Wholesale Yoga Towel – Definitive FAQ Guide

Yoga is fast becoming the exercise of choice, for all age groups, across the globe. 

Stocking up on the best quality yoga towels can add great value to your yoga studio or gym.

Are you in need of bulk or wholesale yoga towels? Are you looking for a yoga supplier that can give you exceptional quality accessories at the best price? Then look no further!

In this FAQ guide we share everything you need to know about buying yoga towels wholesale.

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What is a yoga towel?

Yoga towels are high performance towels, uniquely designed and created to enhance your yoga exercise experience.

These towels can absorb more than seven times its weight in water without losing its grip. It is also designed to fit comfortably over your yoga mat.

No matter what your tastes are – there is a yoga towel that will fit your needs.

Wholesale Yoga Towel 1

Figure 1: Yoga Towel

What is the function of a yoga towel?

Yoga towels are mainly used to absorb sweat which will keep yogis from slipping out of poses during a workout.

There are several benefits to investing in good quality yoga towels for your studio or gym.

  • Uniquely designed with bottom grips to allow the towel to stick to a yoga mat
  • Made in three sizes to cover yoga mats firmly 
  • Made to absorb sweat during workouts
  • Keep your yoga mat and hands dry
  • Ensure a better grip and less chance of slipping and injury
  • Anchor corners Keeps your towel straightened
  • Great form of support or extra cushioning during any yoga workout

Yanre Fitness can provide various sizes and styles of yoga towel to cover your needs. Order our yoga towel in bulk now at a wholesale price!

Wholesale Yoga Towel 2

Figure 2: Use of a Yoga Towel

What are the types of yoga towels?

There are six main types of yoga towels.

  • Yoga hand towel
  • Heavy duty skid-less yoga towel
  • Super absorbent yoga towel
  • Quick dry yoga towel
  • Yoga-mat towel
  • Outdoor Yoga towel

Let us dig into what makes each of these towels so great.

Yoga Hand Towel

Yoga hand towels are used as an accessory to wipe sweat from your face and hands.

It is not easy to maintain focus during a workout when sweat drips in your eyes and your hands keep on slipping. 

That is why you need a yoga hand towel!

They are smaller than regular towels for quick and easy use. These small wonder towels will absorb sweat quickly and leave you fresh to focus on your next pose.

It is advised to spray your towel with a bit of water before a workout for better absorption and grip.

  • Compact to pack in your bag
  • Quick to dry
  • Made from a super fine microfiber material
  • Very absorbent
  • Soft on your skin
Wholesale Yoga Towel 3

Figure 3: Yoga Hand Towel

Heavy Duty Skid-less Yoga Towel

Yanre’s yoga towel delivers on its promise that you will never slip. This towel will never slide around or bunch up.

  • Eco Friendly
  • Super absorbent
  • Increased grip the wetter it gets
  • Silicon drops on the bottom
  • Seamed all the way around the towel
  • Anchor corners
Wholesale Yoga Towel 4

Figure 4: Skid-less Yoga Towel

Super Absorbent Yoga Towel

This yoga towel is ideal for those people who tend to sweat a lot or enjoys a hot yoga session. 

Made from non-permeable, hypoallergenic, microfiber materials, this yoga towel is sure to keep your mat dry.

It is a great choice for hot yoga because of its extremely absorbent and quick dry qualities. This towel can absorb large amounts of moisture and holds a promise to keep you dry. For the best results, spray a little water on the towel before a workout to increase absorbency.

  • Favorite among yogis
  • Most absorbent yoga towel
  • Made from Nylon and Polyester
  • Available in most colors
  • Soft on your skin
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine washable
  • Quick to dry
Wholesale Yoga Towel 5

Figure 5: Super Absorbent Yoga Towel

Quick Dry Yoga Towel

One of the most popular yoga towels, because of its ability to hold up to seven times its weight in liquid. On top of that it also dries extremely fast.  

It also offers a great grip, is lightweight and feels great to touch.

This makes it one of the favorite yoga towels among beginner and professional yogis alike.

  • Dries in half the time of other yoga towels
  • Made from a poly-nylon and microfiber mixture
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to handle even when wet
  • Great moisture absorbency
  • Super soft
  • Great on the skin
  • Not expensive at all
Wholesale Yoga Towel 6

Figure 6: Quick Dry Yoga Towel

Yoga Mat Towel

These yoga towels are especially designed to fit over your yoga mat but can also substitute as a yoga mat if you are training outdoors.  

Great as a workout towel in the gym to keep your body and face free of moisture and sweat.

  • Made to fit over yoga mat
  • Fitted with anchor corners
  • Keeps your towel in place on top of your mat
  • Towel does not run up or budge
  • Smooth and soft feel
  • Good absorption for any type of yoga
  • Great substitute for a gym exercise towel
Wholesale Yoga Towel 7

Figure 7: Yoga Mat Towel

Outdoor Yoga Towel

Taking your workout outside is a great way of getting exercise in the open air.

