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Black Yoga Mat SupplierDefinitive FAQ Guide

Do you want to add yoga classes to your studio or gym? Your customers might have been looking for the limited black yoga mats in your store. 

Before you buy any black yoga mat out there, you have to find the right black yoga mat supplier. This FAQ guide has all the important facts on sourcing out black yoga mat suppliers to make your search easier.

We will give you options and tips on finding the black yoga mat supplier that fits your requirements. 

So, let’s get cracking.

Table of Contents

1. What are my options for a black yoga mat supplier?

Five types of black yoga mat supplier to choose from:

  1. Traders
  2. Wholesale or Distributor suppliers
  3. Manufacturer or vendors
  4. Manufacturer with private labeling
  5. Importers


Trading companies are experts in export and import operations and procedures. They usually buy from manufacturers from one country and then sell it to another.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 10

Figure 1: Top Trading Companies according to

Trading companies usually market a variety of products and are well-connected. They are like the middlemen for manufacturers abroad. Because they sell a wide range of goods, they may not necessarily have quality control to ensure your black yoga mat’s integrity.

How do traders work?

  • You place your order with the trading company. 
  • The trading company performs the necessary procedures depending on the role it plays as your business associate.
  • It then packages your order and takes care of the export/import duties.
  • The black yoga mats are directly shipped to you.

Trading companies can act as:

  • Sales Agents

They source customers for manufacturers that want to sell their products overseas. In this scheme, the trading company gets its commission from the manufacturer. The manufacturer, in turn, charges you for the commission. It will be added to the price of the black yoga mats.

  • Buying Agent

The trading company acts as the buyer’s representative overseas. They find suitable manufacturers for the black yoga mat you need. They can negotiate the price, terms of delivery, payment methods and schemes, and export and import transactions.

  • Exclusive Distributor

When the trading company acts as the product’s exclusive distributor, they buy the black yoga mats from the manufacturer. They then sell the black yoga mats at a price the trading company sets, not the manufacturer’s price. And also ships the black yoga mat themselves.

  • Intermediary

In this scheme, the trading company acts only as an exporter or importer. They are paid for their export or import services.

Wholesale or Distributors

Wholesalers and distributors purchase black yoga mats directly from the manufacturer. They resell them in bulk at a slightly higher price.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 11

Figure 2: Black Yoga mats sold in wholesale

How do wholesalers work?

  • The wholesaler buys black yoga mats in bulk from the manufacturer. They list them for sale.
  • You transact business with the wholesaler or distributor.
  • Wholesalers price their black yoga mats depending on the volume of your order. Generally, the more black yoga mats you buy, the lower the price.
  • You pay for your order of black yoga mats. The wholesaler ships them to you.


Manufacturers are the factories and companies that make your black yoga mats. They are at the top of the supply chain. Their price will be the lowest in the market.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 12

Figure 3: Top Ten Black Yoga Mat Suppliers in China tabulated according to market share and growth

How does the manufacturer sell their black yoga mats?

  • The manufacturer produces black yoga mats. They can also create other types of yoga mats according to the wholesaler or retailer’s choice.
  • You place your order with the manufacturer. Your order needs to meet their minimum order quantity, or they might not agree to the sale.
  • You pay for your ordered black yoga mats depending on the agreed payment scheme.
  • The manufacturer packages and ships your goods to your address.

Manufacturer with Private Labelling

Private labelling is an option arranged with the manufacturer to print your company’s logo on the black yoga mats. 

How does private labelling work?

  • The scheme is basically the same when you place your order with the manufacturer. But as an added instruction, you give them your logo for printing.
  • Usually, manufacturers would agree to send a prototype of the black yoga mat with your label imprinted on it for quality checking.
  • Once the prototype is approved, you give the green light for producing your orders to the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer fabricates, packages, and ships the black yoga mats to you once the order quantity is completed and quality checks satisfied.


Importers are manufacturers that have an export or import license to other countries. Instead of waiting for order placement, they ship their black yoga mats to target countries. 

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 13

Figure 4: List of largest US Importers and Exporters according to Statista

How does it work?

  • The manufacturer sets up a satellite office for their sales team in the target country. The branch office sources for customers.
  • The factory of the manufacturer produces enough black yoga mats to supply the satellite sales office.
  • You order from their sales office. They package your black yoga mats and send them to your address right away.

