Gym Towels Bulk – Definitive FAQ Guide

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This comprehensive FAQ guide on gym towels will answer all your queries related to gym towels. From types of towels to manufacturing techniques, we are going to discuss everything in this blog.

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What is a gym towel?

Gym towels are absorbent pieces of cloth made up of cotton. They are used to wipe sweat and to clean surfaces. Gym towels are an essential component to maintain gym hygiene. 

There should always be a separate towel for each trainer to avoid the spreading of disease. Moreover, they should be properly washed after every use. 

Gym Towels Bulk 1

Figure 1. Gym towels

What factors should I keep in mind while buying gym towels in bulk?

The following are the different factors that you should keep in mind before buying gym towels in bulk.


Towels can be made from different types of material. Therefore, their usage and characteristics differ from each other. Detailed information about the types of material is also given in this article below. 

Size and Weight:

Depending on the usage, a gym towel can have different sizes. Hence the weight also differs. Make sure to choose one that fulfills your requirements. 


If you are looking for a gym towel to be used to wipe sweat by users, you should buy those that have the highest softness. But remember that soft towels are heavy and take longer to dry. 


Always choose a towel that has an average level of absorbance. This is because a towel with low absorbance would not be able to absorb sweat or dirt. Besides, a towel with very high absorbance can build up bacteria. 


Gym towels need to be washed after every use. Therefore, durability is an important factor while choosing a product. Besides, you can also increase the durability of your towel by using mild detergents instead of harsh ones. 

Drying time:

Often you need to use the towels again and again in the gym. Therefore, drying time should be average. If the drying time is too low, the towels are thinner and get frayed quickly. 

However, a towel that takes too long to dry can waste your time and the chances of bacteria built up are also high. 

What are the different types of gym towels according to usage and size?

The usage of a gym towel differs depending upon its size. The following are the different categories of gym towels depending on their size and usage. 


  1. They are small square-shaped towels. 
  2. They are used for scrubbing and lathering in the shower. 
  3. They are made up of 100% Ringspun cotton.
  4. They are cheap.
  5. They are sold in bundles.
  6. They are soft and unabrasive. 
Gym Towels Bulk 2

Figure 2. Washcloth

Bath towels:

  1. They are the biggest size of towels. 
  2. They are used to dry the whole body. 
Gym Towels Bulk 3

Figure 3. Bath towel

Gym cleaning towels:

  1. They are used to clean the gym equipment. 
  2. They add an aesthetic look to your gym. 
Gym Towels Bulk 4

Figure 4. Gym cleaning towel

Center Stripe gym towels:

  1. They are used to wipe sweat. 
  2. They have colored stripes in the center that add a fancy look to them.
  3. The center stripe can also be used for distinguishing purposes.
Gym Towels Bulk 5

Figure 5. Center stripe gym towel

What are the different types of gym towels according to the material?

Cotton Towels:

They are made up of 100% cotton. 


  1. They are the most common type of gym towels.
  2. They are highly absorbent.
  3. They are durable and soft. 


  1. Their size can reduce due to shrinkage. 
  2. They take longer to dry as compared to microfiber towels. 
Gym Towels Bulk 6

Figure 6. Cotton towel

Hybrid Towels:

They are made up of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Sometimes a blend of 85% cotton and 15% polyester is also used. 


  1. These towels are made from a combination of cotton and polyester. 
  2. They are non-shrinkable. 
  3. They are more durable than cotton towels.
  4. They dry quicker than cotton towels.


  1. They are less absorbent as compared to cotton towels. 
Gym Towels Bulk 7

Figure 7. Hybrid towel

Microfiber towels:

They are made up of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide or nylon. They are best suited for cleaning purposes.


  1. They are durable.
  2. They are lightweight.
  3. They are lint-free.
  4. They dry faster than cotton towels. 


  1. They have a rough texture. Therefore, most of the users do not like using them. 
  2. They are not very absorbent. 
  3. They are used only for cleaning purposes. 
Gym Towels Bulk 8

Figure 8. Microfiber towel

What type of cotton is used to make gym towels in bulk?

Simple cotton:

Cotton is obtained from a plant. This fiber is known as cellulose and it is used to make a variety of fabrics all around the globe. 

Pima cotton:

Pima cotton has an extra-long staple (ELS). It is of higher quality, greater softness, and greater absorbance as compared to simple cotton. 

Egyptian cotton:

This type of cotton has longer and more fibrous threads that make it more absorbent as compared to simple cotton. It is the Egyptian version of American Pima cotton.

