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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Wholesale Stability Balls – Definitive FAQ Guide

Stability balls are the most popular and unique fitness equipment used in most gyms.

Are you looking for high-quality wholesale stability balls? 

Are there any doubts stuck in your mind about wholesale stability balls?

Worry no more!

In this FAQ guide, we will provide necessary information about the wholesale stability balls.

Table of Contents

What are stability balls?

Stability balls focus on improving your inner core strength and developing balance. It also improves flexibility and strengthens the muscles.

The stability balls are also known as exercise balls, swiss balls, physio balls, and balance balls.

These stability balls are soft, lightweight, and also flexible, easy to perform exercises.

Stability balls are used for yoga, back, and abdominal training, and also for pilates. They also can be used as chairs for improving posture and back pain.

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Fig 1 – Stability ball

What are the key features of a stability ball?

These are the ten main key features of a stability ball:

  1. High-quality material
  2. Offers several variations of exercises
  3. Easy storage
  4. Easy cleaning
  5. Isolates different muscle groups
  6. Heavy construction with a non-slippery surface
  7. Strong tolerance
  8. Eco-friendly material
  9. Durable
  10. Comfortable
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Fig 2 – Stability ball key features

What is the difference between a stability ball and a Bosu ball?

The stability ball and a Bosu ball differ in many ways. The main difference exists in their structure and usage. The listed below are the key differences between a stability ball and a Bosu ball.

Structure: The structure of a stability ball is round. The Bosu ball structure is flat and round. One side of a Bosu ball is flat. The other side is a circular structure. 

Storage: Unless the stability ball is deflated, it consumes more space. The Bosu ball’s flat surface on one enables it for easy storage.

Price: The stability ball price is lesser than a Bosu ball. The stability ball can be available at around $30- $50. The Bosu ball is available from $60-$80.

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How many types of stability balls are available?

There are many types of stability balls available.

However, the following two are mostly used in commercial gyms and fitness centers.

  • Large stability ball
  • Small stability ball

Large stability ball:

The large stability ball is also known as the swiss ball and balance ball. It consists of a diameter of around 60 to 80cm. 

The large stability ball is mainly used for core stabilizing muscles. 

Features of large stability ball:

  • Comfortable
  • Versatile use

Small stability ball:

The small or mini stability balls are also known as pilates balls. 

The diameter is around 20 to 30cm. They are mostly used for lower body exercises and also to treat lower back pains.

Features of small stability ball:

  • Easy storage
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Portable
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Fig 5 – Large and small stability balls

What is the diameter of a stability ball?

The diameter of a stability ball is between 35 to 80cm. 

Does a stability ball come with an air pump?

Yes, most of the stability balls come with an air pump.

You can contact Yanre fitness for the best stability balls and the best electric air pumps.

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Fig 6 – Stability ball air pump

What materials are used to build a stability ball?

The material used to build a stability ball is anti-slip polyvinyl chloride material. Some stability balls are also made of rubber.

How long do stability balls last?

It depends on the level of use. But in general, a stability ball lasts for a year of buying. 

How much weight does a stability ball can hold?

The weight support for most of the stability balls is 100kgs. 

However, some stability balls are capable of giving support about 150kgs. It depends on the quality of the material used for the stability ball.

How much air capacity does a stability ball give?

The stability ball can give air capacity up to 80 percent of its diameter.

How to inflate the air into the stability ball?

The following are the required steps to inflate the air into the stability ball.

  1. Remove the ball plug so carefully. If you are doing it for the first time, make use of the ball plug remover. 
  2. Use an air pump to inflate the stability ball. An electric air pump is always suggested to use for inflating the stability ball.
  3. Connect one end of the pipe to the air pump and the other end to the opening of the ball plug of the stability ball.
  4. Inflate the ball up to 80 percent of the diameter of the stability ball.
  5. Now the ball will expand up to a particular size.
  6. You have to close the ball plug without letting the air go out of it.
  7. Now you can perform any exercise on the stability ball.

How to deflate the air from the stability ball?

The following are the required steps to deflate the air from a stability ball.

