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Cheap Yoga Mats BulkDefinitive FAQ Guide

Do you need some cheap yoga mats that are good quality? Are you searching for a good manufacturer who supplies good quality yoga mats? Do you want to know whether you should buy cheap yoga mats or not?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, you are in the right place. 

This FAQ guide will help you to get all the information about avoiding cheap yoga mats and choosing good quality yoga mats from the best manufacturers.

Table of Contents

1. Why should you avoid buying cheap yoga mats?

There are expensive and cheap yoga mats. If you can’t differentiate between a good and a lousy yoga mat, then only a higher price won’t bring you the best yoga mat.

The factors that you have to avoid are as follows: 

  • Avoid the slippery type yoga mats
  • Avoid heat-absorbing yoga mats 
  • Avoid low-quality mats 

On the other hand, you have to purchase quality yoga mats at reasonable prices. But there are a lot of options for you from where you can choose your necessary yoga mats. 

2. Where can you buy cheap yoga mats in bulk?

Many online and offline sellers sell different types of yoga mats. You will find a lot of expensive and cheap yoga mats online. 

Buying too expensive or too cheap yoga mats is not necessary for your organization. There are some shops where you can get the best quality yoga mats at a very reasonable price. 

You can buy affordable yoga mats  with good quality bulk from a local shop but These mats  won’t be comfortable enough for clients. 

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Figure 1: Affordable Yoga Mats

3. What are the important features of a cheap yoga mat?

Yoga mats are used to prevent injury while doing yoga. In yoga, there is a risk of slipping. Your hands and feet can easily fall if you don’t use a good yoga mat. 

Besides, a yoga mat also helps you to save energy. A yoga mat must have the following features:

A good-quality yoga mat must be thick and compact. It must be produced from high-quality and eco-friendly materials. 

It must have enough texture in it to protect the user from slipperiness and injuries.

A cheap yoga mat won’t ensure all these features. You should buy yoga mats from a good supplier at a comparatively lower price but not at a cheap price. 

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Figure 2: Thick and sticky yoga mat

4. Are cheap yoga mats comfortable or not?

Yoga mats are used to make your yoga experience comfortable and free from injury. There are different types of yoga mats available in the market. But not every yoga mat you buy is comfortable.

Yoga mats must be comfortable but if you buy a cheap yoga mat that doesn’t ensure better quality, you won’t feel comfortable. A good-quality yoga mat will save you from slipping and possible injuries. It will absorb heat. It is easy to clean and durable.

If you love to travel, you can buy a thick and compact yoga mat, and it’s less weighted, comfortable, and easy to carry. 

To ensure that the yoga mat you buy will be comfortable enough, you have to ensure that the mat is made of suitable quality fabrics. The mat you purchased is capable of absorbing heat. A cheap yoga mat can’t ensure these things. 

There are enough grips so that your hands and feet don’t sleep while practicing. You can buy good quality yoga mats from us at a very reasonable price. 

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Figure 3: Comfortable yoga mats

5. Does a cheap yoga mat last long?

Generally, a yoga mat is expected to be used for 12 to 24 months. 

The useful life of a yoga mat depends on the quality of the mat and the frequency of how many times you use this. 

If a yoga mat is manufactured from suitable quality materials, you will surely be able to use it for more than 12 months. But if you want to buy cheap yoga mat bulks, you have to sacrifice longevity.  You have to clean the mat regularly to use it for some more days comfortably. 

6. What are the common materials for a yoga mat?

There are a lot of materials that can be used to make yoga mats. Most of the available yoga mats in the local markets are made of PVCs.

PVCs are not eco-friendly, and so these should be avoided. Standard materials for manufacturing cheap yoga mats are recycled rubber, jute, cotton, etc. these types of yoga mats are eco-friendly and comfortable to use. 

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Figure 4: Jute yoga mats

7. Can cheap yoga mats absorb heat?

Yoga mats are not only used to prevent yourself from slipping but also for saving energy. A yoga mat works as insulation between your body and the floor. That’s why your body doesn’t lose much heat and power to the ground.

Yoga mats that are made of good quality can absorb a large amount of heat.  A good quality  yoga mat can absorb heat and protect you from damage but if you buy a random cheap yoga mat, you may suffer further.

8. Is a cheap yoga mat different in weight and thickness?

The standard weight of a travel yoga mat is around 2lbs, and the thickness is around ¼ inch. The normal weight of a regular yoga mat is about 7 lbs, and the standard thickness is approximately 1/8 inch.

There are many dishonest manufacturers who don’t maintain these standards and use inferior quality materials in producing yoga mats. 

So, buy a good quality yoga having these standard weights and thicknesses and avoid lucrative cheap yoga mats. 

9. Do the color of cheap yoga mats fade away faster?

Usually, the colors of cheap yoga mats don’t fade away until you clean them with extremely hot water and excessive detergents. 

People love colorful yoga mats, and that yoga mats are available in various colors. If you clean a cheap yoga mat regularly and properly, its color won’t fade away. 

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Figure 5: Colorful Yoga Mats

10. Does a cheap yoga mat have enough grip?

Not every cheap yoga mat has enough grips. Many dishonest suppliers compromise quality to lower the price. 

Buy good quality yoga mats that are made of jute or cotton to get enough grip. 

11. Are cheap yoga mats free from PVCs?

Most of the yoga mats nowadays are made of PVCs that are not eco-friendly and comfortable to use. To lower the price, manufacturers use PVCs to produce yoga mats.

Non PVC yoga mats are expensive.

You will find a lot of shops that sell non PVC cheap yoga mats. These cheap yoga mats are not non PVC at all. 

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Figure 6: Non PVC yoga mats

12. Final Words

Hopefully, you got answers to all of the questions you had on your mind regarding yoga mats. We have tried to include almost all the necessary information regarding yoga mats. 

Hopefully, this article will work for you as a complete FAQ guide for buying yoga mats and help you to differentiate between good quality and a cheap yoga mat.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.