Commercial Gym Equipment – Definitive FAQ Guide

Do you have an interest in commercial gym equipment? Do you want to know about them or wish to purchase them for your gym?

Hope this FAQ guide will help you to know about commercial gym equipment. 

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What is commercial gym equipment?

The equipment that is used commercially is called commercial gym equipment. Commercial gym equipment means the equipment used in a prominent place and for a large group of people. 

Commercial gym equipment is made for them; they can exercise with heavy equipment at the commercial gym center.

Commercial Gym Equipment 1

Figure 1: Commercial gym equipment at the gym center

What are the types of commercial gym equipment?

The types of commercial gym equipment are mentioned below:

  1. Crossfit Equipment
  2. Gym dumbbell
  3. Foam roller
  4. Gym flooring mat
  5. Resistance band
  6. Weight plate
  7. Yoga accessories
  8. Kettlebell
  9. Cardio
Commercial Gym Equipment 2

Figure 2: Gym equipment

Crossfit equipment

Crossfit is one of the famous exercises with gym equipment. It is a challenging move for beginners. It works for the whole body to enhance strength and loses weight.

There are various kinds of gym equipment under this Crossfit category. Such as:

  • Battle rope
  • Medicine ball
  • Fat grip
  • Slamball
  • Wallball
  • Aerobic stepper
  • Barbell

Yanre also supplies this Crossfit equipment. 

Commercial Gym Equipment 3

Figure 3: One of Crossfit training

Gym dumbbell

The gym dumbbell is a pair of weights with a short handle. It is used in one or both hands. It helps to do motion exercise with muscle growth. It also enhances shoulder strength. The followings are some of the gym dumbbells:

  • Rubber coated hex dumbbell
  • Urethane round head dumbbell
  • Urethane 12-sided dumbbell 
  • Neoprene dumbbell
  • Vinyl dumbbell
  • Rethane hex dumbbell 
  • Urethane 10-sided dumbbell
  • Roundhead rubber barbell 
  • Urethane round head barbell fixed weight straight
Commercial Gym Equipment 4

Figure 4: Neoprene dumbbell

Foam roller

The foam roller is a roller that reduces soreness. It helps the muscle to increase flexibility and motion. Besides, the foam roller eliminates muscle tightness also. It is very user-friendly commercial gym equipment.

Commercial Gym Equipment 5

Figure 5: The foam roller

Gym flooring mat

The gym flooring mat is one of the essential parts of any gym center. It is used while exercising because it protects people from injury and reduces sound. Maintaining a gym floor mat is very easy.

Commercial Gym Equipment 6

Figure 6: Gym floor mat

Resistance band

For weight losing exercise, resistance bands are one of the best commercial gym equipment. It is made with latex rubber. It also helps to improve the flexibility of muscles and recovers damage after injuries like physiotherapy.

Commercial Gym Equipment 7

Figure 7: Resistance band

Weight Plates

Weight plates are round-shaped heavy cast iron plates that are used for weight lifting. It is essential for both home gym and training center or competition. There are some different types of weight plates. The following  weight plates are needed:

  1. Rubber weight plates
  2. Olympic weight plates
  • Competition Olympic weight plates
  • Technique Olympic weight plates
  • Training Olympic weight plates
  • Bumper Olympic weight plates
  1. Steel weight plates
  2. Standard weight plates
  3. Iron weight plates
  4. Urethane weight plates
Commercial Gym Equipment 8

Figure 8: Weight Plates

Yoga Accessories

While doing yoga, many accessories are always essential. So, they are also used as commercial gym equipment. The followings are vital accessories:

  1. Yoga mat
  • PVC yoga mat
  • EVA yoga mat
  • PER yoga mat
  • NBR yoga mat
  • Latex yoga mat
  • Cotton yoga mat
  • Jute yoga mat
  • Cork yoga mat
  1. Yoga ball
  2. Massage stick
  3. Bosu ball
  4. Yoga block
  5. Yoga towel
  6. Yoga Strap
Commercial Gym Equipment 9

