Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust

Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 5

Lat pulldown exercises are a must for any gym-goer in your facility. It enhances and strengthens the lats or the large back muscles from the shoulders to the nape of their neck.

That large muscle alone is responsible for providing your gym exercisers the right form in doing any workout. That’s why the exercise must be done perfectly to avoid any cramping in that area. Serious injuries can happen if the lat pulldown exercise is not done as it should be.

What better equipment to do that than the lat pulldown machine itself? But do you know which lat pulldown machine is best for your gym?

We are here to solve that problem. We’ve picked some of the finest commercial lat pulldown machines in the hood today and we will lay all of them down to your doorstep.

Are you ready?

This will be an in-depth review and evaluation so prepare to learn and be amazed!

Table of Contents

If you can’t spare some time to read through the review, here’s a quick comparison guide of our choices and our recommendations for the best commercial lat pulldown machine for each type of gym.

1. Quick Comparison Guide

(Best Lat Pulldown Machines in the Market 2021)

Product NameSize (in)Equipment Weight (lbs)FeaturesPrice (USD)

Impulse IF9302 Lat Pulldown
63.4 x 52.7 x 75.6220Additional vertical row exercise 3,940

Matrix Magnum MG-PL33 Lat Pulldown
72 x 48.5 x 75 282Divergent Independent Arms2,236

Yanre 82004 Iso-Lateral Front Lat Pulldown
80 x 58 x 71.2363Ergonomic design, divergent and convergent independent armsRequest a quote from the Manufacturer

Tianzhan TZ-X6008 Lat Pulldown Fitness Equipment
53.2 x 40.8 x 74537Arc movement of the lat pulldown650

WNQ F1-5235 Commercial Pulldown Trainer
62.8 x 46.4 x 82548Can function as a semi cable machine2,868

BFT Fitness BFT3089B Dual Pulldown Row Machine
72.8 x 28 x 88176Very lightweight and compactRequest a quote from the Manufacturer

Ganas KY-6704 Lat High Pull-Down Machine
49.2 x 48.8 x 75473With miscellaneous equipment for bench press and seated cable exercises700

JX Fitness J500-05 Commercial Gym Equipment Lat Pulldown
71.2 x 56.2 x 82.2376With six weight horns, each can hold 100 kg capacityRequest a quote from the Manufacturer

BodyStrong Indoor Exercise Fitness Lat Pull Down TNT-012
52 x 55.2 x 93.2605Designed thru ergonomics and biomechanics principlesRequest a quote from the Manufacturer

MBH Lat Pull Down (MDM-012)
61.4 x 67.4 x 84.4607Medium grade lat pulldown machine400

2. Our Recommendations

Best Lat Pulldown Machines of 2021

  • Impulse IF9302 Lat Pulldown
  • Matrix Magnum MG-PL33 Lat Pulldown
  • Yanre 82004 Iso-Lateral Front Lat Pulldown
  • Tianzhan TZ-X6008 Lat Pulldown Fitness Equipment
  • WNQ F1-5235 Commercial Pulldown Trainer
  • BFT Fitness BFT3089B Dual Pulldown Row Machine
  • Ganas KY-6704 Lat High Pull-Down Machine
  • JX Fitness J500-05 Commercial Gym Equipment Lat Pulldown
  • BodyStrong Indoor Exercise Fitness Lat Pull Down TNT-012
  • MBH Lat Pull Down (MDM-012)

3. Best Lat Pulldown Machines of 2021

Impulse IF9302 Lat Pulldown

Technical Specifications 
Dimension63.4 x 52.7 x 75.6 in (1585 x 1318 x 1891 mm)
Equipment Weight220 lbs (100kg)
Weight stack limit200 lbs (91 kg)
Optional Weight Stack158 lbs/233 lbs/295 lbs (72 kg/106 kg/134 kg)
Main Frame Size2 x 4 x 0.10 in (50 x 100 x 2.5mm) – L x W x T
AccessoriesCup holder
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 6

Figure 2: Impulse IF9302 Lat Pulldown

The Impulse IF9302 lat pulldown machine is one of the series of dual-function fixed-resistance pieces of equipment launched by Impulse Health Tech Co. Ltd. The multinational gym equipment manufacturer’s brands are one of the best in the gym equipment industry.

The IF9302 offers a lat pulldown and vertical row exercise that commercial fitness gyms like yours can make use of to save space and investment money. It’s promised to have a superb heavy-duty build and would not budge a bit for a long time. Let’s find proof if that’s really true.

Main Frame

The Impulse IF9302’s main frame is made from rectangular tubing with a thickness of 2.5mm. The thickness of the steel in itself can withstand continuous vibrations and sudden impacts from using the lat pulldown machine.

When you add to it the size of the tubing (4” x 2”), it becomes a more powerful and durable main frame. It can endure long-duration sudden high-intensity impacts and constant vibrations.


For those who are not familiar with what a shroud is, it is the covering of the weight stack, pulley, and pin load system. It protects it from being damaged or worn out by dust and other elements. 

