Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 5

Your passion for starting a gym will provide the people in your community with a platform to get into shape, stay fit, and get healthy.  The benefits of working out are endless. It creates higher self-esteem and self-confidence. Your gym has the potential to make a positive impact in your community and your own life.

But finding yourself at the door of this great world of entrepreneurship can be daunting. Especially if you do not know which gym franchise to invest in. You know you want to start small, but where to start is the real dilemma.

The good news is that the fitness franchise industry is generally less expensive than many other franchise industries. If you want to start small, and not opt for a large fitness facility, then there are at least 15 viable options to look at. Some that can be started for as little as $60,000.

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1. The World of Small Gym Franchising

The fitness market is booming. People are becoming more conscious about living healthy. Fitness is becoming a lifestyle, where it was only seen as a trend, in the past. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the growing market.

There are wonderful small gym franchises to invest in. We investigated and asked around to list 15 of the top small gym franchises for you to look at.

One thing to remember when you are venturing into the franchise market, is to make sure that the gym you are looking at, is available in your country or state. Some franchises limit themselves to certain countries and demographical areas. If you want to find out more about the franchise you are interested in, visit websites like Franchise Direct.

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 6

Figure 2: Small Gym Franchise

2. Introducing the Top Gym and Fitness Franchise Opportunities

We have listed the top gym franchises available to you to invest in.  To select the best gyms franchises that give you the option to start small, we looked at several data aspects.  

We looked at how the franchise has grown since they started franchising.

We looked at their social media platforms, public feedback, and member ratings.

And lastly, we looked at what you would need as an initial investment to start your gym franchise.

These guidelines should help you to make an informed decision before you invest capital in buying a franchise.  The best small gym franchise opportunities are:


Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 7

Figure 3: GymGuyz Franchise

A GymGuyz franchise can be obtained for as little as $ 56,000.

GymGuyz is the ideal franchise to invest in if you have a passion for personal training and want to start small. They are a home-based personal training franchise group. Their qualified trainers pitch up at your front door, equipped with a van full of gear. And they are ready to break out a sweat in every workout you can possibly think of.

The group focuses on individual training, one-on-one sessions, and group sessions. An added bonus is their fantastic corporate fitness programs that are very popular for team building. The group offers several support services as well. Some include nutritional meal plans, weight-loss plans, body sculpting and stretch classes.

If you want to take it a step further, you can get certified to train in senior fitness, and even post- and pre-natal exercises. GymGuyz is one of those franchise groups who pride themselves in providing customized, creative, and convenient workout sessions to their members.

Founded in 2008 and franchised since 2013, GymGuyz now has 125 active franchises globally. If you are interested in signing up with them, you would need an initial investment that ranges between $56,000 and $225,000.

Getting into business with them will mean that you will have to commit to a ten-year contract. This gym franchise group has lower investment fees than most other franchises and they charge a six percent royalty fee and a two percent marketing fee.


Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 8

Figure 4: 9Round Franchise

A 9Round franchise start-up, can cost you as little as $99,000.

9Round fitness franchises offer 30-minute workouts designed around the art of kickboxing.  They incorporate circuit training, cardio, strength, interval, and functional training in a half an hour training session.

Each workout program consists of 9-base workout stations that were designed and developed by a world champ in kickboxing. This high energy, quick turn, fitness brand also offers nutritional guidance and one-on-one personal training sessions.

The group was founded in 2007 and started their franchising journey in early 2009. Since then they have grown to boast more than 600 active locations in the USA.

Initial contract length is ten years and they also charge a six percent royalty, and two percent monthly marketing fee. Initial capital outlay to sign up with this franchise, ranges between $99,000 and $143,000.

F45 Training

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 9

Figure 5: F45 Fitness franchise

You can invest in a F45 Training franchise from as little as $100 000.

F45 Training offers high intensity workouts that lasts 45-minutes each.  The workouts are uniquely designed to help with everyday functional body movement, hence the ‘F’. It also aims to body sculpt and help their members with weight-loss. And one session at F45 Training can see you shed up to 750 calories.

In every fitness studio you will find multiple screens that explain the various workout drills in detail. The screens also display the group and individual performance metrics. This includes heart rate, calories burnt, and effort input per person.  

This franchise group was founded in 2010 and started franchising in 2015. Being fairly new to the franchise market, they are already boasting close to 500 franchises globally. Their royalty charge is seven percent monthly, and active marketing will cost you two percent of your monthly revenue.

Interested in investing with this franchise group? Well, it will only cost you an initial investment of between $100 000 and $300 000.

Anytime Fitness

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 10

Figure 6: Anytime Fitness franchise

Interested in starting your own Anytime Fitness gym? It can cost you as little as $114, 995 in initial investments.

Anytime Fitness is one of the gym groups that offer their members 24/7 access to their facilities. They are open 24 hours a day. And you will find their staff ready to welcome you, every day of the week.

