Don’t Miss These BEST RECUMBENT BIKES of 2023

Don’t Miss These BEST RECUMBENT BIKES of 2023 5

When deciding on the recumbent bike for your fitness center, there is only one question that pops to mind.

What’s the best recumbent bike I can get?

If you think of it more. It’s the one that best suits your customers’ needs and one that your gym can use for a long time and profit from it. 

To help you with this, we have compiled some of the best recumbent bikes in the market today. We have reviewed all of them based on the quality, build, features and potential profitability of each.

So, brew a cup of coffee and read through our reviews of the best recumbent bikes of 2023.

Table of Contents

For those who don’t have the time for leisure reading, here’s a quick comparison table for you. This is just to get you familiar with the best recumbent bikes we found in the market today.

1. Quick Comparison Table

PRODUCT NAMEWeight (Pounds)Dimensions (Inches)PRICE (USD)
Impulse RR500 Recumbent Bike14765 x 26 x 33.5$ 4,200
Matrix R50 – XIR Recumbent Bike17263 x 25.6 x 48.4$4 ,100
Yanre Y3200L Generator EMS Walk-Thru Recumbent23167 x 29 x 54$900 – $1,500
WNQ F1-8318WD Recumbent Bike24289 x 27.6 x 66.5$ 1,300
Good Family GF-351115466 x 22 x 48$200 – $500 per set (10 units each set)
Iron Master IREB1013GM Recumbent Bike35072 x 22.4 x 38Contact Retailer/Manufacturer
Shua SH-B6500R Semi-Commercial Recumbent Bike33064 x 26.4 x 53.6$1,100
MBH M-8808R Recumbent Exercise Bike30876.6 x 24.2 x 65$2,100
Body Strong  FT-7806R Commercial Fitness Recumbent Bike33061.2 x 23.2 x 59.6$1,600
Shandong Tz-E2020A Commercial Recumbent Bike35065 x 25.6 x 68$1,100 – $1,130

2. Our Recommendations

2.1 Best Recumbent Bikes for Big Box Gyms, Women’s Gyms, Group Fitness Centers, Boutique Gyms

  • Yanre Y3200L Generator EMS Walk-Thru Recumbent

Heavy-duty recumbent bikes are what gyms with a high volume of foot traffic need. Yanre Y3200L is the only one that can endure constant everyday use without breaking. 

Plus, its resistance levels are more than enough to cater to a variety of gym users.

2.2 Best Recumbent Bikes for Luxury Fitness Centers, Gyms in High-End Hotels, Resorts, and Gym Clubs

  • Impulse RR500 Recumbent Bike
  • Matrix R50 – XIR Recumbent Bike
  • MBH M-8808R Recumbent Exercise Bike

Entertainment features including Bluetooth, WiFi, and subscriptions to fitness applications like Virtual Active, MyFitness Pal are the charm of these recumbent bikes. 

All these perks are for classy individuals who don’t only want to exercise but also want to be pampered.

2.3 Best Recumbent Bikes for Personal Training Gyms

  • Good Family GF-3511
  • Shua SH-B6500R Semi-Commercial Recumbent Bike
  • Shandong Tz-E2020A Commercial Recumbent Bike
  • Iron Master IREB1013GM Recumbent Bike
  • WNQ F1-8318WD Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bikes needed for personal training gyms don’t need to be built for heavy use. 

They will still last longer because there are only a handful of clients who will use them every day. But they still pack a punch of features that your clients at the gym will appreciate.

2.4 Best Recumbent Bike for HIIT or CrossFit Gyms

Body Strong FT-7806R Commercial Fitness Recumbent Bike

High-intensity training needs heavy-duty and fast recumbent bikes. The recumbent bike above may not be able to keep pace with spin bikes but they are good enough for beginners. 

You can also let them use this for cool-down exercises after an intense CrossFit training.

Impulse RR500 Recumbent Bike

Impulse Group’s RR500 recumbent bike is an all-in-one exercise bike. It combines the recognized build quality of the Impulse Fitness products and features that are suited for health clubs and fitness facilities.

The RR500 has been built to withstand sudden impacts and continuous riding for long periods. Commercial facilities including private gyms, schools, hotels, and other sectors can make use of its incredible durability.

Don’t Miss These BEST RECUMBENT BIKES of 2023 6

Figure 10: Impulse RR500 Recumbent Bike

Key Features

  • Built and equipped for a commercial setting
  • Single tube frame
  • Graduated Seat Adjustments
  • Self-powered hybrid brake
  • With contact heart rate grip
  • 20 Resistance levels
  • 11 Pre-programmed workouts
  • Transportation wheels
  • Single-sided weighted pedal
  • Handlebars with 3 riding positions

Frame and Construction

The Impulse RR500 has a single tube framing. It makes the recumbent bike a compact cardio machine so it can fit in limited spaces. The steel tube framing has a 7-gauge thickness. It can withstand long-term and sudden impacts.

