EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column


EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column

Yanre Fitness’ FR40 EVA foam roller/yoga column is a powerful tool to help athletes release muscle knots or trigger points. This product is designed to improve balance, flexibility and strength with its heat-sealed EVA foam.


EVA Yoga Column


  • The  EVA Foam Roller improves balance, flexibility and strength with its heat-sealed EVA foam.
  • Repels Moisture, Bacteria and Odor.
  • Persistent non-slip surface.
  • Can be customized with ABS inner tube.

Quality Judgement Tips:

  • Always cross-check the density of a roller on its packaging instead of simply assuming that it follows the color code.
  • Closed-cell rollers maintain their shape longer than open-celled ones which aren’t as durable.
  • It is common to feel some pain, but that should resolve in half an hour or so. Pain or irritation that stays for longer is a cause for concern.
  • PE foam rollers manufactured in ‘one piece’ should be preferred over those manufactured in ‘two pieces’. These can stay in good condition for a longer time. Check the ends of any PE roller, and if you notice an inner circle, it indicates two-piece construction. These become warped quite soon, aren’t much firm, and may break down due to separation of the inner and outer parts.

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