Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 5

Are you still undecided on what type of power racks to choose? What brands? Recommendable power racks? It is a must to know more about the power rack and how useful it is in the gym business. 

Many competitive commercial gym manufacturers offer durable and sophisticated designed equipment. Yanre Fitness provides well-designed, friendly cost, and long-lasting gym equipment. The company has manufactured different kinds of heavy-duty gym equipment, cardio equipment, and fitness accessories for decades. 

This article will give you an idea of how useful power racks are for your clients and gym. And we will explore what brands to choose. Always remember, every brand has its own pros and cons so you better choose wisely.

Before you get overboard and find the best power rack brand for your gym, you need to first be well-versed of what a power rack is. What can it do for your clients? And what will it take to for the power rack to be just the right one for your business needs.

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1. What is a Power Rack?

A power rack is one of the heavy duty equipment used to lift heavy free weights safely. It acts as a mechanical spotter which is very helpful in carrying out the workout safely and efficiently. You can normally see power racks in most commercial gyms’ weight rooms. They are also multi-functiional. Exercises like bench presses, squats, and weightlifting can be done in a power rack.

The main goal of the power rack is to help and assist the users with their lifting routines. These are built with rigid metals or aluminum which makes the equipment durable, versatile, and will definitely be a value for your money. Since these are very trendy and useful in any gym facility, there are several brands and types of power racks that you can choose from. 

2. Advantages of Having a Power rack in Your Gym

Of course, when you invest in any equipment, you need to know that it actually benefits your business. Does it add value to your gym? Is it actually something your clients and patrons can use and appreciate?

Well, with a power rack, certainly. We will give you some of the reasons why a power rack is good for your wellness venture.

Safety of the Customer

One of the most important aspects and goals of a gym establishment is to make sure that their clients are safe when exercising. Using power racks allow your clients to lift heavy weights safely and in proper form too.

Most gym users choose a fitness facility that not only provides the equipment for exercising but also sees to it that they can workout on it safely. Weight lifting athletes in particular are prone to torn ligaments and even scratched bones because of the huge weights they carry during conditioning season. With a power rack, they can do their own thing without having to worry about being injured.

Value your Money

Power racks are a doable investment if you view it on the number of exercises your clients can do inside it. You don’t need to have separate brench presses, pull-up bars, and prepare a deadlift station. It saves you money and space. Above all, it protects you from paying for hospital bills of clients who can otherwise get hurt if they do their lifting without any backup.

Limited space is not a problem 

If your gym has limited space, you don’t need to worry since you can to have a half power rack instead that will occupy only a tiny space in your gym. You can place the half power rack in the corner to give way for other equipment or keep a safe distance between other machines.

Durable Materials

Power racks are made of heavy duty metal or aluminum which renders it very durable even after high impacts and long periods of usage. Using these high-grade materials, you are confident that your investment will pay for itself and even give you profit.

Now that you know what advantages the power rack can give to your business, it is also important for a gym owner or a wholesaler to understand what the power rack can offer to your consumers or clients. We have listed some of the workout routines a power rack can be of use for them.

3. Exercises a Power Rack Offers

Here are some of the common leg, cardio, and strength exercises that suit the power rack equipment. Knowing these exercises can give you more ideas on why you need a power rack in your fitness center. 

Squat Exercises

The most common exercise with the power rack equipment. The use of a squat rack, helps your users lift heavy loads that will strengthen several muscles in your upper and lower body.

Barbell Overhead Press 

The power rack is also useful for barbell overhead press or called Military press. This exercise helps boost your customer’s shoulder strength. 


One of the most common exercises a power rack offers, the deadlift. Using the barbell with the desired weights, the athlete can perform enormous weights safely without toppling over themselves. When the weight becomes too much, the user can readily relieve himself of the weights by just hanging it on the levers of the power rack. 


Power racks also have a pull-up bars for shoulders and upper body exercises. This is a powerful weight exercise that strengthens the back and shoulder muscles of your client. 


The pull-up bar can also be used for chin-up exercises. With the use of a pull-up bar, the user grips the bar and while the legs are in front the power rack allows them to get a fully lengthened lats position. 

There are many exercises the power rack offers. Knowing these common strength exercises is one way for you to decide if the power rack is needed in your fitness center. 

If you think that they are, you’ve got to be more familiar with the power rack choices you will have for your gym.