Its frame also has a 2-step powder coating with a rust-resistant undercoat. It protects the metal from natural elements that could damage the integrity of the steel.

Balancing Platforms

While its frame gives the RR500 undefeated durability, its stability is well-managed by the heavy-duty Polycarbonate (PC) platforms at both ends of the recumbent bike. Its rubberized feet ensure that the platform and your gym’s floor are free from scratches when the equipment is extensively used.


RR500’s seat is hollowed out. That means there’s a consistent flow of air in and out of the biker’s bottom. It makes the cardio workout more comfortable and cooler for your gym users. 

Further to that, the seat together with the back support is adjustable to 1” increments. It gives the user incredible flexibility to exactly position themselves on the recumbent bike. It ensures that there will be no form of discomfort on their lower and upper body while using the bike.

Back Support

Its back support also has a 5” equal-sided triangle hole to provide sufficient airflow during the riding exercise. The same as with its hollowed seat, the RR500’s back support aims to make the exercise more comfortable for your users.


The recumbent bike has two handlebars: one that’s wrapped around the seat of the user and the other near the console. 

Its handlebars can be adjusted into 3 riding positions.

 This means your gym users can choose to lean back, perform the exercise in neutral position or ride intensely with the upper body leaning forward. The handlebars at the side of the seat helps your users maintain their balance while riding on the bike.

Pulse Sensors

Another quality feature of the RR500’s handlebars is that its heart rate grips are positioned on the seat handlebars. Your customer can just easily grip the handlebars to get their real-time pulse rate at any time. 

Plus, the finger-controlled resistance adjuster can be activated by pressing the tips of the handlebars.

Console and Accessories

More than that, it features 11 pre-programmed workouts for your users at the gym with 20 resistance levels to choose from. The console is powered by a Windows 7 operating system and is very easy to use. 

Plus, its water bottle holder right in front of the seat is a convenience any cardio exerciser would appreciate having.

Equipment Portability

For portability of the equipment, transportation wheels are provided so that you can move the RR500 recumbent bike each time you need to re-organize your gym. A convenient feature for you and your gym hands.

Price Point

As for the price, expect to invest in this equipment at least US$ 4,200 so your patrons in the gym could benefit from its conveniences.

Space saver
Framing is durable enough to last for long hours of battery.
The improved airflow for the seat and back support is a comfort any user would like to have.3 seat positioning of the handlebars is very clever.
Controls for pulse rate and resistance just at the fingertips of the user.
Has enough resistance levels for the user to progressively develop cardio
Equipment portability is a good plus point.

Its price is less desirable for gyms that want to keep investments on the low-down as much as possible.
Features are good but it may not be worth it for the price.

Matrix R50 – XIR Recumbent Bike

The Matrix R50 – XIR designed and manufactured by Johnson Health Tech has gone a long way from its former R30 version. 

Johnson boasts that the R50 can offer a smooth but more stable ride than any other recumbent bike in the market. It’s because of the exclusive Dual Form™ Frame, Comfort Arc™ Seat, and Exact Force™ Induction Brake made for the Matrix R50 – XIR.

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Figure 9: Matrix R50 – XIR Recumbent Bike

Key Features

  • Dual Form™ Frame
  • Exact Force™ Induction Brake
  • Comfort Arc™ Seat 
  • The premium reclining mesh seat
  • Step assist platform
  • Resistance toggles and heart rate grip
  • Easy-adjust lever

Dual Form™ Frame

The Dual Form™ Frame of Matrix R50 – XIR patented by its manufacturer ensures a 100% stable recumbent bike. It will not topple down even with rigorous and intense riding by your clients. 

The two rectangular tube frames are in a loop and gives perfect balance to the machines and parts it carries. This structure of the Matrix R50-XIR keeps the user balanced and provides the recumbent bike with excellent stability even during rigorous exercises.

Exact Force™ Induction Brake

Unlike traditional recumbent bikes that use motor-driven magnets to create resistance, the Matrix R50-XIR utilizes an induced magnetic field for a smooth and accurate resistance on the bike. This is made possible by the Exact Force™ Induction Brake exclusively R series cardio equipment of Johnson Health Tech.

The Exact Force™ Induction Brake makes it possible for instant adjustments on the resistance of the bike. It also makes the resistance adjustment more accurate and on the dot.

