The Best Free Gym Membership Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 5
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Gym membership software covers the special managerial needs for businesses like gyms. Also, fitness studios, health clubs, and wellness centers.

Free trails to gym management software can help you automate your business. And it will support you to give their clients great service and automate processes. Having gym membership software will make daily tasks easier to complete.

Membership management software automates the management of membership within a gym. Also, great to use in other member-based organizations. These software packages offer quite a few features. These features simplify how you run your business and communicate with your members.

These software programs make it easy to control your gym administration. It offers a variety of business process tools for fitness organizations. Membership-oriented groups use these software applications to communicate with their constituents. It allows you to share resources, promote events. You can collect fees as well as recruit and keep members. You can inform all your members of the latest Yanre Fitness exercise machine that you have added to your gym, with all the benefits it offers.

Membership management software is linked to association management software. It is popular in health clubs, church management, and club management. These software’s are all available to test for free. And test periods range from 14 to 30 days.

Below are 13 of the top free, and open-source gym membership management software on the market. You can test these programs for up to a month before investing.

Table of Contents

1. 13 Best Free Gym Membership Software

Serpent Gym Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 6

Figure 2: Serpent Gym Membership Software

Serpent is a free gym management software that can assist you in managing the operations of your gym. It is a complete gym ERP presentation that can handle your daily business. Starting from members and instructors to handling appointments and schedules.

It removes all the stress from operations and administrative tasks. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on important gym activities. And it will help you grow your business.

The main features of Serpent software allow you to record member task details. Also, keep track of measurements and various stages of a member’s lifecycle. You can enroll a member in a membership plan. You will be able to analyze BMI by a graphical presentation.

Also, tracking the performance of each member is a breeze. Trainers’ information and their HR details are easy to manage. Managing gym equipment and maintenance schedules will be easy to maintain. Configuring exercises with needed steps, video links, and images to enjoy.

Members have their own set of measurement, membership, and task details. Enrolling members to a membership plan is made easy. You can view membership fees and duration as well as orders.

Keeping track of membership life stages is done with ease. A demo is made available on their website should you want to try their services.

OpenStudio software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 7

Figure 3: Openstudio Gym Membership Software

OpenStudio was established as a free yoga studio scheduling software. It has fully-fledged to offer useful tools for many different businesses and organizations.

OpenStudio helps to maintain clients, classes, teachers, subscriptions, class cards, events, and more. This software is used by yoga studios, dance studios, and Buddhist centers in many parts of the world.

Any organization or business that works with subscriptions can gain from using OpenStudio.

The main features of the OpenStudio software include membership management. And training management, point of sale, member portal, billing, and payments. These are but a few of the features. They also have performance tracking, booking, and attendance tracking.

OpenStudio can allow clients to sign up to mailing systems from their profiles. The online payment provider Mollie, can be used to accept any form of payment. From EFT to credit cards, PayPal, and more. This software contains many useful and time-saving tools, making your life easier.

This software is a freely distributed open-source web-based software. It was built for Yoga, Dance, Karate/Martial Arts, and Fitness Studios/Schools.

This software supports a great variety of health clubs. Like kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and dog grooming business. They have a demo available on their website should you want to try their services.

Rhino Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 8

Figure 4: Rhinofit Gym Membership Software

RhinoFit is an influential gym software, offering solutions to gym owners. The software is improved to work on both mobile and desktop devices. It can support the needs of various companies. And include features for small gyms or large franchises.

RhinoFit is packed with interesting features and straightforward gym software. It is designed for various fitness business models. Also, gyms, martial arts, athletic clubs, and sports associations. The adaptable platform is accessible on all your internet-based devices.

It provides many tools. These tools will make your operations run smoothly and professionally. This saves you time and money. RhinoFit has created software that will fit a range of business needs.

RhinoFit allows you to custom create gym memberships. And members can be billed automatically. You can set up appointments on your website which enables members to reserve classes. Members can download the RhinoFit App free for iPhone and Android.

They can check-in for classes online with the mobile App. The RhinoFit software offers a complete suite of features. Each suite is best fitted for different business model types. You can even monitor which of your members have booked sessions on your new fitness machines from Yanre Fitness.

Big Brand Quality, But Factory Price.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Yanre Fitness offers both.

