The Most Common Mistakes When Training With a Triceps Machine


In order to counteract the so-called buffing arm and to build up the triceps efficiently, professionals are happy to advise the triceps machine . With the right exercises, the pudding arm can be said goodbye with a clear conscience. However, many users make crucial mistakes that can have the opposite effect on the triceps. On the other hand, if the machine is used optimally, the upper arm can be shaped in a very short time.

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To avoid errors

Athletes who are unsure of how to use the triceps machine should at best go to a gym, where not only the selection of equipment and free weights is large, but where the focus is also on the upper arms. In total, professionals advise the use of four different devices to gradually shape your arms. 

This includes above all the biceps machine, the biceps curl, the kickbacks and last but not least the tripceps machine. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made in the latter variant, but this can lead to considerable damage in the long run. The use of the tripceps machine does not necessarily have to be difficult. Therefore, strength athletes should not be shy and get help so that work on this device can bear fruit from the start.

Good training for solid results

Training on the tripceps machine primarily – how could it be otherwise – trains the triceps. If the device is used correctly, not only upper arms, but also forearms and wrists can be strengthened. For this reason, professionals advise not only the biceps machine, but also the triceps machine, with which various settings can be made. Important: Many users do not make the correct settings before training, the device should be adjusted according to body size.

If you are working with the triceps machine for the first time, the athletes must still get used to the movement sequence. For this it is advisable to use only a little weight at the beginning and gradually add to it. However, this should only be the case if the machine is also perfectly mastered. In order to avoid mistakes for this reason, the help of a fitness trainer is advisable, who can skillfully correct faulty movements. However, in order to avoid excessive loads and high intensities, the muscle parts should never be overloaded. It is therefore advisable to leave the repetitions to a certain extent and to take breaks as well.

In order for the work on the triceps machine to remain promising, the training content should be changed and restructured every 6 to 8 weeks.

Correct positions are crucial

Numerous athletes are astonished after the training about pain or incorrect strain – this is because the triceps machine was not used correctly. In order to avoid injury, the correct training position should be taken first. If the training device has been adjusted to your personal height, the back should lie against the back cushion as best as possible, the feet should be placed shoulder-width apart on the floor and the thighs and lower legs should be at right angles to each other. Now the handgrips of the triceps machine are gripped, with the elbows each making an angle of 90 °.

The core muscles are now tense as the arms stretch against the resistance of the triceps machine. After all, every single movement only comes from the poor. With noticeable pressure, the athlete breathes in and holds the position for a moment. When holding the end position, however, the elbows should never be fully stretched, as this can result in excessive strain on the joints and consequently injuries.

In order to achieve maximum success, the triceps machine should always be operated in the correct ratio. In addition to the training, a certain period of rest is also useful. The avoidance of a hollow cross and the upright posture along with correct exercise procedures finally complete the picture.

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