All You Need to Know About Gym Billing Software

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A commercial gym is a complex business to run. It is a balancing act between equipment, customers, employees, & their management.

A gym billing software is a way to keep track of all of the above. It helps commercial gyms keep an eye on the services provided to the customers & bill them accordingly.

It brings simplicity & clarity to the daily activities of commercial gyms.

The aim of this blog is to introduce you to gym billing software so that you can make an informed choice for yourself.

Table of Contents

1. Functions of a Gym Billing Software

A gym billing software helps to make the management of a commercial gym effective & streamlined.

First & foremost, it keeps the daily data of the gym error-free. It follows all the accounting guidelines & ensures that the facts & figures are correct.

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Figure 1 – A gym payment software is a necessity

The basic functions of a gym billing software include:

  • Proper billing
  • Managing the business calendar
  • Reminders
  • Tracking work hours
  • Compiling data
  • Generating reports
  • Managing previous records

A good billing software is worth its weight in gold to a commercial gym. The best billing software should be chosen for your gym, no matter what the price.

2. Types of Gym Billing Software

There are many types of billing software available. For commercial gyms, it is mostly a part of the gym management software.

The two kinds that are commonly in use on their own for tackling the daily activities of a gym setup are:

  • Billing & time management software
  • Recurring billing software
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Figure 2 – Types of gym billing software

A billing & time management software is the bare bones of billing software. It performs the two primary functions that are a must for any commercial space. 

It can also compile data, manage work hours, make reports & schedules.

A recurring billing software, on the other hand, is for subscriptions. It bills the clients a specific amount every month for services used at the gym.

This type of software is less preferable because it offers only one function. Though, a gym management software may include the function of recurring billing.

3. Benefits of a Gym Billing Software

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Figure 3 – Benefits of gym billing software

A gym billing software makes it easy to manage a commercial gym. It has many benefits which help with the day-to-day activities of the gym. Such as:

  • Making new bills
  • Keeping records of customers
  • Payment options
  • Generate quotes & templates
  • Generating tax reports
  • No late payments
  • Offline access
  • Mobile application

3.1 Making New Bills

This is one of the primary functions of gym billing software. Making new bills is easier because the software combines data from previous records & timesheets.

This allows the gym to have an error-free & professional billing process.

3.2 Keeping Records of Customers

Commercial billing software compiles all kinds of data about the customers. It includes personal information, gym facilities they use, their buying history, & more.

It can be put together in one place with ease. It helps to keep a track of the customer’s activities & preferences, as well.

3.3 Payment Options

Gym billing software provides customers with various payment options & produces their bills accordingly.

It includes:

  • Cash payments
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Gift cards & coupons

It not only makes it easier for the customer but allows you to keep a record of all the bills for tax purposes later.

A gym billing software makes it easier to collect data, create reports, & track profits. It keeps all the information sorted & easy to follow.

3.4 Generate Quotes

A gym billing software is usable for sending quotes, as well. It is easy to do because you have all the data about inventory, prices, & more, at your fingertips.

It is as simple as pressing a button.

Some billing software can make custom templates for various bills & receipts. It is a useful feature to have as part of the package.

3.5 Generating Tax Reports

All businesses have to pay taxes. The same is true for commercial gyms. 

Gym billing software records all the data about daily gym activities. It includes all the financial data, as well.

Billing software can provide a tax report with ease & accuracy when it is tax season.

3.6 No Late Payments

Gym payment software helps you keep track of all kinds of payments. You can not only make payments on time but ensure that clients pay your gym on time, too.

It will make certain that no more delays, late payments, or fines happen for your business.

3.7 Offline Access

This feature is a part of most gym billing software. Being dependable on the internet in order to function is not best.

Your billing software should be able to provide support irrespective of a connection to the world wide web.

3.8 Mobile Application

This option is a definite plus for any commercial gym owner. It allows remote access to the software.

You can keep up with your work even when you are away from the gym, as well.

4. Commercial Gym Billing Software

Any business owner knows the pain of managing the accounts by yourself. It takes long hours of patience & concentration to handle the books.

Gym billing software have made it easy, accurate, & manageable to keep track of it all.

Let me introduce you to some versatile & efficient gym billing software available in the market.