Since the Exact Force™ Induction Brake does not use any moving parts while activating the system, the R50-XIR is quieter and more durable than other makes of recumbent bikes.

Comfort Arc™ Seat

If you’ve noticed the seats and back support of the Matrix R50 – XIR, it’s all curved to accommodate the contour of the body of the user. Johnson Health Tech has named this design the Comfort Arc™ Seat aimed to give the most relaxing exercise for the user.

Step-thru Design and Step Assist Platform

Aside from this, it is a step-through recumbent bike and has a step-assist platform. This is to prevent any tripping accidents when stepping in and out of the recumbent bike. Levers or hand grips on each side of the seat are also provided for the security of the user during the workout.

XIR Console and Accessories

Its 16” XIR console display has 11 pre-programmed workouts with an HD touchscreen for ease of navigation and better video quality. The R50-XIR is also armed with Bluetooth-enabled speakers, USB ports, and an HDMI port. 

It is also WiFi-enabled and has a web browser for your users at the gym to find their fave cardio workout videos. Applications like My VirtualFitness, Passport, viafit and other fitness programs are pre-installed on it.

Price Point

The Matrix R50 – XIR Recumbent Bike can be bought at $4,100 per unit fully assembled and ready to be used.

Sturdy and durable design
Stability feature is the best
Ergonomic seat and back support features
Features of its console are very attractive for your gym users
The many accessories and amenities are likely to be a plus for your users’ entertainment
Its price at $ 4,100 per unit is quite too much for the budget to mid-range gyms.
Though the innovative features are really great, your users can enjoy these from other makes at a much cheaper price.

Yanre Y3200L Generator EMS Walk-Thru Recumbent

The Yanre Y3200L Generator EMS walk thru recumbent bike is a self-designed recumbent bike patented and manufactured by Yanre Fitness. The bike sports a self-generating power system but still with a sleek and compact design.

 A rare combination in the recumbent bikes sold in the market today.

Don’t Miss These BEST RECUMBENT BIKES of 2023 8

Figure 11: Yanre Generator EMS Walk-Thru Recumbent

Key Features

  • Q235 steel framing
  • Sleek and compact design
  • EMS bike with self-power generation
  • High powered magnet and flywheel resistance systems
  • 16 Resistance levels
  • 12 Pre-programmed workout options
  • User’s memory for speed, time, distance, watt, calories, heart rate
  • Handgrip real-time heart rate monitor
  • LED display monitor
  • Water bottle holder

Frame and Construction

Yanre Y3200L uses a single circular steel tube for its framing. It runs through from the seat to the console without any welds or screws for its connection. That means the frame does not have any weak points along its body and gives it extreme durability.

Moreover, the Y3200L uses Q235A steel that can be bent without heating the metal. Heat is known to lower the integrity of steell. But in the case of Yanre Y3200L, it’s not exposed to it. That retains the frame’s original strength after being formed.


With its compact and sleek design, the Yanre Y3200L can squeeze into any tight space in your gym. it is perfect both for fitness centers who want to save space or sport a professional image of their facility.

It’s a walk-thru recumbent bike which gives convenience in easily stepping in and out of the bike. The walk-thru design also ensures greater safety for your users at the gym. The possibility of tripping on the machine when stepping in and out is eliminated.

Self-Power Generation

The self-power generation capability of Yanre Y3200L is rare in recumbent bikes in the market. It can store and generate at least 500W of power. That’s like 4 hours of running time for the bike without even being plugged into the socket. 

As a gym owner, this is an opportunity to save some on your utilities bill.

Another plus of this great innovation is that even with its 500W capacity, the Y3200L kept its compact design. A rare kind considering the enormous stored energy in its battery pack.

EMS Resistance

The EMS or electromagnetic system resistance is the latest technology used in exercise bikes. This system is almost identical to the Exact Force Induction Brake sported by the Matrix R50-XIR. The recumbent bike uses the electromagnetic field created by running through electricity through its magnet.

This type of resistance gives an exact and accurate measure of the resistance being set to. And since the system does not need too many parts to work, the Yanre Y3200L is almost as quiet as midnight. It also gives the recumbent bike more durability and less to no maintenance at all.

Safety Features

Yanre Y3200L’s pedals are armed with straps to keep the user’s feet firmly on the pedals while riding intensively on the bike. 

This also gives your users at the gym more leg power for an intense cardio workout. They don’t have to worry about their feet slipping from the pedals and causing an injury.

Another commendable safety feature of the Y3200L is the bike’s side and front handlebars. It aids your users to be in total control of their body positioning including proper form. 

This keeps them safe from developing any muscle cramps or hurting their shoulders or back after long periods of cardio workouts.

