All Types Of  Wholesale Skipping Rope To Support Your Fitness Business

  • Provides Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents
  • Products can bear long-term usage for your gym
  • Manufactures self-designed equipments providing professional movement angle

  • Features premium quality ball bearings to avoid twisting, winding or bending
  • Designed for fast and stable rotation
  • Ergonomically designed with non-slip handles
  • Length can be adjusted according to your preference
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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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Skipping Jump RopeDefinitive FAQ Guide

Do you need skipping ropes for your gym, building recreation area, or sports goods store? However, you don’t know much about skipping ropes.

Well, this FAQ guide will give you all the details you need about skipping ropes. You would even get an exclusive idea of where to find high-quality skipping ropes with the best deals.

Let’s get to it.

Table of Contents

Why should I buy skipping ropes for my fitness center?

Skipping ropes are now being used just for any workout routine. Be it for cardio, HIIT training, CrossFit, or any other exercises in your gym.

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Figure 1: Skipping ropes by Yanre Fitness

Gym lovers like skipping rope since it is simple and can greatly help them in their routines. 

It has become more and more popular. That’s why any fitness studio should have at least a dozen of them ready for members’ use.

Is skipping rope and jump rope different?

No, skipping ropes are the same as jump ropes. Jump ropes are just the widely used term for the equipment.

If you happen to source out your skipping ropes from China, use jump ropes instead of skipping ropes. That will erase any misunderstanding with the manufacturer.

What are the types of skipping rope?

Types of skipping ropes:

  1. Outdoor skipping rope
  2. Speed skipping rope
  3. Weighted Skipping rope
  4. Workout skipping rope

Outdoor Skipping Ropes

Outdoor skipping ropes are the most durable types. They are made of nylon or PVC to give them flexibility and protection from high impact. 

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Figure 2: Outdoor Skipping Rope

If you are running an outdoor boot camp facility, this is the right skipping rope for your business.

Speed skipping ropes

Speed ropes are made specifically for competitive and high-intensity training. Fitness centers that offer CrossFit and boxing training need to have these.

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Figure 3: Speed skipping rope by Yanre Fitness

Speed skipping ropes are very lightweight. They are also engineered for an almost frictionless turn of the rope. 

Weighted Skipping ropes

These skipping ropes have weights added to their handles, and some have their ropes also weighted. The load on weighted skipping ropes ranges from ¼ pounds to more than 5 pounds.

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Figure 4: Weighted Skipping Rope

They are also used for CrossFit training and other high-intensity exercises. But its difference with the speed ropes is that it helps increase the user’s strength.

Weighted skipping ropes improve coordination, agility, quickness, endurance, and footwork. 

Above all, it’s used by gym enthusiasts who would like to lose weight and gain muscle strength. So weighted skipping ropes are a must for fitness studios.

Workout skipping ropes

They are also called gym skip ropes. They are used for general purposes – for cardio training and routine exercises.

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Figure 5: Workout Skipping Rope

Workout skipping ropes are the perfect cardio equipment for your amateur gym members. They are user-friendly and will not wear them out easily.

How to choose the skipping rope for my gym?

  1. Utility 
  2. Durability
  3. User-friendly
  4. Adjustability
  5. Quality


When choosing the right type of skipping rope for your gym, consider what types of jumping activities your members are engaged with.

Do they use it for CrossFit training, boxing, or any high-intensity training? Do you have members that use it for their general cardio routine and exercise?

You have to make sure that your gym members will use the skipping rope. That way, your investment will not be put to waste.


Skipping rope durability lies in the material used for the rope itself and the design of the handles. 

For long-lasting skipping ropes, choose cables that are coated with PVC or nylon. However, coated ropes are slower than non-coated cables. 

If you have CrossFit professionals using your facility, choose cables that will not wear easily.


The skipping ropes in your gym should be adaptable enough for both beginners and advanced users. Your members should be able to adjust and use the skipping without help.

Its cable should be easily replaceable. And the skipping rope must be compatible with almost any type of cable.


Your gym skipping ropes must be easily adjustable. Individuals with different preferences in rope length and handle grip will use it. So, they should be able to modify it effortlessly.


The durability and quality of skipping ropes go hand in hand. High-quality skipping ropes are made of durable materials. It should also be designed well to work efficiently.