The shroud for Impulse IF9302 is made of ABS translucent plastic that is quite durable. It also has a strong resistance to scratches and impact. This assures that the delicate system of your selectorized Impulse IF9302 is well-guarded and would not break any time soon.


For the seat cushion, roller pad, optional back pad, and chest pad, the IF9302 uses polymer materials. Polymer cushioning is known to be durable and will last for a long time. Additionally, these parts of the Impulse IF9302 are designed to give the best comfort to your users at the gym.

They have been designed ergonomically. So they not only help for the comfort of your clients but also guide their bodies in the right form when doing the lat pull down.


Ergonomic handlebars made of TPV rubber are installed in the Impulse IF9302. The TPV rubber is very strong, flexible, and has high resistance to fats and oils. These properties of the TPV material assure you that it will last longer. 

It is also quite good for hygienic purposes. It is expected that too many hands will use the lat pulldown machine so hygiene is of great importance.

Accessories and Adjustments

In the Impulse IF9302 lat pulldown machine, the seat and the roller pads are fully adjustable to fit the body configuration of the user. That means anyone can use the lat pulldown machine in your gym.

The Impulse IF9302 also is equipped with a cup holder that can be very convenient for your users. They need to always hydrate while doing an intense workout in the lat pulldown machine.


  • Tested and proven durability of the lat pulldown machine
  • Ergonomic seats and pad roller and well-designed system of motion of the machine.
  • Professional and suave design
  • Durable upholstery so you won’t need to change them for years.
  • Handgrips have an added sanitary property to them that you can’t find in other lat pulldown machines.


  • Price at $ 3,940 US is too steep for a standalone lat pulldown machine.

Matrix Matrix Magnum MG-PL33 Lat Pulldown

Technical Specifications 
Dimension72 x 48.5 x 75 in (1829 x 1232 x 1905 mm)
Equipment Weight282 lbs (128 kg)
Max Training Weight540 lbs (245kg)
Max User Weight350 lbs (159 kg)
Plate Storage2
FeaturesEasy location and color-coded adjustment points
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 7

Figure 3: Matrix Matrix Magnum MG-PL33 Lat Pulldown

The Matrix Matrix Magnum MG-PL33 Lat Pulldown machine is just one of the machines released in Matrix’s line of Magnum machines. It’s built particularly for professional athletes’ body conditioning needs.

You can expect that the Matrix MG-PL33 will have ergonomic, heavy-duty, and more than average weight capacities to provide the specific needs of pro athletes in your fitness center. Care to know what they are?

Diverging Independent Arms

Unlike most lat pull-down machines that have one lever or arms connected for the machine, the MG-PL33 has innovated having separate arms for the machine. This is to give pro athletes and anyone in your gym the chance for isolating muscles of one arm.

The separated arms of the lat pulldown also allow for a more natural movement of their 56/ body. Your users in the gym can take advantage of this by providing the right amount of stress each side of the lat needs to improve more.

Absolute Equipment Protection

Since the manufacturer understands that the lat pulldown will be used intensively in professional gyms like yours, the Magnum PL-33 has been fully protected to ensure its durability.

Magnum PL=33’s steel tube framing has undergone a two-coating powder process that has been developed by the manufacturer. It means all the steel sections of the Magnum PL-33 that hold it together can resist scratches, rusting, and other physical damages.

Another area of the Magnum PL-33 that is well protected is its seat and thigh pads. Both are wrapped with back and end plastics to protect them from tears and wearing. 

All these assure that you’ll need no maintenance work on the Matrix PL-33 for years!

Intuitive Adjustment of Thigh Pads

If you’ve noticed in the lat pulldowns you encountered so far, you’ll see that the thigh pads are always positioned horizontally. In the case of the Matrix Magnum MG-PL33, the pads are angled inwardly. 

The angled position of the thigh pads gives more comfort to your client’s knees. It generates less pressure to the thighs giving them more wiggle room to respond to the exercise naturally.

The thigh pads are also easily activated by releasing them from the yellow knob in front of the user. They can adjust its height and then insert the knob again to lock it in place. The whole adjustment will only take a second. And your clients can start their strength training workout.

Other Miscellaneous Features

Another feature of the Matrix Magnum PL-33 is its clearly marked-out adjustment points. The highly visible markings of the knobs and pins make it convenient for both novice and advance users. 

These adjustment points are also conveniently located. So, your users do not need to stand when doing the necessary adjustments to the equipment.


  • Equipment is built to last.
  • It encourages a more versatile and focused lat pulldown exercise.
  • Isolation training is possible because of the divergent independent arms of the Magnum PL-33.
  • Easy to use lat pulldown machine that’s convenient for both novice and advanced users.


  • The price of $2,200 apiece can be too much for single-function equipment.
  • Built for gyms that have professional weight lifting clients. So, it may not be the best lat pulldown machine for gyms that cater to the general public where the fitness levels of everyone are too diverse.

