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Custom Gym Equipment Manufacturers – Definitive FAQ Guide

The demand for gym equipment is spreading worldwide. So, the need for custom gym equipment is also demanding. 

Are you interested in purchasing custom gym equipment?

Then this FAQ guide is for you. You will know about custom gym equipment manufacturers by this FAQ guide.

Have a look at these questions and answers!!

Table of Contents

1. What is Custom Gym Equipment?

Custom gym equipment means when someone is purchasing gym equipment regarding his requirement. 

That means if you want to buy some gym equipment as you need for your commercial gym center, better to purchase custom gym equipment from a trusted manufacturer. 

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Figure 1: Custom gym equipment at the gym center

2. What are the categories of custom gym equipment?

There are many categories of custom gym equipment. You can get the following important three categories of customized gym equipment:

  • Color Customized Gym Equipment
  • Material Customized Gym Equipment
  • Dimension and Weight Customized Gym Equipment. 

Color Customized Gym Equipment

Color customized means, select the color of gym equipment that you want to keep in your gym center and then place the order. You can choose your equipment color, or you can also require to make them with color-coding for your gym center. 

Material Customized Gym Equipment

Choosing material by your choice for your gym center is called material customized gym equipment. For example, you can select gym equipment made of rubber instead of steel.

Dimension and Weight Customized Gym Equipment

You can choose gym equipment over your required dimension and weight for your gym center. If your gym space is not so broad or extensive, you will need relatively smaller gym equipment. 

Even in your gym, if the beginner is more than experienced members, then you will also need less weight for them at the starting.

Yanre Fitness is one of the gym equipment manufacturers to find above all kinds of customizing facilities to get your desired products.

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Figure 2: Color customized gym equipment 

3. What are the differences between domestic and overseas custom gym equipment manufacturers?

There are differences between domestic and overseas custom gym equipment manufacturers. The differences are below mentioned:

Domestic manufacturerOverseas manufacturer
Domestic gym equipment manufacturers mean the manufacturers of your own country. Overseas manufacturers are those who supply outside of their own country. On the other hand, who import products from outside of their own country, the supplier country is overseas to the client.
Third-party involvement is strong.No need for a third party. You can contact them by yourself online.
Meeting in personA virtual meeting can be possible
Easy to shipping equipmentRelatively hard
Domestic material usesInternational material uses
Faster shippingLengthy shipping
High labor costRelatively cheaper labor cost
The high cost can take place due to meeting in person, especially traveling costs.No high price without purchasing and shipping
Not so good packaging Good quality packaging due to importing them
Easy to get maintenance service in personWill get a virtual service
For example, who are living in China, all Chinese custom gym manufacturers are the domestic manufacturer to them. Yanre Fitness is a domestic manufacturer for Chinese people.For example, if you are importing custom gym equipment from Chinese manufacturers outside of China, the companies are overseas manufacturers. Yanre Fitness is an overseas manufacturer to an outsider of China.

4. Which countries are manufacturing custom gym equipment?

Custom gym equipment is essential for almost all gym centers. So many countries worldwide are providing custom gym equipment. The following countries are ahead in this matter:

  • Asia-Pacific 
  • China 
  • India 
  • Japan 
  • Australia 
  • Indonesia 
  • South Korea 
  • Western Europe 
  • The UK 
  • Germany 
  • France 
  • Eastern Europe 
  • Russia 
  • North America 
  • The USA 
  • South America 
  • Brazil 
  • Middle East 
  • Africa, etc.

China is one of the topmost providers of custom gym equipment worldwide.

Custom Gym Equipment Manufacturers 20

Figure 3: The topmost manufacturer countries of custom gym equipment

5. How is China growing to manufacture custom gym equipment?

China has many contributions to the gym equipment industry. There are many reasons behind the growth of manufacturing custom gym equipment. The following reasons are mentioned below:

Market Demand

There is a lot of market demand for Chinese customized gym equipment worldwide. There are also two main reasons for this demand. Such as:

  • Durable and light-weight custom gym equipment
  • Cost-effective to import from China

For these two internal reasons, the market demand for Chinese custom gym equipment is high.

High-quality Custom Gym Equipment

The client’s choice makes custom gym equipment. So they need to be high quality. In this matter, China is one step ahead to supply high-quality custom gym equipment.

Full-filling Domestic Need

In China, gym centers are increasing day by day. They are now more health-conscious about eating food, including physical exercising. So, to fill up the domestic need for custom gym equipment, China is growing faster.

Relatively Cheaper Labor Cost

Manufacturing custom gym equipment, hard labor work is needed. But in China, despite being hardworking, labor costs are relatively more affordable than others. 

So, people from overseas are also interested in Chinese Customized gym equipment.

Yanre Fitness is a custom gym equipment manufacturer in China. They have been providing high-quality custom gym equipment for a long time. It is high time to pick your customized gym equipment from Yanre.

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Figure 4: Chinese gym center 

6. How can social media help to find a trusted custom gym equipment manufacturer?

At present, there are several ways to find a trusted custom gym equipment. But the social media option is a more effortless and trusted way to find. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc., are social media that can help you. The ways it helps mentioned below for you:

Can Meet Experienced Person

Over social media, you can talk with the experienced person who already bought the custom gym equipment.

