Gym Wrist Straps – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking to buy gym wrist straps? 

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Whatever your requirements related to gym wrist straps may be, we are here to guide you. Our ultimate gym wrist strap guide is here to answer all your queries. 

In this article, you will get all the information about wrist straps ranging from uses to materials and maintenance. So, without further delay, let us start the discussion.

Table of Contents

1. Definition

Gym Wrist Straps are a long piece of cloth used to increase the efficiency of strength during weightlifting. They are sold in pairs and are also known as lifting straps. 

Sometimes they are also used by trainers after they have a wrist injury. It allows them to focus on their training without affecting the recovery of their injury. They are generally used with barbells

Gym Wrist Straps 5

Figure 1. Gym Wrist Straps

2. Uses of Gym Wrist Straps

The use of gym wrist straps differs from case to case. A brief description of their uses in different types of exercises is given below:

2.1 Powerlifting

The goal of powerlifting is to make your body stronger so you can lift more weight. In that case, the gripping efficiency might impede some users’ ability to lift more weight. Therefore, they can use gym wrist straps to expose their body to more weight as compared to what they could hold without using lifting straps. 

2.2 Olympic Lifting

The goal of Olympic lifting is to determine who can lift the highest amount of weight. Therefore, it requires multiple techniques other than body strength. Using gym wrist straps enables trainers to focus more on the techniques of weightlifting by improving their grip. 

2.3 Bodybuilding

Unlike powerlifting and Olympic lifting, bodybuilding is done to build muscles. Therefore, gym wrist straps are widely used in this type of exercise. This is because the goal is to lift more weight so you can target and build more muscle strength. 

3. Important Features of a Gym Wrist Strap

3.1 Grip

The grip is the most important feature of a gym wrist strap. The size and material of the straps influence this feature. Before buying, make sure that it is enhancing your grip strength instead of affecting it in a negative manner. 

3.2 Support

The basic function of gym wrist straps is to support your wrist during exercise. Therefore, before buying one, you should use the product to ensure that it is performing its function well. Generally, a flexible gym wrist strap is more likely to support your wrist. 

Another feature that affects the support function of a gym wrist straps is its size. While most of the gym wrist support straps available in the market are universal i-e one size fits all, you should make sure that the size is optimal enough to support your wrists. 

3.3 Wrist Padding

A gym wrist strap is used to support your wrist during weightlifting. Therefore, it is essential that it is comfortable. For that purpose, neoprene padding is generally used. The optimal padding should be 5mm. 

3.4 Closure

The closure of a gym wrist strap refers to the areas that are wrapped around the wrist and the barbell. 

If you are buying a lasso wrist strap, make sure that the strap is long enough to be tied around the barbell. On the other hand, in the case of hooked straps, the hook should be wide enough to pass the barbell through it.  

3.5 Material

The material used to manufacture gym wrist straps play a huge role in its quality. Make sure that the material is non-allergic, durable, and odor-free. We have also discussed the detailed information about the materials used to manufacture gym wrist straps in this article below. 

3.6 Weight Holding Capacity

The weight holding capacity of a gym wrist strap refers to the weight it can hold without breaking or having an impact on its quality. 

Generally, the higher the weight holding capacity, the higher will be the quality of the straps. The average weight holding capacity of a gym wrist strap is 2000 pounds. 

3.7 Dimensions

The dimension of a gym wrist strap depends on its type. However, each type of strap should have a definite measurement. This is because a strap that is too long or too short would not provide efficient grip and the whole purpose of using them would be defeated. 

The following are the generalized measurements of different types of gym wrist straps. 


Length: 17 inches to 20 inches 

Width: 1.5 inches 

Closed Loop

Length: 10 inches 

Width: 1.5 inches


Like most gym accessories, the length of the gym wrist strap is an important feature. This is because if the strap is too long, it would be tiresome to wrap it around the barbell as well as to loosen it when you are done with the exercise. 

Whereas, if the strap is too short, it will not be able to provide stability during exercise. 


An optimal length is also important to provide sufficient grip strength. An abnormally wide strap will give a cutting feel to your wrists.

4. Types of Gym Wrist Straps

4.1 Lasso

A lasso gym wrist strap, also known as a loop strap, has a loop with a long strap at one end. The loop is tied around the wrist while the strap is tied to the bar. 

