The Most Common Mistakes When Training With Pull-over


The pull-over is available in many different gyms and is also often referred to as a covering machine by professionals. Training with this strength machine should primarily strengthen the chest muscles and also be useful for a wide back image. 

Although pull-over is primarily used by men, more and more women are using this device to build muscle. Despite this popularity, however, mistakes in training regularly sprout, so the advice of a fitness trainer seems essential.

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This should be considered when training with the pull-over

Before athletes opt for the pull-overdecide, they should carry out extensive device training. It is not advisable to jump on the device and get started straight away.

Rather, a strength athlete or fitness trainer can offer tips and tricks; after all, in addition to the correct position, the sequences of the exercises also play an important role. These typical beginner mistakes should be avoided when pulling over in order to avoid late effects as best as possible. Anyone who has finally progressed with the training can trust the pull-over alone and increase the capacities individually.

Correct posture is important and extremely advisable, but it is often wrong. However, if you pay attention to the correct posture, you can significantly minimize the risk of injury and thus enjoy thePull-over .

It depends on the right position

Not only professionals love the pull-over, even beginners can make themselves comfortable with this device. If you sit down on this machine, you should sit with your buttocks and your back on the back cushion and take an upright posture. The arms are to be angled and the upper arms are to be placed on the provided device pads. To avoid any incorrect posture, only the fingertips touch the bar.

As an alternative to pull-over, you can also exercise on a flat bench with a barbell. Regardless of whether you choose the bank or the pull-over: for the first training sets, a training partner is always recommended who puts the actions on the side of the device. 

A good hold of the feet and the thighs and lower legs is essential here. The upper body is turned slightly to the side before reaching for the barbell. The dumbbell is enclosed with both hands during pull-over, the palms of the hands touching the inside of the weights.

Error-free exercises with the pull-over

When training with the pull-over, it is extremely important that the temples with the elbows are slowly and slowly pressed down towards the stomach. In this position, the athlete exhales, but the upper body must always and in constant contact with the back cushion.

It is also important to ensure that the exercise is not carried out with too much momentum when training with the pull-over – this could distort the success of the training. When inhaled, the temple is pushed up, but the posture remains unchanged.

Although there are usually only a few mistakes made by professionals, every athlete should always endeavor to keep their head and back on the upholstery, not to swing the upper body during the exercise with the pull-over and to perform the exercises slowly. If these points are observed, there are also no distortions, pain and long-term consequences.

It is also not wrong to bake smaller rolls at the beginning. An incorrect load and overestimation can produce undesirable results. Therefore, it makes more sense to start with little weight and gradually increase this workload. The weight of the pull-over can be gradually increased over time. 

With more experience, the training sets are also raised so that the body can get used to the training with the pull-over. So if you want to build your muscles ideally, you can achieve great success with the pull-over if the device is used correctly and carefully.

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