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Wholesale Latex Resistance Bands – Definitive FAQ Guide

Latex resistance bands are some of the most appreciated fitness tools in the world. They are ideal for strength training and muscle rehabilitation. If you are looking for latex resistance bands at wholesale rates, look no more. 

Latex elastic bands have many features to choose from. You must select the bands that most fit your gym or fitness center at wholesale prices. This way you will optimize your gym equipment and the budget. 

You may have questions about the resistance bands. So we prepared the following FAQ guide to help your research for latex resistance bands in bulk. 

Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

What is a Latex Resistance Band?

Latex resistance bands are exercise elastic bands for strength training. This tool is versatile fitness equipment for both upper and lower body parts. It is a safe workout instrument, ideal for recovery exercises or muscular rehabilitation. 

What are the Features of Latex Resistance Bands?

Latex resistance bands are worldwide appreciated for their quality. The most important features are:

  • High-quality material
  • High elasticity and tensile strength
  • Durable and flexible due to the natural rubber fiber
  • Great range of motion, perfect to prevent injuries 
  • Great range of lengths available on the market 
  • Non-roll gripping surface
  • Easy to clean and to prolong its lifespan 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Suitable for athletes of all ages and fitness levels 
  • Great range of resistance levels, from the lowest to the highest level of resistance 
  • Other available versions for latex-allergic people

As a gym owner, you need to acquire latex resistance bands in bulk. Superior latex bands meet at least 70% of the features mentioned above. 

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Figure 1 General features of latex resistance bands 

What type of resistance bands are made from latex?

Latex is the most common material used for manufacturing resistance bands. Manufacturers produce two main categories of latex resistance bands:

Flat Latex Resistance Bands

Flat latex resistance bands are made of a single piece of rubber material. These are frequently used for physical recovery or muscle rehabilitation. 

Tube Latex Resistance Bands

Tube latex resistance bands are made of rubber tubing, with a hollow center. These have increased functionality. Tube latex bands also allow larger resistance ranges.  

Wholesale Latex Resistance Bands 10

Figure 2 Example of flat and tubular latex resistance bands

What is the Thickness of Latex Resistance Bands?

Latex resistance bands have different thickness, depending on the resistance level: 

  • Light resistance latex bands start from 35 mm and go up to 55 mm thick
  • Medium resistance latex bands have about 75 mm thick 
  • Heavy resistance latex bands fitness bands start from 85 mm and go up to 95 mm thick 
Wholesale Latex Resistance Bands 11

Figure 3 Example of thickness chart of latex resistance bands 

What is the Construction Method of Latex Resistance Bands?

There are three main manufacturing methods of latex resistance bands:

Layered Construction Method

Most quality flat resistance bands are manufactured by a continuous layering process. This makes them strong, durable, and safe to use. It prolongs its lifespan by over 3 times that of regular latex resistance bands. 

Molded Construction Method

Molded latex resistance bands are made by pouring latex into molds. Then, the pieces of latex material are bonded together. This process is faster and cheaper but less durable.

“Resistance Cords” Construction Method

Tube latex resistance bands are made by woven multiple tubules together. These resistance cords make the bands more resistant. 

Wholesale Latex Resistance Bands 12

Figure 4 Example of layered construction latex resistance bands 

How many types of latex are used for manufacturing resistance bands?

Manufacturers produce 3 types of latex for the resistance bands: 

  • Natural latex
  • Synthetic rubber
  • A mix of natural and artificial rubber, possibly other fibers as well 

Natural latex is extracted from nature and has many high-quality features. It is used for the manufacture of almost 90% of the total resistance bands on the market. 

Synthetic rubber is an artificial material. Clients often prefer it due to its simpler and faster-producing method. 

The mix of natural with synthetic rubber results in a specific material. This has specific features and properties. 

Each of the three latex versions it’s unique and superior in some ways. The features can determine the final price of the latex resistance band. 

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Wholesale Latex Resistance Bands 14

What is the difference between latex and TPE latex resistance bands?

The main difference is the provenance of the rubber and its features. While natural latex comes from trees and it is elastic, TPE latex is man-made and more resistant.

Natural rubber is extracted from the rubber trees, with a specific collecting procedure. It is of higher quality, has high elasticity and flexibility. It has high tensile strength too. But it is more exposed to damages due to sunlight, lack of moisture, and bad cleaning.

TPE latex is the synthetic version of rubber material and it is made of chemical resins. It is more durable than natural latex, with a prolonged lifespan. But it is less elastic and has less tensile strength. 

Both types of latex are competitive, with pros and cons. You just need to select what type suits your gym profile best. 

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Wholesale Latex Resistance Bands 16

Is there a cost difference between natural and TPE latex for wholesale resistance bands?

Yes. While natural latex resistance bands have higher wholesale rates, TPE rubber bands’ wholesale prices are more accessible. 

Natural rubber is an organic material, obtained after several handmade procedures of extraction. This material has medium-high wholesale prices, thus it is considered a high-end product. 

TPE rubber is a man-made material. Synthetic rubber was developed to overcome some shortcomings of natural latex. Its wholesale price is lower, thus becoming more affordable for many gym centers. 

Are TPE latex resistance bands harmful to health?

No. TPE latex is not the same as PVC, thus is not harmful. Synthetic rubber is processed easily, has high mechanical properties, and possesses strong haptics. It respects all medical regulations for safe and healthy material use. It has a low toxicity level. 

Yanre Fitness uses only synthetic rubber free from phthalates. Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in hundreds of personal use products. Our TPE rubber is safe.  

How does the color indicate the resistance level of latex resistance bands?

Colors are an indicator of the power of the bands. The color-code system is used by quality brands to indicate the resistance level of their latex bands. 