Yanre 82004 Iso-Lateral Front Lat Pulldown

Technical Specifications 
Dimension80 x 58 x 71.2 In (2000 x 1450 x 1780 mm)
Equipment Weight363 lbs (165 kg)
Main FrameQ235 Steel, 40 x 80 x3.0 mm pipe
Weight plate sleeves materialHard chrome plated
Plate Storage2
FeaturesDiverging and converging path motions
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 8

Figure 4: Yanre 82004 Iso-Lateral Front Lat Pulldown

The Yanre 82004 Iso-Lateral Front lat pulldown machine is patented by Eastern Shanghai Yanre Fitness. It is borne of an ergonomic design and superb functionality engineered by the dedicated R&D team of the manufacturer. 

If you are looking for a durable and functional lat pulldown machine, maybe Yanre 82004 is the right one for your gym and fitness facility.

Main Frame

Yanre 82004 boasts a main frame made of Q235 steel. The material is known to have excellent durability and flexibility in terms of being easily molded. 

What’s great about using Q235 steel is it can be molded without applying heat to the metal. It is a fact that when metal or steel is exposed to heat when cast, it loses some of its strength. With the Q235 steel in Yanre 82004’s main frame, you are assured that its strength remains before and after it is constructed for the lat pulldown machine.

With its tube thickness at 3.0mm, the main frame for Yanre 82004 is geared for heavy-duty use. It promises to withstand high impacts and constant vibrations. 

For its main frame material and thickness, the durability of the Yanre 82004 is geared to be used for small to large-scale commercial fitness outfits like yours.

Converging and Diverging Path of Motions

The Yanre 82004 has been designed to operate in either a converging or diverging path of motion when doing the lat pulldown exercise. But what does that really mean?

For starters, a converging motion means that users can pull the lat pulldown into the center when doing the exercise. It helps them develop not only their back muscles or lats but also their chest area and core. This converging motion is very convenient for your users who want to enhance their stamina, body stability, and range of motion.

As with the diverging motion, it moves your users’ arms to the side while doing the lat pulldown exercise. The diverging direction gives a more natural path of motion for the exercise of the lats. That means your users can enjoy a more focused lat pulldown exercise.

Isolated Training

Besides the versatile path of motions that the Yanre 82004 offers, your users can enjoy greater exercise efficiency with its separate weight horns. Your users can use different sets of weights on each side.

This convenience is especially helpful for exercisers that have muscle strength imbalance. One side of the lats muscle is weaker or stronger than the other side. When this happens, using the same weight amounts for both sides will just make their condition worse.

Adding to that, Yanre 82004 can be used for more focused muscle training on either side of the lats. Your users can choose to develop their left or right-side lats more when they need to.

Overall Equipment Protection

Aside from the very durable main frame of the Yanre 82004, its components are also well-protected. This is to ensure that you will not spend for its maintenance work in 2 to 5 years.

Yanre 82004’s main frame and steel components are sealed and safeguarded by hard chrome plating. The hard chrome plating makes the metal parts of the Yanre 82004 resistant to corrosion and wear and tear.

Its seat and thigh pads are covered with PU leather “furniture grade” upholstery. “Furniture grade” means its stitches are done for heavy-duty use. 

Not only that, but they also have an ABS guard cover. This protective covering makes the seat and thigh pads resistant to impacts, chemical corrosion, and other environmental conditions.

With these well-protected components, you don’t have to worry about equipment maintenance for the Yanre 82004 for years to come!


  • Heavy-duty lat pulldown machine.
  • No maintenance work for 2 to 5 years.
  • A more versatile function for the different needs of your users.
  • Isolated muscle training is possible.
  • With an affordable price of only $ 700.
  • You can transact your business directly with the manufacturer.
  • Equipment is fully protected to ensure that its components will last for a long time.


  • Has a somewhat bulky size. It might not fit easily into gyms that have tight spaces.
  • Users may need instruction on how to properly use the equipment to their advantage.

Tianzhan TZ-X6008 Lat Pulldown Fitness Equipment

Technical Specifications 
Dimension53.2 x 40.8 x 74 In (1330 x 1020 x 1850 mm)
Equipment Weight537 lbs (244 kg)
Main FrameQ235, 60 x 120 x 3mm oval tube
Maximum Weight stack209 lbs (95 kg)
CableSteel with PVC jacket
Seat and back supportPU foam with synthetic leather
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 9

Figure 5: Tianzhan TZ-X6008 Lat Pulldown Fitness Equipment

The TZ-X6008 is one of the few selectorized lat pulldown machines in the market that is geared for heavy-duty use. It is designed for versatility of use. The TZ-X6008 has an arc movement that can be of use for both beginners and advanced lat pulldown exercisers.

Main Frame

TZ-X6008 lat pulldown equipment’s frame is made of Q235 steel with a thickness of 3.0mm. The material and the size are just like that of Yanre 82004. The only difference is the shape of the tube.