It is the most commonly used type of wrist straps. It has versatile functions and is best suited for bodybuilding exercises. They provide more stability as compared to closed-loop straps. 

However, these straps do not release the bar quickly. Therefore, they are not suitable for usage during clean and jerk-type exercises. 

They are available in multiple sizes and materials. Their size can be modified to perfectly fit the wrist. However, some users might find it difficult to wraps the extra strap around the bar. Moreover, it is also difficult to loosen the wrapped strap. 

Gym Wrist Straps 6

Figure 2. Lasso Gym Wrist Strap

4.2 Single Loop / Closed Loop

Single Loop is a V-shaped gym wrist strap that is closed from the top end. They offer minimal support to the wrist.

These types of straps are great for exercises that require you to quickly release the bar. They are generally used in Olympic weightlifting. 

However, it cannot be tightened around the wrist and provides a less secure grip as compared to the other two types of straps. 

Gym Wrist Straps 7

Figure 3. Closed Loop lifting strap

4.3 Hook Straps

They have a wrist wrap with a hook that can be attached to the bar. Unlike other types of straps, they do not require to be wrapped. However, these straps do not allow you to properly grip the bar that can decrease your grip strength. 

Gym Wrist Straps 8

Figure 4. Hook strap

4.4 Figure 8 

Figure 8 wrist straps look like digit 8. They have two closed loops. One of them is tied to the bar and the other one is tied to the hand.

 They are generally used in strength training and heavyweight exercises such as deadlifts. 

However, this type of wrist straps should never be used where you have to ditch the bar. In that case, the bar will remain anchored to your wrists and can give a strain to your wrists. 

Gym Wrist Straps 9

Figure 5. Figure 8 gym wrist straps

5. Manufacturing Materials

There are generally three types of materials used to manufacture gym wrist straps. Some manufacturers might solely use them. Whereas some straps are manufactured using a combination of multiple materials. 

For Example, you might find a strap manufactured using cotton and nylon. In this way, these straps are soft as cotton but more durable due to the nylon added to them. 

The following is a brief description of the materials used to make gym wrist straps. 

5.1 Cotton

Cotton straps are the most comfortable type of gym wrist straps. They give a soft feeling to your skin. Moreover, they are very efficient in absorbing sweat. 

However, they are less durable as compared to nylon and leather. 

Gym Wrist Straps 10

Figure 6. Cotton gym wrist strap

5.2 Nylon

Nylon straps are the most durable ones. They are commonly used in Olympic weightlifting. This material quickly releases the bar. However, they do not have excellent sweat-absorbing characteristics. 

They get sweaty very easily because of their smooth surface that can reduce the intensity of grip. 

Gym Wrist Straps 11

Figure 7. Nylon Gym Wrist strap

5.3 Leather

Leather straps are the most durable of all types. However, it depends a lot on the quality of leather. They are easy to keep in place and offer great stability. However, some users might find it very harsh on the skin. Besides, they are less efficient in absorbing sweat as compared to cotton. 

Gym Wrist Straps 12

Figure 8. Leather gym wrist strap

6. Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of the gym wrist strap depends on the material. The generalized process of cotton straps is as follows:

6.1 Weaving

The threads are first weaved into straps. This step greatly determines the quality and strength of the strap. The best quality straps will be made from durable yarn that is closely weaved together. 

6.2 Coloring

Gym wrist straps can be customized in any color you want. This is because all straps are firstly made from plain yarn that is then colorized in the required color. 

6.3 Stitching

After coloring, the straps are precisely cut and stitched into the required shape. Quality manufacturers use double block stitching for gym wrist straps. 

Some manufacturers also use different colors for the stitching. For Example, red or blue stitching on a black strap. It makes them more attractive. 

The brand logo is also stitched to make personalized gym wrist straps in this step. 

7. Maintenance

Gym wrist straps are very easy to maintain. They can either be cleaned in a washing machine or you can also use mild cleaning solutions and a damp cloth to clean them. 

8. Conclusion

A gym wrist strap might look like a simple accessory, but it has multiple features.

To obtain most of its functionalities, it should be chosen according to the intended purpose. 

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