Yoga Mats - PVC


Yoga Mats - PVC


TPE Yoga mat will make you at ease because it is made secure and has a non-slip grip which is a great importance in any yoga routine. It also has a feature of raised and bumpy texture that is very important for different yoga styles and poses requiring balance, resisting gravity, and seamless flow between movements.


Best Non Slip & Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Wholesale


  • Material: TPE
  • Dimension: 183(L) * 61(W)cm
  • Thickness: 0.4,0.6, 0.8, 1 cm
  • Weight: 800g+50g for 0.4 thickness
  • Color: single color :Blue/yellow,/purple/pink
  • dual color: customized


  • The yoga mat is made from non-toxic TPE that is both chemical-free  and UV-resistant.
  • Repels Moisture, Bacteria and Odor.
  • Good elasticity, durability, lightweight and Easy to carry.

Yoga practice or any other physical exercise requires the application of strength and balance. If you are a beginner or are trying advanced yoga poses, you need to have some level of safety.

This safety provided by a yoga mat reduces the chances of being injured in case of an accident. It also reduces the chances of your bones and joints being fatigued.

Our factory manufactures the best exercise mats to provide the safety and comfort you need to do perfect poses for any length of time.

Yoga Mat Basics

Yoga is certainly, not a new practice. It has been practiced for thousands of years by millions of people. However, the equipment options available to facilitate the practice of yoga have been and continue to be improved every year. An example of such equipment is a yoga mat.

What is a yoga mat? A yoga mat is a specially fabricated mat used to provide a non-slip and cushioned surface for safety and comfort while performing yoga asanas or other physical exercises.

Why Choose Our Yoga Mat?

  • Safety

Yoga poses need a significant level of balance and strength. The last thing you want is to lose balance or strength and fall on a hard floor. Yanre Fitness workout mats provide a safe surface that prevents slipping and provides cushion just in case you fall.

  • Support

It feels bad when you are deep into your exercise and suddenly, you lose stability. Every exerciser wants to have the best experience throughout their exercises. Our yoga mats offer you the support you need to perform to your level best.

  • Comfort

Exercising requires high levels of concentration, something that may be hard to achieve when doing poses on a hard or slippery floor. Choose your fitness mats from Yanre Fitness and you will get the comfort you need, and your entire exercise will be a positive experience.

  • Sticky

Our yoga mats are sticky enough to allow you to make more advanced poses that may be deemed risky if not correctly done.

Features of Yanre Fitness Yoga Mat

  • High-density Material

Our yoga mats are made from high-density material. They are in perfect shape and are durable.

  • Closed Cell Foaming

This technology helps the mats to slow down shock damage hence increasing their lifetime.

  • Non-toxic TPE

Our yoga mats are made from non-toxic TPE that is chemical free. It is also UV-resistant hence cannot discolor or fade easily.

  • Repels Moisture, Bacteria and Odor

The yoga mats are designed to repel moisture, bacteria and odor, therefore, providing extra safety and comfort while you train.

  • Good Elasticity

The mats are able to quickly resume their normal shape after being compressed.

  • Thick

They are thick enough to provide the necessary cushioning. And we provide yoga mat of various thickness and sizes.

  • Lightweight & Foldable

They are easy to carry around to allow you to do your exercises at different travel locations of your choice. You can take it as a travel yoga mat.

Exercises You Can Do with a Yoga Mat

  • Easy Pose/Sukhasana

This exercise is meant to strengthen your back.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Sit on the yoga mat with your bottom on the floor and your legs straight and flat in front of you.
  2. Cross your legs so that your right knee is stuck over the left foot and your left knee is stuck over the right foot.
  3. Rest your hands on your knees with the palms facing down or up. You can also opt to use a hand mudra.
  4. Raise the crown of the head up to lengthen and straighten your spine.
  5. Drop your shoulders and pull them back as you press your chest out.
  6. Relax your face, jaw and belly as you maintain a soft and steady gaze.
  7. Breathe deeply through your nose down into the belly.
  8. Maintain the pose for several minutes or as long as you are comfortable.
  • Cobra Pose/Bhujangasana

This exercise is important for strengthening your back and opening your chest and shoulders.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Start in a downward facing dog pose on a yoga mat
  2. Inhale as you come down into the plank position
  3. Exhale as you bend your elbows and lower your body down to the floor
  4. Roll your shoulders back and extend your feet so that their tops are touching the floor.
  5. Use your hands to press down the floor as you raise your chest up and press your pubic bone to the floor.
  6. Ensure the back of your neck remains long as you continue to raise your chest.
  7. When you are fully stretched, lift your chin up and hold the pose for a few relaxed breathes.
  8. To return to the starting position, lower your torso down.
  9. Step your toes on the floor and assume the downward facing dog pose.
  • Fish Pose/Matsyasana

This exercise is meant to strengthen the muscles of your upper back and back of your neck.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Lie flat on your back on a yoga mat with your spine straight. Your legs and arms should be fully stretched.
  2. Bend your knees and step on the floor with both your feet.
  3. Lift your pelvis slightly and slip your hands under your hips with your palms touching the mat.
  4. Inhale and push your elbows into the floor and lift your back and chest up with your forearms flat on the floor. Your chest, back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, and head should now be off the floor.
  5. Look up to the sky and slowly drop your head to the floor such that the crown of your head lightly rests on the yoga mat. NB. Most of your upper body weight should be resting on your elbows.
  6. Hold the pose for several relaxed breathes.
  7. To return to the starting position, slowly lift your head off the floor and then straighten your elbow to allow your upper body to rest on the floor.

Quality Judgement Tips:

1. Material: compare the characteristics of different materials to determine the best material for you (refer to the quick comparison chart in the first section).

2.Weight: The heavier the mat, the denser, and more durable it will be.

3. Size: The length of the mat should be 6 inches longer thn your height; the width should be lightly wider than your shoulder width.

4. Elasticity: Test the elasticity by squeezing the yoga mat with your hand; if your fingers are easily squeezed together, the mat is too soft and may be made of cheap PVC or EVA material. PVC yoga mats that are made with the right foaming process will quickly restore to the original shape after you step on them.

5. Evenness: Test the evenness of man-made materials by rolling up the mat and inspecting it from the two ends to check if there is a very uneven bubble.  Large and even bubbles mean that you have a good quality. If the foaming is uneven, the mat can easily be damaged during use.

6. Slip Resistance: Put the mat flat on the floor, and then press and push forward with your palm. If the mat slides on the ground or your hand slides on the mat surface easily, then its slip resistance is poor. This may cause unnecessary injury in the yoga practice.

7. Smell: Take the yoga mat (don’t open it) to check for a pungent odor. Quality yoga mats will not have a noticeable odor and what odor there is will disappear after several days in open air.

8. Durability: You can rub a yoga mat with an eraser to see if the material breaks easily or if there are marks when you lightly tear it.

Learn more buying tips: Best Gym Owner’s Yoga Mat Buying Guide

Where to buy best yoga mats? Yanre Fitness is your best choice.

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