This means that the heavy-duty characteristic of TZ-X6008 is comparable to that of the Yanre 82004. It makes the lat pulldown machine durable beyond years to come.

Signature Arc Movement

Because of its unique design, the TZ-X6008 is operated differently than other lat pulldowns in the market. 

The exercise is done by pulling the handles from the sides down. It creates a more natural movement for your users. It also makes the movement more fluid and easier for beginners in your gym. 

This unique design frees any obstruction from your user’s line of sight. It makes them focus more on the exercise with fewer distractions.

Selectorized System

The TZ-X6008 lat pulldown has a weight stack capacity of 95kg. This amount of weight is more than enough for regular exercisers and those that are working out for a better body and health. 

TZ-X6008’s cable and pulley tandem for the selectorized operation is geared for heavy-duty use.  Its pulley is made of heavy-duty nylon with a 106mm diameter size. It is combined with a sealed bearing (6202-RS) which is more durable than cast iron ones.

For a premium quality cable, the TZ-X6008 uses a 3.5mm diameter steel cable. The cable is protected with a 5.5mm diameter PVC. The PVC is more than enough to shield the cable from wear and tear and corrosion.

Seat, Back Support, and Thigh Pads

The seat, back supports, and thigh pads for the TZ-X6008 are designed to give your users in the gym a more comfortable and ergonomic lat pulldown exercise.

All three of them can be adjusted in angular or vertical positions. This means your users will have more options so they could exactly adjust the lat pulldown machine according to their body configuration. 

TZ-X6008’s seat and back support are stuffed with PU foam that is durable and very flexible. It will not thin very easily with continued use. They are also covered with synthetic leather to keep them protected from wearing out easily.


  • The selectorized system will make the lat pulldown exercise more efficient and faster for your clients.
  • It is best for gyms that cater to general health exercisers.
  • Its components and main frame are geared for heavy-duty use.


  • Maintenance for a selectorized machine can be quite costly.
  • Need a certified mechanic to do the repair and regular maintenance work.
  • The weight stack limit cannot accommodate progressive strength training of advanced users or athletes.
  • Users may be confused about how to operate the machine since its system, the arc movement design is not quite known.

F1-5235 Commercial Pull-Down Trainer

Technical Specifications 
Dimension62.8 x 46.4 x 82 in (1570 x 1160 x 2050 mm)
Equipment Weight548 lbs (249 kg)
Max User Weight440 lbs(200 kg)
Main Frame76 mm dia x 3.00mm t
Maximum Weight stack240 lbs (110 kg)
Seat CushionPU foam
CoverSteel rear cover
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 10

Figure 6: F1-5235 Commercial Pull-Down Trainer

The WNQ F1-5235 Commercial Pulldown Trainer is another selectorized lat pulldown machine built for commercial use. Unlike most selectorized lat pulldowns that are of a single function, the F1-5235 can be used for several cable exercises! 

So, if you’re looking for a lat pulldown that can double up as a semi-cable machine, then maybe the F1-5235 is the right one for your commercial fitness establishment.

Main Frame

The F1-5235 is held together by a robust main frame using a 76mm diameter steel round tube with a thickness of 3.0mm. As it is known, a 3.0mm thickness of steel is more than enough to resist constant vibrations and high impact in the machine.

Another advantage of the F1-5235 lat pulldown’s main frame is its construction. The 76mm steel round tube is laser cut. The process ensures that the most accurate version of the equipment is made according to its blueprint.

More than that, all its main frame parts are put together by pre-programmed welding robots. That means you can expect a fully welded frame without any structural weaknesses whatsoever!

With the excellent material quality and well-guarded construction of the F1-52535’s main frame, you are sure you are buying into a long-lasting machine that will give you lots of profits soon!


Since the F1-5235 is a selectorized machine with a cable and pulley system, the manufacturer made use of this system to give it a multi-functional ability.

Unlike many of the lat pulldowns you see on the shelves with a lat bar dangling overhead, the F1-5235’s manufacturer used two D handles for the machine. The separate D handles opens a lot of cable exercises for your users at the gym!

They can do seated and single arm cable rows, tricep pulldown, and pushdowns, standing crunches, and many more. Your users at the gym can score total body strength training by using just the F1-5235. You’ll never know, maybe this machine will be the crowd favorite.


Another good advantage of the F1-5235 lat pulldown is its adjustment system. The seats and thigh pads are adjusted using an air spring auxiliary adjustment device. In layman’s terms, your users can accurately tweak the seat and thigh pads according to their body configuration and comfort.

You can do away with graduated knobs and adjustment tracks. The air spring adjustment system of the F1-5235 adjusts to the millimeter according to your user’s preference.

The air spring adjustment system is a sure way of saying goodbye to potential injuries and lawsuits that may occur because of poorly adjustable lat pulldown machines.

Overall Equipment Protection

To best assure you that the F1-5235 is a viable long-term investment, its components have been sufficiently protected to guarantee its longevity. The main frame of the F1-5235 is coated with a high-quality powder using static electricity. 

