V Squat Machine

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V Squat Machine

Yanre Fitness’ 82020 V squat machine is designed with a long back pad for stability, a platform for your feet, and weight sleeves to load with weight plates. This machine exercises your thigh including quads, and glutes muscles.


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V Squat Machine, Hammer Strength V Squat for Sale

Need to add a reliable strength training machine to leg day routine? Buy the best plate loaded V squat machine at a wholesale price from Yanre Fitness, who offers the full range of self-design fitness equipment and accessories. We are a trusted manufacturer with clients spread across the globe.

V Squat Machine Basics

What is a V squat machine? It is made for exercising your thigh muscles, particularly the quads, and your glutes to some extent. It has hand grips at shoulder level, a long back pad for stability, a platform for your feet, and weight sleeves to load with weight plates.

Functions of V Squat Machine

  • Lower Body Training

While the plate loaded V squat mainly works your abs, it also stimulates your glutes and hamstrings.

  • Natural Squatting Motion

The exercise movement is made to follow a natural path of motion that is uncomplicated yet effective for muscle targeting and building.

  • Back and Knee Protection

The curved arc of motion and the long, padded back support on the squat press machine protect your back and knees from undue strain.

  • Lower Starting Resistance

The counterbalanced system and customized resistance via weight plates allow a low starting resistance.

Features of the Yanre V Squat

Yanre Fitness offers a heavy-duty hammer strength V squat machine for commercial gym use among its diverse product range. With its sturdy frame, this equipment can accommodate multiple users on a daily basis, from beginners to heavy weightlifters. It offers smooth lower body workouts to make any leg day productive to the max.

From the back pad upholstered with high-density foam to the stabilizing footplate, the ergonomic features make workouts injury-free and efficient. It’s a comfortable alternative to barbell squats and can also be used by those with mild back injuries. Moreover, it eliminates the need for a spotter, being safe enough to use on your own.

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