This system starts from the lowest level to the highest resistance level. Each level is associated with a specific color. It is explained by the manufacturer in the instructions.

To confirm the quality of the resistance bands, you can contact Yanre Fitness. We are a premium latex resistance band supplier. Yanre Fitness is also a first-class general gym equipment manufacturer that delivers internationally. 

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Figure 9 Color-code system example of latex resistance bands  

Are latex resistance bands equipped with handles?

Yes. Some latex resistance bands can come with handles. Most often tubular-shaped resistance bands come with handles. These are used for motion variety. They also provide easier training to multiple muscle groups. 

The handles go attached to the athletes’ hands, doors, or different stable supports. Some athletes even use the handles to attach more than one elastic band. So keep in mind to select quality materials for resistance band handles. Snap-resistance labels are recommended. 

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Figure 10 Handle example for resistance bands 

How to prevent the latex resistance bands from becoming sticky?

 A commercial-grade latex resistance band will not allow the band to stick on the athlete’s body. If this happens, your resistance bands are not of superior quality. 

In this situation, it seems that there is a mix of material quality. Only part of the band provides the required resistance for training. The other part is damaged or has not the same quality. This could lead to overwhelming the band. Ultimately, it can snap and provoke accidents. 

One way to prevent your latex bands from becoming sticky is to use baby powder. Your trainees can coat their hands with the powder and avoid overstretching. Keep in mind that quality comes first. Better replace the resistance bands than provoke accidents at the gym. 

What is the wholesale price of latex resistance bands?

Wholesale latex resistance bands prices start as low as 1 US $ per piece or 5 $ per set. Keep in mind that prices can vary according to each manufacturer. Price will ultimately reflect the quality of your resistance bands. 

Thus, it is not always secure to choose the cheapest products on the market. Contact Yanre Fitness now if you want to confirm the wholesale price of the latex resistance bands. 

What to consider when buying wholesale latex resistance bands?

When buying wholesale latex resistance bands, there are few things to consider. To avoid traps keep an eye for:

  • Snap-resistant label
  • Seams, cracks, or holes in the bands
  • Quality control certification 
  • Function
  • Comfort and convenience 

Snap-resistant label is one of the key features of any commercial-grade latex resistance band. This ensures minimal accidents at your gym. Injuries provoked by resistance band snapping are serious.

Seams are the little signs you must look for when buying quality latex resistance bands. Any signs from the manufacturing process, cracks, or holes indicate low-quality material. You are in danger of buying cheap products. Avoid it if possible. 

Quality Certifications are important to quality control. This ensures the manufacturer respects all international safety and quality standards. You should look for ISO and SGS certifications. Make sure your latex resistance bands are labeled with these stamps. In this way, you ensure a reliable business relationship with a wholesale supplier. 

The function is important to the versatility of a latex resistance band. This must be used for training both lower and upper body parts. Check for flexibility and handle options. 

The comfort of use comes from nice contact with the skin and features such as: 

  • Lightweight materials 
  • Straps or other extras for easy carrying.
  • Easy clean and change options 

If you need to confirm any of the information above, contact Yanre Fitness right now. 

Where to order latex resistance bands in bulk?

The best option to order bulk latex resistance bands is to find a reliable manufacturer. But a  gym equipment supplier is also a good option. But the resistance bands manufacturer is most probable to offer the best wholesale rates. 

The biggest latex resistance bands manufacturers are in China. You will find here all types of latex resistance bands, at wholesale prices. 

Yanre Fitness is a premium quality manufacturer that provides latex resistance bands at wholesale rates. Our unit can design and produce any latex fitness gear or gym equipment at affordable prices. With superior features, our latex resistance bands will satisfy any requirement. 

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Figure 11 Yanre Fitness superior quality features of latex resistance bands 

How to store my latex resistance bands?

To properly store your latex bands, you need to keep in mind the latex features. The latex material used for manufacture is made of 55% water and 40% rubber.  For this reason, moisture is crucial to upkeep your bands. 

Over time, latex resistance bands lose their moisture. Thus, they tend to dry and become brittle. To prevent any damage to your latex bands, don’t expose them to: 

  • Direct sunlight 
  • Clean and lubricate them regularly
  • Store them in specially designed clench handles    

So you will prolong the lifespan of your latex resistance bands. Quality will always come first for any gym owner. This will also save you money over time. You do not want to replace your latex bands every month. For longer periods of use, invest in quality resistance bands.

Are latex resistance bands good for trainees with skin allergies?

No. In direct contact with the skin, the natural latex may cause skin allergies. People allergic to it are strictly advised to stay away from latex resistance bands.

Synthetic latex resistance bands though are allergy-free. Thus, it is a better choice for people with allergy problems. 

Wholesale Latex Resistance Bands 20

Figure 12 Latex material skin allergy example 

Do latex resistance bands smell bad?

Yes. Both natural and synthetic latex resistance bands have a specific scent.  With time, it will fade away. But newly bought resistance bands will always have some odors.

Can I print my logo on the latex resistance bands at wholesale rates?

Yes. Wholesale rates apply to both manufacturing and design or printing services. Printing your logo on the latex resistance bands will improve your business image. 

Yanre Fitness works with high-tech printing machines. We want to provide the best design and printing services. Our wholesale rates will save you up to a third of the budget. 

Final Words

I hope the above guide has answered the most important questions about latex resistance bands at wholesale rates. 

Now that you have decided which type suits your gym best, let Yanre take care of your order. Our specialized customer care team will finish your commercial latex resistance bands list. We ensure wholesale rates for premium quality latex resistance bands. 

Need to import premium latex resistance bands? What to buy at wholesale rates? Contact Yanre Fitness right now.