The process gives more durability to the main frame. The powder coating does not come off even after repeated light scratches are done on it. It also makes possible the protection of even the very tight spaces within the lat pulldown machine.

The seat and thigh pads of the F1-5235, have been secured with high-quality leather and industrially stitched. 


  • The multi-functionality of the equipment can save your gym lots of money.
  • It can be a space saver equipment if you have a tight gym space.
  • Its durability is overall very commendable.


  • High maintenance cost which is always present in any selectorized gym equipment.
  • Cable machine exercises are limited so you might still need to buy a single station cable machine if your customers need it.
  • The price for $2000 apiece may not be viable for gyms on a tight budget.

BFT Fitness BFT3089B Dual Pulldown Row Machine

Technical Specifications 
Dimension72.8 x 28 x 88 in (1820 x 700  x 2200mm)
Equipment Weight176 lbs (80 kg)
Max User Weight330 lbs (150 kg)
Main Frame122 x 107 x 2.5mm/ 50 x 100 x 2.5mm
Max Plate Bar660 lbs(300 kg)
Seat CushionPU foam
CoverSteel rear cover
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 11

Figure 7: BFT Fitness BFT3089B Dual Pulldown Row Machine

The BFT3089B is a one-of-a-kind plate-loaded lat pulldown machine. Unlike the traditional bulky plate machines, this one uses a cable and pulley system. The cable and pulley attached overhead and under the seat opens a lot of exercises other than the lat pulldown.

What’s more is even though it’s a multi-functional lat pulldown machine, the BFT3089B still remains the most compact lat pulldown presented in these top commercial lat pulldown machines line up. 

So, if you have a tight space in your facility but want more functionality in the exercise equipment you invest in, the BFT3089B may be a great buy for your fitness business.


As mentioned earlier, the BFT3089B dual pulldown machine is one-of-a-kind strength equipment. It uses a double pulley to help in lifting the load easier. 

The BFT3089B has a lat pulldown bar overhead and under the seat. This means that your users not only can get a lat pulldown exercise get going, they can also use the machine to do a number of cable exercises.

Just like a smith machine, the BFT3089B has guide rods installed at the back so that the Olympic bar with plates inserted on both sides can effortlessly glide up and down the track. 

The system uses a linear bearing to minimize friction. This makes sure that your users would not have to deal with jagged movements on the lat pulldown machine which can trigger muscle fatigue in a bad way.

With all this functionality, the BFT3089B remains compact. In fact, it’s the most compact lat pulldown machine we’ve ever encountered. It only takes up 14 square feet of space compared to the 20 that most lat pulldown machines need. 

Add to that compactness of the BFT3809B comes its very lightweight mass. It’s only 80kg or 160 lbs. That means you and your staff can easily reposition the BFT3089B in no time without much effort!

Main Frame

The BFT3089B uses rectangular tubes with a thickness of 2.5mm. This thickness is not as heavy-duty as you want it to be if you’re running a 20 to 50 capacity big box gym. But it’s a great option for small to mid-size gyms, personal training gyms, and specialized gyms like CrossFit and HIIT.

The main advantage of the BFT3089B’s framing lies in its compact design. It can fit into tight spaces plus it can withstand considerable amounts of impact and vibrations without a hitch!


Though its main frame keeps the BFT3089B from breaking down into pieces, its components should be on par too or more when durability is concerned.

That’s why the thigh pads and seat of the BFT3089B are protected with a thick leather cushion. Not only that, but the leather is also industrially double stitched to make sure that it does not come off any time soon.

Its lat pulldown handlebars have been equipped with aluminum wheels. The electronically suited jacket will enhance your users’ grip on the equipment and avoid any incidents. Plus, the aluminum sleeves will also keep the handles scratch-free and resistant to corrosion and sweat.


  • Its compact size is a space saver any gym owner would want to have.
  • The cable and pulley system of the BFT3089B will make it appealing to novice and advanced strength trainers in your gym.
  • Its main frame and components are made of high-quality materials and built to last.


  • Its main frame is not heavy-duty enough for large size gyms.
  • There are no weight horns to store the plates needed for your user’s exercise. So, the BFT3089B should be near a weight rack for the convenience of your users at the gym.
  • The double pulley system can be a disadvantage to some of your users who need to accurately have a lat pulldown progressive strength training.

Ganas KY-6704 Lat High Pull-Down Machine

Technical Specifications 
Dimension49.2 x 48.8 x 75 in (1230 x 1220  x 2100 mm)
Equipment Weight473 lbs (215 kg)
Max User Weight220 lbs (100 kg)
Main FrameQ235, 60 x 30 x 3.0mm 
With ShroudYes, Full 
Seat sizeXL, Bench press size
MultifunctionalityYes, seated cable exercises
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 12

Figure 8: Ganas KY-6704 Lat High Pull-Down Machine

Another commendable selectorized lat pulldown machine in our line up, the KY-6704 lat high pulldown machine is equipped for multi-functional exercises. The machine is sufficiently guarded by a 60 x 30 x 3.0mm Q235 steel tube for the expected high blows and constant vibrations while being used.

