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Commercial Weight BenchDefinitive FAQ Guide

Weight benches are important pieces of strength and conditioning training equipment. And getting the right bench is crucial for any gym owner. 

Without the right benches, your gym studio is incomplete.

But there are some essential points every gym owner should consider while buying a commercial weight bench.

If you are not sure what to consider before buying this effective gym equipment. 

Check out our Ultimate FAQ Guide to the commercial weight bench.

Table of Contents

1. What is a commercial weight bench?

A weight bench (aka. fitness bench or workout bench) is a kind of gym equipment that’s used to perform various weight-lifting exercises such as:

2. Is a weight bench necessary for a gym?

Yes, a weight bench is one of the most crucial pieces of gym equipment. No gym can complete without having a proper weight bench as they offer a range of weight training exercises in a flexible and convenient way. 

With this equipment, you can target specific muscle groups without worrying about balancing and any risk of injury.

3. How many types of weight benches are available?

Weight benches or workout benches usually come in these four styles:

  • Flat Weight Benches
  • Adjustable Weight Benches
  • Olympic Weight Benches
  • Specialist Weight Benches

Flat Weight Benches

Flat weight benches are the most common and affordable benches you will usually find in any gym. They are compact, stable, long-lasting, and can bear big weights. However, they offer limited exercise options and are best suited for moves that don’t require elevation. 

Due to its fixed position, you will get maximum stability and minimum risk of joints injury, etc. But you will also not be able to change its height. 

The flat benches are convenient to move with wheels and handles, etc. 

You can use them to work with smith machines, cable machines, or with a squat rack or power rack.  

Commercial Weight Bench 12

Fig 1 – Flat weight bench

Adjustable Weight Benches

An adjustable fitness bench usually has a simple frame design with two adjustment techniques: 

  • adjustable steps or
  • pop-pin

Adjustable weight benches are perfect for both commercial gym or home studio. You can use them as flat, incline, and decline workouts as per your fitness needs. However, these are not made for compound heavy lifting purposes. 

Most models of adjustable benches offer handles and wheels so that you can move them quickly.

Commercial Weight Bench 13

Fig 2 – Adjustable weight bench

Olympic Weight Benches

Olympic weight benches are considered the best option for both home and commercial gyms due to the following reasons.

  • Must safer due to its built-in racking system
  • No need of a supporter
  • Provide extra reliability 
  • Low maintenance required
  • Perfect to performing barbell exercises
  • Solid, stable, and unlikely to break
  • Also come with rear plate storage racking

The major downside of Olympic benches is that you will not let you change the angle as incline or decline. Furthermore, they are difficult to move due to their heavy construction. 

Olympic workout benches are also not suitable for dumbbell exercises. 

Specialist Weight Benches

A range of specialist bench options is available in the market for performing something extra. 

Commercial Weight Bench 14

Fig 3 – Olympic weight bench

Unlike other benches, they usually focus on particular exercises, muscle groups, and joints, etc. The two most famous types of these types of benches are:

1. Preacher Curl Bench: It is best to isolate the biceps while doing curls. This specialist machine removes the ability to lift with the shoulders, back, or hips.

Commercial Weight Bench 15

Fig 4 – Preacher Curl

2. Abdominal Bench: It is ideal for incline and decline exercises, thanks to its extra-comfortable padded footrest that keeps the legs in the best and secure position.

Commercial Weight Bench 16

Fig 5 – Abdominal bench

4. What is the difference between a flat and incline weight bench?

The primary difference between a flat weight bench and an incline weight bench is related to its usage. The flat bench gives an overall chest activation, whereas the incline bench focuses on the upper chest and shoulders.

A flat bench offers versatility for many weight lifting exercises, including:

  • Bench press
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • French press
  • Tricep extension
  • and various seated press variations 

With an incline weight bench, you can perform most of the flat bench exercises differently. Major exercises you can perform using this bench are:

  • Incline press
  • Chest supported rows
  • Dumbbell flyes
  • and various decline abdominal exercises

An incline weight bench that can adjust up to 90 degrees can also be utilized for a range of back-supported seated presses.

Nowadays, these types of benches are offering a range of exciting press variations. 

5. What is an FID weight bench?

FID stands for Flat, Incline, and Decline. FID is a special kind of fitness bench that can be adjusted easily into a flat, incline, and decline position. They are usually used in garage gyms and commercial gyms. 