2. What type of black yoga mat supplier fits my business model?

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 14

Figure 5: Identifying your black yoga mat supplier as key partner in your business model

The recommended type of black yoga mat supplier for your business model:

Trading Companies 

Source your black yoga mats from trading companies when you want to buy your yoga mats overseas but have not yet experienced importing and exporting goods. The trading company will take care of all that for you. Plus, it will help you find the best possible match for your black yoga mat requirements.

Wholesaler or Distributors

Use a wholesaler or distributor when you want to get your black yoga mats quick but still want to check for quality. Wholesalers have warehouses for their black yoga mats. So, you can request a sample right away and inspect it.


Get your black yoga mats straight from the manufacturer if you can meet their least order quantity. Dealing with manufacturers like Yanre Fitness can ensure the quality of the black yoga mats. This scheme is good for you if you are also supplying other stores for black yoga mats. If you want a long-term business partner for supplies of your black yoga mats, agreeing to a contract with the manufacturer is the ideal move.

Manufacturer with Private Labelling

If your business aims to be a distributor, this is the right kind of black yoga mat supplier for you. You can ask to imprint or emboss your company’s name into the black yoga mat and claim it as your own.

Yanre Fitness is only a few of the manufacturers of black yoga mats that allow for logo printing on their black yoga mats. It uses only high-quality materials for its yoga equipment and manufactures it in its state-of-the-art production facility.


If you want to get your black yoga mats at an affordable price straight from the manufacturer, find an importer supplier. You won’t even have to worry about export or import procedures. Plus, the product is on-site, so you can inspect its quality right away.

3. Should I get black yoga mat suppliers overseas?

Here are the pros and cons of engaging with domestic and overseas black yoga mat suppliers. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each will help you better decide on your preferred black yoga mat supplier’s proximity.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 15

Figure 6: Deciding on domestic vs foreign supplier

Domestic Black Yoga Mat Supplier


  • Easier Communication – Since the manufacturer is just in your country, you don’t have a barrier language. Setting up a personal meeting would not be a problem.
  • Faster fulfillment times – Shipping and turnaround times for your black yoga mats are likely to be faster.
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Access to the manufacturer’s factory – The manufacturer is within your proximity, so you can do a quick factory inspection at the drop of a hat.
  • More flexible payment options – You can negotiate a more favorable payment scheme if you are a first-time customer of the black yoga mat supplier.


  • Higher production cost – Though you can save up from shipping and export/import duties, domestic black yoga mat suppliers usually have a higher production cost. Consequently, the price of black yoga mats will also be pushed up.
  • Limited production – Domestic black yoga mat manufacturers, especially in the US, have limited production capabilities. They are not usually geared up for high volume demands.

Overseas Black Yoga Mat Supplier


  • Reduced overall costs – Production costs have always been considerably lower overseas than in countries like the US. That’s because manufacturing countries like China don’t have to import their raw materials. Plus, manpower cost is substantially lower.
  • Flexibility – Overseas manufacturers have greater flexibility in terms of product availability. Almost all raw materials are available to them to create new black yoga mat types or mixes.
  • Greater Variability – There are a lot of black yoga mat suppliers overseas, especially in China. So, you are not confined to only a small pool of potential yoga mat suppliers.
  • Easy to find – Though they are overseas, international manufacturers have a very significant presence on the internet. They are also well-connected and acquainted with several trading companies in western countries.
  • High-volume capacity – International manufacturers have been set up to produce large volumes of black yoga mats. They are equipped to ship thousands of black yoga mats in one shipment. 


  • Cultural divides – Dealing with international manufacturers can be quite delicate. And are highly susceptible to miscommunication because of the language barrier and cultural differences.
  • Limited oversight – Because of the manufacturer’s proximity, you cannot just get to their office and facility right away. To compensate for this, you can always hire a third-party audit team to regularly pay them a visit.
  • Increased shipping costs – A downside of having to cross waters and miles of land is the higher shipping cost and the export/import duties.

4. Where are the black yoga mat suppliers located in China?

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 16

Figure 7: Industrial zones of China from 2013 – 2020

Chinese black yoga mat suppliers are clustered in one region – the southeast of China.

  • Guangdong
  • Fujian
  • Jiangsu
  • Zhejiang
  • Shanghai

These provinces in China houses the biggest and most experienced black yoga mat suppliers and manufacturers. Make sure that your chosen manufacturer is located in one of these provinces. You will have more confidence in their work when they are in these locations.

5. Where should I find my black yoga mat supplier?

Use these platforms to find potential black yoga mat suppliers:

  • Online manufacturer directories
  • Referrals
  • By NAICS code
  • Social media
  • Trade shows

Online Manufacturer Directories

You can find your preferred black yoga mat supplier by searching the thousands of manufacturer or supplier profiles on online directories.