Features include simple one-time and recurring billing, gym check-in, and attendance tracking. And individual and class schedules, social marketing integration, customizable digital waivers. As well as registration, workout tracking and benchmarks, rank and belt management.

They have 24-hour access at extra costs and other operational tasks. These skills enable RhinoFit’s system to be used by different types of users. This includes large fitness clubs, gyms, and martial art studios. It is also perfect for personal trainers, and fitness boot camps.

This software also allows you to set up automatic reminders so that messages can be sent out when needed. RhinoFit offers several features for different business types. You can schedule a demo via their website.

Gym Clock

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 9

Figure 5: Gym Clock Software

GYM Clock is an excellent gym workout app. It can be utilized as web-enabled software to manage gym operations. And assists gym owners, gym trainers, and gym members to sort out their daily gym activities.

This App is great for iPhone and Android devices. It comes with a useful dashboard for gym owners. And can handle tasks and easily check the daily updates. Gym Clock is extremely useful and has three varied applications. Each with different access levels.

Gym owners can use the web panel. Maintain trainers and members and other individuals involved. Reports are easily generated on a scheduled basis.

Gym Clock concentrates on a myriad of features. Like attendance tracking, membership management, check-in manager, employee-manager, and event manager. Your business will grow with Gym Clock giving you more members and revenue.

This App is for members of gyms registered with GymClock. Gym members can observe all their personalized charts. From their BMI updates to their graphical representation maps.

Members can review their digital exercise card and update it by the trainer of the gym. Members can check their attendance through the app.

Gym Clock allows you to manage many locations at once. And the App helps you manage related health club tasks. A demo is available on their website for you to test their services.

Omnify Gym Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 10

Figure 6: Omnify Gym Software

Omnify is software that manages your scheduling and automates your workflow. Omnify provides you with a beautiful website template for you to use online. Managing your classes, appointments, events, and rentals is easy with the available tools.

You can work together with your Team-Members. And everyone has access to all the schedules from one Calendar. Check-in and attendance register is one of their much-needed features.

Customers can make reservations for classes or sessions on your latest fitness machines from Yanre fitness, for themselves and their families with the customer Portal. The built-in auto emails allow clients to receive important updates.

The product is very popular with gyms, personal training centers, and fitness studios. It is also great for  Yoga and dance studios.

Omnify can be integrated with any needed tools for your business. Each package is tailored and will differ from business to business. Your needs are simplified with the customized tools.

Omnify makes it easy to manage and sell memberships online. Memberships can be set up within minutes and hassle-free. Create any number of membership types, passes, and prices. Set-up control access to certain classes. You can easily allow discounts, depending on the membership type.

Listing your classes, memberships or events are all possible with Omnify. They offer unique management solutions for all your fitness management needs.

Jivine Gym Membership Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 11

Figure 7: Jivine Membership Software

A gym solution with features for front desk, customer, and class management. As well as reporting and many more features. Jivine offers cloud-based managing solutions.

These solutions help fitness businesses to run the front desk, reports, payments, and customers. Also, online bookings, check-ins, and marketing are made easier with this software.

This software is feature-packed, making management extremely easy and controlled. This App is designed for gyms and studios of all shapes and sizes. You will be up and running in less than 10 minutes.

You will be able to manage one center at one location or many centers across various locations. This allows you to access it from anywhere. Gym memberships, workouts, and attendance can be managed easily.

Jivine is made for business owners in the health, fitness, and sports industry. This App has studied different uses for different businesses. And they came up with different features that assist businesses to grow. They have call center support should you need help.

Virtuagym Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 12

Figure 8: Virtuagym Software

Virtuagym has changed the face of fitness for good. This software provides members with 24/7 service. Both at the facilities and home with their management system.

Managing members, staff, and automated billing with no hassles. Online bookings and schedules are made easy which helps to avoid double booking.

Virtuagym is the leading solution that helps you save time. And earn you more revenue by bringing your business to the next level. This software has an excellent coaching and management platform.

It delivers an unrivaled member experience. Members are given a 24/7 complete fitness experience. Fully functional in your gym, and at home, via virtual training. This includes live workout videos, meditations, challenges, and more.

Virtuagym has flexible membership features. Thus, allowing members to have access when they need it most. Their easy pay-as-you-go system allows you to create 10 visit passes.

