New Commercial Exercise Equipment – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you planning to buy new exercise equipment for commercial use? That’s great. At Yanre Fitness, we have a wide array of commercial exercise equipment. 

We are confident you will be able to meet the needs of all your clients. 

But before making your purchase, here is a valuable guide for you. You will find helpful tips about new exercise equipment for commercial gyms. 

So, let’s take a deep dive and learn something new.

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Why should I be careful when moving or maintaining your commercial exercise equipment?

 You need to be careful when moving commercial exercise equipment.

Ordinarily, breaking or losing even a tiny part of gym equipment makes it unusable. 

So, you will only be able to use it once you incur the extra expense of fixing it or replacing the last component.  

You also need to be careful when moving commercial fitness equipment. Most of the gym equipment is heavy. 

The heavyweight of gym equipment poses a risk for accidents when moving them. 

To avoid accidents, involve more than one person when moving heavy commercial equipment.

What factors should I consider before purchasing new exercise equipment for commercial use?

 Do you want to buy commercial exercise equipment? Before buying it, ensure that it fits the physical capacities of your commercial gym. 

So here are the key factors to keep in mind when buying commercial exercise equipment.

Consider the exercise habits of your clients. It is essential to know that different machines target different parts of the body. 

Only buy commercial exercise equipment that fits the exercise needs of your clients. 

The money you are willing to spend. Most commercial exercise equipment is sophisticated and expensive. So, before buying them, make sure that it is within your budget limit. 

Yanre fitness is one of the premier manufacturers of commercial exercise equipment. That offers excellent deals for commercial exercise equipment. They ensure you get value for the money you spend. 

Power usage. When buying commercial exercise equipment, it’s essential to consider its power consumption rate. 

Some commercial exercise equipment uses high power. So you may need to verify that your gym’s power system can accommodate the pieces of equipment.

Ample gym space. Factor in the area in your commercial gym before buying commercial exercise equipment. More so, if you are purchasing different pieces of commercial fitness equipment at the same time. 

Having ample gym space is essential so that clients can have ample space to work out comfortably.

There is an alternative way of solving the space issue in your commercial gym. 

One way is to buy commercial exercise equipment and customise them to fit your gym.

Can you recommend using commercial exercise equipment for home gyms?

 Yes, as much as commercial exercise equipment may be more expensive. It is an intelligent choice to choose them for your home gym. 

So here are the top reasons for choosing commercial exercise equipment for your home.

Durability: Commercial exercise equipment is built for repeated use. This equipment is constructed from high-quality material. The material is durable. So it makes the equipment usable over many years—all without the need for service.

Advanced Features: Commercial exercise equipment is designed for professional use. So, they will have advanced features. Giving more exercise options and also enhances the workout experience of your clients.

More value for money. Many types of commercial exercise equipment are expensive but tend to last longer. The commercial equipment gives you more value for your money.

An extensive range of equipment is available. Commercial exercise equipment has a wide range for selection. So, you will be able to get exercise equipment that fits the exact needs of your client.

What factors should you consider when replacing commercial exercise equipment? 

Knowing when to replace commercial exercise equipment is essential. This knowledge is helpful for all commercial gym owners. 

Notably, having outdated commercial exercise equipment may make you lose your clients.

It helps to know that buying new equipment is costly. But, the benefit is that you will generate a lot of excitement for your clients. 

So, here are details of what to consider before replacing commercial exercise equipment. 

How many people use the equipment? Knowing the number of people using commercial exercise equipment is vital. It will help you determine the equipment’s wear and tear. 

So it is crucial to know the number of people visiting your gym daily. You also need to know your rate of getting new members. 

It is also helpful to know when your equipment is least in use. The time when the equipment is not in use is the best time to perform service maintenance.  Or to add new equipment without disrupting your clients’ exercise routines.

Is your commercial exercise equipment still serviceable? Before replacing commercial exercise equipment, consider servicing or refurbishing them. 

Refurbishing them will extend their lifespan. Refurbishing your equipment will enhance the exercise experience of your clients. 

Is the commercial exercise equipment light or heavy-duty? Knowing whether your commercial exercise equipment is light or heavy-duty is essential. 

Generally, light commercial exercise equipment costs less but usually does not last long. 

On the other hand, heavy-duty commercial exercise equipment is more durable. Though, most cost more.

Does your commercial exercise equipment have a meter that gauges the amount of use? Yes, gym equipment has features that help determine the usage rate. An example of commercial exercise equipment with this feature is the treadmill.

This equipment has a meter that shows the overall usage of the equipment in miles. So, once it surpasses its usable limit, you can replace it.

Should you lease or buy commercial exercise equipment?

When you’re ready to increase the inventory of your gym, there is a tough choice to make. You need to decide whether to buy or lease your commercial exercise equipment.

