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Wholesale Fabric Resistance Band – Definitive FAQ Guide

Fabric resistance bands are a must for every reputable gym center. These are great for hips, butt, and glutes strength training. 

Due to their intense use and replacement, the best is to look for fabric resistance bands at wholesale prices. You will benefit from both premium quality fabric workout bands and affordable prices. 

You may have questions about fabric resistance bands in bulk. So, we prepared the following FAQ guide to help your research. 

Let’s start.

Table of Contents

What is the fabric resistance band?

A fabric resistance band is a fitness training tool that increases muscle strength and flexibility. 

Fabric is one of the resistance bands chosen for its resistance capacity. It is ideal for medium level trainees. 

What are the benefits of fabric resistance band training? 

The benefits of training with fabric resistance bands improve the body’s health and muscles: 

  • Flexibility. Increases flexibility of the muscles, helping them to get stronger and more flexible. The slow motions help to build muscles group as the resistance level of fabric bands is greater than that of other bands
  • Safety. Training sessions with fabric resistance bands are low-impact on your articulations. It is a great way to prevent injuries at your gym
  • Regulate muscle imbalances. To regulate any muscular imbalances, fabric bands are one of the recommended solutions. Is also good to regulate abdominal muscles and lower limb muscles
  • Overall health benefits. Fabric resistance bands workout helps your body to better oxygenate. This sport will progressively increase your cardiovascular resistance.
  • Sculpt your body. Exalt your hips and smartly shape the legs. 
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Figure 1 Benefits of fabric resistance bands 

What are the materials of fabric resistance bands?

Fabric resistance bands are made from more than 1 material:

  • 90 % of natural fibers, such as cotton and jute
  • 10% of synthetic matter such as rubber, PVC, or other plasticized materials

The degree of materials mix can vary, depending on the manufacturer. Commercial-grade fabric bands are made from cotton or jute with latex or rubber layers. In this way, the manufacturer ensures some elasticity to the bands. 

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What is the difference between synthetic and natural fabric resistance bands?

The difference between the two is how it feels on the skin. While the fabric is soft, rubber can cause irritations. 

Fabric resistance bands are more comfortable and more effective for use on bare skin. Fabric is also allergy-free material, ideal for people with skin problems. 

Rubber or synthetic bands tend to pinch the skin. Sometimes it can leave some marks or redness. The thinner rubber bands tend to roll down or move out of place.

What is the weight of the fabric resistance band?

The average weight of the fabric resistance bands is 5 grams. But this can vary, according to the manufacturer. 

What are the key features of wholesale fabric resistance bands?

  • Premium quality raw materials
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Fast Delivery
  • Mass production
  • International networks 
  • Customization options 

Premium quality raw materials. Your supplier has access to many types of manufacturing materials. Thus, you can get premium fabric, resistance bands. You will benefit from the latest material technology, with features to please many categories of athletes. 

Cost-effectiveness. Working with wholesale fabric manufacturers is the best way to keep your budget under control. Wholesale suppliers are both producers and sellers. Their rates can save you up to a third of the normal price. 

Fast delivery. Wholesale manufacturers work fast and efficiently. They deliver in a short time because they have the technology and the know-how of the business.

Mass production. No wonder gym owners get wholesale rates for their orders. Manufacturers produce large quantities of resistance bands or any other fitness equipment. No matter the size, they can honor bulk fabric resistance band orders. 

International accessibility. A reliable supplier builds business relationships across the oceans. Worldwide partnerships ensure international accessibility to wholesale fabric resistance bands. This is how the supply networks help build a reputation in the gym industry market.  

International suppliers have all the product experience to help your business chick off. Or to reinvent yourself as a new brand. 

Customization options. Many wholesale manufacturers now provide more than just basic cheap fitness gear. Today, you can custom make your fabric resistance bands. You can select the raw material, the colors, the logo, the resistance levels, and many other extras. 

This makes your gear special and easy to identify. Manufacturers can both design and produce your desired fitness equipment.

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Figure 4 Features of wholesale fabric resistance bands 

What should I look for when buying wholesale fabric resistance bands?

When buying wholesale fabric resistance bands, you must consider: 

  • Flexible fabric material

Fabric protects your skin from pinching, allergies and feels good at the touch. Cotton is delicate with the skin. It is pleasant during use, soft, and comfortable. 

Commercial grade wholesale fabric resistance bands are flexible, skin-friendly, and safe. 

  • Combination of cotton and latex yarns 

Fabric is not an elastic material. For elasticity, the fabric bands should have some degree of latex or rubber incorporated. This mix will win greater stretch and durability. Your resistance bands will be long-lasting and stronger at wear and tear. 

As a gym owner, it is best to look for premium-made fabric bands from cotton and latex. 