  1. Find the best stability ball plug remover or any pin remover.
  2. Slide the prongs of the ball plug right between the pin remover
  3. Squeeze and pull up the pin remover to open the ball plug.
  4. Now you can leave the stability ball for some time.
  5. You can press the ball gently to let the air out of the stability ball.

How to clean and store a stability ball?

Cleaning and storing stability balls are significant for durability. There are necessary points that you need to take care of for cleaning and storing. 

The following listed points are essential for cleaning a stability ball:

  1. Clean the stability ball with normal water and cloth.
  2. You can use a vacuum cleaner if there are more dirt elements present on a stability ball.
  3. If there is much debris and oil content on the stability ball, you can make use of dilute cleaning alcohol.
  4. You can also use regular soaps for washing the stability ball.
  5. Apply the soap to the stability ball, leave it for a few minutes and clean it.
  6. Do not use household things to clean the material.
  7. Do not use harmful chemicals or sharp things to clean the stability ball.

The following listed are the key points for storing a stability ball:

  1. If you can inflate and deflate the stability ball every day, you can store it in a small bag by deflating the air.
  2. If you want to keep the air-stable, you can make use of the storage racks.
  3. Always buy a vertical storage rack to avoid more space consumption.
  4. The storage racks are available in different types. You have to choose which consumes lesser space and can store more stability balls.
  5. You can also buy storage racks that can be attached to a wall for lesser space.
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Fig 7 – Storing of a Stability ball

How much air pressure can you apply to the air pump while inflating the stability ball? 

The range of pressure that can be applied to a stability ball is about 0.6PSI and 0.9PSI.

Is there any possibility of stability ball pop?

Yes, there are possibilities that a stability ball will burst. 

  • If you inflate more than 80 percent of the diameter of a stability ball, there are chances of bursting.
  • Also if the stability ball is also not made of anti-burst material, there are high chances of popping. 

Stability balls made in high-quality materials are available in Yanre Fitness

Do stability balls give odor?

Many of the stability balls don’t give any odor. The odor of a stability ball indicates it is of poor quality. It also indicates the chances of toxic and unsafe materials.

The high-quality stability balls do not give any odor. Only the cheap, low-quality materials give a strong odor.

How to choose the perfect stability ball for you?

There are four things that you need to pay attention to in identifying the right stability ball. 


The size of the stability ball is a crucial factor to check before buying a stability ball. Because depending on the height, the stability ball size varied from one to another.

Examine the following points to identify the perfect size for you:

  • If your height is below 5 inches – go for 45cm diameter.
  • If the height is between 5’1″ to 5’8″ – go for 55cm diameter.
  • Between 5’9″ to 6’2″ – 65cm diameter.
  • Between 6’3″ to 6’7″ – 75cm diameter
  • If your height is above 6’8″- 85cm diameter.
  • Also, remember to choose a large size ball if your legs are so long.
  • If you are overweight and have back pain, always choose a large-sized stability ball.

Weight support: 

Every stability ball has its weight-holding capacity. It’s advisable to go through the details of the weight support of stability balls.

Check the following points for weight support before buying a stability ball:

  • Examine whether the stability ball is providing maximum weight holding capacity or not.
  • Choose the stability ball that can properly hold your weight.
  • Check for static weight rating means the maximum weight that it can hold when you are sitting.
  • Check for dynamic weight rating. It means maximum weight support than a stability ball while you are bouncing or performing exercises.

Air pump:

It is advisable to look for the air pump along with a stability ball. You should not buy the air pump separately.

Look for the following points for the air pump before buying a stability ball:

  • Make sure the air pump should be of high quality.
  • The air pump needle should be carefully kept as there are chances of breaking. 
Wholesale Stability Balls 16

Fig 8 – Stability ball size guide

How to care for your stability ball?

There are essential key points that you should pay attention to. You should take care of the following points to care for a stability ball.

