Wholesale Yoga Blankets – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking to equip your gym with wholesale yoga blankets? Look no more. 

Bulk quantities offer some advantages to any gym owner. 

Yoga blankets are good to support your gym members through their workouts. Under the back, bottom, or head, yoga blankets provide the body an extra lift. As a gym owner, you need to offer several options for your yoga workout sessions. 

You may have questions about wholesale yoga blankets. To help you optimize your research and budget, we prepared the following FAQ guide. 

Let’s start.

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What is the function of yoga blankets?

Yoga blankets have specific functions during yoga training, such as: 

  • Can help facilitate poses properly
  • Helps fill flexibility gaps
  • Brings cushion support for certain poses, such as shoulder stands
  • Provides warmth while asana training 
Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 1

Figure 1 Yoga blanket 

What are the yoga blankets made of?

The most common materials of yoga blankets are:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Synthetic and Recycled Fibers
  • Blend of Materials


Yoga blankets manufactured from cotton have soft surfaces. Cotton fabric has excellent durability features and its production can have eco-friendly properties. Organic cotton is a subtype of cotton culture. It is high quality and biodegradable. 

Organic cotton is the safest for the planet and for the gym members who use it. But the wholesale price of organic cotton is 30% more expensive than regular cotton.

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 2

Figure 2 Cotton yoga blanket 


Yoga blankets produced from wool are dense and thick. They are ideal for colder months.

Wool is considered a sustainable resource because it does not require land or water. This product comes primarily from sheeps and other animals.

Compared to cotton, wool is a material more exposed to pilling over time. But it is more accessible and very warm. 

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 3

Figure 3 Wool yoga blanket 

Synthetic Fibers

Polyester and acrylic are two synthetic fibers often used in yoga blankets. These offer more durability and prolong the yoga blankets’ lifespan. 

Recycled Fibers

are leftovers of materials that are destroyed and manufactured ulteriorly. Many gym members are looking for it to minimize the environmental impact. Yoga athletes are very careful about their lifestyles. They promote a healthy style, vegan-friendly and spiritual wellness. 

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 4

Figure 4 Recycled fibers yoga blanket 

Blend of Materials

Such as cotton, polyester, acrylic, and recycled wool. Yoga blankets made of material blends are the most resistant items. They are highly durable and are delivered in bold colors that keep their vivacity. 

Material blend is also the least pretentious at washing. It can be easily washed without losing its properties. 

Regardless of the materials, remember that the main purpose of a yoga blanket is to cushion some of the poses. They are also good for maintaining a certain body temperature. This is why the materials have soft, and cozy properties. 

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 5

Figure 5 Acrylic fibres yoga blanket 

What is the average weight of yoga blankets?

The average weight starts at 1kg (2 pounds) and can go up to 4 kg (9 pounds). Yoga blankets can vary in weight, depending on their manufacturing materials and size. 

Regardless of their weight, yoga blankets are handy tools for yoga positions. Lightweight and soft, easy to maneuver.  

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 6

Figure 6 The weight of yoga blankets 

What is the size of wholesale yoga blankets?

The yoga blankets size can vary, depending on the manufacturer. Some of the most common sizes are: 

  • 50 cm x 58 cm (20 x 23 inch) 
  • 125 cm x 175 cm (50 x 70 inch)
  • 125 cm x 200 cm (50 x 80 inch)
  • 175 cm x 190 cm (70 x 75 inch)
  • 175 cm x 125 cm (70 x 50 inch)
  • 198 cm x 210 cm (78 x 83 inch)

Mind that a large yoga blanket gives you more options for creativity since you can make more shapes from it by folding or rolling. Yet, it will take more time to get from one pose to another since you’ll be busy adjusting your large blanket all the time.

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 7

Figure 7 Size of yoga blankets 

Are yoga blankets reversible?

Yes. One of the trends in the industry today is to manufacture reversible yoga blankets. A commercial quality yoga blanket will have this feature. This type of blanket will last you longer. But due to the costs, not all manufacturers produce reversible yoga blankets. 

If you want to confirm this feature of the yoga blanket, contact Yanre Fitness sales team. 

