Plate Loaded Ground Base Combo Incline


Plate Loaded Ground Base Combo Incline


Yanre Fitness’ 82009 plate loaded ground base combo incline loads at opposite points allowing users to perform a twisting motion in an inclined plane. This machine allows the user to have more stabilization and balance in doing their workouts.


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Plate Loaded Ground Base Combo Incline for Sale


Ground Base Combo Incline Basics

What is a ground base combo incline machine? It is a plate-loaded strength equipment used to exercise the upper back, upper chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Our ground base combo incline is carefully designed to facilitate a smooth workout.

When designing our machine, our engineers give particular attention to ergonomics to ensure:

  • Improved performance
  • Simplified workouts
  • Improved safety

Our machine is perfect for athletes who depend on rotating motions for maximum performance.

Functions of Plate Loaded Ground Base Combo Incline

You can use this machine to do incline press, incline push pull, and high row. Exercisers using the machine can do a twisting motion by an incline plane by loading at opposite points.

The machine’s design allows an exerciser to remain firmly planted on the ground. This stance enables the exerciser to maximize their power and explosiveness from their feet up.

Features of Yanre Ground Base Combo Incline

  • Superior design

Our ground base combo incline machine is designed to imitate natural and ergonomically-correct paths of motion. This feature guarantees superior results to users.

  • Safety

Allows you to imitate real life movements for functional training.

  • Hard Chrome Weight Plate Sleeves

Allows users of different abilities to train to their maximum capacity by adding weights as they progress with their exercises.

  • Space Saving

The machine saves your space by combining workouts.

  • Improved Coordination

Has two independent arms to help improve your coordination.

Plate Loaded Ground Base Combo Incline Spec

  • It is perfect for athletes who rely on rotating motions for maximum performance. It also combines two workouts to save space. Ground Base equipment is designed to keep the exerciser firmly planted on the ground while maximizing power and explosiveness from the feet up.
  • Main frame adopts 40*80*3.0mm pipe. All pipes are Q235 qualified pipe.
  • Ergonomic design, smooth workout.
  • Hard chrome weight plate sleeve.

Exercises to Do With a Ground Base Combo Incline

  • Plate Loaded Ground Base Combo Incline Press

Muscles targeted:

  • Upper chest
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • The core and legs

How to perform it:

>>Step 1: Put the appropriate weight on the weight plate sleeves.

>>Step 2: Squat under the handles.

>>Step 3: Lift the handles up as you stand with your feet hip-width apart and then assume a staggered stance.

>>Step 4: With the handles at shoulder height and your back straight, press the handles up in an incline motion until you fully stretch your hands.

>>Step 5: Pause for a second when your arms are fully stretched.

>>Step 6: Return the handles to the starting point.

>>Step 7: Repeat the movement to your desired number of repetitions.

  • Plate Loaded Ground Base Combo Incline Push Pull

Muscles targeted:

  • Pull side works upper back muscles.
  • Push side works upper chest muscles.
  • The core and legs.

How to perform it:

>>Step 1: Set your machine such that one side is in the incline position and the other in a high row position.

>>Step 2: To assume your position, step inside in a staggered stance with the pull leg forward.

>>Step 3: Grasp the high row handle and step back slightly such that you also pull the handle back slightly.

>>Step 4: Grasp the incline handle and bring it to shoulder height.

>>Step 5: Keep your torso stable and back straight and ensure your pull hand is extended to 180 degrees and your push hand bent at 90 degrees.

>>Step 6: Start the movement. Pull such that your hand bends to slightly past 90 degrees and push such that the other hand extends to 180 degrees.

>>Step 7: Do the movements to your desired number of reps.

>>Step 8: Reposition the weights and do the exercise on the opposite side.

Pro Tips for Exercise:

  • Be explosive when making your movements.
  • Pause for a second at the end of each rep
  • Always keep your torso and legs firm and stable and your back straight when doing the movements.

Safety Tips When Using

  • Always keep your hands away from any moving parts.
  • The machine has pinch points and other hazard areas. Avoid coming to contact with these areas. Also, keep children away from the machine.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes when using the machine.

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