Turkish cotton:

It is also extra-long-staple cotton. It is more durable and softer as compared to simple cotton. It is produced in Western Asia. 

Organic cotton:

If you want to use eco-friendly products in your commercial gym, you should buy gym towels that are made up of organic cotton. This type of cotton is grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Therefore, it is best for people with skin allergies. 

Cotton and bamboo blend:

Cotton blend is made by mixing cotton with a synthetic fiber produced by the viscose of the bamboo plant. Gym towels made from this type of cotton are extra absorbent and have a silky feel. 

Is there any difference in construction techniques for gym towels made in bulk?

Yes, gym towels are made by using four different construction processes. 

Here is a brief description of all of them:

Combed cotton:

In this process, the cotton is simply combed to remove debris and to straighten the uneven fibers. It results in stronger and softer cotton. 

Gym Towels Bulk 9

Figure 9. cotton combing process

Ringspun cotton:

In this process, the cotton is spun which makes it more durable and softer than the combed cotton.

Gym Towels Bulk 10

Figure 10. Ringspun cotton


In this method, the cotton is twisted to turn it into yarns. The higher the amount of twist, the more durable and uniform will be the towel. However, towels made with fewer twists are plusher. Microfiber towels are made from low twisted yarn. 

Gym Towels Bulk 11

Figure 11. Cotton twist


Two-ply towels are made from twice as much yarn as an ordinary towel. Therefore, they are more durable and highly absorbent.

What type of borders does a gym towel can have?

The following are the different types of the border that a gym towel can have. You should choose one that satisfies your requirements of gym towels in bulk. 

Cam Lines:

These are simple one or two horizontal lines at each short end of the towel. It does not have any terry loops. 

Gym Towels Bulk 12

Figure 13. Towel with cam lines


If a cam line of towel is decorated, it is known as the border. If you want to personalize your towels and want your brand name on them, you should choose this type of border. 

Gym Towels Bulk 13

Figure 14. Towel with borders


In this type of borders, each short end of the towel has a hem seam. This border is found on towels that are manufactured in long rolls and then cut to make individual towels. 

The hem can be a lock stitch or a continuous stitch. In lock stitch, if one part of it is pulled, the whole seam will not unravel. In a continuous stitch, the complete hem will unravel if one part of it is pulled. 

Therefore, you should always buy towels with lock stitches because they are durable. 

Gym Towels Bulk 14

Figure 15. Towel with hems


Selvage is the longer side of the towel. They are generally self-hem or self-woven. You should never buy a towel that does not have a natural selvage.  

Gym Towels Bulk 15

Figure 16. Towel with natural selvage

Are there any anti-bacterial towels?

Yes, some manufactures offer anti-bacterial towels. 

They are eco-friendly, soft, odor-resistant, and super absorbent. If you have a huge budget, you should buy anti-bacterial towels for your gym.

They prevent disease spread and are beneficial for the overall hygiene of your gym. 

How to check if the gym towel is lint-free?

If you are looking for a cotton gym towel, you can never find a lint-free towel. 

This is because cotton always produces lint. The intensity of its production depends on the quality. Moreover, if you buy cotton blends, with polyester or bamboo, towels, they have less lint production. But again, they are less absorbent and less durable. 

You can reduce lint by using a lint catcher during washing.

Lastly, you can buy a 100% polyester gym cleaning cloth if you are looking for a lint-free product. But that can only be used for cleaning purposes. 

What is the average size of a gym towel?

The average size of gym towels depending upon their usage are as follows:

Washcloths: 12 inches * 12 inches

Hand towels: 16 inches * 27 inches

Bath towels: 27 inches * 54 inches

Gym cleaning towels: 16 inches * 16 inches

Please note that these are general measurements. If you are looking for some specific size, please contact us to know if we can provide them. 

What is the average weight of a gym towel?

If you are buying gym towels in bulk, the weight is measured in lbs. per dozen. 

Weight is the measure of how dense the towel is. The higher the weight of the towel, the higher will be its absorbance and the softer it will be. However, heavy towels take longer to dry. 

Moreover, the weight of the towel depends on its size and type. The following is the average weight of towels according to different types. 

Washcloths: 1 lb. per 12 pieces 

Hand towels: 3 lbs. to 4 lbs. per 12 pieces 

Bath Towels: 14 lbs. – 17 lbs. per 12 pieces 

What is the average price of a gym towel?