Yanre Fitness’s skipping ropes are made of top-of-the-line materials. They are also self-designed and made with 100% precision.

What material is used in skipping rope handles?

Skipping rope handles are made of aluminum and fabricated using Computer Numerical Control (CNC). 

Aluminum gives durability and makes the handle as light as possible. These are the ideal characteristics for a quality skipping rope handle.

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Figure 6: Skipping Rope Handles with machine-made grooves by Yanre Fitness

Also, the handles must have a cover or grooves to help in gripping. Most covers are made of rubber or silicone. 

What type of rope should be used in fitness studio skipping ropes?

Types of ropes for skipping ropes:

  1. Beaded
  2. Leather
  3. PVC
  4. Nylon
  5. Steel cable
  6. Coated cables

Beaded ropes

A beaded rope is made of a string of shatter-proof plastic. The string is usually nylon, and the beads are made of PVC.

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Figure 7: Beaded skipping ropes

Beaded skipping ropes are good for beginner jumpers in your gym. The weight of the beads is fast enough for amateurs to keep up with the rope turning. 

The sound of the beads when it hits the ground also helps them maintain the rhythm of their jump.

Leather ropes

Leather-made skipping ropes are very durable and are always of high quality. That’s why it can be a bit pricey.

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Figure 8: Leather Skipping Ropes

Pro athletes use leather ropes because of their good balance in speed and weight. It allows the user to enhance their agility, coordination, speed, and leg power. 

However, leather ropes are subject to decay. It would be best to store it in a dry place away from moisture to keep its durability. 

So, unless you have professional athletes and boxers using your gym, leather ropes are not advisable for fitness studios.


PVC skipping ropes are normally used for casual and fitness jumping. Its weight allows jumpers to have good control of their speed and easily manipulate the rope.

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Figure 9: PVC Skipping Rope

They are also good enough for your CrossFit trainees. Gym members learning to do double-unders and other skipping rope tricks can use the PVC-made ropes.


Nylon skipping ropes are good for your beginner gym members too. Plus, they are safer. 

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Figure 10: Nylon Skipping Rope

Amateur jumpers usually make mistakes of whipping themselves. When they use nylon skipping ropes, it does not leave a mark. And also, it doesn’t hurt as much as the other types of rope.

Steel Cable

Steel cable ropes are the lightest and fastest kinds of skipping ropes there are. They are very appropriate for your members that enter into competitive jumping and CrossFit.

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Figure 11: Steel Cable Skipping Rope by Yanre Fitness

You can invest in these if you aim to be the fitness studio that caters to professional CrossFitters and jump ropers.

Coated cables

Skipping ropes made of coated cables are more durable. They still have the lightness of steel cables, though more or less weighted. 

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Figure 12: PVC Coated cable Skipping Rope by Yanre Fitness

Cable-coated skipping ropes are the best investment for boxing, HIIT, and other high-intensity sports training clubs. They will last longer and can endure more extensive high impacts.

What are the lengths for skipping ropes?

Skipping rope lengths range from 6ft to 11ft. 

It is recommended for fitness studios, recreation facilities, and sporting goods businesses to get all the size ranges. That is to make sure you have a skipping rope available for everyone.

To better give you an idea of the rope length you would need for your business. Here is a sizing table for your users.

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Figure 13: Height vs Skipping Rope Length Guide Table

Use this guide to predict what lengths you need for your gym. Get a range of your clients’ heights and order the appropriate skipping ropes for that range.

Is the length of a skipping rope adjustable?

Yes, your gym members can adjust the length of the skipping ropes. However, if you’re using cable-type skipping ropes, you would need to cut the excess length.

So, to avoid that inconvenience, buy skipping ropes of different lengths.

What type of coating is used for skipping ropes?

  1. Nylon
  2. PVC
  3. Vinyl

These three materials are the usual coatings for skipping ropes. 

There are differences in the flexibility of the skipping rope depending on the type of coating. But all of them can make your gym skipping ropes last longer.

How to find frictionless skipping ropes for my CrossFit trainees?

Look for skipping ropes that have a ball-bearing system for an almost frictionless swing. The mechanism allows the rope to turn 360 degrees around the handle. 