4. Five Types of Power Racks 

There are five different types of power racks that you will encounter in the market. It is important to undersand each. Each type of power rack will have different functions and limitations set. 

Quality, usage, and amount of space needed will also be affected by the type of power rack you choose. Prices will also vary depending on the type, brand, and set of power racks you will purchase.

Full Power Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 6

Figure 2: Full Power Rack

The full power rack, also known as the cage,  is one type of power rack you mostly see in powerlifting gyms. It provides ultimate safety to the users at the same time helps them train their  muscles to gain stabilization. With the help of the safety bars and hooks, the user can workout in the full power rack safely and intensely. Safety bars are used in case they fail or lose their balance. The user can just drop and sit the barbell on this red safety bars. 

The full power rack is commonly used for different compound exercises like squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, etc. Full power racks roughly cost $350 to $560 per set. One example of a full power rack is Yanre’s 61A34 power rack. 

Half Power Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 7

Figure 3: Half Power Rack

The half power racks are commonly used for a gym that has limited or tight space. It is also known as “half squat rack” or “half rack”. Compared to the full power rack that has four uprights, the half rack normally has 2 uprights. These type of power racks supports exercises like lunges and squats. 

Based on a gym expert’s opinion, half power racks are not suitable for beginners. Half power racks do not have the ability to lock the bars. That’s why it is important to have a gym buddy or gym instructor if a beginner chose to use it. For expert users, half racks work well for lifting and giving them more space to execute their workout. Because half racks don’t confine the user in a box like full power racks, the user ha more than enough room to exercise.

Half power racks roughly cost $450 to $ 470 per set depending on the brand.

Squat Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 8

Figure 4: Squat Rack

The squat rack is built literally for squat exercises. Gym owners invest in this type of power racks because of its versatility, ability to fit in a limited space, and its cheaper than other types of power rack.

The squat rack is consists of one or two horizontal steel bars across the front and back support. These squat racks are commonly used for Olympic weightlifting exercises. Squat racks cost $260 to $350 depending on the set and brand of the equipment. Most squat racks have higher weight limits than squat stands. 

Squat Stand Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 9

Figure 5: Squat stand rack

The squat stand is mostly similar to the Half power rack. This type of rack has two metal or aluminum vertical bars. Both vertical bars have holes one inch apart intended for the user to place and lock the barbell. These squat stand racks are recommendable for a gym that has limited space. 

Squat racks are also used for weightlifting exercises. Other exercises like shoulder press, squat and bench presses are suitable for this rack. The stand squat rack has a weight limit of no less than 1,000 pounds which is considerably lower than on a squat rack.

Experts say that the squat stand is safer than the squat rack. Not to mention the drilled holes which allow your user to place and lock the barbell. It is built with high-grade materials like the HM-6501 Squat stand. 

The Yanre HM-6501 Squat stand offers durable equipment that will value the money and your investments. These Squat stand equipment normally costs from $200 to $250 per set. Price also depends on the set and demands in the marketplace. 

Sumo Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 10

Figure 6: Sumo Rack

The Sumo rack is quite similar to the Full power rack. It also has 4 vertical tubes of steel with drilled holes used to lock and place the barbell. The difference is the area, it allows the user to place their feet wider so they can execute the exercise in a wider space.

Sumo Rack is commonly used for the sumo deadlift activity. Through this equipment, your users can easily lower their back and place their feet wider depending on the weight of the barbell. There are several varieties of sumo power racks. Sumo racks range from $320 to $400 per set. 

Being familiar with the choices of power racks you have isn’t enough to judge what power rack brand will be best for your gym. You have to also know how to jsudge the quality of the power rack you’ll be investing in. To guide you with this, you have to also understand its parts and the function it serves in a power rack.

5. Power Rack’s Key Parts

  • Main Frame
  • Safety Bars
  • J Hooks
  • Pull Up Bar
  • J Hook Spacings
  • Dip Bar
  • Foot Pads
  • Safety Straps

6. 9 Key parts of Power Racks

Main Frame

It is the box of steel that connects using the beam or sometimes the two vertical uprights for the power rack. To make it heavy duty, the main frame has to have gauge 11 or lower size of steel used. This gives the entire device its stiffness and strength. The size of the steel tubes are usually in 2×3 in with angled bracing at the junction locations.

