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  • Keep the weight disk from becoming loose
A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 1
A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 6


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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars

Gym accessories are as beneficial as gym machines. Something as small as a custom barbell collar holds much significance.

Barbell collars are essential for weightlifting. They are versatile & available with most wholesalers.

If you are looking for custom barbell collars, then this article is for you. It contains all the information that you will need to make your choice.

Hopefully, you will find it helpful in your search for custom barbell collars.

Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

Custom Barbell Collars Definition

Barbell collars are a safety accessory for barbells. They keep the weight plates loaded on the barbells in place.

Wholesale barbell collars are customizable.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 9

Figure 1 – Custom Barbell collars

Purpose of Custom Barbell Collars

Barbell collars are used to secure the weight plates on the barbell. In the absence of these collars, weight plates can slip, resulting in an injury.

Barbell collars also keep the weights fixed in place. It prevents movement or wobbling when the barbell is in use.

As I have mentioned above, barbell collars are essential safety equipment. They should be used on all occasions.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 10

Figure 2 – Barbell safety equipment

Benefits of Barbell Collars

There are five main benefits of using barbell collars:

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Concentration
  • Protect the gym floor
  • Investment
A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 11

Figure 3 – Barbell collars are a must for gym safety!


Barbell collars ensure a safe workout experience. Barbells in commercial gyms are used many times, making them slippery. 

Lifting with such barbells without barbell locks is dangerous.

Lifting without barbell collars doesn’t affect muscle growth & has no other benefits. Therefore, all commercial gyms should stock up on barbell collars to improve safety.


One of the best things a barbell lock does is to keep the weight plates at a similar distance from the grip on both sides.

If the weight plates shift or slide, it will result in a weight imbalance. It leads to poor performance & muscle development.

Barbell collars keep the weight plates in place & improve overall performance as well.


Barbell collars improve safety & prevent weights from slipping or wobbling. This feeling of security improves concentration during the workout.

Protecting the Gym Floor

Without barbell collars, weight plates can slide off the rod & fall on the gym floor. It is not only an injury hazard but causes damage to the gym floor as well.

The use of barbell collars in commercial gyms saves on these avoidable expenses in the long run.


Custom barbell collars are a good investment in the long run. Most are made of high quality & sturdy materials. 

You can buy wholesale custom barbell collars in bulk. They will last you for many years & will prove to be an asset to your brand.

Types of Custom Barbell Collars

There are many different types of custom barbell collars available in the market. Such as:

  • Spring clamps
  • Lockjaw clamps
  • Screw clamps
  • Spinlock collars

Spring Clamps

These are also called clamp collars. These have two prongs, which have to be pressed by hand for the clamp to open.

They are straightforward to use. Press the prongs to widen the clamp opening, slide onto the barbell & let go.

These are present in most commercial gyms. They are inexpensive & commonly available. Apart from affordability, these clamps are easy to use & slide onto the barbell quickly.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 12

Figure 4 – A spring collar or clamp

Lockjaw Clamps or Collars

These are essentially an upgrade to spring collars. They are circular & have a locking clip at the top. Press up to open the clip, slide the clamp on the barbell & secure it by pressing the locking clip close.

These are also pressure-activated & sturdy. Lockjaw clamps are easy to put on & take off the barbells.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 13

Figure 5 – A lockjaw clamp securing the weight plates

Screw Clamps or Collars

These collars have a screw at one end. Once slipped onto the barbell & in place, the screw is twisted until the collar is secure.

They are mostly made of metal & more expensive than other barbell collars. They are also time-consuming to use.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 14

Figure 6 – Screw clamps or collars

Spinlock Collars

Spinlock collars are available with their barbells or dumbbells as a set. They are not usable with other barbells. 

These have to be screwed on like a nut on a bolt. These are not too expensive & work well as a set. If they come loose during a workout, they can be tightened on the spot.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 15

Figure 7 – Spinlock collars

Materials Of Custom Barbell Collars

Custom barbell collars make the use of materials like:

  • High-gauge steel, plastic 
  • TPA
  • Metal covered with ABS plastic
  • Nylon
  • Aluminum alloy

Plain plastic barbell collars suffer from early wear & tear. They are stretchable but prone to slipping.

The rest of the materials have their pros & cons. Generally, they are durable & sturdy, some more so than others.

As a rule, aluminum barbell collars are lightweight & do not add much to the overall weight lifted. Steel collars add approx. 5 lbs. to the overall weight.

Yanre Fitness barbell collars use TPA, nylon, or aluminum alloy to make them long-lasting.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 16

Figure 8 – Parts of a Lockjaw barbell collar

Specifications of a Custom Barbell Collar

The approximate specifications of barbell collars are as follows:

Weight: 300 – 400 grams or above (for TPA, nylon, or aluminum collars), 2.5 Kgs or 5.5 lbs.      approx. for metal collars.

