • Machine washable
  • Cannot be tumble dried, takes a while to air dry
Wholesale Yoga Straps 2

Figure 2: Cotton Yoga straps

Yoga Band

  • Made from rubber or nylon
  • Super elastic and stretchable
  • Less sturdy than a yoga strap
  • More flexible than a yoga strap
  • Has no buckles or D-rings
  • Cleans easily by wiping with a damp cloth
  • Dries immediately
  • Cannot be machine washed or dried
Wholesale Yoga Straps 3

Figure 3: Stretchable yoga resistance band

What is the function of a yoga strap?

Yoga straps are used as an extension or lengthening tool during workouts.

Straps is a handy accessory to have in your gym or yoga studio. Yoga straps help to maintain a better balance during a workout.

A good quality yoga strap can be used in various ways to make a huge difference to any yoga experience for various reasons:

Body and muscle alignment

Yoga straps help to successfully align all muscles and body parts into the perfect position.

Incorrect alignment can lead to muscle strain and back pain. This can lead to serious injury in the long run.

Investing in good quality bulk yoga straps for your studio, will ensure that your customers have a great yoga experience, without risking injury or muscle strain.  

Wholesale Yoga Straps 4

Figure 4: Yoga straps used for alignment

Deeper stretches

Yoga straps are very well known for bringing on a deeper stretching experience during a yoga workout.

When a body is correctly aligned, it allows the muscles to stretch further than it normally would.

Yoga straps are the best accessory to use when struggling with stiff hamstrings or tired muscles. Use a yoga strap to loosen muscles for a more enjoyable practice session.

Wholesale Yoga Straps 5

Figure 5: Yoga straps used for deep stretching

Moving to more advanced poses

Yoga straps are a great tool to assist getting into a pose that seems impossible.

While moving to more intense and complex yoga poses should not be the main goal, it does make for an excellent motivation to master the next level of difficulty in a yoga workout.

A yoga strap can be used as a guide to get easy body movement into the exact position. It helps to perfectly align the body as it should be to master a pose. 

This way, muscles and bodies are trained to know exactly how it should feel when you eventually move into the pose without a yoga strap.

Wholesale Yoga Straps 6

Figure 6: Yoga straps used for advanced poses

What are the materials of a yoga strap?

Yoga straps are made from stretchable rubber, nylon, 100% cotton and even hemp.

100% Cotton Yoga Straps

The most popular yoga straps are produced from 100% pure cotton. 

Preferred widely by more experienced yogis because of its soft feel, durability, and great grip. It is also machine washable which makes it easy to clean.

Wholesale Yoga Straps 7

Figure 7: Natural Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

Rubber & Nylon Yoga Straps

Rubber straps are better known as yoga resistance bands. They are less sturdy and stretchier than cotton or hemp yoga straps. 

These straps are preferred among gym owners due to the multi use abilities of the super durable rubber strap. It is great for stretching and yoga but can also be adapted and used as a resistance band during gym workouts.

Wholesale Yoga Straps 8

Figure 8: Rubber Yoga Strap

Hemp Yoga Straps

For studio owners who prefer a greener option, you can order yoga straps made from 100% pure hemp. 

These straps are less stretchy and elastic than your yoga straps made from rubber. But they do feature a very eco friendly carbon footprint and are very durable.

Wholesale Yoga Straps 9

Figure 9: Hemp Yoga Straps

What are the different types of yoga straps? 

There are 4 main types of yoga straps on the market today. 

Cinch Buckle Yoga Strap

  • Most popular yoga strap
  • Tightly woven cotton belt
  • Anti-slip cinch buckle
  • Promises superior performance and rigidity
  • Easily adjustable with one hand
  • Allowing movement continuity while adjusting the yoga strap buckle
  • Allowing for zero disruption while in a yoga pose
Wholesale Yoga Straps 10

Figure 10: Cinch Buckle Yoga Strap

D-Ring Yoga Strap

  • Secure sturdy cotton belt
  • Easy to use
  • D-rings support great posture and poses without bending or breaking
  • Perfect for taller yoga practitioners
  • Comes in extra lengths
  • Metal D rings are more durable than the plastic cinch buckles
Wholesale Yoga Straps 11

Figure 11: Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap

Pinch Buckle Yoga Strap

  • Popular with more advanced yogi
  • Thick cotton texture strap
  • Slip resistant
  • Pinch buckle locks strap in place
  • Thin, durable plastic pinch buckle
  • Fully adjustable
  • Helps with quick adjustments during poses
Wholesale Yoga Straps 12

Figure 12: Pinch Buckle Yoga Strap

Yoga straps with no rings or buckles

  • Sturdy 1005 cotton belt
  • No rings or buckles
  • No complications during yoga workouts
  • Must tie loops for foot and arm grips
  • No buckles or loops that can break or bend due to misuse
Wholesale Yoga Straps 13

Figure 13: Plain Yoga Strap

Yanre Fitness has a great variety of premium quality yoga straps available to meet your needs, speak to us right now.

What is the difference between a multi-loop and a plain yoga strap?

Multi loop yoga straps are manufactured with 12 loops already incorporated in your yoga straps. Normal yoga straps do not offer incorporated loops, you must create the loops yourself.

