Olympic Flat Bench


Olympic Flat Bench


Yanre Fitness’ 61A39 olympic flat bench is a sturdy piece of gym equipment that is used in strength training. This Yanre product is a beneficial movement for building and working multiple muscled upper body while enhancing athletic performance.


Olympic Flat Bench 7

Olympic Flat Bench, Flat Weight Bench for Sale

Are you looking for an Olympic flat bench to support your bodybuilding workouts? At Yanre Fitness, you can buy the best flat workout bench at a wholesale price from the top gym bench manufacturer in China. Yanre has a growing reputation worldwide as a supplier of commercial-quality and durable self-design gym equipment since 1997.

Flat Bench Basics

What is an Olympic flat bench? An Olympic flat workout bench is a sturdy piece of gym equipment that is used in strength training. The Olympic bench press exercise is a beneficial movement for building a thickly muscled upper body while enhancing athletic performance. The flat fitness bench comes with footplates, a spotter platform, and hooks for resting an Olympic bar.

Functions of Gym Flat Bench

  • Upper Body Weight Training

The bench press exercise is ideal for working multiple upper body muscles, including the anterior deltoids, pectoralis major, and triceps brachii. Unlike the incline adjustable weight bench that focuses on the upper pecs, our flat exercise bench promotes overall chest muscle training.

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

Our Olympic flat benches are perfect for increasing your athletic performance in any sport, with regular use.

  • Safe and Effective Exercise

The safety of our equipment users is our number one priority. Our weight lifting flat bench features a spotting platform to allow convenient guidance of exercisers as they work out.

Features of the Yanre Weight Bench

Yanre Fitness offers a commercial flat weight bench for commercial gym use. Bench press exercises on this equipment can effectively work your shoulders, chest, and upper arms for mass and strength gains.

The Yanre Olympic flat bench has two 8mm stainless steel hook plates to serve as Olympic bar racking positions. These can be useful in unsupervised training, whereas a spotter platform is also present for timely assistance. With high-strength bolt connections and an ergonomic design, this workout bench is built to last while offering safe, effective, and comfortable training.

Flat Bench Specs

  • Main frame adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe all pipes are Q235 qualified.
  • High density foam upholstery, “furniture grade”  PU leather , and integral ABS guard cover.
  • 8mm thick stainless-steel hook plate, 10.8 high strength bolt connection.
  • Equipped with a barbell hanging rod, meet the training needs.
  • N.W.:90kgs/198lbs
  • Installation size:1616*1523*1167mm/ 64*60*46in

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