Inner diameter: 45-50 mm approximately

Outer diameter: 7-9 cm, or more

Width: 1-1.5 inches approximately

Color: Customizable

Standard Barbell Collars versus Olympic Barbell Collars

The difference between a standard barbell collar & an Olympic one is the fit. One fits the 2-inch Olympic size bar, while the other fits the standard 1-inch bar.

Manufacturers list the clamp size on their websites. It is an important thing to look out for when placing a bulk order.

One size collar will not fit both bars.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 17

Figure 9 – Barbell collar for a standard bar

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 18

Figure 10 – Barbell collar for an Olympic bar

Locking Barbell Collars and Spring Clamps

Although these perform the same function, that is where the similarity ends. The differences between the two are:

Cost more than spring clamps
Very sturdy & long-lasting
Easy to use
Slide without friction
Secure more weight
Less sturdy comparatively
A struggle to put on
More friction between collar & rod
Secure less weight

For heavier weight loads locking or lockjaw barbell clamps are a better choice as compared to simple spring clamps.

Lifting without Custom Barbell Collars

In simple words, lifting without barbell collars is ill-advised. Weight plates can fall while in use, which will result in injuries.

Not to mention, the collateral damage to the gym floor & reputation. The imbalance caused by sliding weights results in poor form & pulled muscles. 

Custom barbell collars are a beneficial long-term investment for any commercial gym or business.

A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 19

Figure 11 – Yanre Fitness’s locking barbell collars

Weight of the Custom Barbell Collars

Depending on its construction, the weight of a barbell collar may vary. Aluminum, nylon, or TPA collars weigh between 300 – 400 grams approximately.

Whereas, metal (steel) ones can weigh up to 2.5 Kgs or 5.5 pounds.

The weight of a barbell collar is crucial because it will add to the maximum weight being lifted.

Customizing Barbell Collars

By placing a wholesale order with a manufacturer, you will get the option to have it customized.

Discuss your needs with them & they will give you options for customization.

Yanre Fitness (e.g.) will give you personalized barbell collars by customizing the:

  • Color
  • Logo
  • Logo design & font
  • Packaging

The benefits of customized products include:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Better sales
  • Word of mouth marketing & more.
A Definitive Guide to Custom Barbell Collars 20

Figure 12 – Custom colors of barbell collars

Considerations for Buying Custom Barbell Collars

Before placing an order for custom barbell collars in bulk, consider the following points:

  • Materials & design
  • Weight & holding capacity
  • Size
  • Easy to use
  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Locking mechanism

Materials & Design

Common materials for barbell collars include ABS plastic, TPA, nylon, stainless steel. Good quality barbell collars have a combination of two or more of these materials.

High-grade construction leads to durability & stability. Have a closer look at the material used for the hinges too. Stainless steel hinges are sturdier than the rest.

Where possible, always choose a barbell collar with a simple design. This will ensure ease of use & a small learning curve.

Weight & Holding Capacity

The weight of a barbell collar should be the same as stated by the manufacturer. Too much variation between the two reflects poorly on the quality of the product.

The holding capacity is the weight a barbell collar can secure properly without damage. Collars with high holding capacities are better in the long run.

Barbells with a low weight capacity are easily damaged & purchasing again & again affects the overall cost.


Barbell collars come in different sizes. One fits the 1-inch standard barbells & the other is for the 2-inch Olympic barbells.

Look closely at the specifications quoted on the manufacturer’s website. The size of the barbell collars is always mentioned.

Choose the correct size according to your business’s needs.

Easy to Use

Comfort is the way to go. Even the top-quality barbell collars will fail if they are not easy to use.

For the locking collars make sure the locking pin is long enough so it’s easy to hold. Spring clamps should have large handles so they are easy to press.

If it takes too long for a barbell collar to slip on & off the bar, no one will use it.


Fragile gym accessories have no place in commercial gyms. This is true for barbell collars as well.

Barbell collars need to be durable enough to overcome falling on the floor & rough handling.

Locking Mechanism

A spring clamp has probably the simplest locking mechanism of all barbell collars.  Though, it also makes them prone to loosening or sliding off if the holding capacity is exceeded.

Locking barbell collars have the most secure mechanism. The locking pin needs to be long enough for easy access but the rest is pretty straightforward.


This is a must. Look at the manufacturer’s warranty period before buying in bulk. Don’t choose manufacturers who are vague about the warranty period or what it entails.


In conclusion, barbell collars may be small in size, but they have many benefits. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of barbell collars.

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