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Speed Jump Rope – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for speed jump ropes for CrossFit and HIIT classes in your fitness studio? 

Don’t buy too hastily from any manufacturer. Research is the key to getting speed jump ropes of excellent quality and long-lasting usefulness.

This FAQ guide will give you all the information you need about speed jump ropes. You will even get an inside scoop on the best deals if you plan to buy speed jump ropes in bulk.

Let’s get cracking.

Table of Contents

What is a speed jump rope?

A speed jump rope is one type of jump rope particularly made for fast-paced jumping routines.

Speed Jump Rope 11

Figure 1: Speed Jump Ropes by Yanre Fitness

The first kind of speed jump ropes was made of PVC coated cable. From then on, there have been many design changes to make it more lightweight and turn in an almost frictionless manner.

What are the kinds of speed jump rope according to the material?

  1. PVC speed Jump Rope
  2. Steel cable speed jump ropes
  3. Coated cable speed jump ropes

PVC Speed Jump Rope

PVC jump ropes are the starter speed jump ropes for your gym members. They can perform simple jumps and other workouts. 

Speed Jump Rope 12

Figure 2: PVC Speed Jump Rope

Then they can proceed to lighter ones to advance their agility and leg power.

Steel Cable Speed Jump Ropes

Steel jump ropes are the ultimate speed jump ropes. They are fast, lightweight, and are very durable. 

Speed Jump Rope 13

Figure 3: Steel cable speed Jump Rope by Yanre Fitness

Steel cable jump ropes are the ideal jump rope for your gym members if they want to do double unders and master it. 

Coated Cable Speed Jump Rope

Coated speed jump ropes are more durable than just plain cable speed ropes. 

Speed Jump Rope 14

Figure 3: Coated cable speed jump rope by Yanre Fitness

The usual coatings used for these types of speed jump ropes are PVC, nylon, or vinyl.

However, the coating adds a little more weight. Making the coated cable speed jump rope heavier than non-coated ones.

What’s the ideal speed jump rope for CrossFit classes in fitness centers?

For your CrossFit training gym members, find these features in speed jump ropes.

  1. With 90-degree handle – The speed jump rope should be at a 90-degree angle with the rope when completely drawn. It helps in maintaining an efficient turn for high-speed CrossFit training.
Speed Jump Rope 15

Figure 4: Speed Jump Rope at 90-degree angle with the handle

  1. With good grip – Handles for the speed jump rope are usually covered in rubber to help in holding the equipment firmly. Gripping aid is also possible with the addition of grooves in the handle.
  1. Ball-bearing system – Ball bearings allow the rope to turn 360 degrees with ease. It makes the rope turn faster too.
Speed Jump Rope 16

Figure 5: Professional Ball Bearing Design by Yanre Fitness

Yanre Fitness’ speed jump ropes have a ball bearing system that makes it perfect for your members’ double unders practice.

  1. Fast and easy cable replacement – Find speed jump ropes with handles that only need cables to be inserted when replacing the worn-out one. 
  1. Weighted – Weighted speed jump ropes are ideal for CrossFit trainees that need to feel the rope when turning. It aids for better control of their speed.
  1. Durable – Speed jump ropes that are nylon and PVC coated are recommended for fitness studios. 

The equipment is expected to be used frequently and exposed to high impact force. So a protection coating would make it last longer.

Yanre Fitness’s speed jump ropes are coated with PVC to ensure that they will last long.

  1. Versatile – The ideal speed jump ropes for CrossFit training should accommodate both amateurs and advanced trainees. That would save you from buying several types of speed jump ropes for your gym members.

What are the types of cables used for speed jump ropes?

Speed Jump Rope 17

Figure 6: Different cables for speed jump rope

Cables for speed jump ropes:

  1. Ultra-thin Cable

Diameter: 1.1mm or 1.3mm

Speed: Lightning-fast turn with almost no weight at all. It is sometimes called the “invisible rope” because jumpers don’t feel any weight and can’t see it clearly during jumping sessions.


  • PTFE coated material which gives it superior impact and wear resistance
  • Almost no friction
  • Turns very smoothly.


  • Not good for beginners or advanced players since they won’t feel the cable.
  • Possible fraying at the ends of the cable
  • Thin coating – less protection against wear and tear.
  • Expensive
  • Pricey
  • Will develop sharp edges in the cable.
  • Can leave a mark on the skin
  • Hard to control

Verdict: Good to buy for fitness studios with CrossFit and jump rope athlete members. This kind of cable might not help members who are just learning CrossFit.

  1. Non-Coated Bare Cable

Diameter: 1.6mm

Speed: Non-coated bare cables are capable of high-speed turns that give a responsive feel for the user.


  • Swings with great ease
  • Cheaper than ultra-thins.


  • No coating – will wear and fray quickly.
  • Will leave a mark on the skin when whipped after a miss.
  • It cannot be used in crossovers.

Verdict: Non-coated bare cables may not be the right choice for fitness studios since it is damaged easily. You will have a hard time getting a return on your investment on this.

  1. Nylon coated cables

Diameter: 2.4mm

Speed: Nylon-coated cables are slower than ultra-thins and non-coated cables. But they are still very fast. 


  • Excellent resistance to wear and tear
  • Turns with ease
  • No fraying 
  • Inexpensive


  • Can kink
  • It can leave marks on the skin
  • Not good for crossovers

Verdict: Nylon-coated cables for speed jump ropes are ideal for CrossFit training sessions in your gym. They can be used both by advanced and beginner level trainees. And will last longer than the other types above.

  1. PVC Coated Cables

Diameter: 3.2mm

Speed: Turns quickly and easily. Flexible enough to do jumping tricks.


