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Over 95% clients choose to cooperate with Yanre Fitness, after visiting our factory and trying our commercial gym equipment personally.

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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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R&D Invest

For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Wholesale Workout Equipment – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you searching for workout equipment to buy at wholesale price? Then you are in the right place! Here we have put some information about some workout equipment. 

The questions you will have in your mind, we have tried to answer that. Hope you will find it easy to read and decide where you can get your workout equipment at wholesale prices.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside this FAQ guide.

Table of Contents

What is workout equipment?

Workout equipment is any device that is used for physical activity, which increases physical strength, helps to achieve fitness goal and bring mental satisfaction

It causes conditional effects of particular exercises by giving an adjustable or fixed amount of resistance.

Workout equipment increases the experience with the favorable outcome of exercise daily routine.

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Figure 1: Workout equipment

What types of workout equipment are there?

There is a wide range of workout equipment. It includes weight machines, 

  • Leg raise machine
  • Hydraulic bench press machine
  • Dumbbell
  • Smith machine
  • Exercise bike
  • Barbell
  • Weight plate
  • Stair stepper
  • Combo rack
  • Summit trainer
  • Treadmills
  • Rowing machine
  • Cross trainer
  • Barbell stand
  • Exercise ball
  • Flat bench press
  • Decline bench press
  • Adjustable bench
  • Incline bench press
  • Lat pulling down
  • Leg curl extension, etc.

All of the equipment has some distinct features and use of specific workouts for the body.

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Figure 2: Types of Workout equipment (from left- Leg extension, Crossfit PU dumbbell, Lat pulldown)

What are the sizes and weight of workout equipment?

The size of the workout equipment varies from design and device. Here we will mention the size of some workout equipment below-

Treadmill: 80L* 37W* 65H, and the machine weighs 455 lbs.

Cross trainer: 89L* 32W* 66H, and weigh 455 lbs.

Stair Stepper: 52L*  34W* 66H, and weighs 170 lbs.

Summit Trainer: 70L * 35W* 75H, and weigh 355 lbs.

Rower: 27’’* 47’’* 54’’, and weigh 65 lbs.

Combo rack- half rack/half rack: 102’’* 67’’* 96’’, and weighs 900 lbs.

Olympic heavy duty adjustable bench: 39L* 24W*The machine weighs 130 lbs.

Decline abdominal bench: 63L* 24W* 34H, and weighs 100 lbs.

Olympic squat rack: 59L* 68W* 73H, and the machine weighs 290 lbs.

Olympic weight plate: 2.5 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb or kilogram.

Dumbbell set:  5- 55 lbs, 55- 100 lbs. (both include 10 pairs)

Fixed barbell set: Straight bar set, 20- 110 lbs. EZ curl bar set, 20-110 lbs. (both include 10 barbells)

You can check for further size and weight details of workout equipment.

What are the materials of workout equipment?

Materials vary on the type of workout machine. Some workout equipment materials are given below-

Leg raise machine: Mild steel or galvanized steel.

Barbell: Steel or stainless steel, coating with black oxide, cerakote, zinc to provide solid durability. Use of chrome also for sleeve coating.

Dumbbell: Rubber, neoprene, or metal. Rubber and neoprene are soft and don’t damage the floor.

Hydraulic bench press machine: Metal, stainless steel, quality steel, steel Q235, D60mm heavy-duty steel construction frame. PU leather and foam are used for the seat.

Smith machine: Mild steel frame and iron metal.

Olympic weight plate: 100% brand new virgin rubber, stainless steel for the center ring, zinc steel, rubber-coated iron, PVC / PVE / rubber cast iron. Coated with rubber or urethane.

Exercise bike: Textured pedal, padded foam grip, stainless steel frame, thick and cushioned backseat, smooth magnetic resistance.

High density foam roller: EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) foam, or EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). 

Treadmill: Heavy-duty steel frame, PVC running belt, foam handrail.

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Figure 3: Materials of workout equipment( from a left- dumbbell, exercise bike, hydraulic bench press, treadmill, Olympic weight plate, smith machine)

What are the applications of workout equipment in gym centers?

The applications of some workout equipment are given below:

Treadmill: Used for jogging, running, walking, or interval training. It burns belly fat, thigh fat, visceral fat and also reduces breast size.

