Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 1
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The gyms created for commercial purposes have a different setup than a home gym. Similarly, the equipment requirements also differ. Owners of a membership gym must rely on commercial-grade equipment. 

Among other gym equipment, treadmills, especially the best commercial treadmill 2022, are also important for any commercial gym. Therefore, buying such equipment from reliable treadmill manufacturers in China requires your utmost attention.

To help you choose the best option, here are the top 10 commercial treadmill Chinese brands. However, before going any further, let’s see what to look for in a commercial treadmill brand. 

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 2

Figure-1 Commercial treadmill

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1. Considerations for Choosing the Best Commercial Treadmill Brand

The number of brands offering commercial treadmills, including options like a China treadmill, is overwhelming. But you can’t buy such a product right away. You need to show patience and consider some important aspects when making such a deal.

Below are some of the essential aspects. You need to consider these while finding one of the best commercial treadmill brands.

  • Find a brand that offers commercial treadmills. 
  • The company must be adhering to the industrial standards. 
  • Pay attention to the overall rating of the manufacturer. 
  • Look for a brand with a good reputation. For this purpose, rely on customer reviews. 
  • Choose the brand depending on your budget. 
  • They must be certified to manufacture gym equipment. 

2. Best Commercial Treadmill Brands

Listed below are the top commercial treadmill brands. These manufactures offer top-rated treadmills for commercial use. To see what we have here, just continue reading. 

2.1 Johnson

Johnson is a renowned name in the field of fitness equipment manufacturing. Especially, this brand is popular for manufacturing commercial-grade treadmills.

Johnson treadmills are available in more than 60 countries. It’s a leading provider of top-rated fitness equipment. This Chinese brand only settles for high-quality materials. Therefore, you can expect the best build quality.

Johnson treadmills are tough and sturdy. These machines can withstand user weight up to 350 lbs. So, such equipment would be a viable choice for commercial gyms. 

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 3

Figure-2 Johnson commercial treadmill

Most of the Johnson treadmills have ViaFit Connectivity. It’s an amazing fitness app. The large screen display offers great visibility (up to 22”). Besides, the navigation is intuitive too. 

In addition, Johnson treadmills come with different workout programs. Access to numerous entertainment apps is another plus. 

The motors used in these treadmills are heavy-duty. Hence, the user enjoys a smooth running experience. As a whole, Johnson is among the top commercial treadmill brands that you can rely upon. 

2.2 Yanre Fitness

Established in 1997, Yanre Fitness is an internationally acclaimed brand. As the name suggests, this company is a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment. Apart from other gym equipment, Yanre Fitness also offers top-quality treadmills. 

Therefore, Yanre stands among the best commercial treadmill brands. The materials used are of industrial grade. This ensures the quality and performance of the gym equipment. 

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 4

Figure-3 Yanre commercial treadmill

Yanre designs and manufactures all types of gym equipment, including treadmills. This brand pays attention to the ergonomics and functionality of the machines. 

The stainless steel frame is a standard feature for every treadmill by Yanre. Besides, you can expect all those features that are available with the top brands.

Yanre Fitness offers top-of-the-line treadmills at a reasonable cost. With Yanre, it’s possible to buy a feature-loaded and affordable treadmill.

Big Brand Quality, But Factory Price.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Yanre Fitness offers both.

2.3 Shua

Shua comes at No. 3 spot in our list, especially if you are looking for a commercial treadmill. This manufacturer specializes in producing high-end fitness equipment. 

The treadmills built by Shua are quite famous among commercial gym owners. This is so, as all the equipment passes through strict quality control. 

Due to unmatched quality, Shua is one of the best commercial treadmill brands. There are features that you normally see in the most high-end treadmills.

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 5

Figure-4 Shua commercial treadmill

A few of the features include a large LED monitor, a durable frame, and quiet operation. Transporting these machines is easy, as most of them are foldable.

Besides, the top-tier Shua treadmills offer patented soft drop technology. This feature ensures smooth unfolding. As a whole, Shua Sports offers gym equipment that ensures both performance and peace of mind.  

2.4 Realleader Fitness

Realleader is a worldwide fitness equipment manufacturer.  This company designs and manufactures top-of-the-line fitness equipment. Apart from other equipment, Realleader Fitness is popular for its high-end treadmills.

The treadmills produced by Realleader require a power source. So, these machines offer a comfortable and smooth workout experience. The top speed of Realleader treadmills can reach up to 20km. 