But what do you use if you are not in the gym or studio?

Yoga mats alone, do not do the job. They slide all over, are not sturdy and are a bit impractical.

For outside yoga, you need an outdoor yoga towel -the bigger the better!

  • Made from superfine microfiber materials
  • Dries fairly quickly
  • Fold up super small
  • Fit comfortably in your yoga bag
  • No silicone grips
  • Sand do not stick to this towel
Wholesale Yoga Towel 8

Figure 8: Outdoor Yoga Towel

What is the material of a yoga towel?

Yoga towel manufacturers make use of a great variety of microfiber materials to produce premium products. Favorites among yoga experts are cotton, polyester, and a polyester-nylon towel blend.

You can even order eco friendly yoga towels in bulk, that are made from 100 % recycled materials.


Most yoga towels are manufactured from high quality microfiber materials. This helps to increase grip, even when it is wet, but still feels super soft. 

Hot yoga towels are uniquely designed to absorb up to seven times their weight in sweat and moisture. They are made from 100% microfiber material for an extra soft feel and great cushioning.

Cotton, Polyester and Nylon

Other materials like cotton, polyester and nylon are also used during manufacturing.

Less absorbent yoga towels are designed more for comfort and to dry out quickly. They are usually made from 60% microfiber and 40% nylon-polyester to give you a soft, welcoming feel.

Recycled materials

If you are looking for something greener and more eco friendly, you can opt to order yoga towels in bulk, made from 100% recycled materials. 

Not only do these offer great value and durability, but they will also increase your gym or studio’s carbon footprint.

The two main duties that a yoga towel need to perform is to absorb moisture and provide grip. If you are buying yoga towels in bulk for your gym or yoga studio, make sure that your yoga towels does just that. 

Wholesale Yoga Towel 9

Figure 9: Materials of a Yoga towel

What is the difference between hot-yoga and normal yoga towels?

Hot yoga towels are thicker than normal yoga towels and are made with unique grip silicon drops that normal towels do not have.

Hot yoga towels

  • Thicker than normal towels: because they need to absorb more moisture during a hot yoga workout session. 
  • Bigger than normal yoga towels
  • Have larger size: to ensure complete coverage of your mat as well as the perimeter around your mat. 
  • Offer a non-slip, super grip bottom surface.
  • The bottom surface is covered with small silicon drops to create a sticky grip on any surface it touches.
  • Keep it from moving around during lengthy, sweaty hot yoga sessions.

Normal yoga towels

  • Not as thick as hot yoga towels
  • Less absorbent
  • Lighter in weight
  • More compact than hot yoga towels
  • Do not all offer silicon drops for better grip.

Does a yoga towel come with a yoga towel bag?

No, a yoga towel bag is usually not included with all yoga towels.

Per your need, Yanre fitness offers super stylish yoga bags with the yoga towels as a set.

These yoga towel bags are made of durable, quick dry materials. 

They are uniquely designed to comfortably carry your mat, water bottle and other yoga accessories.

Wholesale Yoga Towel 10

Figure 10: Yoga Towel with Bag

What is the function of anchor corners on a yoga towel?

Anchor corners on a yoga towel, keeps your attention where it is needed: on your workout, not on your mat.

There are four non-slip anchor corners on the edges of the four corners of a yoga towel. They are designed to fit snuggly over your yoga mat. You can simply tuck the corners of your mat into the anchor pockets of your yoga towel. 

This keeps your towel from moving off your mat or budging upward while you are moving from one pose to another.

Yoga towels with anchor corners are highly recommended for beginner yogis who need to focus on their posture and alignment. 

Wholesale Yoga Towel 11

Figure 11: Anchor corners on a yoga towel

What to consider before buying yoga towels in bulk?

When you are looking to invest in great wholesale yoga towels there are a few important points that you should consider.

Shop around for yoga towels

Compare different yoga towels with each other.

Look at manufacturing materials, durability, price, and service. Also pay attention to the product details and specifications.

Do not just buy from the first supplier with the lowest price.  Know what towels you want to buy. Be specific about the type of bulk yoga towels you want before you start looking for a supplier.

Most a-list suppliers offer online videos, images, and detailed descriptions about their yoga accessories on offer. 

This will assist you to make sure that you chose the best yoga manufacturer to supply your gym or yoga studio with the best quality yoga towels at the best wholesale price. 

Quality certification 

Ensure your wholesale yoga towels carry a quality certification.

Yoga accessories that are manufactured by certified manufacturers, carries a guarantee of exceptional craftsmanship and the best materials on the market.

You are sure to find the certificate displayed on the web page of your chosen yoga accessory supplier.