Their latest security technology allows their members to access the facilities at any hour of the day or night, even if there is no staff active on the floor. This is brilliant if you are looking to buy into a franchise where you want to operate all hours of the day, but you do not want the additional staff costs.

Additional member perks include things like personal and group training sessions as well as personalized fitness consultations.

Anytime fitness was started in 2001 and rolled out their franchising campaign one year later, in 2002. The group currently operates in more than 2350 locations around the globe and has a steady growth rate.

Initial investment will cost you anything between $114 995 and $677 800. Royalty fees are calculated at six percent, and the marketing and advertising fee will cost you two percent of your monthly revenue. Contract length is six years.  

Burn Boot Camp

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 11

Figure 7: Burn Boot Camp Fitness franchise

Initial investment in this small gym and fitness franchise can start from as little as $148 850.

Burn Boot Camp is focused on the female fitness industry. They offer 45-minute workout sessions that are aimed at burning more than 700 calories per workout. They have fantastic support groups and a strong social media platform.

This franchise offers unique programs designed to shape and uplift. They also provide nutritional meal plans and recipes, strength and burst training, ongoing motivational support and a super positive environment.  

Additional perks for moms are their free childcare facilities, that will keep the little ones active, while the mommies work up a sweat.

Burn Boot Camp was founded in 2012 and started their franchising journey in 2015. They are boasting more than 200 existing franchises across the United states and will cost you in the range of $148,830 and $353,000 to invest into.

Monthly royalty fees are six percent and the advertising and affiliate marketing will cost you two percent per month.

Snap Fitness

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 12

Figure 8: Snap Fitness franchise

To start-up a Snap Fitness franchise can cost you anything from $153 980 in initial capital outlay.

Snap Fitness  also offers their members 24 hour access all year round. They are focused on traditional weight training and gym machine exercises.  They also offer performance matrix screens that monitor heart rate and performance. As well as personal training or group training sessions.

The initial investment in this traditional gym group is smaller than the investment with most other gym franchises. This makes them a great option if you are looking for something that you can start out small.  

Snap Fitness started their franchising journey early in 2004. They have more than 2000 active locations globally and their initial contract length is ten years. Your start-up investment can range anything from $153,980 to $530,000 and Royalty fees and marketing fees are calculated at six percent each, monthly.  

Club Pilates

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 13

Figure 9: Club Pilates Franchise

Interested in a Pilates franchise? Then this one’s for you! Initial investment with this group starts from as little as $167,000.

The Club Pilates franchises  offer full-body workouts aimed at cardio, stretching, and suspension training. Workouts is a class-based fitness program. Workouts include the use of specialized equipment like springboards, EXO-chairs, TRX’s, and TriggerPoints.  

All workouts are based on four different difficulty levels and the group offers private sessions for more focused, individual training as well.

The first Club Pilates was started in 2007 and the group started their franchising journey in 2012. Boast more than 850 franchises across the globe and are growing strong. Initial contract terms are ten years and investment fees can range anything between $167,967 to $280,500. Royalty fees and marketing fees run at seven and two percent, respectively.

Pure Barre

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 14

Figure 10: Pure Barre

Joining the Pure Barre franchise family will have you invest anything from $179,000 initially.

The Pure Barre franchise group offers workout programs uniquely designed around the ballet barre and isometric movements. This creates the best zone for customers who are looking for that lean and fit physique.

The workouts at Pure Barre are focused on providing a total body workout with key focus areas from top to toes.  All workouts are low-impact and safe with zero running, bouncing, or jumping. Pure Barre also offers great meditation exercises, much the same as Pilates or yoga.

The first Pure Barre was founded in 2001 and they started franchising eight years later in 2009. They currently operate in more than 460 locations.

Initial investment can run anything between $178,400 to $370,000. Royalty fees are calculated at seven percent of your monthly income. And the marketing and advertising will cost you two percent annually.


Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 15

Figure 11: iLoveKickboxing Franchise

It will cost you an initial investment starting from $214,000 to become part of this franchise family.

iLoveKickboxing  offers workouts that are designed around the art of kickboxing. It involves high-intensity, cardio, and strength training and is focused on class-based training.

Every workout includes a warm-up session, time on the punching bags, and partner drills in kickboxing techniques. The workouts are uniquely designed to include a total body workout. This includes quads, glutes, abs, back, triceps, and shoulders.

iLoveKickboxing started their franchising journey in 2012. Contract terms stretch over ten years and initial investment can run anything between $214,944 and $559,494. They currently have more than 250 active franchises globally. Royalty fees are charged at six percent of gross sales and advertising is only one percent.   


Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 16

Figure 12: CycleBar Franchise

If you love cycling, then this might just be the franchise for you. Initial investment starts from as little as $290,000.