Some online directories focus on domestic manufacturers. And others include international suppliers, which opens your choices to thousands. Here are some of the domestic and international online manufacturer directories.

Domestic Directories:

  • ThomasNet
  • Maker’s Row

Overseas Directories

  • GSS
  • Kompass
  • Alibaba
  • Made in China
  • MFG
  • DHgate
Black Yoga Mat Supplier 17

Figure 8: Overseas directories for manufacturers


Ask your business partners or associates, and friends if they know a reliable black yoga mat supplier. You can also go to your local chamber of commerce to check out suppliers for your black yoga mat. Others source out their black yoga mat suppliers through their trade association.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 18

Figure 9: Sourcing your supplier through referrals

NAICS code

The North American Industry Classification System or NAICS categorizes almost all the manufacturers in the US. Every business or category has a NAICS code that you can look up to find your black yoga mat supplier. 

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 19

Figure 10: The NAICS code directory

Here are some of the NAICS codes you may want to toggle through:

Social Media

Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are good sources for your black yoga supplier. You may see the company’s profile and some details of their business on these social media platforms.

LinkedIn, for example, gives an overview of the company’s works, business focus, size of the company and its location. You can get an initial impression of the black yoga mat supplier and vet if they can deliver what you need.

Trade and Exhibit Shows

Trade shows are one of the best sources of black yoga mat suppliers. The participants have been pre-screened by the event organizers, which makes the vetting process easier for you. 

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 20

Figure 11: IWF Shanghai Fitness Expo 2020

In trade shows, you get a chance to talk to the supplier’s representatives and ask your questions. You will also have a chance to see their product up close and have an initial check on it. In other words, you can gauge your supplier’s capabilities right then and there.

Below are some of the fitness and health trade shows worth showing up for:

  • FIBO China
  • IWF Shanghai
  • Fitness Show – Sydney
  • CIBE
  • Sportec
  • GymTec

6. How do I contact black yoga mat suppliers?

You can connect to your black yoga mat suppliers via email or phone. Others are also available through instant messaging like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and other applications.

When communicating with the black yoga mat supplier, always be cordial and straight to the point. Make sure to inquire about:

  • Their minimum order requirement
  • The wholesale price per unit of black yoga mats
  • Their payment terms
  • How can you get a sample black yoga mat
  • The locations they supply to

7. How to assess potential black yoga mat suppliers?

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 21

Figure 12: 6 Steps in Verifying your Black Yoga mat Supplier

When evaluating your list of black yoga mat suppliers, do these necessary checks.

  1. Certification checks
  2. Analyze the geopolitical climate in the region
  3. Financial stability checks
  4. Manufacturing and shipping locations
  5. Product information
  6. Inventory information
  7. Scalability
  8. Customer service
  9. Lead time and delivery statistics
  10. Payment terms
  11. Client references

Certification Check

Supplier certifications like ISO and OHSAS should be validated by the authorized giving body. License permits need to also be checked against public records. Also, if a product testing report is available, this can be counter checked with the facility that gave the certificate.

The Geopolitical Climate in the Region

If you are sourcing your black yoga mats overseas, be aware of what’s happening on the ground. Domestic unrest and labor relations and the state’s trade relations with your country might hinder in getting your yoga mats safely.

Financial Stability Checks

Perform credit checks of the company. Credit checks will be different depending on where your supplier is. For black yoga mat suppliers in the US, some websites give an initial credit check to companies.

Manufacturing and Shipping Locations

Usually, manufacturers have their designated shipping destinations to your country. Check if that location is viable for you. There are times that manufacturers can be flexible on their shipping destinations but for an extra cost.

Product Information

Thoroughly check the product specifications given to you. Make the necessary research to understand and verify the information listed.

Inventory Information

Ask if you can visit their factory as well as the warehouse. You may also request information on the current stocks they have and their warehouse’s maximum holding capacity. That can be an indication if they can really fulfill your order on schedule.


Determine if the black yoga mat supplier can be flexible enough to handle your orders, whether in low or high volumes. Give them projections of your future purchases and ask for their commitment.

Customer Service

Check how they handle complaints and queries about their shipment. Since your black yoga mat supplier might have a different time zone than yours, they must be reachable during your business hours.

Lead Time and Delivery Statistics

Ask for their lead time projections and actual delivery reports. If this is not available, they don’t diligently follow and plan through their production and shipment. Or their records do not show a promising delivery stat.