4.1 QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a cloud-based software. It can create & send bills. It is usable for recurring payments, as well.

This billing software uses the stored data to keep track of spendings & profits. It can make tax reports too.

The cost for QuickBooks is approximately 10.36$ per user per month.

4.2 FreshBooks

FreshBooks does the same job but on a smaller scale. It is a kind of billing software that caters to small gyms & businesses.

Its features include:

  • Tracking work hours
  • Tracking spending
  • Tracking profits

FreshBooks performs a host of other functions. It is usable on a PC, tablet, or phone with ease.

For using FreshBooks you will be charged 15$/month approximately.

4.3 Xero

This billing software has everything that a commercial gym needs for day-to-day business.

Apart from the basic feature of making bills & sending invoices, it allows online payments, as well.

It can bill the customers in bulk & accept credit & debit card payments.

Subscription for xero starts from 20$ per user per month.

4.4 Invoice2go

Invoice2go is an easy-to-use billing software. It can make bills, invoices & give payment reminders.

The features that make it stand out are:

  • Option for custom templates
  • making charts & reports
  • Accept online payments

The price for Invoive2go is approximately 21$/year. There is an option for a free trial, as well.

4.5 Wave

For most billing software, you either buy it or subscribe to it. Wave is a cloud-based option that is free.

It can make bills, manage accounts, payroll, & accept online payments. Free software is an attractive option for most gyms. 

Though, you should keep in mind that it will have limited features compared to the paid version.

Wave is a free gym billing software.

5. Difference Between a Gym Billing Software and a Gym Management Software

A commercial gym works like clockwork. Many things are going on at once. To keep track of it all, either billing or management software is required.

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Figure 4 – Gym management versus gym billing software

These two essentially are ways to bring order to the chaos that is managing a commercial gym. The choice of what is best for you is based on the needs of your business.

A gym billing software is for making, receiving, & keeping track of payments. It collects data about employee work hours, bills, & more.

Both free & paid versions are available commercially. The paid version has more features & security comparatively.

A gym management software is on a much bigger scale than billing software. Making bills & collecting data are just some of its features.

It keeps track of a lot more things compared to gym billing software. It includes keeping track of membership data, inventory, maintenance, gym classes, employee records, etc.

For smaller gyms, gym payment software is enough. For larger commercial gym setups, a complete management system should be in use, though.

Both of these make it easy to access information about your gym. They help you effectively deal with staff & clients.

6. Factors Affecting the Cost of a Gym Billing Software

Finding the cost of a gym payment software is not as simple as it looks. The upfront charges are what you pay for it to the seller. It includes the fee for the license, as well.

The total price of it includes many factors, though. Like:

  • Installation fees
  • Training cost
  • Paid features
  • Maintenance
  • Software support

6.1 Installation Fees

Unless you are a gym owner & an IT specialist, chances are that you will need help from a professional.

Some gym billing software is easy to install, while others may need upgrades to work properly. The cost of installation affects the end-cost of the software you choose to buy.

6.2 Training Costs

Any new software requires a getting used to period. All employees (new & old) will need some training for using it properly.

Although it is just a week or so, it counts towards the cost of your gym billing software.

6.3 Paid Features

If you own a small gym, you will probably be able to use your billing software as is. Commercial gyms, on the other hand, have special needs.

It is where paid features come in. These have to be bought separately from the original billing software.

These customize your gym billing software according to the specific needs of your business.

6.4 Maintenance

Like all the gym equipment & accessories, the billing software needs maintenance, as well.  Gym billing software either uses a server or has cloud storage.

Either way, there will be maintenance costs or fees.

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Figure 5 – Maintenances service

6.5 Software Support

Software support is the backup any gym owner needs for times with billing software glitches.

Irrespective of the complexity of the gym billing software, support from a professional is a must.

In most cases, it costs money to get it.

All of these factors decide what you are paying for your gym billing software. So, keep all of these in mind when making your purchase.

7. Conclusion

In conclusion, gym billing software is a must for any commercial gym setup. It brings a professional touch to the day-to-day activities at the gym.

It also makes it easy for you to keep track of spending & profits efficiently. If you are looking for billing software for your gym, then you are in the right place.

Keep in mind all the information that we have shared with you about gym billing software. It will help you make the best choice for your gym or business.

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