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Elliptical Machine


Panel: The main window by a large 8 x 16 dot matrix display; simulation curve graph and motion state of training patterns; luxury LED fluorescent display electronic watch; panel keys, with touch button design, the latest design of the sensitive reaction, easy operation. 

Display Function: Time, resistance level, speed, stride, Watt value, calories, distance, calories, heart rate The new supersedes the old. 

Shortcut keys: The 8 group motion pattern design reach the large buttons, together with 6 groups of independent design and fast operation keys. The user can select their movement patterns like easier. 

Mode: The movement pattern of professional sport mode button rich, new concept, using fast election mode button design. Combined with the authority fitness trainer training scheme, set the movement pattern of professional rich. In sport mode, the machine will automatically adjust the resistance. Motion patterns include: 1 sets of manual mode, is a kind of fast with the motion mode of. The 6 training modes: automatic adjustment mode of motion, the time interval of motion modes, canyon sports mode, undulatory motion mode, peak sport mode, iron man three training mode of motion. The 1 group of heart rate control mode, to make training remain in the target heart rate range mode. 

Heart Rate: The armrest is equipped with hand pulse induction test system, 30 seconds for an average value, the error is + 2%. 

Handrail: Front double arm design, to provide the user with a way to exercise more, more comfortable to the user’s movement. 

Pedal: Pedal design super model, equipped with comfortable cushion, applicable can comfortably choose pedal position. 

Resistance System: The 16 part of the electromagnetic control system resistance. 

Resistance Control: Resistance control 116 level, 230mm self generating sets *1 group control system, one-way resistance. 

Power Systems: Self generating type (won the national patent) Generator (Self-power). 

The power motor: To meet the low carbon sports, without wires, convenient application, can be arbitrarily placed applicable in any place. 


  —  Area: Length 2000* width 580* high 1640 (mm) 
  —  Package Size: Length 2020* width 680* high 750 (mm) 
  —  GW: 113.52 kg 
  —  NW: 81.58 kg 
  —  Maximum load: 160 kg