Payment Terms

Choose black yoga mat suppliers that are willing to work with your payment requirements. They might not be flexible for first-time customers, but that’s where your negotiation skills come in.

Client References

A vote of confidence and a 5-star rating from several past and current clients can give a boost to your confidence in engaging with the black yoga mat supplier. Take some time to call some of their clients to get their feedback.

8. How do I get a product sample from black yoga mat suppliers?

You can ask for a sample black yoga mat through an RFQ. Send the RFQ through email. Or use the forms of the manufacturer. Most established manufacturers have RFQ forms or product sample request forms to be filled out by potential customers.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 22

Figure 13: Product sample request form 

You also have to ask if they can deliver the sample for free. And if not, how much would it be? Suppliers eager to welcome new customers would spend some money giving you samples at no cost. 

9. What type of material do black yoga mat suppliers sell?

Black yoga mat suppliers typically use four types of material for their yoga mats:

  1. PVC
  2. TPE
  3. NBR
  4. PU
  5. Natural rubber
  6. Jute

PVC Black Yoga Mats

PVC made black yoga mats are the most available in the market nowadays. That is because of its durability and flexibility. They are also notoriously cheap. 

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 23

Figure 14: PVC black yoga mat

However, PVC black yoga mats can be quite slippery when wet and have toxins and chemicals. So, this is good for yoga classes in your gym that are not as sweat intensive. And for your yoga students that don’t have sensitive health.


Black yoga mats made of TPE have the durability of PVC, the flexibility of rubber, and eco-friendliness of organic materials. 

TPE black yoga mats are non=PVC, non-toxic and don’t contain any heavy metals. They also don’t smell bad like any other synthetic mats. And most importantly, they are anti-microbial.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 24

Figure 15: YPE Yoga mats by Yanre Fitness

Yanre Fitness makes TPE black yoga mats for this reason. TPE black yoga mats made by Yanre Fitness are designed for its users’ comfort, health, and safety. 


NBR black yoga mats are much thicker than other types of mats. They can be as thick as 10mm or more. NBR black yoga mats’ thickness makes them more comfortable and better for support and injury prevention. NBR mats are also water-resistant and are easy to clean.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 25

Figure 16: NBR black yoga mat

However, because of NBR mats’ thickness, they don’t give much traction for balancing poses. This can be a problem if the user is still a beginner at yoga. 


PU black yoga mats are especially sticky, which is a good thing for yoga students in your gym. It’s a combination of PU material and natural rubber. The mix of the materials makes it slip-resistant. PU black yoga mats are also durable and cost-effective.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 26

Figure 17: PU black yoga mat

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber black yoga mats are eco-friendly, give great comfort, and have an incredible grip. It also has antimicrobial properties, making it the perfect pair for any serious yogi users you have in your gym. Natural rubber black yoga mats usually have 3mm to 5mm thickness.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 27

Figure 18: Natural rubber black yoga mat

However, this incredible characteristic has its price. Natural rubber black yoga mats tend to be on the pricier side. 

You have to note that this is a no-no to use for customers or users with a latex allergy. 


Mixing natural jute fiber with an eco PVC is a winning combo for a black yoga mat. The fiber of the jute plant keeps you firmly grounded to the floor. Jute black yoga mats are antimicrobial and very durable. These characteristics are what makes jute black yoga mats stand out.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 28

Figure 19: Jute black yoga mat

10. Do black yoga mat suppliers provide mats for a particular type of yoga?

No, black yoga mat suppliers don’t necessarily make mats for a specific type of yoga. But the material they use in their black yoga mats dictates what kind of yoga is suitable for.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 29

Figure 20: 10 Types of Yoga that needs different material of yoga mats

Here are some of the yoga styles and the recommended type of black yoga mat to be used:

  1. Ashtanga Yoga =- natural rubber and TPE black yoga mats are perfect for this rigorous yoga practice. The routine is quite complex and needs a very sticky material to hold the fort down.
  1. Hatha Yoga – Hasha is typically geared for novice yogis, making them more flexible in the type of black yoga mat they need.
  1. Bikram/Hot Yoga – These two types of yoga will make your students sweat a ton because of the 100 degrees room temperature requirement. Because of this, you need to supply natural rubber black yoga mats and a yoga towel.
  1. Iyengar – ¼” thick mats or 1/8″ thick mats are suited for this kind of routine. The Iyengar will teach your students how to balance well. Thus, they need a much thicker black yoga mat like NBR.
  1. Restorative – Cotton black yoga mats are perfect for this relaxing and slow-moving routine. You don’t have to balance yourself or sweat too much in this type of yoga. But you need to feel really comfortable.
  1. Vinyasa – Because of the faster movement from one pose to another, vinyasa practitioners need at least natural rubber in their studio. They need to be grounded very firmly on the floor, plus they will sweat so much.

