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Home >> Blog >> How Do Gyms and Fitness Centers Nurture Customer Satisfaction?

How Do Gyms and Fitness Centers Nurture Customer Satisfaction?

Last year, I made a trip across the pond to the UK and had an interesting experience I want to share with my friends in the fitness industry.
My trip was last minute. I was scrambling to get a clean, well-reviewed, affordable hotel that was convenient to where I needed to be. As I searched for hotels on Google, I came across the Premier Inns.

What jumped out was the Premier Good Night Guarantee. The guarantee states that if you do not get a good night sleep, Premier Inns will give you your money back.

I immediately thought of the fitness industry and how delivering a similar service guarantee would be nearly impossible. That troubles me. The value of this type of customer satisfaction guarantee is so obvious to many in the industry but few companies are doing anything meaningful to address customer satisfaction or retention.

Consider my experience at the Premier Inn:

So how do gyms and fitness centers nurture customer satisfaction? 1. Clean place, firstly, you should provide a very clean and nice place, nobody wants to work out in the mess place. 2. Usable gym equipment, when I walked into the gym, I always see some machines are labeled by maintaining, it really makes you feel bad with these stuff. 3.Customer Management system, I’ve been the members of the gym club for over 10 years, but my health conditions are never younger than I am, because nobody teach you, all coaches are serve for the paid people. Even the coach comes to you when you were working on the machine, they just want to selling you the training lesson. So I think the gym need to provide a simple training program which focus on teaching , training and supervision. Sense of presence for your members is very important too.

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