The price of gym towels depends on their size, type, and quality. Generally, there are two qualities of towels available in each type. 

The following are the average prices of different types of economy cotton towels per dozen. 

Washcloths: $4 per 12 pieces

Hand towel: $15 per 12 pieces 

Bath towels: $40 per 12 pieces

Should I buy economy towels or premium ones in bulk?

This choice completely depends on your preferences and budget. 

All types of towels are manufactured in two varieties: Economy and Premium. 

Economy towels are less dense, less absorbent, and cheap. Whereas premium towels are heavyweight, high absorbent, and with higher price tags. 

If you are tight on budget, and your towels often get stolen, we recommend you buying economy towels. However, if you own an expensive and luxurious commercial gym, you should buy premium tools to provide the best experience to your users. 

Besides, if you own a distribution center, you should buy both types of towels to satisfy all types of customers. Additionally, you can also do a general survey to estimate which type of towels are in demand in your community. 

Should I buy plain/ white towels or colored towels in bulk?

Gym towels are generally available in white and 15 different colors. Following are the pros and cons of using plain towels and colored towels.

Colored towels:

Ranging from red, blue, green, to yellow, they are available in a variety of colors.


  1. It can be easily identified from far. 
  2. If they are dark in color, dust and dirt would not be quickly visible. 


  1. An ordinary quality towel might lose color. 
  2. Bleach cannot be used to clean stain since it affects the color. 
  3. Trainers might start choosing one color over the other. 
  4. Once the color gets faded, you will not be able to keep them. 
Gym Towels Bulk 16

Figure 17. Colored towels

Plain / White Towels:


  1. All of them are the same, so they are easy to organize.
  2. Bleach can be used to clean stains on them. 
  3. They can be washed together.


  1. Plain towels start looking old quicker than colored ones. 
  2. It is not possible to identify them apart. 
Gym Towels Bulk 17

Figure 18. Plain / White towel

How can I protect my gym towels from fading?

Do not offer your customers faded gym towels to use. They are going to give a bad impression and your customers are likely to get offended. 

The following are a few practices that you can use to prevent them from fading:

Pre-Treat Stains: 

It is normal for gym towels to get stains, either through energy drinks or through machine oil. Always wash the stain spot separately before washing the complete towel.

Use color-safe bleach:

One of the reasons why plain towels are recommended is that you can easily bleach them. 

However, if have colored towels, you can also bleach them to remove stains. Just make sure that the bleach is color-safe. 

Wash temperature:

Wash the gym towels at a cooler temperature to retain their color. 

How can I reduce the smell from towels?

Newly manufactured towels have a cotton smell that fades over time. 

Besides, if towels are used by heavy sweaters, they might retain smell. The following are some procedures that you can do to eliminate the smell.

Multiple Washes:

If the smell does not go away in the first wash, you can wash it again to see if it works. 

Vinegar or baking soda:

Add some vinegar or baking soda along with the washing liquid. It also prevents odor.

And fragrances:

Add mild natural fragrances when you dry them, so they feel fresh and good while usage.

Can I get my logo printed on gym towels in bulk?

Yes, logos and brand names can be printed on towels with cam lines, which would then be called borders. 

Please contact our customer service to see if they are providing such services. 

Can I get my gym towels dyed in different colors in bulk?

Gym towels are generally available in 15 different colors. 

However, if you still wish to dye them in a color that is not available on the list, please contact Yanre Fitness. We will try our best to accommodate your needs. 

Should I buy gym towels in bulk or retail?

For a commercial gym or distribution center, you should always buy gym towels in bulk. 

It allows you to provide consistent quality towels to your customers and saves you the shipping charges. 

However, if you are buying them from a new gym towel manufacturer, make sure to order a retail sample first. Check its quality by using and washing it. And if you are satisfied, only then you should order them in bulk. 

Where can I buy gym towels bulk in China?

You can find multiple wholesale merchants for gym towels in China.

Yanre Fitness is the best place to buy gym towels and all forms of gym equipment and accessories. They have patented designs and the procedures followed by them are environment friendly. 

Please contact us for more details about gym towels. 


Thank you for reading our detailed FAQ guide on gym towels. We hope that it cleared all your confusion and provided the answers to your questions. 

Since gym towels are an essential part of any gym, be sure to buy them after careful consideration of every aspect of a gym towel. 

Feel free to contact Yanre Fitness for more queries and to get a personalized price quote. We look forward to doing business with you.