Do you think your gym needs a multi-functional lat pulldown machine for your sophisticated clients? Then the KY-6704 lat high pulldown machine may be just the equipment to invest into.

Selectorized System

As mentioned, the KY-6704 is a pin-loaded or selectorized lat pulldown machine. Its max weight limit can be customized depending on your gym’s needs. 

Like most of the few selectorized machines, the KY-6704’s weight stack is completely covered by a full steel shroud with a thickness of 3mm. That thickness of the shroud is more than sufficient to safeguard the weight stack and other behind-the-scenes components that make the machine work.

As for the cable and pulley system, the KY-6074 uses a double pulley to make it easier for users to pull on the weight attached to the cable. 

Its cable is made of a high-grade fiber core with a polyurethane coating. This type of cable can be used to lift a ton of weight. So, you are reassured that it will never snap any time soon.

Multi-Function Capability

Lat Pulldown

Of course, first on the line is its lat pulldown exercise capability. The KY-6074 has a meter long or 3ft in length lat pulldown bar hanging above.

When most lat pulldown machines have the lat bar just dangling overhead, the lat pulldown bar of the KY-6074 is secured on a carriage when it is not being used. This is to prevent any unwanted incident because of its extra-long lat bar.

Bench Press

The KY-6074 is not only equipped with a seat but a bench press which gives your users a number of exercises to perform in just one machine. 

So, with a KY-6074, be sure that a set of barbell weights and Olympic bars are just near it for your users’ convenience. You can also prepare dumbbells to give variety on the bench press workout of your clients.

Seated Cable Exercises

Not just the lat pulldown, a couple of D-handle attachments installed just in your users’ line of sight can offer them a variety of seated cable exercises. Double or single-arm seated cable rows can be done just as quickly after your users are done with their lat pulldown workout.

The KY-6074 is complete with an angled footrest to ensure that your users can generate enough strength to pull off repeated cable rows in the machine.

Equipment Protection 

 To assure you that the KY—6074 will not prematurely need maintenance, its components have been well protected.

For its main frame, a two-layer coating protects its steel components from corrosion, wear, and tear, and scratches. As with its thigh pads and seat, they are well shielded by their leather covering. The leather is industrially stitched to secure it in place.

The weight stacks being the most important part of the machine apart from its main frame are fully covered with a 3mm thick shroud. The shroud or metal covering can also withstand high impacts and vibrations.

The cable attachments are fastened to industrial-grade carabiners. You can be assured that the carabiners and the attachment will stick together no matter how great the pulling tension is when used.

As you can see, all the parts of the KY-6074 are fully protected to withstand pressures and other environmental factors. This is so you can be assured that your investment is In great hands in the KY-6074.


  • The multi-functionality of the KY-6074 offers a lot of various exercises for your users at the gym.
  • The selectorized system will let your users exercise more efficiently than on a plate-loaded lat pulldown machine.
  • The components of KY-6074 are completely protected to ensure that it will last long in your gym even after high impacts and constant vibrations.


  • The drawback of every selectorized machine is its high cost of maintenance which the KY-6074 is not exempted from.
  • The selectorized system also has limitations on its weight capacity, unlike plate-loaded ones.

JX Fitness J500-05 Commercial Gym Equipment Lat Pulldown

Technical Specifications 
Dimension71.2 x 56.2 x 82.2 in (1780 x 1404 x 2055 mm)
Equipment Weight376 lbs (171 kg)
Lat pulldown mechanismIndependent divergent arms
Main Frame100 x 50 x3.0mm oval tube
Weight horns6
Seat and thigh padPU foam material
Seat pad adjustmentAir spring support adjustment
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 13

Figure 9: JX Fitness J500-05 Commercial Gym Equipment Lat Pulldown

Going back to some of the commendable plate-loaded lat pulldown machines in the market, the J500-05 makes the cut to be one of the promising ones out there. The components of J500-05 holds true to its professional strength machine look. 

Starting with its main frame down to the six weight horns for plate storage, the J500-05 is surely one of the best lat pulldown machines for your advanced lifter users in the gym!


When you see the J500-05 for the first time, you would think the hulk is out to get you. That’s true, the machine is a gigantic one with all its weight plate horns and lat pulldown arms. 

The J500-05 is designed to have independent arms with separate loading on each side. This system makes the J500-05 a good choice for your advanced users who have unsymmetrical lats strengths. They can use this to match the strength of each side of their lats so the two have the same muscle strengths.

The separate loading and independent arms make it also possible for isolation and conditioning training of pro athletes in your gym. Not only that, they will surely enjoy a progressive lat pulldown exercise on the machine with the six plate storage horns.

Each of these weight pegs can store up to 100 kg making the total storage to be 600kg for the J500-05. This is a superb capacity considering some pate-loaded pulldown machines only have two weight plate storages.

