How to Set up a Government Gym Step by Step: the Definite Guide


Government service positions in departments like fire, army, and police have physical fitness as a basic requirement.

Such government employees need to be in good shape throughout their careers to perform well at their jobs.

For instance, a firefighter’s competency in lifting heavy objects can be critical in many cases, ultimately becoming a matter of life and death.

Strength isn’t the only requirement here – the stamina to carry on intense physical activity for long durations is just as important.

We at Yanre Fitness are well aware of the fitness needs of the courageous people who risk their lives daily to save others.

Our experts can make sure that the police and fire departments throughout your country are fully equipped with all the essential and accessory fitness equipment required to build hardcore public safety teams while adhering to department budgets.

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1. Space Planning with Gym Equipment

Whether it’s a military gym, police gym, or fire station gym, it’s essential to provide government officials with high-quality strength and cardio equipment.

Offering them all the necessary resources to efficiently build strength and endurance will enable functional training so they can perform well at their physically demanding jobs.

This is a collective approach that targets overall bodily movements instead of isolated muscles.

For instance, squats work multiple muscles at once, and are, therefore, more effective than leg extensions in training your body to lift heavy objects up a staircase.

The entire exercise routine of a public safety officer should be based around working those muscle groups that are used most during their jobs.

This means that jogging, jumping, weightlifting, push and pull exercises, climbing, and twisting are often a part of their training. Improving and progressing in these basic movements will help create capable teams ready to take on all kinds of challenges.

Selecting the appropriate military training equipment for government gyms can be an overwhelming process.

There’s a lot to consider, such as the available area, finances, and the number of users. The aim is to choose a balanced array of machines and accessories that build both functional strength and endurance, with cardio and strength training resources for optimal fitness gains.




Key Points

Yanre Fitness also offers a list of fitness equipment for different areas, check it right now!

2. Best Military Gym Equipment Brands

Once you’ve figured out the type of equipment you’ll include in your police gym, you’ll need to decide which brand to go with.

As of now, leading companies around the globe are choosing any of the following brands for fitness equipment: Technogym (an Italian brand), Life Fitness (American) and Johnson Matrix (American). We’ve described each of these below to help you choose.


2.1 Technogym | Representative of Classic European products

Technogym is a world-renown state-of-the-art aerobic and strength equipment manufacturer with bizarre development speed. This influential brand has premium-quality products using innovative technology. Styled in Italian fashion with a soft appearance and matching colors, Technogym products look trendy and aesthetic.

Since the launch of aerobic equipment having built-in LCD TV and touchscreens in 2003, the brand has attracted more customers than before, enabling it to give top American brands some serious competition. Technogym’s major success is being appointed back to back four times as the Olympic Games equipment supplier. However, its major drawback is its price, which is quite high compared to American brands.

2.2 Life Fitness | Classic American Fitness Equipment Brand

Life Fitness has earned a reputation for top-quality fitness equipment, especially its innovative treadmill design. The modern design ideas and innovative anti-shock feature have raised the bar for professional treadmills. Its series of treadmills, including TR9000, TR9100, TR9500, and TR9700, have taken the fitness industry by storm. However, models like the 90T, 91T, 95Ti, and 97Ti are suspected of being imitations of other brands.

As of now, Life Fitness is a powerful brand with a vast clientele, including large corporations. Its effective marketing strategies for several years and reliable quality products have helped it maintain its large market share. Still, it may not be the brand for those wanting modern equipment and innovative designs. High after-sales service expenses are another drawback of Life Fitness.

2.3 Matrix | the Fastest Growing Commercial Fitness Equipment Brand in Asia.

Matrix comes under the umbrella of Johnson Health Technology. Being in the industry since 1975, Matrix has gained a global reputation as a leading fitness equipment brand in a relatively short time. Its corporate culture promotes innovative concepts, welcomes new ideas, and supports creative problem-solving.

Matrix’s fast-paced progress is no coincidence. It has set high standards for other brands in just a decade and has become a mover and shaker in the fitness equipment industry with its creative yet practical solutions.

2.4 Yanre Fitness | Self-design Gym Equipment Manufacturer

A growing number of Chinese brands have also emerged in recent years.

Yanre Fitness is one such brand that works closely with the Chinese Olympic Canoeing Team, along with the largest fitness PT training base in China, Siapu. With premium-quality products comparable to top global brands, Yanre has several top organizations in China and across the world among its clientele.

3. How to Choose a Trusted Military Gym Equipment Supplier?

No matter what kind of gym equipment you choose for your military gym, the maintenance requirements are inevitable.

Many suppliers offer maintenance services free of cost for a set period, after which you have to pay for the services. Some organizations tend to ignore these maintenance services, believing them to be an extra expense.

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However, it is essential to sign a regular services contract with your supplier since scheduled maintenance services have the following benefits:

  • Ensure your soldiers’ safety when they use the equipment
  • Avoid equipment damage and wear
  • Protect equipment parts while saving replacement expenses
  • Increase the service life of the machines

Hence, gym maintenance contracts can save you from unnecessary hassle and bigger expenses in the long term, ensuring your soldiers and your equipment’s safety. It enables your facility to run smoothly, addressing problems soon after they arise.

Yanre Fitness has a range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment for military gyms, offering maintenance packages for all kinds of budgets and space sizes.

3.1 Warranty

While gym equipment suppliers might claim that the warranty they offer covers all kinds of equipment services, you should know that wear and tear is not part of it! In actuality, negligence of your equipment makes your warranty invalid.

Maintenance contracts can solve this issue since they will ensure the replacement of parts where needed, and proper servicing in case of wear, enabling you to avail your warranty to the max.

Some equipment problems may have simple solutions you can implement yourself. For such situations, a phone support option can be useful if present in your contract.

3.2 Maintenance

You’ll be surprised to know that according to many gym managers, the after-sales service of a product is more significant than its brand. This also goes for police gym equipment.

Failure and breakdown during use are common with any kind of equipment. This has made it challenging to reduce the likelihood of failure and minimize troubleshooting after any malfunctioning occurs.

It all depends on your choice of equipment supplier, which will ultimately determine the extent of effort you will need to keep your government gym running smoothly.

Some suppliers or agents aren’t looking at the bigger picture at all, only caring about their immediate interests.

We recommend avoiding such sellers who cannot guarantee professional after-sales services unless you can bear plenty of complaints or even injured employees.

Here are a few matters worth considering when looking for a reliable gym equipment supplier:

  • Is your supplier a general agent, or does a brand authorize them?
  • Does your supplier have several years’ experience in this industry?
  • Does your supplier stock enough spare parts?

Despite the above tips, we understand how tricky it can be when choosing a supplier for the first time. We recommend having a list of credible brands to choose from, to stay on the safe side.

From our own experience over the past decade working with leading commercial fitness equipment manufacturers in China, here is our list of the top 10: Top 10 Gym Equipment Manufacturers in China

4. Conclusion

We hope this article helps you create a facility that caters to all the needs of your government employees.

If you still have any queries about government gym equipment, drop them in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you soon!

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