Safety Bars

These are the red horizontal steel bars that is used for squats and benches presses. In case the user fails and drop the barbell, they can release it and place it on the safety bar. 

J Hooks

One of the important parts of the power rack is the J Hook. This is used to hook and place the barbell. When choosing a power rack, you need to make sure that the J Hook is built strong and easy to adjust. 

Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bar used for deadlift or pull-ups exercises. Some power racks do not have this feature. But, it is recommended for a gym to have this feature as many athletes do pull-ups to strengthen their muscles. It makes the power rack more effcient for your users at the gym.

J Hook Spacings

J Hooks spacings are the drilled holes on the main frames. The drilled holes in the uprights must not exceed 50% of the width of the power rack. That is because too big of a hole will cause the uprights to buckle up after being used for holding heavy weights for a long time. The normal spacing of the holes are at 1” intervals.

Dip Bar

Some power racks also have a dip bar used for handstand pushups and deadlifts. Most gym owners choose power racks that have this feature because it adds other forms of exercises in the same equipment.

Foot Pads

Foot pads for the power racks are not only used to protect the flooring of your gym but also to give more stability to the equipment. Rubber power racks are sticky and rigid which helps making the power rack a little more stable.

Safety Straps

Safety straps are an additional feature for safety purposes. These are adjustable straps made with thick nylons. The safety straps are used for a quick release of the barbells like in the free weights deadlift.

Now, you’re all set. And we expect you have more knowledge now of the power racks than you did before. But some of you may think. 

Well, it sounds like the power rack functions the same as the smith machine

Of course, there are differences between these machines. For those who don’t know yet the variations in what a power rack and a smith machine can do, it’s your opportunity to find out.

7. Power Rack vs Smith Machine

There are manu gym equipment that might look similar in the outset but actually have great variances in function and build. The power rack and the smith machine are no exemption to that.

Both pieces of equipment are used for squat exercises, bench presses, and shoulder presses. They are both used for strength exercises.

Though these two pieces of equipment are somehow similar and may get you confused. There are differences to each type of equipment and its usage. 

Smith Machine

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 11

Figure 7: Smith Machine

  • Weight moved on a fixed track 
  • It has guide rods that will help you to balance the barbell
  • The bar only moves up and down 
  • bar fixed movement 
  • use a selectorized weight stack 
  • Usually costs more than a power rack

Power Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 12

Figure 8: Power Rack

  • Athlete can move the barbell in any direction 
  • Does not have a fixed track 
  • No movement restriction 
  • Simpler to use than smith machine
  • Does not use selectorized weight stack 
  • More user-friendly
  • Has less maintenance than a smith machine
  • Ideally cheaper than smith machines
  • Because of its variations, it can fit into any limited space

There are certainly usage and function differences between the smith machine and the power rack. However, for startup gyms and gyms that have limited spaces, the power rack is more likely fit for these gyms. 

It might be safe to say that you’re now well-informed about what the power rack is, its benefits for your gym and your customers, and what type of power rack will your gym require. But that’s not enough if you don’t know where to get high quality power racks at a much affordable price tag.

We have listed our reccommendations for the power rack you might want to get for your gym. These power racks are yet the best there is in the market today.

8. 10 of the Best and Recommended Multifunctional Power Rack Equipment

  • SH-G8903 Comprehensive Power Rack
  • HG-73 Power Rack Smith Machine Combo
  • IFHC  Half Rack
  • Ishine6017 Smith Trainer
  • V-690 Squat machine
  • Ont-R38 Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment
  • BFT-5220B Power Rack Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment
  • DY-99 Fitness Power Rack Machine and Squat Rack

Tuffstuff Pro-XL Power Rack (PXLS-7930)

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 13

Figure 9: Tuffstuff Pro-XL Power Rack (PXLS-7930)

The full commercial rack was manufactured and designed by Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd. It has a dimension of 75x65x97in and weighs 630 pounds. This power rack can hold up to 900 pounds with several functions and features. This Tuffstuff Pro-XL Power Rack will cost you $3,599.00 – $4,500.00 per piece.