  • Durable and advanced non-slip design 

Good quality fabric and manufacturing process make the resistance bands durable at intense use. Advanced anti-slip and anti-rolling designs are made by combining fabric with latex or rubber. The latex layer makes the inside grippy. It will prevent any rolling or slipping while your athletes’ train. 

  • Versatility for different workout programs

No matter what training program your athletes choose, your fabric resistance bands are suitable. Crossfit, Insanity, Yoga, Pilates, Body workout, are just a few to name. 

Fabric resistance bands are suitable for a large variety of exercises. The athlete can train his hips, legs, and entire body. Any trainee looking to increase mobility or muscle stamina can train with fabric bands.  

  • Multiple levels of band resistance

Anything between 3 to 5 Levels of Resistance should be good. A gym owner must be prepared with fabric bands from elementary level to expert. This way you ensure your resistance bands are accessible to both beginner and advanced trainees.  

The amount of resistance is in concordance with the color code, such as:

Yellow / Light (15-25lbs)

Red / Medium (25-35lbs)

Black / Heavy (40-50lbs)

  • Different sizes of fabric resistance bands

Gym owners can choose between fabric bands of the same size but with different resistance levels. Or different sizes of the bands. The advantage of having different sizes is easy identification. The largest bands are more stretchable, while the shorter ones provide greater resistance.

Examples of different fabric sizes are:

Size S / light resistance  has a 14 inch

Size M / medium resistance 15.2 inch

Size L / heavy resistance 16.5 inch

  • Easy transportation and storage

Quality fabric bands can be carried anywhere and anytime. High-end fabric bands come with a sporty carrying case. Storage options should include items such as clench handles. The clench stores your bands without rolling, packing or damaging them. 

Remember to keep them away from direct sunlight, and water sources. It is recommended to clean them after each use. 

Yanre Fitness is a premium quality fabric resistance band. Our commercial-grade fabric exercise band is made of high-quality cotton, with polyester and stretch material. 

We add a knitting tailoring design that effectively prevents curling, sliding, or pinching during training workout sessions. It is both durable and anti-slip. Yanre provides high-end fabric bands at wholesale rates. 

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Figure 5 Wholesale qualities of fabric resistance bands 

What determines the wholesale price of the fabric resistance bands?

The wholesale price of the fabric bands is influenced by 2 factors:

  • Material 
  • Production process 

Material. Natural materials, such as cotton or latex, are extracted from nature. The raw material is obtained after several procedures. The final price of the material will be higher. 

Synthetic materials, such as rubber or PVC are artificial, cheaper to make, and faster. The final price will be more accessible. 

Production process. Manufacturing is a key link in the final wholesale price of the fabric resistance bands. Production establishes the stages of manufacture, quality, and the necessary time. 

High-end products take more time and more staff involved. Lower- quality is faster, no strict regulation, and cheaper. 

Where to buy wholesale fabric resistance bands?

You can buy fabric resistance bands at wholesale rates at any gym equipment manufacturer, supplier, or distributor. 

They can apply different rates, depending on if they own a showroom, a shop, or a storage deposit. 

Normally, the manufacturers have the best prices. If you buy straight from them, you will get the best price offers. 

Yanre Fitness is one of the top Chinese fabric resistance bands manufacturer and supplier. We have over 20 years of experience in the field. We have the know-how of the industry and provide quality fitness gear at affordable prices. 

We look out for fitness trends and invest in our technical equipment. Our fabric resistance bands respect international quality certifications. We are available for national and international delivery. 

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Figure 6 Buying wholesale fabric resistance bands 

What is the wholesale price of fabric resistance bands?

The average price of fabric resistance bands starts as low as 10$ per set. The price can vary, depending on the manufacturer. 

To confirm any wholesale prices of fabric resistance bands, contact Yanre Fitness now. 

Can you wash fabric resistance bands?

Yes. The safest way to clean the fabric resistance bands is to wash them with cool water. To dry is best to air dry, but without exposure to direct sunlight.  

Are the fabric resistance bands water-resistant? 

No. If exposed too much time to water, fabric resistance bands begin to deteriorate. Make sure you keep your fabric bands in a dry, cool place. 

Can I design my fabric resistance bands at wholesale prices?

Yes. Wholesale manufacturers can help you design your own fabric resistance bands. Or you can design it on your own and produce it with the manufacturer. Each option is offered at wholesale rates. 

Nowadays, most reliable manufacturers provide ODM services. They can help you design and produce the fabric bands at wholesale prices. 

Yanre Fitness has excellent OEM and ODM skills at wholesale rates. We can design and produce any type of fabric resistance band. If you want to confirm customization rates, contact Yanre now. 

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Figure 7 Yanre Fitness self-design skills of fabric resistance bands 

Final Words

I hope the above guide has answered most of your questions about fabric resistance bands. 

If something still remains questionable, contact Yanre Fitness to clarify all doubts. 

Need to import wholesale fabric resistance bands? Let Yanre take care of your order. Contact our sales team for a quick quote.