Console and Monitoring Features

The Yanre Y3200L is equipped with an LED monitor that can display your user’s specific workout data including speed, RPM, time, distance, calories, Watt control, calories burned, and heart rate. 

The equipment also has heart rate control and recovery buttons. The heart rate control regulates the heart rate spike of the user by indicating just how fast, how long, and how hard can they run depending on the readings of their pulse rates.

The recovery button gives the user a predetermined course on how to safely end their cardio workout when they want to do a cool down.

Other Exciting Features 

While other recumbent bikes have only 11 pre-programmed workout routines, the Yanre Y3200L EMS Walk Thru recumbent upped it to 12 enjoyable workout programs with a store memory option for its users. 

The memory option can recall the user’s specific distance, speed, calories, and heart rate readings from previous workout sessions.

On top of these features, the Generator EMS walk-thru recumbent bike has a hand gripped real-time heart rate monitor which is very helpful for those who need to check their pulse rates every now and then during the exercise.

Price Wise

You can get this awesome Yanre Generator EMS Walk-Thru from US $ 900 to US $1,500 for your gym. It is a very cost-efficient price considering the conveniences and features it can provide for your users at the gym.


Its price combined with its premium quality, any gym owner would want it.
Framing and construction guarantee a durable and long-lasting recumbent bike.
Sleek and compact design
Energy-saving opportunities because of their self-power generation capabilities.
The EMS resistance system ensures a smooth and quiet operation of the bike.
The user’s safety is well managed by the strapped pedals and dual handgrips.
The console and displays are more than enough to give the user information on the current status of their workout.
The pre-programmed workouts and resistance levels are quite adequate to give the user a productive cardio workout.

It lacks some features that other users would want to have like Bluetooth, headphone jack, USB charger, and WiFi.

WNQ Fitness F1-8318WD  Series Recumbent Bike

The F1-8318WD recumbent bike has all the basic features and amenities that could satisfy the general population of your gym.

Don’t Miss These BEST RECUMBENT BIKES of 2023 9

Figure 12: WNQ F1-8318WD Recumbent Bike

Key Features

  • Built with 89mm stainless steel framing
  • Adjustable seat and weighted pedals
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • With 12 pre-set modes
  • 15.6” LCD touch screen monitor
  • Virtual video function for scenery entertainment
  • With USB and SD earphone
  • Handlebar heart rate monitor
  • EMS (Electromagnetic Resistance System)


The framing is made of a robust 89mm diameter round steel tube which gives it sufficient durability to sustain high impact and long duration of use. Its single frame gives it a compact size, perfect for tight spaces at your gym. 

The round steel tube is electroplated to prevent it from rust or prematurely weakening the integrity of the framing material.

Adjustable Seat

As with many other recumbent bikes, the WNQ Fitness F1-8318WD Series has adjustable seats. But what’s unique with it is its dual-direction adjustability. It can be adjusted back and front and up and down.

Weighted Pedals

The pedals of the Fitness F1-8318WD are weighted to always keep it upright when your users in the gym start to ride on it. 

They won’t have the problem of not keeping up the rhythm of their riding. They won’t also have to split their focus on keeping their feet at the right angles with the pedals.

This feature also allows the user to focus more on their cardio workout. Moreover, it has clipless pedals which can be a disadvantage to some users in your gym.

Automatic Shutoff Feature

Since the recumbent bike runs on electricity, the manufacturer has programmed it to shut down or sleep after 30 seconds that the equipment is unused. This is a handy feature when you want to control your utilities at the gym.

Console and Displays

WNQ has installed a 15.6” LCD touch screen with the recumbent bike so users can easily navigate through the 8 pre-installed exercise programs added to its system. Not only that, but the F1-8318WD recumbent bike also has virtual videos installed so users can enjoy different sceneries and sounds while doing the exercise.

As for its displays, the F1-8318WD can give your users information on their time spent on the bike, current distance traveled, resistance level used, RPM, speed, calories, and heart rate.

Other Features

An earphone jack and USB hub for the user’s convenience is also installed. The earphone jack is very useful so users can get into the mood while exercising and not be disturbed by other exercisers in the gym. 

A bonus USB hub feature is convenient if the user has downloaded movies or music to watch and listen to while doing their cardio exercise on the recumbent bike.

For your users that need a constant check of their heart and pulse rate, a handlebar heart rate monitor can solve this problem.

Price Check

For the price, you can have WNQ’s F1-8318WD recumbent bike at an estimated cost of US $1,300. You may get a discount if you purchase more than 30 sets of these.


