About Design


At Yanre Fitness, design is NOT just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.

Simple, But Significant.

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Discover Our Series: Design Distinctions.


61A Series

Simple Design.
Robust Materials.


62 Series

Traditional Design.
Robust Materials.
Economically Priced.


73 Series

Innovative Design.
Top-Grade Materials.
Premium Price.


82 Series

Specialized Design.
Strong Frame.
Exceptional Angle.

Quick Comparison At A Glance

SeriesPipe of Weight Stacks AreaPipe of Functional AreaDesign StyleLevelUnique Features
61A Series75mm*118mm*3.0mm flat oval pipe50mm*120mm*3.0mm flat oval pipeSimpleCost-EffectiveHigh profit margin
62 Seriesφ89mm*3.0mm circle pipeφ76mm*3.0mm circle pipeTraditionalEconomicallySame quality as 61A, older style
73 Series75mm*130mm*3.0mm echelon pipe58mm*101mm*3.0mm echelon pipeInnovativePremiumHigh-end materials, converging/diverging system
82 Series40mm*80mm*3.0mm flat oval pipe40mm*80mm*3.0mm flat oval pipeProfessionalSpecializedBest plate-loaded design, excellent training angle

Beyond Fitness: Design Meets Mechanics

01 Dynamic Weighting

Experience smooth and effective workouts with our meticulously designed cams. They ensure consistent muscle tension from the start, eliminating any “no-tension” moments.

Design 3

02 Pulley Output Ratio

Leveraging the power of physics, we’ve tailored our pulley output ratio for optimal training. Take our butterfly machines: a 2:1 ratio means a 70kg weight selection delivers a 35kg training load. This higher ratio enhances your workout and saves on weight plate costs.

Design 4

03 Effortless Adjustments

Experience seamless customization with our intuitive adjustment systems. For instance, when you adjust the back pad on our benches, the seat automatically aligns for the perfect training posture. Unlike many brands that use cumbersome pin systems, our designs prioritize ease and efficiency.

Design 5

They Copy, We Design

Quality is our soul, innovation our heartbeat.

From our intricate 73 series to simple sky yoga gear, every detail matters.

Precision welds, durable finishes, top materials, and optimal training angles set us apart.

We make equipment that feels just right.

Design 6

Over 40 Design Patents

We hold more than 40 product patents (just list a few):

Utility Model Patent Certificates

Appearance Design Patent Certificates

Our Design Team

Yanre Fitness has more than 4 professional gym equipment designers, graduated from top universities over the world, like The Royal College of Art, CSM University, etc.

With a passion about gym equipment, our designers had won China Excellent Industrial Award for several times. George is the founder of Yanre Fitness and also our chief designer:

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