If not, request to see their supplier quality certifications to make sure it aligns to the ISO, QS, or other related standards. 

Wholesale Yoga Towel 12

Figure 12: Quality standards

2 key things a yoga towel must cater for

Detailed product descriptions will help you to make the best choice on ordering the best yoga towels in bulk for your studio, business, or gym.

With such a great variety of wholesale yoga towels and other accessories on offer, make sure you have ordered exactly what you need before you import your products.

  • Moisture absorbing

The main thing that a yoga towel should cater for is the absorbency of moisture and sweat.

Without a yoga towel, a smooth and seamless workout will turn into a soggy distraction. 

  • Superb grip

Moving from one yoga pose to another requires exceptional balance, skill, and grip.

Yoga towels offer a unique designed grip that no other towels can provide. These grips aid in sticking the yoga towel to the yoga mat, preventing it from sliding off or riding up. 

Choose a product that you like and love

Choosing wholesale yoga towels that you love, will ensure that your customers love them too! 

Request a sample of the different yoga towels you are looking to buy in bulk and test them in your studio or gym.  Choose the towel that works for you- one that gives you the best workout experience. 

Experienced business owners will tell you that low costs with poor quality, can compromise your business profits in the long run. 

Invest in wholesale yoga towels that offer pristine quality and durability and deliver on the advertised product specs. 

Can I add my logo on the wholesale yoga towels?

Yes, you can brand your yoga towels with your studio or gym logo!

The super soft materials of yoga towels allow for the best quality branding.

Getting your studio or gym name embroidered or printed on your wholesale yoga accessories is a great way of getting some extra publicity.

Yanre Fitness can accommodate requests for personalized branding on selected products.

Wholesale Yoga Towel 13

Figure 13: Branding wholesale yoga towels

What is the difference between yoga mats and yoga towels?

Yoga mats are designed for cushioning during yoga sessions, while yoga towels are designed to absorb sweat and provide grip support during workouts.

Yoga Towels

  • Specially designed to absorb all the moisture and sweat during a workout
  • Essential to maintain a good grip on your mat
  • Help to maintain good footing 
  • Helps to keep your balance when moving from one position to another

Yoga Mats

  • Designed to provide cushioning during yoga workouts
  • Not designed to trap and absorb water and sweat
  • Made to grip to the surface, not to enhance alignment or workout grip

An important point to consider is where you will be having your yoga workout. 

If it is on the beach or on the lawn, where the ground offers cushioning, you can do so with only your yoga towel.

Inside your gym or studio on a hardwood floor, it is advised to best equip your customers with both yoga mat and towel, for the best yoga experience.

Wholesale Yoga Towel 14

Figure 14: Yoga towel vs. Yoga mat

What is the size of a yoga towel?

Wholesale yoga towel manufacturers offer yoga towels in bulk, in two standard sizes: 24 x 72 inches and 24 x 68 inches.

The size of yoga towels should match the yoga mats in your studio or gym. 

It will not benefit your customers, if you offer the most vibrant colors and the best quality manufactured towels, but they do not fit onto your yoga mats. 

Make sure of the measurements of your mats, before you order your yoga towels in bulk.

Wholesale Yoga Towel 15

Figure 15: Yoga towel and mat measurements

Can I customize the color of my wholesale yoga towels?

Yes, and the colors are endless!

Yanre Fitness offers a variety of mixed and nano colors.

If there is a specific color request to match your studio logo or gym colors, speak to us right now

If the color is not a standard one, specified colors can be mixed and printed at an additional cost.

Can I customize the size of my yoga towels?

Yes, yoga towels are manufactured in three standard sizes.

  • The normal length 24” x  68” yoga towel
  • The longer length 24” x 72” yoga towel
  • The smaller 16” x 25” yoga hand towel

The most popular size yoga towel amongst most yogis, is the longer 72” towel. It comfortably fits over any yoga mat and works great for taller yogis during a sweaty workout.

 If none of these sizes suit your needs or requirements, speak to your us right now.

How to clean a yoga towel?

Simply wash in cold water with mild detergents and hang out to dry.

Remember to never iron or tumble dry a yoga towel.

Following these simple instructions will keep your favorite yoga towel smelling fresh and looking good as new.

What is the wholesale price yoga towels?

Yoga towels can be ordered in bulk from as little as $7 per towel.

For better quality bulk yoga towels, you need to prepare to pay a little more.

If you are looking for top of the range, super absorbent, quick dry, ultra-soft yoga towels,

you can budget to pay anything from $49 to $126 at a wholesale price.

Order your premium quality yoga towels and accessories in bulk now!

Final Words

China has some of the top manufacturers and best suppliers of yoga towels globally. 

We can ensure you of the best quality yoga towels and accessories at the most affordable wholesale prices.

Want to import yoga towels in bulk from China? Contact us Right now!