It has a sturdy framing that promises long-lasting use.
The horizontal and vertical adjustability feature helps the user to correctly position their body in the recumbent bike.
Space saver and can minimize your energy consumption at the gym.
The LCD touch screen makes it more attractive to younger adults.
Added features for entertainment and comfort are a plus.
The 8 pre-installed program exercises are too few for the many users you would have in your gym.
You may need to buy cleats or shoes that allow cleats to be attached so your users can use the machine with its clipless pedals.

Good Family GF-3511 Recumbent Bike

The GF-3511 from Shenzhen Family Enterprise is built for light to mid-use only. 

It’s named as a light commercial recumbent bike by the manufacturer to indicate that it is not graded for heavy use. That means personal training gyms or gyms that only have minimal foot traffic in the facility can use this equipment.

Don’t Miss These BEST RECUMBENT BIKES of 2023 10

Figure 13: Good Family GF-3511 Recumbent Bike

Key Features

  • Self-generating powered system
  • PL Transmission Belt
  • Ergonomic seat and back support
  • Back support ventilation for constant circulation of air during the exercise
  • 8” LED monitor for time, speed, RPM, distance, calorie, and watt recovery display
  • 25 levels of resistance using EMS
  • Dual built-in speakers
  • MP3 input
  • USB interface
  • Earphone jack

Self-Generating Powered System

Though the Good Family’s GF-3511 has been designed for lightweight use, the manufacturer has compensated on this by focusing on its energy efficiency. It has a self-generating capability where it can produce energy to power up its console and other electronic parts when ridden.

There’s always an option to hook it up to a power supply when the feature is inconvenient for your users.

EMS Resistance and Transmission Belt

Like other recumbent bikes previously featured, the GF-3511 uses the EMS resistance system. It makes its operation smoother and quieter. 

The PL or Poly-V transmission belt also helps in the easy-pedaling of the recumbent bike.

The PL transmission belt is known to loosen or jerk if the recumbent bike is used at its maximum. So, the exercise bike is better suited for general health cardio exercises, not for intense ones.

Ventilated Back Support and Ergonomic Seat

The back support of GF-3511 is made of a mesh synthetic fiber to help the insufficient flow of air through your user’s backside. Its seat has been designed to give the maximum seating area possible for comfort in riding. 

Controls for resistance and pulse heart rate are on the seat handlebars of the recumbent bike. This gives convenience and efficiency on the part of your user.

Console and Monitoring Features

The 8” LED window can display total time of riding, current speed, RPM, total distance, calories burned, pulse rate, and Watt. It has 6 modes of exercise routines namely manual, preset program, body fat, Watt, HRC, and user-defined. 

The 25 levels of resistance that the Good Family GF-3511 recumbent bike offers are more than enough for your users to challenge themselves and progressively develop their cardio. 

Other Features

The good thing about the GF-3511 recumbent bike is that it has many perks for users to enjoy. It has two built-in speakers which are usually convenient for home gyms. It also has an MP3 input, a USB interface, and an earphone jack.

For its utilities, it has a water bottle holder and an iPad holder for your user’s gadget. 


Price-wise, you get what you paid for at US $200 to $500 depending on the number of units ordered.

Its self-generation power feature is a convenience for you and your users.
A fully ventilated back support
Sufficient control and display features
It has more than enough features for the entertainment of your users at the gym
Price-wise, it is very much affordable. 
It’s not for heavy-duty use which cannot be good for high-capacity gyms.
The downside of the self-generating power feature is it needs to be constantly ridden at a constant speed.
Its transmission belt could mean frequent repair and maintenance.
Does not have pre-installed program exercises.

Iron Master IREB1013GM Recumbent Bike

The Iron Master IREB1013GM recumbent bike can be one of your options for affordable cardio equipment in your gym. The exercise bike is equipped with enough utilities and build for use in a fitness center.

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Figure 14: Iron Master IREB1013GM Recumbent Bike

Key Features

  • Self-generation system
  • Auto startup
  • LED console
  • Displays: time, strides, strides per minute, distance, pulse, calories, resistance level
  • 12 built-in programs
  • MP3 Interface
  • 32 resistance levels
  • Hand pulse sensor
  • With transportation wheels


Iron Master’s IREB1013GM is made of a rectangular steel tube sized at 50mmx100mmx2.5mm. The framing supports its console, drive mechanism, and seat and back support. It has been shaped to provide a step-through design for the convenience and safety of its users.

Auto startup and Self-generation System

The auto startup mechanism of the IREB1013GM is convenient for you and your users. It can boot itself automatically when plugged into the socket which eliminates the need for pushing the start button. 

Also, when in sleep mode, it will automatically light up when the pedal is moved lightly.

