Munich Studio Opens New Center With High Rooms


Train altitude without going to the mountains. This is now possible in a Munich studio. Because altitude training is considered to be particularly effective to increase performance and strengthen health. Professional athletes have been using the innovative method for a long time.

Munich’s highest point is at 579 meters: on a hill near Warnberg Abbey. But even there the air is not noticeably thinner. The body only begins to react at around 2,000 meters – from this height there is a lack of oxygen in the tissue. The body counteracts and activates the blood circulation. Blood pressure rises, breathing and heartbeat become faster.

When used regularly, mountain air makes your body fit. The training, which is based on the principle of hypoxia, increases performance, supports weight loss, prevents mountain and altitude sickness and can be used in medical practice. For professional and endurance athletes, the use of mountain air is an integral part of training. In the meantime, altitude training has also established itself in the areas of health, rehabilitation and leisure sports.

Training at Simulated Altitudes

The body + soul fitness and wellness center in Munich has now recognized the added value of altitude training for the fitness industry. The 4,500 square meter  Center WERK12 at Ostbahnhof  in the middle of the Werkviertel will reopen on May 13; there two height areas simulate different training conditions. Oxygen is specifically extracted from the rooms during exercises on a treadmill or bike ergometer – the body has to work harder. “With the heights we create an atmosphere that is otherwise only found in the mountains. 

This enables a particularly effective training without spending a lot of time, which is individually tailored to each goal, ”says Michael Pribil, board member of body + soul.

Altitude training is suitable for cardio and strength endurance. It has an activating effect on energy metabolism and the immune system, improves stress resistance and supports regeneration. The training is particularly suitable for members who want to set new training stimuli or who want to lose weight. Studies show that altitude training is one of the few ways to improve athletic performance with the same training intensity.

Complement to Classic Fitness Training

The rooms are air-conditioned, automatically controlled and professionally controlled. The training concept and the technical equipment come from Höhenbalance , a leading provider of modern hypoxia technology in Europe. “In the past, altitude training was reserved for competitive sports, we open the scientifically proven training for everyone. It is the perfect complement to classic fitness training, ”says Harry Mutschler, founder of Höhenbalance.

The concept of Höhenbalance fits perfectly into the philosophy of body + soul to offer fitness, wellness and lifestyle at the highest level.

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