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What is a v squat machine?

A V-squat is an exercise machine that is used for lower body strength training or squatting exercises. It is designed to replicate a natural squatting motion. Due to the curved arc of motion, this machine lowers the stress on the knee and back.

V Squat Machine 1

Figure 1 -Showing a V Squat Machine

Why is the v squat machine used in the gym?

The v squat machine is a great option if you want to practice squats. It helps to strengthen your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, hip, and glutes. Moreover, v squat machine is also preferred for high-intensity leg workouts.

Most of the v squat machines allow you to perform both the front and reverse v squat. To know why v squat machine is important for a gym, just take a look at the video below:

What is the height of a commercial v squat machine?

Usually, the height of a commercial v squat machine ranges between 54” to 60”.

What is the width of a commercial v squat machine?

The width of a v squat machine ranges between 36” to 42”.

What are the dimensions of a commercial v squat machine?

The dimensions of a common v squat machine are 97” L x 42” W x 60” H.

What is the usual weight of a commercial v squat machine?

The weight of a v squat machine ranges between 160 kg to 200 kg.

What material is used to manufacture a commercial v squat machine?

The frame of a commercial v squat machine is made with high-strength steel. Moreover, artificial leather and foam padding are used for cushioning.

Which gauge steel is used usually in the v squat machine’s frame?

Normally, the v Squat machine is fabricated with 11-gauge steel tubing.

How much space is needed for a commercial v squat machine?

The space needed to place a v squat machine in a gym depends on its size and brand. However, a normal-sized v squat machine requires a space that is 5′ wide, 8′ deep, and 9′ high.

V Squat Machine 2

Figure 2 -Showing a V Squat Machine in the Gym

How to choose the best v squat machine for the commercial gym?

To assist you in finding the best v squat machine, here are the key factors to consider.

Finalize the Budget

Before buying a v squat machine, don’t forget to identify your budget. It would help you to choose the best option that fits both your budget and preferences.

Available space

You must have a clear idea regarding the available space. You won’t like buying exercise equipment that doesn’t fit into your gym. To avoid this, carefully measure the available space and verify the dimensions of the v squat machine.

Build quality & durability

Buying a v squat machine is a substantial investment for your gym. Hence, make sure to choose a reliable brand that offers excellent quality and unmatched durability.

The frame should be made of high-quality steel (not over 11-gauge). Furthermore, the squat machine that you are buying must have a powder-coated finish. It gives a nice look as well as prevents rust.  

Comfortable and Safe to use

When buying a v squat machine, make sure to find one that is comfortable and safe by all means. It must offer cozy padding for the shoulder and back.

A v squat machine with multiple safety stops should be the priority. As a whole, it should be a great option for all types of gym enthusiasts i.e. beginners or experienced.

Sufficient weight storage posts

Make sure that the v squat machine under consideration offers a reasonable number of weight posts (at least 2). This will allow you to store sufficient weights with the machines. 

V Squat Machine 3

Figure 3 -Showing a V Squat Machine with 4 Weight Posts

Smooth motion

A perfectly built v squat machine offers a smooth movement. This feature ensures a quick and natural squatting motion.

Weight capacity

A commercial v squat machine must be capable of withstanding weight up to 1000 pounds. A machine with such a weight capacity would continue to offer consistent performance for years to come.

Easy to Adjust

Buying an adjustable v squat machine would be a perfect option for gym owners. This feature allows athletes or bodybuilders of different weights and sizes to exercise on the same machine.  


Only settle for a v squat machine that comes with a good warranty. Generally, companies manufacturing low-quality products don’t offer a reasonable warranty. Make sure to avoid such products.

Damping Screws

Since the v squat machine experiences a lot of vibration, it can loosen the screws. To counter this issue, top brands use damping screws. So, pay attention to this fact when buying a v squat machine.

Does a commercial v squat machine come with weight plates?

No, a v squat machine doesn’t come with weight plates.

How much does a commercial grade v squat machine cost?

Usually, the price of a commercial v squat machine starts from 400 USD and goes up to 1000 USD. The price difference is mainly due to the brand, type, size, and quality of a v squat machine.

What are the safety features of a commercial v squat machine?

Most of the v squat machines come with a built-in safety-stop feature. It ensures a safe exit out of the machine when you miss a rep.

Textured handrails are also there to offer a secure grip. Besides, the antiskid footplate serves as a secure platform to stand on.

Can I get a customized v squat machine? 

Yes, you can get a customized v squat machine. Yanre Fitness can manufacture a customized v squat machine. However, the customization options are limited only to logo printing and color combinations.

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