The self-generation system can be of use when your users go on regular speed cardio workouts. You don’t need to plug in the bike when it is used at that level. The pedaling action powers itself.

Pre-installed Programs

Just like the other recumbent bikes featured, the IREB1013GM recumbent bike has multiple built-in programs, up to 12 of them. Together with the 32 levels of resistance, your users could use this recumbent bike until they maxed out their cardio endurance.

Control Panel and Displays

Its LED console can display time spent on the bike, strides, the number of strides per minute, distance covered, pulse rate, calories burned, and the resistance level the user is currently in.

With the integrated hand pulse sensor, the Iron Master IREB1013GM recumbent bike can be of great help for those that need a constant measurement of their heart rates. This is especially important for elderly individuals who need to be on guard of the effects of the exercise on their bodies.

Other Features

For the comfort and entertainment of your users at the gym, the IREB1013GM is equipped with an MP3 interface and gadget and water bottle holders for their convenience. 

The pedals have guard straps on them to secure the feet of your users and prevent any untoward incidents. And for its portability, the IREB1013GM has transportation wheels so you can easily move it from one place to another.


You need to contact the manufacturer or the retailer to find out its current market price. But just a tip, if you can get this recumbent bike lower than $1000 then it’s a good deal. If not, this may not be a great option for you.


The construction and frame are well-suited for gyms without too much foot traffic.
Energy efficiency and convenience for the users because of the auto startup option.
The 32 levels of resistance and 12 pre-installed programs are more than enough to keep your users on their toes when developing their cardio.
The displays on the console are better than other recumbent bikes.
Though for commercial use, it is not intended for heavy-duty operation. It lacks entertainment features that your users at the gym would likely enjoy.
The step-thru design is not as well-built as other recumbent bikes in the market.

Shua SH-B6500R Semi-Commercial Recumbent Bike

The B6500R semi-commercial recumbent bike made by Shua Fitness can be used both for commercial and home gyms. That’s why it’s not as heavy-duty as you might think of as other commercial recumbent bikes featured. But it can be a great option for gyms that are only for casual and occasional exercisers.

Don’t Miss These BEST RECUMBENT BIKES of 2023 12

Figure 15: Shua SH-B6500R Semi-Commercial Recumbent Bike

Key Features

  • Compact Design
  • EMS (Electromagnetic resistance system)
  • 24 Resistance levels
  • 7” LCD monitor
  • Displays for time, speed, calories burned, pulse rate, and temperature
  • With hand pulse sensor
  • USB interface for charging a device
  • iPad stand
  • Water bottle holder


Shua SH-B6500R was designed to be as simple as possible for the gym user’s convenience. That’s why the manufacturer did not pack it up with so many features and amenities. Because of its basic and simplistic focus, the recumbent bike has a very compact body with no fuss buttons.

EMS Resistance

The electromagnetic resistance system of the Shua SH-B6500R promises a smooth ride and quiet operation for your users. It also adds to the recumbent bike’s durability under long periods of use.

The B6500R recumbent bike can reach up to 24 levels of resistance. It can satisfactorily provide a progressive cardio and leg workout for your users.

Console and Display

The 7” LCD monitor is capable of displaying basic information like the time, speed, pulse rating, temperature of the user’s body, and calories burned. 

Other Features

The perks of having a water bottle holder in front of the user and a USB charging socket are good enough for the basic needs of the user. It also has an iPad stand so your users can still watch their subscribed cardio workout videos while using the SH-B6500R. 

It also has a hand pulse sensor activated by gripping the side arms of the seat and a strapped pedal for your user’s safety. For the recumbent bike to be moved easier, transportation wheels are provided at the foot of its back and front platforms. 


You can purchase a Shua SH-B6500R Semi-Commercial recumbent bike for your gym for $1,100.


Its EMS resistance drive mechanism assures a quiet and smooth-riding experience for your users.
The console has adequate monitoring features.
The water bottle holder and USB charging socket are good enough features for your users who simply want to exercise on the bike.
The 24 levels of resistance are way better than other recumbent bikes.
Transportation wheels are convenient features you can appreciate when you want to rearrange your gym.
Not intended for heavy-duty usage.
The price is a little higher when you think of the capacity and features that the SH-B6500R have.

MBH M-8808R Recumbent Exercise Bike

The MBH M-8808R recumbent bike has been geared for the entertainment and comfort of home users. But its framing and build are actually that of a commercial recumbent bike. 