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 6

Figure-5 Realleader Fitness commercial treadmill

This brand offers a variety of commercial-grade treadmills. These machines are made of high-quality materials. The most commonly used material is stainless steel, which offers unmatched durability. 

Besides, other key components offer a desired level of performance. Realleader treadmills have high-tech gadgets. Hence, it offers the essential metrics regarding a specific workout. 

2.5 WNQ

WNQ Fitness started manufacturing gym equipment back in 1989. This is one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers. Apart from making other equipment, WNQ also offers state-of-the-art treadmills. 

These machines are of commercial quality. Hence, treadmills by WNQ are capable of withstanding a tough gym environment. Most of the machines are environment friendly. They consume less energy and make less noise.

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 7

Figure-6 WNQ commercial treadmill

WNQ treadmills have unique shock absorption technology. This ensures a comfortable workout experience. Besides offering a wide range of innovative features, WNQ is an affordable brand.

2.6 Impulse

Impulse is among the top commercial treadmill brands. This company started its business in 1991. The commercial treadmill lineup offers a variety of impressive features. One of these is the self-lubricating system.

In addition, these machines have a wider running platform. With the availability of Pulfex™ cushioning system, Impulse treadmills are amazingly comfortable.

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 8

Figure-7 Impulse commercial treadmill

Impulse believes in offering the best possible quality. The materials used for gym equipment manufacturing are of industrial standard. Hence, you can expect outstanding build quality and performance. 


ORIENTE is a Chinese brand known for manufacturing and exporting gym equipment. This brand also manufactures commercial treadmills. So, you can expect gym-grade build quality. 

The most common feature of ORIENTE treadmills is the smooth folding system. These machines have relatively large LED display. It offers a clear view of the workout metrics. 

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 9

Figure-8 ORIENTE commercial treadmill

When it comes to power, ORIENTE treadmills have strong motors (up to 4 HP). Besides, the sturdy construction offers a max weight capacity of 350lbs. 

As a whole, these treadmills are capable of offering top-notch performance. If looking for a treadmill for your commercial gym, ORIENTE got some viable choices.

2.8 Huixiang

Founded in 1996, Shandong Huixiang is a gym equipment manufacturer. Especially, Huixiang treadmills are of commercial quality. 

So, buying a Huixiang treadmill for your commercial gyms would be a great idea. This brand pays attention to both the build quality and performance of the products.

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 10

Figure-9 Huixiang commercial treadmill

This makes it a popular brand in the Europe, America, and Asian markets. Huixiang treadmills have a wider running pad and a powerful motor.

The ergonomically designed treadmills offer a comfortable and natural running posture. Asides, the electronic parts are of industrial grade. This ensures peace of mind while using the treadmills.    

2.9 BFT Fitness

BFT Fitness specializes in designing and manufacturing fitness equipment. It is one of the best commercial treadmill brands around the world. These machines are popular for their unique design and structural strength. 

Treadmills by this brand offers high-end performance and are stable too. The stainless steel frame offers extended durability. Hence, you can use these machines within your commercial gym.

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 11

Figure-10 BFT Fitness commercial treadmill

The LED monitor is bigger than what you normally see on a treadmill (up to 20”). Besides offering top-notch features, BFT Fitness treadmills remain quite affordable.


LIZHIXING or LZX Fitness is a gym equipment manufacturer based in China. This company stands among the best commercial treadmill brands. Both the designing and manufacturing takes place within the company’s facility. 

Therefore, the treadmills have unique design features. Besides, the key features are impressive too. The powerful electric motor can produce an output of 3.0 HP. 

Top 10 Leading Commercial Treadmill Brands of China 12

Figure-11 LIZHIXING commercial treadmill

The LED display that comes with these machines is reasonably large. The platform is sturdy and stable. It can support a max weight up to 300lbs. 

Other parts are also of top quality, making LZX treadmills a reliable option. The price of these machines varies. The company offers both affordable and high-end expensive options.     

3. Final Words

A treadmill that ensures both quality and functionality, including options from Chinese treadmill brands, is sometimes hard to find. However, the products listed above offer both these features. You just have to choose one that is suitable for your gym.

We have included treadmill brands popular for their quality and unmatched features. This means the treadmills manufactured by these brands are reliable and user-friendly. 

This extensive list of top 10 commercial treadmill brands can be helpful for gym owners. These treadmill brands have different prices. So, you can select the most affordable option out of these.

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