EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column


EVA Foam Roller / Yoga Column


Yanre Fitness’ FR43 EVA Foam Roller/Yoga Column is weighed less, absorb shock, and stay in good shape for longer periods. It is designed to bear intense forces while being used throughout the day. This product helps loosen up muscles, allowing more efficient movement during the workout.


EVA Yoga Column


  • Material: High Density EVA
  • Dimension: 33*14cm/33*14cm/ 33*13cm/ 33*13cm


  • The  EVA Foam Roller improves balance, flexibility and strength with its heat-sealed EVA foam.
  • Repels Moisture, Bacteria and Odor.
  • Persistent non-slip surface.
  • Can be customized with ABS inner tube.

Quality Judgement Tips:

  • Always cross-check the density of a roller on its packaging instead of simply assuming that it follows the color code.
  • Closed-cell rollers maintain their shape longer than open-celled ones which aren’t as durable.
  • It is common to feel some pain, but that should resolve in half an hour or so. Pain or irritation that stays for longer is a cause for concern.
  • PE foam rollers manufactured in ‘one piece’ should be preferred over those manufactured in ‘two pieces’. These can stay in good condition for a longer time. Check the ends of any PE roller, and if you notice an inner circle, it indicates two-piece construction. These become warped quite soon, aren’t much firm, and may break down due to separation of the inner and outer parts.

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