  • Most flexible cable
  • Ease of feeling the cable turn
  • It can be used for crossing and power moves
  • Long-lasting


  • Too fast for freestyle jumpers
  • Too slow for double unders

Verdict: The PVC coated cables are another great choice for fitness studios offering CrossFit and jump rope training. Gym members can also use it for fitness purposes. 

  1. PVC Cords

Diameter: 4mm or 5mm

Speed: The weight of PVC cords gives the jumper excellent control and manipulation of the speed jump.


  • Durable
  • Good enough weight
  • Ease of control
  • Ease of doing crossing moves
  • Safer than the other cables above


  • It can be brittle in cold weather
  • Slower to turn because of its weight

Verdict: PVC cords are not technically cables but are very good for amateur speed jumper members of your gym. They can also be used by members who jump for their fitness and not for competitive sports.

What are the lengths of speed jump ropes?

Speed jump ropes range from 6ft to 11ft in length.

For adult sizes, it might be a good idea to get at least 8ft long speed jump ropes for your gym members. 

To give you a better guide on the speed jump rope lengths you need to get for your fitness studio, use this table below.

Speed Jump Rope 18

Figure 7: Speed Rope Length Guide

Set a range of the heights of your gym members. Purchase the corresponding speed jump rope length for that range.

How to choose speed jump ropes with a good grip?

Handles for speed jump ropes must be covered in rubber or designed with grooves on them.

Rubber-coated and grooved handles help in enhancing the grasp of the speed jump rope. 

Speed Jump Rope 19

Figure 8: Speed jump rope handles with grooves by Yanre Fitness

Speed Jump Rope 20

Figure 9: Rubber covered speed jump rope handle by Yanre Fitness

It also makes the equipment safer, avoiding slips that can cause accidents when high-speed jumping is done.

What’s the material used for handles of speed jump ropes?

Yanre Fitness uses CNC aluminum handles with a ball and socket swivel. 

The material guarantees a long-lasting speed jump rope. It is also very lightweight to not tire your gym members’ ankles when using it for longer hours.

What should be the coating of the cable for a speed jump rope?

PVC, nylon, or vinyl coating is used for the cable ropes. The added protection makes the speed jump rope durable. 

These coatings also allow the speed jump ropes to be more flexible and safer.

Is the cable of the speed jump rope replaceable?

Yes, the cables for Yanre Fitness speed jump ropes can be changed. You can replace it with any cable. Just make sure that it matches the diameter of the socket. 

For Yanre Fitness speed jump ropes, you will find this information on the equipment’s manual.

Can you adjust the length of a speed jump rope?

Yes, speed jump ropes can be adjusted depending on the height of your gym members. 

However, adjusting the speed jump rope’s length requires cutting the excess ones. And that makes the speed jump rope not usable for other members. 

Here’s a video on how to adjust the speed jump rope’s length.

To avoid this, buy speed jump ropes in bulk with different rope lengths.

Can you buy speed jump ropes in bulk?

Yes, you can purchase speed jump ropes in volume. 

Speed jump ropes are at wholesale price when you buy them in bulk. You only need to meet the minimum order quantity or MOQ set by the manufacturer.

What’s the minimum order quantity for speed jump ropes?

The usual minimum order quantity required by manufacturers for wholesale speed jump ropes ranges from 50 pieces up to 1000 pieces.

For fitness studios, a 50 to a hundred order is enough to last for years. 

However, sports gear businesses that cater to individual users need to order at least 500 pieces to save on shipping and other fees.

What’s the price range of speed jump ropes?

For wholesale prices, speed jump ropes cost from $8 to $20 apiece. The price will depend on the quantity ordered, brand and model of the speed jump rope.

How do you store speed jump rope?

  1. Jump rope racks
  2. Wall-mounted jump rope racks
  3. Cabinetry

Jump Rope Racks

Jump rope racks are much like weight plate racks. The only difference is you hang the speed jump ropes instead of placing them on the rack.

Speed Jump Rope 21

Figure 10: Jump Rope Rack

Wall-mounted jump rope racks

Wall-mounted jump rope racks are space-saving storages for speed jump ropes. They don’t need a lot of space, just a suitable and convenient area on your wall.

Speed Jump Rope 22

Figure 11: Wall mounted jump rope rack


When you want to store speed jump ropes in a cabinet, make sure that you coil them neatly. That is to avoid them getting tangled when they are clumped together.

Speed Jump Rope 23

Figure 12: Neatly coiled speed jump rope for storage

How to organize speed jump ropes?

Speed jump ropes must be sorted according to length and member usage.

Member usage means separating the speed jump ropes used for CrossFit, HIIT Training, casual jumping, fitness jumping, competitive jump roping, etc.

Organizing speed jump ropes by rope length would eliminate the hassle of giving an incorrect size to the user.

Where can I buy speed jump ropes in bulk with high quality and competitive prices?

China is the best place to purchase wholesale speed jump ropes. There are many manufacturers there that produce high-end speed jump ropes.

Among these manufacturers, Yanre Fitness stands out. With its self-designed gym equipment, it has registered over 40 patents. That includes their speed jump ropes. 

Can I use my company’s logo on the speed jump ropes?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows a customized logo to be imprinted into the speed jump ropes. Just call us, and we’ll talk it through.


That wraps it up. Hope this FAQ guide has helped you figure out what type of speed jump ropes you need. 

However, if there are still questions or clarifications you need, contact us. 

And if you want to buy speed jump ropes in bulk, feel free to call Yanre Fitness. We will be happy to give you a quote for your requirements.