  1. Inflate the stability ball only up to 80 percent of its diameter. Do not inflate more than that as there are chances of the burst.
  2. Keep the stability ball in a warm area. Do not keep in a cool area. The stability ball will shrink because of temperature.
  3. Do not keep any sharp things near to a stability ball.
  4. Clean the stability ball carefully from the provided tips. Do not clean with harsh chemicals.
  5. Try to rotate the stability ball while using it for long-lasting.
  6. Leave the stability ball for at least 4 hours aside after inflating it. Because it needs some time to get softer.
  7. Be careful while removing the ball plug from the remover. Do not use sharp objects as pin removers.
  8. Do not keep heavyweight on the stability ball. The Stability ball will burst because of heavyweights.
  9. Do not expose the stability ball to harsh sunlight. The high temperature can damage the stability ball.
  10. Do not use the normal air pumps to inflate the stability ball. Make use of high-quality and stability ball air pumps only.
  11. Sometimes the burst-proof stability balls also will burst. There are a few chances. So to avoid risk always check for the signs of bursting.

How to determine the anti-slide properties of a stability ball?

The anti-slide properties are essential to check to avoid injuries and falling accidents. For safety and better control of the ball, anti-slip properties are crucial.

The stability ball texture helps determine the anti-slip properties of a stability ball.

  • The required smoothness and good grip indicate better anti-slide properties.
  • The extra smooth surfaces cause the stability ball to slide and cause injuries. It also does not provide enough grip. This kind does not indicate better anti-slide properties.
  • The sticky textures do not allow sliding properly. The texture also attracts more dirt elements. This kind of texture also does not provide the best anti-slide properties.

What is the wholesale price of a stability ball?

The wholesale price of a stability ball is around $30 to $50. It can go up to $100 and even higher. 

You can get high-quality stability balls at affordable prices in Yanre fitness. Do not be late to grab the amazing offers.

Where can you buy the best stability balls wholesale?

You can buy the best stability balls wholesale at Yanre Fitness. You can purchase high-quality stability balls wholesale at affordable prices from Yanre fitness.

Do not wait further, give a quick quote now to receive the best deals.

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Fig 9 – Stability ball Yanre fitness

What do you need to know before buying stability balls in bulk?

There are three things that you need to concentrate on before buying stability balls in bulk. They are durability, quality, washable materials, and return policy.


Whether you buy are for a commercial gym or yoga studio, you need good support for many years.

The material of the stability balls should be of high-quality polyvinyl chloride. 

The stability balls should provide more durability. 


While buying in a bulk, you should buy anti-burst material. You have to pay attention to the quality rather than the price.

Examine the following points for material quality:

  • Examine the material quality used to make a stability ball. 
  • Always check for the anti-burst rating of the stability balls. The burst limit starts from 100 kgs and can be around 400kgs.
  • Select the stability balls that offer a high anti-burst rating. 
  • The stability ball should be of anti-burst material.
  • Do not go for thinner balls as it suggests that the material is of low quality.
  • Always go for a high-quality thick ball.
  • Examine whether the material is latex-free or not.

The anti-burst material always provides safety to the user. It enables deflating of the air slowly if any puncture occurred to the stability ball. If it is not made of anti-burst material, there are chances of bursting and lead to injuries.

Washable materials: 

For regularly used stability balls, the removable, high-quality wash covers are essential. The wash cover is necessary for every stability ball.

Examine the following details about washable materials:

  • Make sure the wash cover should be non-slip support.
  • The wash cover should be of high-quality durable material.
  • The wash cover should perfectly fit the stability ball. It should not be too loose or too tight.

Return policy:

It is advisable to look at the return policies of the stability balls. When you are buying in bulk, there are chances that some will gets damaged or broken during shipping. 

You need to examine the following points before buying stability balls in bulk:

  • Read the return policy instructions carefully.
  • Know the period range of the return policy.
  • Make sure you can return the stability ball if you do not like any of the things like size, texture, or material.


Along with the return policy, you have to know all the information about the warranty. Warranty on stability balls is always a significant factor. If the stability balls are punctured or damage in the material. You can demand a warranty.

When you are buying in bulk, always look for the following points for warranty:

  • Do not purchase stability balls that do not provide a warranty.
  • Always check for a minimum of 2 years warranty on the stability balls.
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Fig 10 – Stability ball buying Guide


Hope we provided all the necessary information about stability balls. We tried to include every possible doubt in this FAQ guide.

I am pretty sure, that you are completely ready to buy a stability ball. You may not have any queries now.

If you still have any doubts about stability balls, you can contact our customer support. Contact Yanre fitness now.

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