Squats on the Smith Machine: What You Should Consider


Squats with the guided Smith Machine (multipress) or rather with the free barbell (barbell)? Fitness minds differ on this topic. We introduce squats with the Smith Machine and discuss pros and cons.

With Squats on the Smith Machine, we want to do one thing above all: strengthen and shape our buttocks and thighs. More specifically, we use it to train the four-membered thigh muscle (quadriceps femoris muscle), the leg biceps (biceps femoris muscle) and the large gluteus muscle (gluteus maximus muscle). The back extensor and the three-head adductor serve as supporting muscles. This is not a mythical creature, but part of the inner thigh muscles.

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Training Possible Without a Partner

At best, when practicing with barbells without the support of a metal frame, we have a training partner at our side who will secure us, possibly reduce weight when overloaded, and control our posture and body tension. The Smith Machine allows you to push yourself to the limit of squatting without a sports buddy.

However, It Should Be Mentioned Here …

Squats WITH Smith Machine have little in common with Squats WITHOUT Smith Machine. The problem is, for example, that we do not have to pay attention to our balance when training with the multipress and therefore perform a completely different sequence of movements. So if you lift heavy calibers on the Smith Machine and then lift the same weights with the free barbell overnight, you can really hurt yourself. Therefore, if barbell is the goal, don’t even start with the Smith Machine.

If you want to know it more precisely: The pump professionals of the “Lift Big Eat Big” platform dispel the myths about the Smith Machine and advocate training without a multi-press. However, the Smith Machine is suitable equipment for certain training goals.

A Question of the Po Position

Squatting on the Smith Machine makes particular sense for women (and men) who want to clean up their flip side. The multipress allows a leg position that is shifted far forward, which means that the exercise optimally stresses the butt muscle. In addition, the front and back of the thighs are taken care of properly.

If you prefer to train your body without iron pounds, you can rely on your own body weight. The following video shows a short but intensive workout for a round punch:

What You Should Be Aware of

Finally, here are some “rules of conduct” for squats with the Smith Machine:

  • The barbell lies straight on your shoulders
  • The back is straight, with a light (!) Hollow back
  • The feet are shoulder-width apart and form an implied V
  • The abdominal muscles remain tense throughout the squat
  • When “going to the knees” the thighs and lower legs create a 90 degree angle
  • Then the buttocks go up again vertically by stretching the legs
  • Do not fully extend your knee joints (especially jerky ascending can lead to knee injuries)

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