Commercial Weight Bench 17

Fig 6 – FID bench

6. How to adjust the weight bench at the gym?

Use the following ways when you need to adjust the workout bench at the gym. 

  • First, locate the pin under the weight bench’s backrest.
  • Use your hand to pull the knob while keeping the other hand under the backrest. 
  • Now adjust the workout bench as per your preference.
  • Once you adjust as per your desired position, return the knob to its resting place.
  • That’s it!

You can use the exact process for the bench’s seat as well.

7. What is considered to be the best weight bench for the gym?

A multi-adjustable weight bench is ideal for commercial gyms due to its versatility, longevity, convenience, and affordability. 

Commercial Weight Bench 18

Fig 7 – Multi-Adjustable-Bench

8. How much weight can a commercial bench hold?

A commercial-grade weight bench can hold 600lbs to 1000lbs weight. 

9. What is the width of a commercial weight bench?

The commercial weight bench width can be as min as 10” and goes even over 26’’ depending on the type of bench you buy. 

10. What is the height of a commercial weight bench?

Most of the commercial-grade weight benches offer 15’’ to 18’’ height. 

11. What is the ideal padding of a commercial weight bench?

A high quality and powerful weight bench has 2” to 3 ” thick foam padding for adequate cushioning. 

12. What material is used to manufacture commercial weight benches?

Most of the weight benches are made of a metal steel frame. Along with this, you will find a padded bench on the top that is also slimline to offer convenient movement without any hassle.

13. Is the commercial bench adjustable?

Most of the commercial gyms don’t provide adjustments for rack height.

14. What things to consider while buying a commercial weight bench?

You must consider the following points in mind when buying a commercial weight bench. 

Type: First, you must have an idea that fitness bench you are going to buy for your commercial gym. Are you interested in a flat weight bench, or you want to buy an adjustable one. Both have their pros and cons. 

Similarly, there are heavy-duty weight benches available that are best suited for gym studios. 

Height: You must buy a commercial weight bench with the best height, that’s approx. 18’’ to 21”. A commercial weight bench should not be too high or too low. 

Width: Width is an essential consideration while buying a weight bench for your gym. There is a range of widths available in the market, but the ideal width of a commercial bench is around 12”. 

Bigger widths are also available, but they will not provide flexibility and comfort while moving the arms and legs. 

Material:  You can’t neglect the material also. Because you can’t bear a weak bench for long-term heavy lifting exercises. Hence, always try to double-check which material is used in the construction of your desired bench. 

3″x3″ or 2″x3″ 11 gauge wide and solid steel is usually used to manufacture commercial-grade weight benches. And try to consider the bench with solid weld and min number of bolts. 

The supporting pad, on the other hand, should be firm, thick, and comfortable.

Attachments: Many commercial level weight benches provide preacher curl or leg developer attachments. This thing should also be considered while buying as it can help save space in the gym. And you may not need to purchase different types of equipment to do the same exercises. 

Warranty: Always consider the product that has frame warranties of at least five years. Usually, the reputed and best weight bench manufacturers offer ten years to lifetime warranties on the frame. 

Commercial Weight Bench 19

Fig 8 – weight-bench-dimensions-considerations

15. Can you get a customized commercial weight bench?

Yes, you can get the customized commercial weight benches from us. Yanre fitness lets you buy a range of commercial-grade weight benches at affordable prices. 

16. Does a commercial weight bench offer additional attachments?

A high-quality multi-adjustable commercial weight bench allows optional attachments, including leg developer attachments and preacher curls, etc. 

17. Does the commercial weight bench come with leg extension?

Not all commercial-level weight benches offer leg extension. However, a premium level adjustable or FID bench offers leg extensions. 

Commercial Weight Bench 20

Fig 9 – Leg attachment for commercial bench

18. What is the cost of a commercial weight bench?

The price of a commercial-grade weight bench starts from $200 and goes up to $1000. The more heavy-duty the bench is, the higher the price. 

19. Final Words

So this is our best FAQ guide to the commercial weight bench. 

We tried hard to include all the important FAQs related to commercial level weight benches.

And we hope that you have enjoyed this FAQ guide.

Which type of bench are you going to try first for your commercial gym?

Do you plan on getting the flat bench?

Or interested in the best quality adjustable or FID weight bench?

Either way, contact us to get a quick quote today.