Gym Belts and Straps – Definitive FAQ Guide

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What is the difference between gym belts and gym straps?

The difference between gym belts and gym straps is in their usage. It depends upon the type  of exercise you are performing at that time.

Gym belts are used to lift a heavy load or weight. Gym belts increase the  intra abdominal pressure which acts as stabilizing  the spine during exercise.   

Gym belts are used for different types of exercises to support clean and jerks, barbel rose, deadlift and back and front squat. 

Gym Belts and Straps 1

Fig. 1 Gym belts (Image src – Garage Gym Reviews)

While gym straps are used for the protection of hands during the exercise. Straps are the best to hold the bar with a firm grip. 

It used to keep hands safe while holding the roads or gym equipment from any type of hazzard. 

Gym Belts and Straps 2

Fig. 2 Gym straps (Image scr – Gym Reapers )

What is the purpose of gym belts and gym straps?

The purpose of gym belts is to strengthen the lower back while uplifting the loads in order to avoid any type of pain or fracture. It reduces the amount of stress on the spinal cord. This is the way in which gym belts reduce the chance of fractures and injuries. 

The purpose of gym straps is to prevent  the bar from slipping in the user’s hand while doing exercises. Their full power is concentrated on the point of application, and they will  feel comfortable while lifting up the load. 

Gym Belts and Straps 3

Fig. 3 Gym straps grip on bar (Image src – powerlifting technique)

How to choose the best gym belt and gym straps?

To choose the best gym belts and gym straps you should consider: 

  • The comfort ability during exercise
  • Type of Load: If it will be used for the heavy load then you have to choose the leather belt instead of nylon gym belts
  • Grip between hand and bars 
  • The dumble or rod surface that is being used by athlete / gym members. 

The most commonly used gym straps are cotton made. Cotton made straps provide a firm grip on hand. The best gym straps are chosen based on the exercise requirement.

Here is one video to explain the gym straps

How to choose the best gym belts for different body types?

 The gym belts can be chosen according to the body type and waist size. The gym belts can  buy according to:

  • Waist size 
  • Weight of the body
  • Quantity of fat on the body 
  •  Height of the person 

What are the different types of gym belts and gym straps?

The type of gym belt depends upon the exercises for which it is being used. Different types of gym belts with their properties discussed below:   

Bodybuilding Belts 

  • These belts are normally made up of leather 
  • The bodybuilding belts have a specific shape in which the front side is thin as compared to the backside
  • It provide more resistive pressure during the exercise

Powerlifting Belts

  • These belts are thick and rigid made up with the premium suede leather inside along with good quality of furnishing outside
  • Powerlifting belts have same thickness all around 
  • It provides more surface area in contact between abs and belt 
  • It provide more stability when more surface area of belt is in contact with body 

Velcro Belts

  • These types of belts are made up of synthetic materials
  • The strength of Velcro belts depends upon the Velcro pops 
  • Velcro belts provides the least intra abdominal pressure (IAP) as compared to the other belts
  • These belts are used for the  sufficient performance, it is not used for heavy load or high performance 

Dipping Belts 

  • Dipping belts are available in both type of materials, leather and synthetic materials
  • Theses belts are for specially gaining the chest, back & improving the stamina, and triceps 
  • It is ideal for chin up and pull ups

There are different types of gym straps that are wrapped around the wrists, Each type of gym straps has its own use. 

Closed Loop Gym Straps

Closed loop straps have long straps that can be easily wrapped around the bar multiple times. Although it can be cut down to make it short.

It is an excellent choice for new weight lifters as it is easy to use. Experienced lifters prefer thick straps for closed loop gym straps. 

Gym Belts and Straps 4

Fig. 4  Closed loop gym straps (Image src – Amazon)

Lasso Gym Straps

Lasso gym straps provide a tight grip around hands and long strips for good grip on the bar. It has a unique design that snugs the hand fully. 

When the purpose is to  increase muscle size, hamstrings muscles and strengthens the upper back, Lasso gym straps are the right option. 

Gym Belts and Straps 5

Fig. 5 Lasso gym straps (Image src- athleticmuscle)

Figure-eight Gym Straps

Gym Belts and Straps 6

Fig. 6 Figure 8 straps (Image src – Rogue )

Figure 8 straps are most powerful in its application as it feel like locked the hand with the bar. A number of options for gym straps are available in the market. The choice depends upon the nature of use and surface nature of the bar.

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How does a gym belt control intra abdominal pressure (IAP)?

Gym belts increase the amount of intra abdominal pressure which increases the lifting safety and reduces the disc compressive force. 

The use of gym belts has great effect to control the intra abdominal pressure created while heavy load is being lifted. IAP is the amount of pressure created in the abdominal cavity at any time. 

How do gym belts and gym straps work effectively?

There are two factors to consider for gym belts to be effective. Those are:

Reduces the Stress on Lower Back

The use of a gym belt decreases the stress produced in the lower back while lifting the heavy load. It provides extra safety to back muscles.

Prevent From Back Hyperextension

The main thing is your safety while doing any exercise or gym practice you are doing. Gym belts protect you from hyperextension by increasing the intra abdominal pressure and act as safety equipment for the back. 

The use of gym straps prevents hands from any hazards. It provides safety for the hands.

  • Concentrate all of power at one point 
  • Easy to lift weight 
  • Easy to grip the bar

What are the materials used for a gym belt and straps?

The gym belts are usually made up from the materials

  • Leather belts 
  • Synthetic materials belts 

The most commonly used gym belts are leather belts due to their durability. It is very strong and long lasting. Leather belts provide better support for lifting the belts.

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Gym Belts and Straps 7

Fig. 7 Leather gym belts (Image src – india mart )

Whereas the lifting straps are usually made up of  

  • Leather 
  • Cotton 
  • Nylon 

The choice of materials used depends upon the uses. Gym straps material has a direct impact on the comfort, durability and grip on the bar. 

Gym Belts and Straps 8

Fig. 8 Cotton gym straps (Image src – amazon ) 

What are the features of a gym belt and gym straps?

 The gym belts have the following features: 

  • Easy to lift load 
  • Reduces the stress on lower back 
  • Add stability during the uplifting the load 
  • Safety for the spinal disc

The gym straps have following feature: 

  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Power concentration on a specific point 

What are the thickness options of the gym belt?

The thickness of a gym belt varies from  6.5mm to 15 mm. A gym belt with 6.5mm thickness is very comfortable but the least supportive one.   A leather belt having a thickness of 10mm is best for ideal use. It gives you a proper push to your abs.

The comfort increases with the increase in thickness of the gym belt. Gym belts should be used/to be recommended with the training or experience in order to get good results. 

Gym Belts and Straps 9

Fig. 9 Thickness of a gym belt (Image scr –  Barbell) 

What are the things you need to consider in buying gym belts and straps?

 It is a very important step while choosing the gym belts. You can choose the gym belts keeping these things in mind:

  • Nature of exercise performing  
  • Quantity of support needed to back for lifting up the load   
  • Comfort ability 
  • Materials used in making the gym belts 
  • The size of a gym belt 

Gym straps are used for holding the bars or dumbbells firmly. Choosing the right gym straps is very important. Following things kept in mind while buying the gym straps: 

  • The surface of the bar
  • Required grip on the bar 
  • Quantity of load lifting 
  • The required grip 


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