Figure 9: Yoga mat


A kettlebell is an iron ball with a handle. It works for the shoulder. It enhances the flexibility of arms and body balance. There are three essential kettlebells. Such as:

  • Cast Iron kettlebell
  • Rubber kettlebell
  • Urethane kettlebell
Commercial Gym Equipment 10

Figure 10: Kettlebell

Cardio gym equipment

Cardio exercise is that exercise that helps to increase heart rate and lose weight with high calories. There are various kinds of cardio exercises with various cardio gym equipment. They are:

  • Air bike
  • EMS upright bike
  • EMS recumbent bike
  • EMS stepper
  • Rowing machine
  • Spine bike
  • Treadmill

Besides all these, Yanre Fitness is providing some other equipment also. The followings are other commercial gym equipment:

  • Standing lateral raise machine
  • Smith machine with cables crossover
  • Training bench etc.
Commercial Gym Equipment 11

Figure 11: Treadmill 

What are the differences between commercial gym equipment and personal gym equipment?

There are many differences between commercial and personal gym equipment. Such as:

Commercial gym equipmentPersonal gym equipment
It is designed for commercial use as a gym center.It is designed only for personal use in a home gym.
Commercial gym equipment is more comfortable.It is less comfortable than commercial gym equipment.
This equipment is heavier and bigger.It is light and smaller.
For a long time exercising.Short-time exercise.
Higher quality with much durability.Less durability than commercial gym equipment.
Highly structured equipment.The structure of this equipment is not so high.
Absorb high charge of power.Not so much power charging.
More than one or a group of people can use this continuously.It is just for personal use.
Commercial Gym Equipment 12

Figure 12: Personal gym equipment vs. commercial gym equipment

What are the factors you should consider before choosing commercial gym equipment?

Before choosing commercial gym equipment, you should remember the following things:

Space of gym

As the commercial is heavy and big, the first thing is to understand the space of the gym center. It is essential to match the area and the gym equipment for comfortable exercising.

Latest equipment

You need to be sure the equipment is based on advanced technology power. Nowadays, without technology power, nothing is the latest. So, you need to make sure before choosing commercial gym equipment that is highly technology-based.

Durable commercial gym equipment

It is vital to remember that the gym equipment you are choosing should be durable and user-friendly. Then you will get a better result from exercising for a long time.

Avoid believing fake reviews.

While choosing commercial gym equipment, you should check the honest customer reviews about commercial gym equipment. So, you should verify the reviews; otherwise, you can get fake equipment.

Priority of good quality

Before choosing commercial gym equipment, you should avoid low-quality equipment. When you buy commercial gym equipment for your gym or trade center, you should find a quality product.

Commercial Gym Equipment 13

Figure 13: Enough space needed for commercial gym equipment.

How to maintain the commercial gym equipment?

After purchasing commercial gym equipment, you should properly maintain them. Then the gym equipment can be an asset for you for a long time. The followings are the ways of maintaining the commercial gym equipment:

  • Measure the temperature

You should measure the temperature of the gym center in a routine system because high temperatures can harm the metal of gym equipment. It can reduce the power of technology-based equipment.

  • Enough lighting and ventilation

To maintain commercial gym equipment properly, you should be concerned about enough lighting and ventilation to prevent rust on gym equipment.

  • Regular cleaning of the equipment

You should ensure the cleaning of commercial gym equipment regularly. It will keep the equipment sweat-free after exercising. Besides this, maintaining hygiene is essential.

  • Routine examination of the equipment.

Various people can come to your gym and exercise there. So, you should ensure the safety of them. You should examine the commercial gym in a routine system. If you get a fault, immediately take action to repair the equipment.

Commercial Gym Equipment 14

Figure 14: Cleaning of commercial gym equipment

Which countries are providing commercial gym equipment?

Many countries provide commercial gym equipment worldwide. The followings are the countries that are advance to provide:

  • China
  • Germany
  • United States
  • Korea
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Vietnam

Yanre Fitness is one of the manufacturers in China. They are manufacturing commercial gym equipment and supplying worldwide. Yanre Fitness is ready to provide you with all kinds of commercial gym equipment needed for your gym center.