Combine this with their all-in-one fitness management software. The software was chosen by thousands of fitness businesses, gyms, studios, and personal trainers. Book a demo on their website to simplify your gym experience.

Mindbody Gym Membership App

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 13

Figure 9: Mindbody Gym Membership Software

Mindbody is a high-tech platform for the wellness industry. It features an app that allows people to discover and book fitness classes. This software can help your businesses thrive. You can book your favorite studios and keep track of your activities.

Mindbody allows you to work out anywhere at any time and book live classes across the globe. The new Flex membership gives you access to thousands of live stream fitness classes. All from the best studios across the USA.

By booking virtual classes you can stay connected with your favorite trainers. No matter where you are in the world the Mindbody app is your source for fitness memberships. Allowing you to work out classes, wellness services, beauty appointments, and more whenever needed.

Mindbody Flex gives you the variety and flexibility that fits your life. No matter what you are looking for, a few virtual classes or to up your workout routine. A demo is available on their website if you want to test them out.

Amilia Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 14

Figure 10: Amilia Gym Software

Amilia allows you to focus on important matters in your life. It is the extra set of hands you have always wished for. Helping you to tackle the day-to-day running activities.

Sales will be elevated. There will be no waiting lines, offering your clients an unbeatable registration experience. With the growing list of apps, you will be able to connect directly with Amilia. You will be able to run your business the way you want.

Amilia is indispensable to everyday work. You can synchronize calendars, create attendance lists and track payments. This is done all with one App. Making your life easier and saving you time.

With their App store, you will transform the way you work in Amilia. You will have full control to choose the tools & features you need and remove the ones you do not.

You will be able to cut workflow pressure and automate routine tasks. These tools will make you feel as if they were designed for you. You will receive important insights into client activity and organizational performance.

Planning activities will be easier with instant access to client information. All this is made possible with a central user profile. A demo is available on their website for you to try their services.

Pike 13 Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 15

Figure 11: Pike 13 Software

Pike13 software was designed for gyms and fitness studios. They also assist music and swim schools. As well as education centers and other businesses that run on a class- or appointment- basis.

The software assists business owners and their staff to manage schedules. It also eases enrollments, billing, payroll, and more. This mobile-friendly software helps business owners and their staff. They spend less time struggling with admin and more time with their clients.

Free mobile apps simplify schedule and client management. This software helps to streamline the check-in process. Automated reporting helps business owners measure the health of their business. This enables them to focus on important business decisions.

Unmatched client service by Pike 13 Offers new clients a dedicated specialist. These specialists help to set up the software.

Pike13 customer care team goes above and beyond to assist with customer questions.

Pike13 has a free mobile staff app. Instructors can now manage their schedules and clients right from their phones. And the free client app makes enrolling in classes and managing payments easy.

You will be able to manage your front desk check-in process by clients scanning a QR code with their phones. Clients can also sign up for services using the kiosk. The app is free to download and is usable with most tablets.

Team Up Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 16

Figure 12: Team Up Software

TeamUp was established in 2013 with one mission. They wanted to create great experiences for customers of gyms, studios, and boxes. TeamUp now works with over 2500 business owners across the world.

They have developed unique features to help you stay closer than ever to your customers. TeamUp combines great class booking management with a custom CRM.  It also aids communication automation and customizable mobile apps.

They have the best-in-class payments and payment management system. Also, they have the needed features for you to grow your business. Combinations include Zapier and Classpass, as well as hundreds more.

TeamUp helps you resolve your business challenges. It gives you time back, rather than using it up with complexity. They are famous for their support. And they are the #1 recommended software across many review sites.

TeamUp is easy yet powerful, they have everything you need to run a successful business. You can customize your signup form to collect the information you need. Moving from signup to buying is done in one easy step.

Customers can make and manage their class registrations online. Access any stats or bookings via the website or apps. Automate messaging and follow-ups.

Online you can see who is attending and all the important details about this software. TeamUp allows you to start a Zoom online class directly from the register.

A demo is available on their website if you want to try their services.

Gym Assistant

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 17

Figure 13: Gym Assistant

Gym Assistant is membership management software for gyms. And health clubs including boxing and MMA academies, fitness, and wellness. You can check member’s registration details and payment status including attendance.