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 8

Figure 8 Reversible yoga blanket 

What is the difference between wholesale wool and cotton yoga blankets?

The main differences between the two are the material, its touch, and wholesale price. While both are natural fibers, wool is plusher and cotton more rigid. 

For an easier understanding, have a look at the comparison chart below:

Wool Cotton 
Animal-originated product Grown on land 
Ideal for restorative yoga poses Ideal for active yoga training 
Soft and warmRigid and firm 
Animal hair can cause some light skin itches  Skin-friendly 
Subject to shredding Subject to shrinking 
Low-cost materialExpensive material 
Easy to prelucrate Takes time to produce 
Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 9

Figure 9 Examples of different yoga blankets 

What is the difference between handmade and machine made yoga blankets?

The main differences are the price and some patterns. 


Handmade yoga blankets take longer to be finished, so they are more expensive. Each piece is individually designed, tailored and finished. These are pricey and hard to deliver in bulk quantities. 

Machine made yoga blankets are rolled. A large piece of endless material is being sawn for the blankets. Then, these are cut into a certain size and finished. In just 15 minutes, a manufacturer can achieve a few dozen metres of yoga blankets. 

Thus, the price is lower and more affordable for yoga blankets in bulk. 


Decorative patterns are a big plus for these yoga tools. They can cheer up the mood, inspire. Handmade patterns are customizable. They can slightly differ each time. 

Machine made patterns repeat identically each time, no variation. Easier to produce, cheaper. 

Is the yoga wool blanket shed and stretch resistant?

Yes. The high-end wool yoga blankets are combed to reduce shedding and piling. There is a dense weave of the blankets so that they can be more resistant to stretching. 

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 10

Figure 10 Pilling effect on wool yoga blankets 

Is sustainability an important issue for wholesale yoga blanket suppliers?

Yes. Manufacturers can choose to work with recycled wool and cotton fibers to produce yoga blankets. This means the materials composition will be divided. 55% of it is recycled wool or cotton and 45% other recycled fibers such as textile waste cuttings. 

The final fabric for the blankets is woven and ready to use. This process is kinder to the earth. The materials are very comforting for the trainee’s body. The final price is also more affordable and business-friendly. 

What to consider when choosing a wholesale yoga blanket?

When choosing a wholesale yoga blanket, keep in mind some features:

  • Fabric 
  • Durability 
  • Size
  • Price
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Style and Color 


To select a premium quality yoga blanket look at the fabric. This must be firm enough, soft at touch, and supportive for the poses. Durable fabrics and often blends of strong natural and synthetic fibers such as cotton, wool, polyester, and acrylic. 

Natural fibers or recycled materials are both suitable for commercial-grade yoga blankets. 


A yoga blanket must stand the test of time. It must be durable and shed-resistant to provide the necessary cushioning. High-end yoga blankets have overlocked edge stitching to prevent fraying. And also it resists pilling after washing.


Yoga Blankets are delivered in different sizes. In a gym, it’s better to have more than one size. From general training to Savasana, different yoga blankets cover all purposes. A bigger blanket can help the trainee customize the shape when folding or rolling to better fit its needs.


The materials are the most important factor to determine the wholesale rates of the yoga blankets. Cotton, wool, organic or recycled, or materials blends, they all have their own specification and price. 

You must select what type suits your gym space and your policies. 


Yoga blankets are destined to cover and help the trainees in certain poses. Thus, the blanket must not be too plush or too flimsy. The ideal firmness is sturdy enough to assist the body without collapsing. 


Yoga blankets are used to be leaned on, sit on, and laid under, thus, must be comfortable. 

A certain level of weight and softness is required. But not too heavy to prevent the feeling of crushing. 

Style and Color

There are several styles and colors of yoga blankets. The most common are:

  • Handmade Mexican Blanket: These blankets are most of the time imported from Mexico. They are handwoven and made of a material blend. 

Mexican yoga blankets are easily recognizable due to their bright coloring and ethnic patterns. patterns. Other terms for these blankets are falsa blanket, serape, or saltillo blanket.