Can Research Various Companies

You can research the advertisement of various companies on social media pages then make a decision.

Customer Reviews

From the social media comment box, you can find many reviews about custom gym equipment to help you make a decision.

Contact With Suppliers Quickly

Over social media, you can contact the suppliers or manufacturers directly after seeing the advertisement. So, it is an excellent way to get them.

Can Get the Address

If you are a domestic buyer of the custom gym equipment page of any social media, you can get the address of their office quickly from their portfolio. There is a google map with the address available on the page.

For example, in the Facebook pages, you can get the office address.

Video Conference Facilities

Social media has the facilities of video conferencing or getting real video from manufacturers. 

If you are a buyer from overseas for any gym equipment company pages on social media, you can talk with them over a video call. Even you can for real product videos.

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Figure 5: Social media

7. What are the things you should consider before buying custom gym equipment for the gym center?

There are the followings essential things you should consider before buying custom gym equipment:

  • List your desired equipment that you want to keep in your gym center.
  • Consider your gym space, how much equipment you can set at the gym center.
  • Measure your gym floor, which dimension will be suitable for your gym center.
  • Research about manufacturers whether they are trusted or not.
  • Talk with the manufacturer about shipping time. It is important.
  • Oversure about product quality
  • Verify you are getting the custom features you asked for.
  • Be sure about after purchasing service, especially maintenance or repairing systems.

8. Does high-production capacity affect the manufacturing quality of custom gym equipment?

High-production capacity does not affect the manufacturing quality. They are not contradictory; rather, correlated. There are some reasons behind this. So, the reasons are explained below:

High Technology Power

Using high technology increases the capacity of production. That ensures the manufacturing quality also because the manual processes can not give the best quality product.

Manufacturing Experience

When manufacturing experience is long term based and the labor power is also experienced, we can expect high production capacity. On the other hand, experience makes any gym equipment perfect. So they are correlated due to experience.

Custom Gym Equipment Manufacturers 23

Figure 6: High-quality custom gym equipment with technology power

9. What are the factors to avoid when choosing a custom gym equipment manufacturer?

While choosing a custom gym equipment manufacturer, you should not do the following things:

  • You should not hurry to decide to purchase custom gym equipment
  • Lack of proper research about manufacturers
  • You should not believe the third party
  • Pay carefully and do not pay without verifying
  • Do not forget to ask for a sample of the custom gym equipment before placing an order.
  • You should not ignore the shipping policy.
  • Don’t fall in trap of fake reviews

Customer review is an essential thing to choose a manufacturer. But we can see several reviews online on various sites. So it can confuse people whether they are real or not.

When you check reviews to choose a trusted manufacturer, you should be more concerned. To recognize the honest reviews, you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Verified customer or not
  • Take a look if there multiple reviews by one customer or not
  • Short description of review
  • Avoid only positive or only negative review because honest reviews existed with pros and cons
  • Avoid if most of the reviews are recent or publish at one time
  • Custom gym equipment will not be the same as others, so look at the image attached reviews.
Custom Gym Equipment Manufacturers 24

Figure 7: Be careful about fake reviews

10. What are the benefits of buying custom gym equipment from a direct manufacturer?

There are various trusted ways to buy custom gym equipment. But a direct manufacturer is more trustworthy. The following reasons behind this:

  • 100% chance to get an authentic product.
  • Can get the quality product over price.
  • You can be able to explain to them what feature you need
  • As they are a manufacturer, you can get the desired custom equipment
  • You can be sure about after buying services.

Yanre Fitness has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing custom gym equipment.

Custom Gym Equipment Manufacturers 25

Figure 8: Gym equipment of Yanre Fitness

11. What are the importing policies to import custom gym equipment from Chinese manufacturers?

While importing custom gym equipment from a Chinese manufacturer, there are some legal policies you need to know first. The guidelines are mentioned below:

Need to Be a Registered Business Owner

If you import commercial custom gym equipment, then your business will need to be registered. You will need a legal entity of valid registration with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Need to Be a Registered Tax Holder

After MCA registration, you need a tax holder registration copy. Because as a tax holder, you will get TIN from the tax department to import custom gym equipment from China.

Need to have IEC Code

Now you need to apply for an importer license. So you need to apply to the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) department. They will provide you with an IEC (Importer-Exporter code). 

The legal policies are over; now you need to know the way to import them from China. Such as:

  • Find a trusted manufacturer.
  • Make a deal in written policies.
  • Contact with a shipping company.
  • Make sure about shipping time.
  • Make a triangle contact zone like you-manufacturer-shipping company.
  • Keep tracking the cargo.
  • Clear all domestic policies besides importing policies.
  • Make sure all policies are legal.
Custom Gym Equipment Manufacturers 26

Figure 9: How to import from china legally

12. Conclusion

This FAQ guide is for reducing the confusion that you have about custom gym equipment.

We tried to answer everything. Hope the FAQ guide will cover the questions. If you have more questions in your mind, let us know.

If not, contact Yanre Fitness for a quick quotation to purchase!!