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Figure 16: MBH M-8808R Recumbent Exercise Bike

Key Features

  • Unique design
  • Electromagnetic resistance
  • Shortcut Keys – incline, speed, quick start or stop, emergency brake
  • 11.6” TFT touch screen console
  • Displays for time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and speed
  • TFT player supports mp3, mp4, avi, and mpg formats
  • U-disk or memory card enabled
  • With built-in analog and digital TV
  • Digital contact heart rate monitoring
  • Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring (with a wireless chest strap included)
  • Multiple pre-programmed workouts
  • Plug and play headphone jack
  • Hi-Fi stereo system


The M-8808R of MBH Fitness has a quite unique design feature than other recumbent bikes. When all the other recumbent bikes console and forward handlebars stand is just at a slight angle, the M-8088R’s is almost at 45 degrees and curving.

This makes its handlebar and console more accessible for the user of the recumbent bike. It also prevents the user from crouching or leaning forward to the console when they need to change some of its settings.

Shortcut Keys

With the shortcut keys for incline or resistance level, speed, quick start or stop, and emergency braking, the M-8808R recumbent bike can be easily controlled even by your novice users.

Drive Mechanism and Programs

The recumbent bike made by MBH has an electromagnetic resistance that makes its operation as quiet as an inverted ACU and have a smoother riding feel.

It has an oversized high-strength ABS pedal with straps for the user’s safety. The ABS material used for the recumbent bike’s pedals can resist high physical impacts and can even resist chemical corrosion. 

Seat and Back Support

The seat and back support are sufficiently filled with PU foam and use high-strength aluminum alloy for its framing. They are covered with high-strength leather and industrially upholstered. So, you can be rest assured that you won’t have to change the seat and back support for years to come.

Control Panel and Displays

Its 15” TFT touch screen control panel was designed to have a similar user interface to an iPad. The iPad user interface was designed so it can have a better appeal to Western countries like the US, UK, and other western territories.

M-8088R’s TFT touch screen is capable of HD (High Definition) display with clear, bright colors and high contrast images. The screen can display a number of readouts including speed, heart rate (AVG, Peak), average and current pace of the user, elapsed and remaining time, current and remaining distance, calories, hourly calories burned, and remaining calories.

Pre-installed Programs

The MBH M-8808R recumbent bike has 8 pre-installed cardio workout programs including quick start, manual goals, customized cooldowns, mountaineering, climbing, fat burning, interval training, and cardiopulmonary function training.

These programs might be fewer than the other recumbent bikes offer but they are quite sufficient for the general public.

Comfort and Entertainment Features

With perks like the digital and analog TV, speakers, plug-and-play headphone jack, several audio and video supports, your users might even forget the intensity and physical stress they encounter when doing their cardio workouts.

The options for a wireless and contact heart rate monitoring system are a plus. Some of your users would have dedicated applications on their phones to check their stats. This would be a great help for them to properly monitor their health and wellness progress.


With all the features added to the MBH M-8808R, it costs as much as $2,100.


The unique and most convenient design of the console stand.
Ergonomic design for its forward handlebar, seat, and back support
Durable seat and back support
High definition large control panel with an interface that’s familiar to most of your users.
Numerous displays and readouts for information on the current cardio progress of your users.
Functional training programs are not just for the healthy and fit but also for those who need to recover from a healthy cardio system.
Several features for the comfort and entertainment of your users.
Price is a bargain considering the many features the recumbent bike has.
The appearance of the bike is not as appealing to the general public compared to the features the manufacturer has packed.
The appearance can be a contributing factor for potential members to find another gym to work out.
Though it has cool and exciting features, most of these won’t really be used by your users especially when you have a big box gym where patrons exercise and go.

Body Strong FT-7806R Commercial Fitness Recumbent Bike 

Body Strong’s FT-7806R commercial fitness recumbent bike is not just for those who want to feel more relaxed when doing cardio but also for those who want a taste of what a spinning exercise is. 

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Figure 17: Body Strong Commercial Fitness Recumbent Bike FT-7806R

Key Features

  • Made of one-time forming mold
  • Electromagnetic resistance
  • 10.1” LCD with an Android OS (operating system)
  • LED dynamic display for resistance level, rotating speed, running time
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Weighted pedals
  • Grip heart rate sensor


Body Strong Fitness has made a reliable recumbent bike for the daily workout needs of your gym patrons. The FT-7806R commercial recumbent bike is made from a one-time forming mold framing. That means the process assures that there will be no weak links or areas along the frame of the equipment.

Resistance Mechanism

The resistance is electromagnetically induced. This means the equipment needs electricity to run and operate. It has 20 resistance levels that are sufficient for daily workout routines and general health cardio exercises. 

Along with the multiple pre-installed workout programs, the FT-7860R can be a good cardio workout machine for your users.