A plain yoga strap is great for beginner exercises. Create loops by tying knots in your yoga strap that can easily be untied or removed once you are done with your workout.

For more experienced yogis, the multi-loop strap is the ideal tool to enhance poses and deepen stretches. 

The Plain Yoga Strap

  • No loops
  • D-ring, buckle or plain
  • Thinner than multi-loop Yoga strap
  • Non-slip grip
  • Super durable
  • Non-stretchable
  • Machine Washable
  • Takes a while to dry
Wholesale Yoga Straps 14

Figure 14: Normal Yoga Strap

The Multi-loop Yoga Strap 

  • Features 12 non-elastic, independent loops
  • No D-ring or buckle
  • Solid grip
  • Longer than normal yoga strap
  • Versatile
  • Made from nylon
  • Quick to clean
  • Quick to dry
  • Non-stretchable
Wholesale Yoga Straps 15

Figure 15: Multi-loop Yoga Strap

To derive the best benefits from any yoga workout, invest in a good quality wholesale yoga strap.

Why is there a D-Ring on a yoga strap?

D-rings and buckles have been uniquely designed to ensure a smooth transition between poses. No need to struggle with tying and untying of knots. 

D-rings and buckles on a yoga strap helps to easily adjust the placement and size of your belt loop during a yoga workout. They allow you the option to free your hands, by safely securing the loops needed to help you move into a better pose or deeper stretch.

How to adjust the D-ring or buckle on a yoga strap?

Adjusting a D-ring or buckle on a yoga strap is quick and easy.

What is the length of a yoga strap?

Wholesale yoga straps can be ordered in three popular lengths: 6, 8 and 10 feet. 

The 6-feet, or 8-feet long yoga strap is most used in yoga studios and gyms. But the 10-feet long strap is advised for taller users. 

Make sure that there is enough strap left to ensure a comfortable hold of your strap after it has been folded onto loops. 

Wholesale Yoga Straps 16

Figure 16: 6,8,10 ft Yoga Strap

Can I customize the color or length of bulk yoga straps?

Yes, Yanre Fitness can customize your yoga straps with color and other options when you buy in bulk.

Yoga straps can be ordered in bulk, in several lengths and colors per your needs.

If there is a specific color request to match your studio logo or gym colors, or you need a customized length, speak to us, right now

Wholesale Yoga Straps 17

Figure 17: Customize Color or length of Yoga Straps

What to consider before buying yoga straps in bulk?

When venturing out to find the best yoga straps at the best wholesale prices, there are a few important points that you should consider.

  • Choose the right length

Yoga straps come in three lengths: 6-feet, 8-feet, and 10-feet. Choose a variety of lengths for your yoga studio or commercial gym.

The 8-feet strap is the most popular as it is the middle length. 

For taller yogis, the 10-feet is advisable. 

The 6-feet is comfortable to have for beginner yoga, but for more experienced movement we recommend the 8-feet yoga strap.

  • Choose the right buckle or cinch

Do you prefer a D-ring or buckle? Plastic or metal?

Choosing the right strap with the right cinch is vital. You do not want to be stuck in a pose, struggling with a buckle that broke or will not release.

For your gym or studio where these yoga straps will be used numerous times daily, we recommend you invest in bulk yoga straps with high quality cinches.

  • Compare various wholesale yoga straps with each other

Look at manufacturing materials, quality, price, and quantities. Also pay attention to product details and specifications.

Know what kind of yoga straps you want before you start looking. Do not just settle for the yoga strap with the lowest price.

Online videos, images, and detailed descriptions will assist you to make sure that you chose the best yoga manufacturer for your gym or yoga studio. 

  • Quality seal

Ensure your wholesale yoga straps are made of the best quality materials and craftsmanship.

A-list wholesale yoga manufacturers will carry a quality certification.

You can find the certificate on their web sites or alternatively request to see their stamp of quality. 

Wholesale Yoga Straps 18

Figure 18: ISO quality seal

Can I put my gym or studio logo on bulk yoga straps?

Yes, you can brand your yoga straps with your studio or gym logo.

Getting your studio or gym name embroidered or printed on your wholesale yoga accessories is a great way of getting some extra publicity.

Yanre Fitness can accommodate requests for personalized branding on selected products, contact us now.

Wholesale Yoga Straps 19

Figure 19: Branding wholesale yoga straps

How much weight can a yoga strap hold?

Premium quality yoga straps made from 100% cotton can withstand up to 2000 lbs.

Ideally yoga straps should be used for stretching and alignment and not as suspension straps.

What is the wholesale price of yoga straps?

Standard, entry level yoga straps can be bought in bulk from as little as $9 per piece.

For the more advanced straps fitted with loops and buckles, be prepared to invest between $23 – $112 per yoga strap.

Yanre fitness proudly manufactures a great variety, good quality, durable yoga straps at the best wholesale prices for your commercial gym or yoga studio. Contact us now!

Final Words

No matter what kind of wholesale yoga strap you need for your gym or yoga studio, you are sure to find it at Yanre Fitness. 

With us, you can be sure of the best quality yoga accessories at the most affordable prices.

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