Main Frame

The main frame for the J500-05 is a strong 100mm oval tube with a thickness of 3.0mm. The width alone promises a machine that is reliable even at extremely high blows. Combined with the 3.0mm thickness, the J500-05 lat pulldown machine can surely last long without having to replace any of its metal parts.

The steel frame is electroplated to ensure that it does not scratch easily. The electroplating also protects the main frame from corrosion and gives it a nice smooth finish.

Thigh Pad and Seat

The thigh pad and seat are some of the most important components of a lat pulldown machine that are sometimes overlooked by gym owners to inspect. But with the J500-05, you can be sure that they are made of quality material.

Both the thigh pads and the seat is made cushioned with PU foam to give your users the most comfortable feel when exercising. The PU foam is also known to be very durable among its contemporaries and retains the texture of the foam for a long time.

To give the PU cushion protection, it is sealed and covered with leather. The covering is well stitched to ensure that it does not come off after some time. The seat and thigh pads of your J500-05 will last longer with a high-quality covering like this.

The seat also has an air spring adjustment support. This allows your users to exactly set the height of the seat according to their body configuration. 

All the properties and designs made for the seat and thigh pads of the J500-05 aims to give your users the utmost comfort when exercising. These are also built for their ergonomic lat pulldown exercise in the machine.


  • The professional look of the J500-05 would surely attract customers who are inclined to bulking up their muscles in your gym.
  • The high-quality framing and its components assure that you’ll have a long-lasting lat pulldown machine in your gym.
  • Its total of 600 kg of plate storage is more than enough for your users to gain a lot of muscles and train until muscle failure is achieved.
  • The independent lat pulldown arms and separate loading is a great convenience for your users who want to condition one part of their lats. Or they can make use of it to achieve asymmetric muscle strength on both sides of their arms.


  • Because of its design, the J500-05 is quite bulky when you consider the space it would eat up in your gym. Not a good thing for gyms that have only a limited amount of space.
  • The manufacturer has a minimum order quantity of 10 sets per purchase which can be a disadvantage for some that only needs fewer than 10 in their gym.

BodyStrong Indoor Exercise Fitness Lat Pull Down TNT-012

Technical Specifications 
Dimension52 x 55.2 x 93.2 in (1300 x 1380 x 2330 mm)
Equipment Weight605 lbs (275 kg)
Lat pulldown mechanismCable and pulley system with independent arms
Main Frame50 x 100mm rectangular tube, 60mm diameter tube
Max weight stack176 lbs (80 kg)
Maximum User Weight242 (110 kg)
ShroudYes, Full
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 14

Figure 10: BodyStrong Indoor Exercise Fitness Lat Pull Down TNT-012

The TNT-012 lats pull-down machine patented and manufactured by BodySolid is designed with biomechanics and ergonomics in mind. 

That means the lat pulldown machine is carefully designed to create a natural path of motion during the lat pulldown exercise. At the same time, it’s crafted to give your users the right body alignment when doing lat pulldowns on the TNT-012.


Because the TNT-012 lat pulldown has been designed by the guide of biomechanics, it has two divergent arms. The divergent arms of the lat pulldown machine move from inside to the outside of your user’s arms.

This is the natural path of motion our body creates when warming up the lats. That means first-time users of a lat pulldown machine won’t feel too awkward or constricted in their lat pulldown activity.

Your advanced users can make use of these divergent arms too. When some of your pro-lifters develop an unbalanced muscle strength on each side of their lats, they can choose to exercise just one side first then the other. It would help them build equal strength on both sides of their lats.


TNT-012’s main frame is a combination of round and rectangular tubing. The rectangular tubing that acts as the lat pulldown’s support and stability structure, gives it an indestructible and very balanced frame. Its circular tube gives the handlebars and lever arms a sleek and smooth design. 

Both these steel tubing are cut, formed, and assembled by the same robotic hands. It makes the production more accurate and quality guaranteed for each set of main frames.

Selectorized System

The weight stacks and cable and pulley system of the TNT-012 are designed to give the exact lifting amount as it is set in the machine. It’s because it does not go through multiple pulleys which can sometimes lessen the load and make the exercise inaccurate.

Its weight stacks are fully covered with a stainless steel shroud to protect it from being accidentally struck or damaged by environmental elements. The shroud or covering of the TNT-012 for its weight stacks is durable stainless steel that can endure blows and constant vibrations.

Seat Cushion and Thigh Pads

TNT-012 not only has a durable frame and accurate selectorized system, but it also boasts high-quality thigh pads and seats. These two components take care of the users’ comfort and correct body alignment when doing the lat pulldown. 

And to give it their best shot, the manufacturer produced the seat and thigh pads through one-time forming technology. 

One-time forming technology makes it possible for all the raw materials to be lodged at the first stage of assembly. Then when the machine finally spits out the product, it’s already a finished thigh pad and seat with the foam, covering, and other parts. 

This scheme of manufacturing is cost-effective for the manufacturer. Plus, it ensures that your seat and thigh pads on the machine are made with detail and quality.