SH-G8903 Comprehensive Power Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 14

Figure 10: SH-G8903 Comprehensive Power Rack

This Multifunctional, Integrated Gym Trainer power rack is manufactured and designed by Shua Sports Co. Ltd. It has a dimension of 2755*1670*2465mm and can hold up to 1000 pounds of weight. It’s some of the rarest selectorized power racks in the market. It’s actually jumpacked with features including a parallel bar, pull-up, and cable cross over aside from the usual J Hooks and weightlifing safety straps. This power rack roughly cost $1,996.00 – $3,9910.00 per piece.

Yanre HG-73 Power Rack Smith Machine Combo

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 15

Figure 11: Yanre HG-73 Power Rack Smith Machine Combo

This multifunctional gym machine was built and designed by Eastern YANRE Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd., one of the biggest fitness manufacturers in China.  It has a dimension 1980*2210*2280mm and weight 485kg. This equipment is dual functional because it is a power rack and a smith machine in one piece of equipment. It offers full body workout, cardio and strength training. This awesome dual multifunctional power rack will only cost you $1,200.00 – $1,300.00 per piece. A very good deal, if I may say so.

IFHC Half Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 16

Figure 12: IFHC Half Rack

This pressing and hack squat is designed and manufactured by Impulse Group one of the biggest manufacturers in China for the fitness industry. It is 1175*1815*2090mm in dimension and a weight of 96kg. The best thing about this rack is that it is easily adjustable and very convenient to use. This half rack costs about $1170.42 – 1300.00 per unit.

Ishine6017 Smith Trainer

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 17

Figure 13: Ishine6017 Smith Trainer

This smith machine power rack is made by Kangliyuan Gym Equipment Co. Ltd. It has a dimension of 1400×2090×2500mm and a weight of 222kg. It offers cardio and strength exercises and normally costs $1,150.00 – $1,200.00 per piece. 

V-690 Squat Machine

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 18

Figure 14: V-690 Squat machine

This comprehensive training power rack was made by WNQ Fitness Co. Ltd. The dimension of this equipment is 2754*1625*2401mm and weight 165kg. The V-690 squat machine offers exercises specifically for your clients’ thighs, buttocks, and upper body muscles. The V-690 squat machine range between $1,000.00 – 1,150.00 per piece.

Ont-R38 Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 19

Figure 15: Ont-R38 Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment

This multifunctional power rack was built and designed by Dezhou Ounuote Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. It has 2500*2100*2560 mm dimensions and weight 200-250kgs. This is made with high-grade steel that has 3.0mm for thickness. This offers full body exercises and other extra features. This is also sold per piece at $950.00 – $1,050.00. 

IRSH1501B Power Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 20

Figure 16: IRSH1501B Power Rack

The IRSH1501B power rack was designed and manufactured by Nantong Ironman Sporting Industrial Co., Ltd. It has a dimension of 140*145*250CM and weight 267kg. This power rack is perfect for Olympic training like weightlifting and cardio and strength exercises. Built with metal plastic and roughly cost $700.00 – $1000.00 per piece. 

BFT-5220B Power Rack Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 21

Figure 17: BFT-5220B Power Rack Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment

The BFT-5220B power rack is a folding half power rack which is not quite often found in the market. Built and designed by Guangzhou BFT Fitness Co., Ltd., it is very suitable for professional gyms and clubs. The power rack has a 2030*1720*2420mm dimension when unfolded and weighs 255kg. it uses a 90*90*3mm tube size and is made of high-grade steel. This equipment roughly costs $600- $750 per piece.

DY-99 Fitness Power Rack Machine and Squat Rack

Commercial Power Rack Brands for Your Fitness Center 22

Figure 18: DY-99 Fitness Power Rack Machine and Squat Rack

An integrated gym trainer power rack manufactured by RIZHAO MULTIELEMENT SPORTING GOODS CO., LTD. The DY-99 Fitness power rack has a dimension of 221cm*119cm*125cm and weighs 90kg. This equipment is highly recommended for fitness centers that have beginner weightlifters and have limited space. This equipment roughly costs $157- $185 per piece.

9. Takeaways

Investing in gym equipment like power racks are highly recommended as long as you understand your client’s needs. The best power rack brands does not necessarily have to be the most popular brand but that which can satisfy your gym members. And the power rack that will last long until you can profit from it sufficiently.

So, take your pick in the power racks we just presented to you. We would suggest you start your inquiry with Yanre Fitness. As you have seen, their power racks can compete with the best among the best in the gym equipment manufacturing business but at a much affordable price.

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