Run different membership and revenue reports with ease. Member check-in and 24hr access control are easy to do with this software. Gym Assistant has integrated POS software and equipment.

Gym Assistant is membership database software for small to medium size gyms. And fitness

centers and health clubs.

This software provides all the information gym managers need. This way you can make smart informed business decisions. It automates membership-related tasks.

Gym Assistant’s software design puts everyday menu options on screen in clear English. You do not have to “read” icons to use this software, and this saves staff training time.

With Gym Assistant’s instinctive user interface, you will be able to register new members in minutes. No monthly fees with this software, if you buy it, you own it! This software is simple, powerful, and affordable.

FitDegree Software

The Best Free Gym Membership Software 18

Figure 14: FitDegree Software

FitDegree is made easy with an all-in-one platform. It helps you to understand memberships, scheduling, reliable POS, retail, payroll, and reports. Sharing, storing, and backing up data can be done from anywhere.

You can use the software to create a personalized experience for your studio. Members can post messages about their fitness experiences and share them with friends and family.

This software can also be used as a social network platform to make friends. And check classes that they are attending, encouraging each other not to skip classes.

FitDEGREE is an influential studio software that is simple to use and affordable for a small business budget. This software has an outstanding dedication to client services.

This software implements features that other app platforms have not implemented. FitDegree provides a complete website version of their client-facing app, also known as a progressive web App. Login on their website to schedule a demo and try their services.

2. The Ins and Outs of Gym Membership Software

Gym Membership Software allows you to keep records of gym members. You can search schedules, tasks, and appointments, making more time for important things.  Check-in and check-out can be done using a barcode. Thus, making it easier to keep a good track record.

Users can share files and network with other users by using a single platform. The floor activities can be checked when multiple activities are running. Cash payments or online payments can be easily monitored.

Members will experience the best service and workouts with the available software tools. And satisfied members will always help gyms to get additional members. Thus, you will notice an increase in achieving your revenue goals.

3. Benefits In Using Gym Membership Software

Using gym membership software successfully allows you to stay on top of sizable cost centers. For example, inventory management, employee staffing while checking payment processes, schedules, and payroll.

This software can integrate with other systems for example HR management and accounting making life easier to manage.

Using gym membership software ensures no overlapping of appointments. You can monitor the workouts of other gym members without errors. Confidential information of members and employees is extremely secure.

Gym membership software allows members to work out virtually if they are unable to attend a gym. With certain Apps, they will be able to work out anywhere, anytime either yoga or fitness workout sessions.

Businesses can send out important notices or marketing-related information via certain Apps. This enables clients to be updated when necessary.

Check-in and check-out can be managed via barcode which makes it easier to maintain a good track record.

4. Must Have Features for Gym Membership Software

When selecting software, you should consider one with a centralized database. This will aid you to store information like, contacts, schedules, and tasks. It also makes it easy to access the data from several devices and platforms.

You should be able to book appointments, reschedule and cancel when needed to. Automatic notifications should be sent to the relevant platforms like email, SMS, etc.

All marketing and promotional activities should be done via the gym management tools. It should allow you to schedule email marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

The best software will offer a built-in online payment system. Or, combine external payments with your platform.  You should be able to allow online payments via debit/credit cards or net banking etc.

Members should be able to view their attendance register. They should be allowed to check-in and check out using barcode scanning or biometrics. Also, be allowed to manage fee payments, and schedule. Or, change training sessions, and book equipment.

Being able to generate reports is important to make crucial decisions. Especially in the fast-paced fitness industry.  These features are important when looking at gym software and can be confusing at times.

5. In Closing

Having Gym membership allows you to manage your activities with ease. It allows you to check-in via the Apps on some software. You stay up to date with news or important notices.

You can check the availability of classes and make a booking online. You can also check if your friends are attending certain classes and book to join them. Making online payments are much easier when you can log in via their available Apps. Track your payments and receive your billing on time. Staff can manage classes online which saves time and errors.

Most software apps have an excellent client service center to assist with queries. With the free trails to the perfect gym membership software, you can be the first to check for discount offers. If you want to operate a successful gym, try one of these management programs.

It is sure to make a difference in the way you run your business.

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