Unfortunately, there are advantages and disadvantages to either of the two choices. This can make it quite challenging. 

So, here is a comparison between leasing and buying commercial exercise equipment. 


Buying: Buying commercial exercise equipment is a wise choice. Though you may spend more at the beginning, the overall cost is less than when you lease. 

Another critical point is that buy commercial exercise equipment makes you own it. So, it becomes an asset that you can later sell. 

Leasing: Leasing commercial exercise equipment is suitable for a new gym owner. Or for a person who owns a small gym. But you lack enough money to buy the equipment. 

One benefit of renting is that it is easier to finance compared to purchasing the equipment. 

However, over the long term, the overall cost of leasing is higher than when you purchased it.


Buying commercial exercise equipment comes with the responsibility of routine care and maintenance. So, you will need to plan for its regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair. 

When commercial exercise equipment breaks down, it deprives your clients of its use, forcing you to have it first repaired. 

Leasing: Leasing commercial exercise equipment has a lower maintenance cost. 

Also, if the equipment breaks down, the leasing company can easily have it replaced. 

So, it gives your clients assurance of continuous service. 

Quality of the equipment:

Buying: It helps to buy commercial exercise equipment that is customizable. It is customizing exercise equipment that allows it to fit your customer’s needs and gym space. 

Customization can include color or the kind of attachments you can add.

Renting: Here, you don’t have the benefit of customizing leased equipment. However, you can replace the faulty exercise equipment that you are renting.  

You can exchange the gym equipment once it breaks down. You can also change it when it becomes outdated or does not satisfy your customers.

Although this will depend on the manufacturer you’re leasing. It is essential to understand the leasing terms and conditions before renting the gym machine.

Why is it essential to maintain commercial exercise equipment?

Commercial exercise equipment is expensive and constitutes a significant investment in your gym. So proper care and maintenance will help you protect this investment for you. 

Therefore the success of your commercial gym depends on having well-maintained gym equipment.

Maintaining the exercise equipment ensures your clients are safe from injuries. It also helps the commercial exercise equipment to have a long lifespan. 

So, here are details for a better understanding of the importance of maintenance.

Helps retain members: The success of a commercial gym depends on client retention. 

One way of member retention is to have regular preventive maintenance. Well-maintained commercial exercise equipment always offers the best exercise experience. 

A commercial gym that is well-maintained gives confidence to its gym members. It assures them that they will be able to their fitness goals. 

On the other hand, it’s frustrating for gym members to find gym equipment out of order. 

It will have wasted their time, and they may end up cancelling their membership from your gym. 

Health and safety of members. Well-maintained commercial exercise equipment improves the health of users. And they also reduce the chances of injury during exercise.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that regular checks are done on the machines. 

Regular checks will ensure that the equipment is fixed before it breaks down. Also, it ensures a longer equipment lifespan.

Regular equipment maintenance prevents the equipment from rusting, malfunctioning, or even breaking down.

Your commercial exercise equipment is a significant investment for your gym. Therefore, you have to ensure that it has a long lifespan. So have regular maintenance by cleaning, oiling, or replacing worn-out parts.

How do you care for your commercial exercise equipment? 

There are several steps in the care and maintenance of commercial exercise equipment.

The care and maintenance of gym equipment ensure that your gym clients are happy. It also ensures continuous service.

However, you need to know that there are two types of maintenance. That is corrective and preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is routine maintenance on the gym equipment to prevent breakdown. 

On the other hand, experts in gym equipment engineering perform corrective maintenance.

The focus here is on preventive maintenance.

So here are details that will shed light on how to care for and maintain exercise equipment. 

Keep your gym equipment clean: During exercise, gym users sweat a lot. They sometimes also leave dead skin on the equipment. 

So it is crucial to clean the commercial exercise equipment. Usually, using a clean piece of cloth with a water-based disinfectant is ideal.

Regular cleaning prevents fungal growth and the accumulation of dust.

You may also put signs telling your gym members to wipe clean the gym equipment before and after use.

Lubricate or oil commercial exercise equipment. Ensure commercial exercise equipment with movable parts is oiled regularly.

One beneficial lubricating agent is silicon. Silicon can be sprayed on a clean piece of cloth and then applied to the exercise machines.

You should also note that there are some machines self-lubricating. For instance, treadmills are self-lubricating. So, your role here is to ensure that the oil reserve has adequate oil at all times.

Inspect the commercial exercise equipment. Ensure regular inspection of the commercial exercise equipment for worn or broken parts.  

Some parts need regularly checking for wear and tear. These parts include bench pads, cables, and rubber coating. 

You should replace any worn or damaged part immediately to prevent accidents.


We are glad you have read this FAQ guide to the end. It is our hope you found it helpful. 

With this helpful information, you can now confidently make an informed order. Please do, and our sales team will send you a prompt quotation.