  • Ergonomically and biomechanically designed lat pulldown machine with your users in mind.
  • The durable construction of the main frame and high-quality components.
  • The efficiency of workout for your users.


  • The selectorized system will cost pricey maintenance and repair works when it breaks down.
  • The weight stack maximum of 80 kg is too low for advanced and pro-lifters who will use your gym.
  • The lat pulldown is only limited for use by occasional and wellness exercisers who only want to get their daily dose of body activities.

MBH Lat Pull Down (MDM-012)

Technical Specifications 
Dimension61.4 x 67.4 x 84.4 in (1535 x 1685 x 2110mm)
Equipment Weight607.2 lbs (276 kg)
Lat pulldown mechanismCable and pulley system with independent arms
Main Frame50 x 100 2.0mm round tube
Max weight stack264 lbs (120 kg)
ShroudTow sided drum-shaped tube (60 x 120 2.0mm)
Seat PU foam protected with high-quality upholstery
Commercial Lat Pulldown Machine You Can Trust 15

Figure 11: MBH Lat Pull Down (MDM-012)

MDM-012 of MBH Fitness is somewhat of a curveball compared to the other lat pulldown machines in this line up. However, it has excellent functions that we had to give at least the last spot on our list.

The MDM-012 is of medium-duty and can withstand most high-impact forces but not all. However, because of its dual handle levers, the flexibility of the machine is extended. If you only need a lat pulldown machine for your elite clientele, then the MDM-012 can be your best choice.

Selectorized System

The charm of MDM-012 lies in its weight stacks and protective covering design. When all the other selectorized lat pulldowns only have up to 176 lbs (80 kg) of weight stacks that could be used, the MDM-012 has 264 lbs (120 kg).

Another feature of its selectorized system is its shroud or the protective covering of the weight stacks. The shroud for MDM-012 has a sophisticated design. The front is lined with embossed matted blocks which will surely impress your guests at your hotels, gym clubs, resorts, and the like.

The integrated pulleys of the lat pulldown are all single pulleys. Using single pulleys lets your customers enjoy accurate lat pulldown exercises on the machine. 

The MDM-012 also has independent lat pulldown arms which can be of use for those of your clients who want to do isolation exercises.

Handles, seat, and thigh pads

The handles of the MDM-012 are protected with rubber covers. The rubber protection would help your users have a better grip on the levers. And it will also protect the steel under it from wear and tear and possible exposure to corrosion.

The seat for MDM-012 is made of molded PU. The upholstery has been rated at more than 8000 frictions before it finally changes color. 

Whew! You would need thousands of customers seating and using one of the MDM-012 lat pulldown machine even before it shows any sign of wear. That’s good news!

For the thigh pads, it can be adjusted at 5 levels depending on your user’s body configuration. A little bit on the low side. But still, it is enough for your few clienteles. 

Other miscellaneous features

The MDM-012 has been installed with a water bottle and gadget holder and a towel hanger. These amenities are not often found in lat pulldown machines. Something your classy clients can appreciate. 

The whole equipment is supported by two small footstools under the main frame and a larger one below the shroud of the MDM-012. The footstools are made of heavy-duty PVC and rubber protection. It keeps all of the equipment stable and absorbs the vibrations made on it.

And lastly, all the metal components of the MDM-012 are laser cut and formed using programmed robots. So, you are sure that the frame and the other steel parts of your MDM-012 are made with precision.


  • The MDM-012 is built for medium-duty use that is best for those establishments that only have a few but sophisticated clients.
  • The overall design of the equipment can attract those that are staying at resorts, gym clubs, etc.
  • The efficiency of the selectorized system and added amenities of the equipment will surely be appreciated by the on-the-go clients of your gym.


  • Selectorized machines like the MDM-012 will have high costs of maintenance.
  • It is only built for occasional uses.

Now, you know our choices for lat pulldown machines. What’s yours?

For us, if we have to pick one. We’d go for Yanre 82004 Iso-Lateral Front Lat Pulldown. The machine is not only built to last, it is also designed meticulously to help your users have a better development of their muscles. The divergent and convergent motions of the lat pulldown make this possible together with isolation techniques.

The Yanre 82004 is built to last with the functionality that all your users can benefit from whether novice or advanced trainers.

4. Takeaways

Always, the best lat pulldown machine will depend on the characteristics of your gym-goers and the intensity of lat pulldown exercise they need.

But of course, functionality and affordability should go hand in hand. You need something that can be of use for your gym members but will also provide you with the money you need. 

A robust and multi-functional lat pulldown machine like the Yanre 82004 Iso-lateral lat pulldown just fits the bill. Go on and call their representatives on Yanre Fitness  Contact Us pages. 

Yanre Fitness is reachable through email, phone, WhatsApp, and WeChat. So, you’ll have lots of communication options with them. Hurry now and grab one of the Yanre 82004 Iso-lateral lat pulldown machine for your facility!

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