Watch this video to take a closer look at what is a ball-bearing equipped skipping rope.

All of Yanre Fitness’s skipping ropes are equipped with a ball-bearing system to give your users that lightning-speed jumping.

How do you store skipping ropes?

Storage for skipping ropes:

  1. Skipping rope racks are just like weight plate racks. The only difference is you hang the skipping ropes instead of placing them on it.
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Figure 14: Skipping Rope Racks

  1. Wall-mounted skipping rope hangers work like skipping rope racks. But it can save you some space as it is hung on the wall.
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Figure 15: Wall-mounted skipping rope racks

  1. Cabinets – If you plan to store your skipping ropes in cabinets, neatly coil them before storing just like in the image below.
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Figure 16: Neatly coiled skipping rope

How do you organize skipping ropes in the gym?

Arrange your skipping ropes by:

  1. Usage
  2. Length

Organizing Skipping Ropes by Usage

Classify your skipping ropes according to the fitness activity it is used:

  • CrossFit
  • Boxing
  • HIIT Training
  • Casual or fitness routines
  • Other fitness activities in your gym

By organizing your skipping ropes in this manner, you avoid giving incorrect ropes to your members. And making their activities safer for them.

Length of Rope

Separate ropes by rope length to give the user the appropriate skipping rope for the member’s height.

Can you buy skipping ropes in bulk?

Yes, you can purchase skipping ropes in volumes. You have to meet the Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ to get the discounted price. 

What is the MOQ for skipping ropes?

Skipping ropes in wholesale have MOQ’s from 50 to 1000 pieces depending on your requirement. 

Fifty skipping ropes are enough to last for a year or two for a medium-sized fitness center. Fitness centers of medium size have members of at least 100 people using the facility at a time.

What is the wholesale price for a skipping rope?

High-quality skipping ropes can range from $1 to $20 per piece. The price will depend on the brand, make and type of skipping rope you would buy.

Generally, leather and cable ropes will be more expensive. Cable skipping ropes will be pricier if it is coated. Also, the thinner the cable is, the more expensive it gets.

Where to get high-quality skipping ropes in bulk?

The best place to find high-quality skipping ropes at wholesale prices in China. There are many gym equipment manufacturers there that produce excellent quality skipping ropes.

Among these first-rated gym equipment manufacturers is Yanre Fitness. 

Yanre Fitness has self-designed gym equipment that has over 40 certified patents. The skipping ropes from Yanre Fitness are made from precise measurements controlled by a computer.

Can I get a sample of a skipping rope from the manufacturer?

Yes, you can request a sample skipping rope from your chosen manufacturer. Together with the sample is the technical packet. It has details of the parts, materials, and makes of the skipping rope.

How to check the quality of a skipping rope?

Here’s how you can inspect the quality of the sample skipping rope you received.

  1. Check its parts
  2. Do a Jump Test

Checking the Parts of the Skipping Rope

  • Handle – You should be able to have a nice grip on the handle. It should be covered for grip enhancement. If not, be ready to buy some handle grip tapes for your gym members.
  • Rope – it should be straight and don’t curl when you turn it to jump. If it is coated, the coating should be all around the cable. That includes the parts inside the handle.
  • Ball-bearing system – Hold the end of the rope closest to the handle. Let the handle hang and turn it. If the handle turns smoothly, then it’s good.

Jump Test

Find jumpers in advanced levels to test out the skipping rope. If you are one, you can do it yourself, but it would be advisable to gather other people’s thoughts. 

They should be able to tell you if something in the skipping rope makes them jump slower. Or if the rope gives better control. And if it can be used for long periods.

That will give you an insight if you can buy the jump rope. You are buying jump ropes in bulk. So, it should be a worthwhile investment.

Can I use my logo for the skipping ropes?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows for the buyer’s logo to be imprinted on the skipping ropes. Make these arrangements before finalizing your order with us.


Now you are well informed about skipping ropes. 

We hope that this guide has given you all the information you need to decide on the skipping ropes you need for your fitness studio, company or business recreation area, or sports gear business.

If you still have things in your mind that need clarification, feel free to contact us.

And remember, for high-quality skipping ropes in bulk, you can always trust Yanre Fitness. Call us when you’ve decided on the skipping ropes you need. We will be happy to give you a quote.