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Gym Attachment Storage – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for gym attachment storage?

Do you want to buy something to store cable attachments?

Do you want to know the important features of gym attachment storage racks?

Luckily, for you! You are at the right spot. Our ultimate guide for gym attachment storage is going to guide about all this and much more. 

So, without further waiting, let us tell you what it is, and why you should buy it!

Table of Contents


Gym Attachment Storage refers to the racks that are used to store cable attachments. These include cable attachment bars and handles. These attachments are used with chest gym equipment and weightlifting equipment. 

There are several types of cable attachments; therefore, they are stored separately on racks when not in use. 

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Figure 1. Gym attachment storage

Uses of Gym Attachment Storage

As the name indicates, they are used to store gym attachments. Besides this apparent function, it also has multiple other benefits in a gym. Some of them are as follows:

Keeps the Gym Organized

By placing the cable attachments in their designated area, you can give your gym an organized look. Moreover, users would be immediately able to see what type of attachments you are offering. 

Protects the Attachments

The cable attachments come in a variety of shapes. Therefore, it is difficult to store them without a rack. Having a gym cable attachment storage rack allows you to store them easily. It also protects them from damage. 

Types of Gym Attachment Storage

There are four types of gym attachment storage. The following is a brief description of all types:

Single Pole Storage

This type of gym attachment holder is a vertical pole with multiple hooks on it. They are generally used for cable attachment handles and small-sized bars. They can hold more bars while occupying a lesser amount of space. 

Generally, this rack can hold 22 attachments. It weighs 114 pounds and its size is 48 inches in height and 22 inches in width. It is shipped unassembled to reduce the chances of damage and to reduce the shipping cost. 

Gym Attachment Storage 15

Figure 2. Single pole gym attachment storage

Double Pole Storage

This type of gym attachment rack resembles the barbell storage rack. It has two poles with pegs on which the handles of attachments are placed. They also feature some hooks on the backside of the rack to hang handles. Moreover, they also have space to place other types of accessories. 

They occupy more space than the single pole bars. Their average weight is 125 pounds and their dimensions are Height: 50 inches, Length: 22 inches, Width: 24 inches. They can generally hold 5 large-sized cable attachments and 6 handles along with some other accessories that can be placed on the shelves. 

Gym Attachment Storage 16

Figure 3. Double pole gym attachment storage

Double-sided Storage

They are the most diverse type of gym attachment storage. They feature horizontal hooks on two sides. Therefore, 10 long-handled cable attachments bars can be stored on those hooks. 

In addition to that, it has some additional hooks to hang cable attachment handles. These hooks can range from 3 to 9 in number. Lastly, it has a flat upper and lower surface on which multiple types of accessories can be placed.

Gym Attachment Storage 17

Figure 4. double-sided gym attachment storage

Wall-mounted Storage

This type of storage just contains pegs on which cable attachments can be placed. They are attached to the wall. You can add as many pegs as you want. 

Two pegs are used for long attachments while one peg is sufficient for shorter handles. 

Gym Attachment Storage 18

Figure 5. Wall-mounted gym attachment storage

Important Features of Gym Attachment Storage


The quality of pipes is the most important feature of a gym cable attachment rack. This is because; it will determine the overall strength and durability of the rack. 

Generally, the following are the different aspects of pipes that you should keep in mind:

  • The thickness of pipes should not be less than 3mm. It is the generally accepted thickness of pipes beyond which the quality of the pipes decreases exponentially. 
  • During manufacturing, the pipes bending techniques should be preferred instead of welding to ensure they will not de-shape after usage. 
  • In the places where welding is used, make sure it is deep. 
  • The screws used to assemble the pipe should be long and anti-loose. Most of the manufacturers ship unassembled products; therefore, it is very easy to check this feature. 


The finish of the gym attachment storage rack plays an important role in its durability. A good quality finish will last longer and protect the rack from corrosion. Depending on the quality and price, it can have powder coating, paint, or black chrome finishing. 

The following are the two steps involved in the finishing process of the gym attachment rack. Each of them is essential to increase the lifespan of the rack. 

Sand Blasting

In this process, sand particles along with steam or compressed air at high pressure are bombarded on the rack. The efficiency of this process depends on its duration. The longer it is, the better. 

Powder Coating

After sandblasting, paint powder mixed with adhesive particles is applied to the rack. The quality and amount of paint applied on the surface will determine its lifespan. A thick coat is better in protecting the rack against corrosion. 

Some manufacturers also offer painted racks. They are cheaper than the powder-coated ones. However, the paint does not last long. The only advantage is that it can be re-painted without much effort. 

Dimensions of the Rack

The dimensions of the storage equipment should be kept in mind. This is because, in a commercial setting, where you need to have a variety of equipment and accessories, space issues can quickly arise. 

The gym attachment storage racks generally come in different sizes. The vertical standing pole occupies lesser space than the double pole. However, keep in mind that the latter one also offers shelves for extra storage space and can also hold attachments with large handles. 


The components of the gym attachment storage include the pegs quality and the foot base. 

The pegs are generally the same as the overall structure of the rack. However, some manufacturers use chrome-plated pegs as well. As for the base of the rack, they should have rubber feet to protect the floor and to avoid slippage. 

Gym Attachment Storage 19

Figure 6. Rubber foot of gym attachment storage

Weight Holding Capacity

The weight holding capacity of the gym attachment storage refers to the amount of weight it can hold. Since it has multiple pegs, its weight holding capacity would be calculated for individual hooks. 

Always ask about this information from the manufacturer to estimate the quality of the storage rack. Generally, the higher the weight holding capacity, the better the quality of the rack will be. 

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of the gym cage attachment rack is generally the same. However, some manufacturers have slight differences depending on the equipment and the facilities they have. 

The manufacturing process plays an important role in determining its quality. Therefore, make sure to ask the manufacturer about this. 

The generalized processes are as follows:

  • Cutting and bending of pipes into required shape and size. 
  • Slicing and molding of all the horizontal surfaces such as shelves. 
  • Welding and finishing of all parts. 
  • Assembling, testing, and packaging the product. 

Manufacturing Materials

The gym attachment storage is made using steel. The better the quality of steel, the longer the rack will last. The quality of steel used to make these racks differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and country to country. 

For Example, in China, Q235 is the standard quality of steel. This type of steel has the best welding and molding properties. 

Before you go, read the gym equipment buying guide by Yanre Fitness. It will tell you how you can check the quality of the gym attachment storage. 


So this marks the end of our ultimate guide on gym attachment storage. We hope that it helped you in finding answers to all your question related to this equipment. 

If you still have any confusion, please feel free to contact us for more information. Our customer service staff would be delighted to answer you. 

Yanre Fitness offers quality and affordable gym attachment storage. You also offer customized quotes based on your requirements. Contact us now!