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 11

Figure 11 Handmade Mexican yoga blankets 

  • Indian Yoga Blankets: These Yoga Blankets are hand-loomed in India and made of

cotton. If you compare them to the Mexican yoga blankets, Indian ones have a vividly tighter-knit style and no fringe.

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 12

Figure 12 Indian made yoga blankets 

  • Felted Yoga Blankets: Felted yoga blankets contain wool and are less firm than cotton

and blends.  However, felted blankets are preferred because they are dense, thick, warm, and cozy. 

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 13

Figure 13 Felted yoga blankets 

What is the average price of wholesale yoga blankets?

The wholesale price of yoga blankets can vary, depending on the manufacturer, the size of the blanket, and the quantity. 

Here are some examples of wholesale prices of yoga blankets are:

  • High-quality 100% cotton yoga blankets start as low as 10$ per piece
  • Recycled cotton yoga blankets start as low as 6$ per piece
  • Organic cotton yoga blankets start as low as 15$ per piece
  • High-quality 100% wool yoga blankets start as low as 3 $ per piece
  • Merino wool yoga blankets start as low as 15 $ per piece
  • Plush material yoga blankets start as low as 2 $ per piece

Where to order wholesale yoga blankets?

The best option for wholesale rates of yoga blankets is the manufacturers or the suppliers. 

The manufacturer is the one who actually produces the yoga blankets. Then he sells it directly to the gym owners. This makes the final product a good purchase at lower prices. 

Yanre Fitness has a strict selection of materials that produce superior-quality yoga blankets. Strong, versatile, and appealing design, our yoga blankets can satisfy any gym requirements. 

Is a China-based wholesale yoga blanket supplier a good option?

Yes. In fact, Chinese factories that produce yoga blankets at wholesale rates are the best option. 

Collaborating with a Chinese wholesale yoga blankets manufacturer can save you:

  • Money
  • Time  
  • Too Many Contracts

Money. China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. In the past, it used to supply huge amounts of small goods for the entire world. Today, China has shifted from imitation to creation. A Chinese supplier can save you up to a third of your overall budget. 

Time. Chinese workers follow strict deadlines. They can provide you with a sample for your gym in less than a week. And can produce bulk quantities of yoga blankets with delivery time in 30 days. You can definitely start your gym business in time. 

Too many contracts. A wholesale Chinese manufacturer has access to raw materials, technology, mass-production, and finishing possibilities. So you avoid having too many contracts with separate providers for materials, production, branding, etc. 

Yanre Fitness is a premium supplier of yoga blankets at wholesale rates. We provide support and advising in all stages of production. We take care of your order from A to Z. We have premium quality raw materials, high-tech machinery, design, printing, and branding services. 

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 14

Figure 14 Yanre Fitness China based wholesale yoga blankets manufacturer 

How to clean the yoga blankets?

Below you will find some tips that will help you keep your yoga blankets as good as new:

  • Yoga blankets are recommended to be washed by hand. If not possible, wash in cold water. You will save energy and prevent shrinkage, bleed, and fading of your blankets. 
  • Air-dry the yoga blankets. Even though it takes longer, you will minimize any risks of unraveling threads and snagging.
  • Avoid ironing and bleaching, which could damage the fibers
  • Use a mild detergent, if needed

Wool yoga blankets: The best way to clean wool blankets is dry cleaning. This way you ensure a prolonged lifespan for the wool yoga blankets at your gym. If you want to wash them with a washing machine, select a delicate cycle. Use mild detergents. Then air-dry them. 

Cotton yoga blanket: The best way to wash a cotton yoga blanket is cleaning with a gentle cotton cycle to prevent excess force on the wiring inside. If you want to prolong its lifespan, avoid bleaching. You can then air dry them.

Wholesale Yoga Blankets - The Definitive FAQ Guide 15

Figure 15 Cleaning the yoga blankets 

Final Words 

I hope the above guide has answered most of your important questions about wholesale yoga blankets. 

If something remains questionable, contact Yanre to clarify all doubts. 

Need to import yoga blankets at wholesale rates? Let Yanre Fitness take care of your order. Contact us now for a quick quote!