Why is the commercial gym equipment industry growing faster in China?

Nowadays, China is growing faster in manufacturing commercial gym equipment. There are some logical reasons behind this growth. Such as:

  • Increase of retailer

The new retailer market is one of the main reasons. In China, retailers increase the demand for gym equipment. But the wholesaler has also contributed to raising the demand for commercial gym equipment.

  • Cheap labor cost

Labor costs are relatively cheaper in China than in other countries. So, manufacturers can focus on the quality of equipment. That’s why people’s interest is growing in China manufacturers.

  • Use of technology

China tries to apply technology in every sector of manufacturing. So, Commercial gym equipment also has the effect of technology. 

The latest technology-based gym equipment is undoubtedly better than before now. So, China’s industry is growing faster by applying technology.

  • Timely shipping 

China’s manufacturers are always ready to supply the equipment in time. They try to keep the focus on shipping time. For that, wholesalers worldwide believe them and purchase from them.

  • Positive reviews

There are many B2B websites on the internet, who sell Chinese commercial gym equipment wholesale. There you can find positive reviews about equipment easily. Worldwide, customers verify the reviews and keep trust in Chinese manufacturers.

Commercial Gym Equipment 15

Figure 15: China growing faster

Are all kinds of commercial gym equipment available at a wholesale rate?

Yes, all kinds of commercial gym equipment are available wholesale. Many manufacturers supply commercial gym equipment at a wholesale rate. You can find all equipment at B2B websites like,,

In China, Yanre Fitness is a manufacturer that has experience of more than 20 years of wholesaling all kinds of commercial gym equipment.

Commercial Gym Equipment 16

Figure 16: Yanre Fitness

Why is it necessary to purchase from a commercial gym equipment manufacturer directly?

There are many benefits to purchasing from a commercial gym equipment manufacturer directly. Have a look at the followings:

  • Possible to get a genuine commercial equipment manufacturer.
  • Can verify the product sample.
  • Can get advanced features at a lower cost but good quality. 
  • No hassle of connecting the third party.
  • Possible to take equipment adjusting with gym space.
  • Can get the latest version of commercial gym equipment.

How to buy commercial gym equipment from China?

To establish a complete gym center or trade center,  you need perfect quality equipment set up. In China, commercial gym equipment is of excellent quality. 

So, you can import commercial gym equipment from China. So, the followings are the way of buying equipment from China:

  • List out what you need to buy.
  • Find a trusted supplier from China. 
  • Send them your requirements. 
  • Verify whether the products are sustainable and unique or not.
  • Calculate the profit with cost.
  • Place an order for purchasing.
  • Make sure equipment is permissible to import.
  • Get importing permission.
  • Payment.
  • Clear the products from customs after arrival the equipment and
  • Set up your gym or trade center with commercial gym equipment.

Are the websites on the internet trusted to buy commercial gym equipment?

Yes, the websites are trusted to buy gym equipment, so if you are interested in buying commercial gym equipment online, research the websites and decide to purchase.

Yanre Fitness also runs its website to reach the target market. It is a trusted company by which you can get your desired commercial gym equipment.

Commercial Gym Equipment 17

Figure 17: Yanre Fitness

How to contact the suppliers of commercial gym equipment from overseas?

To contact the domestic supplier is very easy but contacting overseas suppliers is tougher. There are many ways to contact the suppliers of commercial gym equipment from overseas. The followings are the ways:

  • Through the third party
  • Sales manager of the overseas company
  • Over mail
  • Website live chat
  • Through social media
  • Online advertisement
  • Over phone and
  • Visit in person or visit the factory. 
Commercial Gym Equipment 18

Figure 18: Contacting overseas suppliers


Hope all the questions mentioned above and answers can provide you all the information about commercial gym equipment you need to know.

If you have any more queries in your mind regarding commercial gym equipment, feel free to contact the Yanre team. 

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