Barbell: Used for free weight training and competitive sports like- powerlifting, Olympic weight lifting, CrossFit. Exercise such as bench press, bicep curl, overhead press, weightlifting, deadlift, squat. It works on more muscle groups simultaneously and develops a solid upper body.

Dumbbell: Used to build muscle like chest, shoulder, bicep, calves, triceps, glutes, trapezius, quadriceps, hamstrings, etc. 

Smith machine: Used for weight training. It has a barbell fixed within steel rails and allows vertical or non-vertical movement to work in the muscle groups.

Hydraulic bench press: Used for a full-body workout, muscle development like chest, tricep, etc.

Exercise bike: Used for cardio fitness, burn body fat, weight loss, lower body muscle development, leg muscle strength, etc.

Leg raise machine: It improves six-pack muscle. Also enhances the flexibility, strength, and size of the lower body muscle. It helps to reduce back pain, back strain, or injury.

Cross trainer: Used for almost every muscle group development in the body like- arm, back, shoulder, calves, thigh, butt, and abdominal.

Stair stepper: Used for cardio workout and provides stronger calves, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and healthy bones.

Rower: Rowing uses 86% of the muscle and helps to strengthen, tones and endurance in the muscles. It also burns belly fat, good for the lungs, and elevates the heart rate.

You can use it as a support guide-

What is the difference between the smith machine and the  bench press weight?

Smith Machine

  • A barbell is attached to the machine and moves up and down in a straight line
  • Barbell weight is lighter and weights 10, 15, or 20 pounds
  • The motion of the bar is fixed
  • Made with durable steel frame and bar
  • Develops upper and lower body muscle
  • To improve muscle group, isolate them during exercise
  • Weights 160 kg
  • Size 57L* 86W* 89H
Wholesale Workout Equipment - The Definitive FAQ Guide 26
Wholesale Workout Equipment - The Definitive FAQ Guide 27

Figure 4: Smith machine vs. bench press weight


Bench Press Weight

  • A free weight exercise, a barbell isn’t connected and moves naturally straight up, down, backward, and forward
  • Barbell weight is heavier than smith machine and weight 45 pounds
  • The motion of the bar isn’t fixed
  • Made with aluminum or composite alloy
  • Tone the upper body muscle like arm, shoulder, pectoral
  • Powerlifting exercise for building tricep, chest, shoulder
  • The machine weight and size average 45 pounds. Depends on the men and women’s body weight

What is the difference between a commercial barbell and a dumbbell?

Commercial Barbell

  • Used for strength training, weight lifting, and building muscle
  • Allow to lift heavyweight and improve faster
  • Carry high risk of injury
  • Less range of motion as the actual axis of the barbell
  • Better for increasing muscle gain
  •  Weights 15 to 30 pounds and withstand 200 pounds
  • A standard barbell is 5 to 6 feet long



  • Used for muscle build, compound exercise, muscular balance
  • Go up to a certain weight, not as heavy as a barbell
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Provide a more excellent range of motion and freedom of movement
  • Much deeper stretch and contraction for most exercise
  • Weights 5 to 100 pounds with a 5 -pound increment
  • A standard dumbbell is 10 to 15 inches long, 1 inch thick
Wholesale Workout Equipment - The Definitive FAQ Guide 28

Figure 5: Barbell vs. dumbbell

What is the difference between a hanging leg raise machine and an exercise bike?

Hanging Leg Raise Machine

  • Standing in the frame and keep two hands on the chair’s arms, raise the leg with supporting the whole body on the machine
  • It’s an isolation exercise
  • Provides an effective exercise for lower abs
  • Helps to lose weight from leg and lower abdomen and provide V- cut abs
  • Improves the size and strengthen the abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis, hip flexors, external obliques)
  • The range of movement is longer and helps to muscle gain
  • Material is mild steel or galvanized steel


Exercise Bike

  • An indoor gym cycle includes a saddle, pedals, and handlebar resembling a bicycle without a wheel
  • Build strength in the leg and lower body muscle
  • Pedaling strengthen calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps
  • Best for weight loss, burn belly fat
  • Boosts cardio fitness, reduce blood pressure, stress, and increase memory and brain functioning, blood sugar, immune system, energy
  • Provides good workout for joint injury
  • Materials are aluminum, steel, titanium, and carbon fiber.
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Wholesale Workout Equipment - The Definitive FAQ Guide 30

Figure 6: Difference between hanging leg raise and exercise bike

How to choose the best workout equipment at wholesale prices?