11. Can black yoga mat suppliers imprint my company logo on the mat?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows for company imprinting on the black yoga mats they produce. You need to make these arrangements before finalizing your order with us.

12. Do black yoga mat suppliers supply storage racks for free? 

No, black yoga mat suppliers don’t offer a free storage rack for your mat purchases. You must buy them yourself. However, you could always try to negotiate with the supplier for an additional purchase of storage racks.

Here are your options of storage racks for your black yoga mats:

  1. Wall-mounted mat hanger
  2. Wall-mounted mat shelf
  3. Mat storage bins
  4. Mat storage rack
  5. Mat cart
  6. Customized mat storage cabinets

Wall-mounted Mat Hanger

Storing your yoga mats in the studio with a wall-mounted mat hanger could save you some space. You will only need to pick a suitable corner or wall to fix the hanger and insert your black yoga mats there. 

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 30

Figure 21: Wall mounted mat hanger

However, your black yoga mats need to have two holes punched on one of their ends to hang them onto the mat hanger. So, be sure that your purchased black yoga mats have these.

Wall-mounted Mat Shelf

This mat storage is more like a hanging shelf for rolled black yoga mats. It is stylish and very efficient. But the downside is you can only store about 10 to 20 pieces of black yoga mats on a wall-mounted mat shelf. That is unless you want to cover the four corners of your studio with hanging black yoga mats.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 31

Figure 22: Wall-mounted mat shelf 

Mat Storage Bins

You have more freedom in terms of design and size when you store your black yoga mats in mat storage bins. You can buy any kind of basket that you like to store your black yoga mats. 

But remember to take note of the number of black yoga mats for storage. You should also think of storage for future purchases. Also, be mindful of the widths of black yoga mats when picking out your mat storage bins.

Mat Storage Rack

Mat storage racks are standing mat hangers. They can be moved to one place or another. They don’t take up that much space, but you will need them safely positioned to safeguard your yogis in the studio.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 32

Figure 23: Mat storage rack

Mat Cart

Another movable mat storage facility, the mat cart, is the smaller version of a mat storage rack. And instead of hanging the black yoga mats, they are rolled and stored upright in rows.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 33

Figure 24: Mat rack

Customized Mat Storage Cabinets

The cabinets are made according to your taste and the size of the studio. You can buy this ready-made, or you can ask a contractor to design one for you. However, these customized storage facilities will be pricier than the other storage utilities.

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 34

Figure 25: Customized mat storage cabinet

13. Do black yoga mat suppliers also sell other yoga equipment?

Yes, black yoga mat suppliers will most likely be producing other yoga equipment. 

Black Yoga Mat Supplier 35

Figure 26: A few of the yoga accessories may be supplied by your black yoga mat supplier

These gears and accessories can be from any of these:

  • Yoga bricks
  • Yoga bolsters
  • Belts
  • Eye pillow
  • Towels and blankets
  • Chairs
  • Sandbags
  • Wedges
  • Wheels
  • Exercise balls

14. Can I get a discount from black yoga mat suppliers?

Yes, you may get a discount from your yoga mats supplier. However, they may need to require you to order a minimum quantity for the discount. 

Black yoga mat suppliers usually give discounts for purchases in volume. And the best type of supplier to give this is its manufacturer like Yanre Fitness.

15. Will overseas black yoga mat suppliers take care of export duties?

No, black yoga mat suppliers don’t usually involve themselves in fixing the export requirements and paying export dues. You will need to do this yourself or hire an exporting agent to facilitate this for you.

The good news is your black yoga mat supplier overseas will manage the shipping process for you.

16. What export documents should I ask from my black yoga mat supplier?

Your black yoga mat supplier needs to give you the ff export documents:

  1. Proforma invoice
  2. Commercial invoice
  3. Packing list
  4. Bill of lading
  5. Air Waybill

17. Conclusion

May we have provided you with all that you need to find the black yoga mat supplier that fits your needs. If you still have any questions regarding black yoga mat suppliers or black yoga mats from Yanre Fitness, please contact us.

You can also send us your black yoga mat requirements, and we will be happy to give you a fair deal. When trying to find your black yoga mat supplier, Yanre Fitness can be your best bet.