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Coloured Barbell Set – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking to add weight plates to your gym training space? Coloured barbell sets were designed and tested by all gym coaches and athletes. This set is ideal to take on all kinds of lifts. 

From gym training to professional competitions, colored barbell sets are the ideal choice to please your athletes. Colour difference is an authentic way to catch attention and make an aesthetic impact. 

You may have questions about coloured barbell sets. So we prepared the following FAQ guide to answer all your important questions. 

Let’s start.

Table of Contents

1. What is a coloured barbell set composed of?

A coloured barbell set is composed of at least 3 different weight plates. These have the same diameter but different weights. Coloured barbell sets may come with a barbell included. 

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Figure 1 Coloured barbell set 

2. What type of weight plates are in the coloured barbell set?

Coloured barbell sets have mainly bumper plates of the same diameter. Today, bumper plates are more popular than even. Bumper plates are quieter than other plates and easier to handle. 

Other types of weight plates include traditional plates, competition plates, specialty plates, wagon wheel plates and technique plates. 

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Figure 2 Bumper plates from coloured barbell set 

3. What is the diameter of coloured barbell set weight plates?

The diameter of coloured barbell weight plates is 19.6 inches (50 cm). The inner center hole diameter is 2 inches (5 cm), available at bumper, competition or specialty weight plates. 

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Figure 3 Diameter of coloured barbell set 

4. What is the difference between the coloured barbell set bumper plates and traditional plates?

The main difference between the two weight plates is the inner hole diameter. While traditional weight plates have 1 inch diameter of the inner hole, bumper plates have a constant 2 inch diameter. 

Traditional weight plates change the thickness and the diameter as the weight of the plates changes. 

Bumper plates keep a constant inner hol diameter, regardless of the thickness. 

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Figure 4 Standard weight plate 1” center hole

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Figure 5 Bumper weight plate 2” center hole

5. What is the material of coloured barbell set weight plates? 

The coloured barbell set weight plate are made of few materials, such as:

  • Recycled rubber 
  • Virgin rubber
  • Urethane 

Recycled rubber weight plates are made of old tires. Discarded tires serve as a raw material for manufacturing this type of weight plates. Rubber crumbs are bonded together with glue under heat and pressure. 

The weight plates made of crumb rubber have lower prices than natural rubber. The quality of the crumb rubber weight plates is given by the binding agent. Over time, these recycled rubber weight plates will crumble and deteriorate. 

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Figure 6 Recycled rubber bumper weight plate 

Virgin rubber is made of natural rubber with very qualitative features. Olympic bumper plates are made of very dense virgin rubber. There is no binding agent, these are more durable and have a longer lifespan. 

But natural rubber can be easily marked. After short use, it could look quite worn. 

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Figure 7 Virgin rubber bumper plates 

Urethane weight plates are made of polymer substance. They are growing in popularity due to their superior durability. The price is also accessible for the properties they offer. 

It does not easily scratch, mark, scuff, or crumble. It could look brand new for years to come.

The major advantage of urethane weight plates is the thickness. These are thinner than rubber. Thus, the athletes can load more plates onto the barbell. The weight is located closer to the center of the barbell and provides more stability when training. 

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Figure 8 Urethane bumper plates 

6. What is the manufacturing process of coloured barbell set?

Coloured barbell set weight plates made of virgin rubber take little time to make. The rubber is processed until it is smooth. Then it is cut into round discs and loaded into molds that form the bumpers. 

Once the bumper plates are done, they are removed from the molds. Manufacturers leave them to cool down. Then the bumpers are inspected.  

7. What is the shape of the coloured barbell set weight plates?

The classic shape is round. There might be other shapes like hexagonal. But round shape is the safest and can be dropped without causing accidents. 

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Figure 9 Round shape coloured barbell set 

8. How is colour an indicator of the weight for coloured barbell set?

Commercial-grade coloured weight plates mimic the colours of the Olympic competition plates. These are: 

  • Red 55 lb (25 kg)
  • Blue 45 lb (20 kg)
  • Yellow 35 lb (15 kg) 
  • Green 25 lb (10 kg)  
  • Grey 10 lb (4.5 kg)

Colours help to immediately identify, even from far away, the weights that are being loaded on the barbell. 

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Figure 10 Color indicator of coloured barbell set 

9. What is the material of the inner hole insertion of coloured barbell set?

The insertion of the weight plates is located right in the middle of the plate. It is made of stainless steel. This ensures the proper use of the plate. It offers a dead bounce and durability. 

Lower quality weight plates have simple brass hubs. It is recommended to avoid these weight plates. 

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Figure 11 Steel inner hole insertion of bumper plates at coloured barbell set 

10. Do coloured barbell set weight plates smell bad?

Yes. Virgin rubber has a specific scent. But this will fade away with time. If you have an odour problem, you can choose urethane made cloured weight plates. 

11. Can I print my logo on the coloured barbell set?

Yes. As a gym owner, you can print your logo or slogan on the coloured barbell set weight plates. 

Yanre Fitness is an expert in customization of weight plates and other fitness equipment in general. We have our own design and printing unit that can bring to life any printing requirements. 

12. How to store coloured barbell set?

Coloured barbell set weight plates are best to be kept in special racks. These prevent them from marking, scratching, and have a prolonged professional look. 

After each use, cleaning with a simple cloth is recommended. 

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Figure 12 Rack example for storing coloured barbell sets

13. Final Words 

I hope the above guide has revealed important information to cover your questions about coloured barbell sets. 

If something is still questionable, contact yanre Fitness to clarify all doubts. 

Need to import a commercial-grade coloured barbell set? Contact Yanre Fitness for a quick quote today.