Floor space and listing: At first, the gym should measure the floor space and determine how much workout they will buy. Then make a listing of the equipment.

Price point: The buying cost and the maintenance cost, you must think of both as that equipment is costly and have long-term cost-related issues. You must buy the quality product at the best wholesale price. 

Function: Proper study must be needed about the equipment you want to buy. There are various types of workout equipment, and the function of them varies from each product. 

Knowing the equipment function and matching the need before buying reflects proficiency and professionalism.

Material: An equipment material is a vital issue because the equipment changes in looks and use depending on the material. For example, if you don’t want to damage your floor, you must buy a rubber coated weight plate.

But if you buy a cast iron weight plate, you’ll face an unwanted situation. 

Size and Weight: There are different sizes for the different kinds of equipment to easy use. Size tells what equipment is best for your gym or what age person. 

Also, the weight of the machine determines whether it is suitable for the gym or not. The weight of the machine also determines the maximum bearing weight of the machine.

Wholesale Workout Equipment - The Definitive FAQ Guide 31

Figure 7: How to choose the best workout equipment at wholesale prices

What are the factors you should avoid during the purchase of workout equipment at wholesale prices?

Lack of planning: Buying gym equipment is more costly than you think. So, structured planning is needed. Lack of planning costs more. 

Planned research on different pricing and financing options makes sure you can afford to buy the equipment you need for your gym.

Not comparing equipment price:  Competitive price research on the market is important for cutting down the cost and getting the best deals. Without price comparison, you’ll end up buying equipment at a high cost.

Not inspect the available wholesale shop: It is wise to find the available wholesale shop to get the best price deal. 

Checking out payment and service terms and conditions provided by each wholesale company before confirming the particular seller.

Not knowing the equipment brand: Brand name provides the best quality with the best price. Research and know your different equipment in terms of functionality, durability, price, effectiveness, guarantee before buying. 

Also, do customer research on which branded equipment will increase your image.

Thinking about cheaper prices is best: Many people want to buy a cheaper priced product to save money or lower costs. But cheaper products may bring bad quality or fragileness. 

Comparative price study is good but go for a vise versa price, not lower and cheap quality.

Wholesale Workout Equipment - The Definitive FAQ Guide 32

Figure 8: Factors should avoid before buying workout equipment at wholesale price

How to find a trusted source of workout equipment for a gym center?

You can find a trusted source of workout equipment through online social media search- Facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc. Review and feedback of the customers on the seller page will give you trustworthy information.

You can also find them through the website and contact them with their contact details. The rating of the website also helps to find a trustworthy source.

Als, b2b or business to business is also a trustworthy source for buying wholesale workout equipment. You can directly contact Yanre fitness to get the best wholesale deal.

What is the average wholesale price of workout equipment?

All gym equipment costs vary for minimum order quantity.

Exercise bike: Costs $20- $95 depending on minimum order quantity.

Bench press machine: Ranges from $37- $4298 depending on quality and function, minimum order.

Smith machine: Cost ranges from $200- $1250.

Leg raise machine: Cost ranges from $24- $200.

Barbell: Costs $1.00- $85.00.

Dumbbell: Costs $0.50- $105.

Olympic weight plate: Costs $.25- $25.

Are workout equipment customizable?

Yes. All workout equipment is customizable in color, logo print, size, shape, material, etc. 

Just contact Yanre Fitness to get your customized deal.

Wholesale Workout Equipment - The Definitive FAQ Guide 33
Wholesale Workout Equipment - The Definitive FAQ Guide 34

Figure 9: Customized workout equipment

How to import workout equipment bulk?

The steps are given below consequently-

  1. Finding a supplier for permissible equipments  
  2. Research the product information- marketable, affordable, and profitable
  3. Know the payment option
  4. Know shipping procedure thoroughly and time
  5. Informed about Government policy
  6. Know custom regulation
  7. Well informed about insurance, damage, return and refund policy, company terms and conditions, etc.a

Final Words For You

Hope you enjoyed reading this FAQ guide. We think we answered most of your questions.

We believe you have already decided to buy workout equipment at wholesale price from Yanre Fitness.