Weighted Pedals and Heart Pulse Sensor

The weighted pedals of the Body Solid FT-7860R keep the footplates always upright at any point while rotating the pedals. That gives your users an easier and more focused ride on the recumbent bike. The straps on the pedals also provide safety from slipping or causing an injury to your users.

Monitor and Displays

With its 10.1” LCD powered by an Android OS; it can have a million applications available for download. The LCD monitor can display the resistance level, rotating speed, and running time of the user. 

It also has a grip-activated pulse sensor to accurately display the heart rate and pulse of the user in real-time.


With all these features, the Body Strong Commercial Fitness Recumbent Bike FT-7806R might be priced too high at US $1,600.


The one-time forming mold assures accuracy of the construction of the machine and eliminates the weak points on its framing and body.
20 levels of resistance are enough for a general cardio workout progression
The weighted pedals along with the safety straps help your users concentrate most of their energy on the exercise.
The device and water bottle holder
The readouts or displays are not enough for your users to properly monitor their cardio workout progress.
The price at $1,600 is quite steep if you factor out the level of monitoring capabilities the machine has.

Shandong Tz-E2020A Commercial Recumbent Bike

The Shandong Tz-E2020A commercial recumbent bike has a barrier-free design though quite bulky in size. What’s unique with it is its capability for an individualized workout program using the goal inputs of your users.

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Figure 18: Shandong Tz-E2020A Commercial Recumbent Bike

Key Features

  • Electromagnetic resistance system
  • 25 resistance levels
  • Self-generating capability
  • 8 pre-programmed workouts
  • Individualized workout mode
  • With transportation wheels
  • Monitor displays for speed. time, heart rate, intensity, calories burned, resistance level

Self-Generating Capability

The Tz-E2020A by Shandong Tianzhan Fitness has been successfully equipped with self-generating power by its manufacturer. This might come in handy if you want to save on the utilities of your gym.

Resistance and Pre-installed programs

It has 25 resistance levels that are enough for progressive training of seniors and middle-aged adults for their cardio and leg exercise needs. 

The 8 pre-programmed workout modes: fat burning, climbing, intermission program, random, rolling, altitude and manual programs are more than enough to challenge any user exercising on the machine.

Individualized Workout  Mode

Its individualized workout mode is very helpful if your users have a certain goal in mind when using the recumbent bike. The Tz-E2020A uses goal inputs including calorie burn, exercise time, and exercise goal. 

The machine automatically adjusts the program depending on the parameters set.

Together with this goal input, your users can monitor and store their individual exercise data on the machine. Along with the other usual readouts, the machine can also display their progress in a graph. A convenient and easier way to check their progress every now and then.

Console and Monitoring Displays

It has an 11” LED touch screen monitor that displays speed, time, calories burned, heart rate, resistance level, and the unique stats of the program mode chosen. 

Other Features

The Tz-E2020A’s pulse rate sensor is conveniently placed at the side handlebars of its seat together with the resistance control. Since the recumbent bike is bulky, four transportation wheels at the back and front have been installed for the portability of the machine.


The Shandong Tz-E2020A commercial recumbent bike can be purchased at the US $1,100 – 1,130 per unit depending on the total quantity of purchase. You can still negotiate with the manufacturer to lower down the price per unit.


Self-generating feature
The 25 levels of resistance and 8 workout programs are enough for the progressive cardio of your users.
The individualized workout mode is a plus and convenient for personal training gyms.
Memory store for individualized workout modes
With transportation wheels
Price-wise, it’s a fair deal
The bulky design means you need quite a little more space to fit the equipment.
It lacks the basic conveniences like a device holder or even just a headphone jack.

From all these featured commercial recumbent bikes, which one do you prefer for your gym? 

For us, the top-of-the-line recumbent bikes from Impulse and Matrix are the best. However, with each unit at a costly US $4000 to $5000, most gym owners might not be inclined to invest in it.

The next best thing is the recumbent bike made and innovated by Yanre Fitness. It is packed with functional features that can be of user for your gym users and your gym. A bonus is its generator that any other recumbent bike doesn’t have.

Whatever your preferences are for a commercial recumbent bike, always make sure that it’s the one better suited for your gym and your healthy patrons.

3. Takeaways

As said before, the best recumbent bike for your gym isn’t the one with the top-of-the-line features but that recumbent bike that most of your gym exercisers would enjoy using. Plus, it should be the recumbent bike that can give you as many advantages in terms of the cost-benefit analysis.

Understanding your options for a recumbent bike would give you a better idea of what fits your gym the most. We gave the ten best recumbent bikes the commercial market would go for in a heartbeat. 

Now, you decide. What’s really the best recumbent bike for your gym?

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