This fitness franchise prides itself in being one of the classiest indoor cycling studio groups in the world. CycleBar  provides several different classes that their members can choose from. These include strength and endurance, performance with in-class performance competitions, and connect, which offers monitor free training sessions.

Their globally celebrated instructors always go the extra mile.  They do not only coach, but also educate and motivate their members.  

CycleBar rolled out their franchising in 2015. They are currently the biggest indoor cycling franchise in the world and boast over 200 active locations.

Initial investment can range anything between $290,000 and $490,000. Royalty fees are calculated at seven percent and monthly marketing and advertising at two percent. Contract terms are ten years with another option for a ten-year renewal.


Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 17

Figure 13: UFC Gym Franchise

This franchise group is all about martial arts and fitness and will need initial investments starting from as little as $295,000.

UFC Gym offers interval training and coaching with a core focus martial arts-based fitness.  Styles that you will be providing, includes TRX suspension training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, Spin, Yoga, kickboxing, and specialized youth training. These franchise locations brag with vibrant training areas, heavy kick and boxing bags, a great selection of cardio and strength equipment, and a shop-for-all retail section.

UFC Gym began their franchising journey in 2012 and boasts 146 locations globally. Initial investment ranges between $295,057 and $4,912,007. 

This franchise group also offers a 25% discount on veteran franchise investment and the minimum cash investment is as little as $100,00 – part investor and part owner.    

The Bar Method

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 18

Figure 14: The Bar Method Franchise

If you love classic arts like Ballet, then this fitness franchise will be a great fit. Investment starts at $303,000. 

The Bar Method workout routine uses only a few,basic training equipment pieces for a challenging, full body workout. Free weights, balls and mats are among the favorites. Workouts are designed to provide a challenging but safe sweat session that uses your own body weight for resistance.  

Classes are available in all levels from beginner to advanced, and lasts between 45 and 60 minutes a session. The techniques taught at The Bar Method were developed under the expert eyes of physical therapists which is why it is so popular with members who suffer from injuries or limitations. 

Founded in 2001, The Bar Method started franchising in 2008. The franchise group has more than 107 active franchises throughout the United States and you would need an investment ranging between $303,000 to $499,850 if you want to become a part of this prominent franchise group.

Other fees include royalty fees of six percent annually and marketing fees of two percent. 

Crunch Fitness

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 19

Figure 15: Crunch Fitness Franchise

Investing with Crunch Fitness will call for an initial investment starting from $305,000. 

Crunch Fitness prides themself in providing a no-judgement workout space for everyone and their neighbours. It does not matter what your shape, size, race or hair color is – you are part of the Crunch Fitness family. 

This group offers one-on-one training sessions, specially designed to help you meet your fitness and weightloss goals.  They always have friendly and certified personal trainers available to assist with your workout. Their services also include group training and classes such as Zumba, Pilates, yoga, and barre.

Crunch Fitness was founded in 2010 and started franchising in the same year. There are currently over 140 existing franchise locations nationwide. If you want to become a franchisee, you need an initial investment between $304,500 and $2,129,500. The ongoing fees include a royalty fee of 5% and an ad fee of 2%. The initial contract term is 10 years.

Orangetheory Fitness

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 20

Figure 16: Orangetheory Fitness Franchise

To buy into this gym franchise you need a minimum start-up investment of $560,000.

Orangetheory Fitness  is characterized by their energetic orange signature colors and super energetic atmosphere. They offer class-based training where members can work out in the free weight section, treadmills and rowing machines.

Each workout session is led by experienced trainers and is broken up into Cardio and strength training intervals.  This franchise group is well known for their training methods with heart rate monitoring. The method is designed to maintain a specific targeted zone where your metabolism is stimulated and energy increased. Workout sessions are known to burn around 500 to 1,000 calories per session.

This fitness franchise is fairly young. They were founded and started franchising in 2010. The Group boasts with almost 1,300 active franchises around the world. Initial investment can range between $560,000 and $1,000,000. Royalty fees are calculated at eight percent and marketing at two percent annually. 

Planet Fitness

Best Franchise Gyms If You Want to Start Small 21

Figure 17: Planet Fitness Franchise

Well known as the biggest gym franchise group in the world, securing a Planet Fitness franchise will require a minimum investment of $970,000.

Planet Fitness aims to provide a comfortable, judgement free workout zone where everyone feels welcome. All active locations are open 24/7. The group’s facilities are always clean and spacious. 

The group offers customized workout plans from qualified, experienced trainers. They are always available to assist with specialized training methods or help on the machines.

Planet Fitness started in 1992 and started their franchising journey in 2003. There are currently more than 1,500 active locations across the globe. Initial investment ranges from $969,600 to $4,243,000. Fees include Royalty fees of seven percent and a nine percent marketing fee. 

3. Final words

There is a gym franchise for everyone. And with the wonderful benefits and support Franchisors offer, opening your gym does not have to be a daunting task.

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