Leg Raise Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

The training routine of the Abs is now more efficient and comfortable thanks to the leg raise machine. To complete your collection of gym exercises machines, make sure you buy your leg raise machine today. 

You may have some questions about the leg raise machine, so we have prepared this complete guide for you.

Let’s get started.

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How many types of leg raise machines are there?

The two main types of leg raise machines are: 

  • standard leg lifts machines
  • chin / dip / leg raise machine ( or power tower) 

These gym machines may vary in size and weight. 

A standard leg raise machine is a single station equipment targeted only to hit abs by a variety of leg lifts. This machine is smaller, more stable and has a durable construction.

A chin / dip / leg raise machine is a complex multifunctional machine for chest, arms, legs and core that allows abs training as well. This equipment is wider, taller, heavier and some models may need to be bolted to the floor. 

Leg Raise Machine 1
Leg Raise Machine 2

What are the advantages of the leg raise machine?

The gym owners will absolutely love this abs machine because of its many possibilities of workout exercises. A leg raise machine offers three main advantages: space – saving, durable construction and complete core training.


The structure of the leg raise machine is compact and provides a great variation of leg lifts sets. From vertical lifts to knees twists, this machine combines many abs exercises in one device. 

Durable construction 

The leg raise machine is made out of steel, which is not only durable but also very stable on the ground. This equipment has a structure that offers benefits for years to come.

Complete core training

From the rectus abdominis to hip flexors, with this machine you can strengthen your entire core. 

Leg Raise Machine 3

Figure 3 The leg raise machine in gym

What are the applications of a leg raise machine?

Leg raise machines are great for:

  • all types of sport center
  • commercial gyms and fitness centers
  • hotel gym 
  • company gym 
Leg Raise Machine 4

Figure 4 The applications of a leg raise machine 

What is the main structure of a leg raise machine?

A leg raise machine has five main parts: mainframe, footrests, back pad, armrests and handle. 

The mainframe ensures optimal stabilization during training.

The footrests ensure an easy start for all athletes. 

The back pad is essential to keep your back healthy, without pressure or pain. 

The armrests are important for keeping a correct position during training.

The handle is crucial to help you lift your lower body part and be in control of your movements.

This structure provides support for your back, good hand grip and high level leg lifts with control and without swinging. This will succeed in strengthening the core in a superior, healthier way.   

Leg Raise Machine 5

Figure 5 The structure of a leg raise machine 

What is the difference between the dip station and the leg raise machine?

It is the auxiliary parts that makes them different. The leg raise machine has auxiliary parts such as footrest, cushions and handles, while the dip station does not do so. 

The dip station has a similar metal mainframe with the leg raise machine for good vertical and knee raises. So, you may get confused about the two machines. 

The main difference between the dip station and the leg raise machine is related to its additional features. 

The dip station structure is:

  • simpler than the leg raise machine
  • no padding support for back or arms
  • no footrests for your feet

This shortfall may cause a lot of swing during exercise. 

The leg raise machine has cushions to support your lower back during leg lifts and armrests with handles for movement control. These auxiliary features ensure comfortable use of the leg raise machine during abs workout. 

Leg Raise Machine 6

Figure 6 The dip station

What is the size of a leg raise machine? 

A standard leg raise machine measures approximately 110 cm x 70 x 160 cm.

A chin / dip / leg raise machine is approximately 220 cm x 65 cm x 90 cm. 

Always keep in mind that the shape, weight and size of leg raise machines may vary among different brands. For more details, please contact Yanre Fitness sales team. 

Leg Raise Machine 7

Figure 7 The size of a chin / dip / leg raise machine 

Does the leg raise machine come with pull-up bars?

Yes. The chin / dip / leg raise machine only is equipped with pull-up handles for more muscle formation. Pull-up bars are also a good way to diversify your abs training movements.

Leg Raise Machine 8

Figure 8 A chin / dip / leg raise machine with pull-up bars

Who can use the leg raise machine?

Leg raise machines are suitable both for beginner and advanced athletes to train the entire core. 

A beginner trainee must first get used to the abs routine. The leg raise machine is convenient to start with because of its foam padding and extra handles for support.  

For advanced athletes, this is an ideal way to identify weak body parts and develop a training routine to strengthen it. Isolation exercises will target unique body parts to level up muscle consistency. 

How to choose a leg raise machine for my gym? 

When buying a leg raise machine for your gym keep in mind some things: height, basement, frame and padding.

The height. A quality leg raise machine has the arm support situated at minimum 125 cm from the floor. This allows enough space for leg raises.

The basement. Stability is important during training, thus a large base and some rubber caps are essential for a great leg raise machine. 

The frame. A good mainframe is made out of steel. If it is not, make sure you ask for your manufacturer to paint your frame. In this way you prevent your mainframe from rusting. 

The padding. Cushions are placed in key spots that can prevent health damages. Thus, a professional gym equipment has dense foam pads for proper support during workout. 

Yanre Fitness provides premium quality leg raise machines for sale to perfectly fit your gym center. By choosing Yanre Fitness you make sure your gym equipment is certified, high standard and elegant. 

Leg Raise Machine 9

Figure 9 Leg raise machine with paddings and proper height

Can the leg raise machine produce any damage to the floor? 

No. The leg raise machine is equipped with rubber pads to reduce the possibility of scratches. The caps are placed at the end of the posts to protect the gym floor. 

Leg Raise Machine 10

Figure 10 Leg raise machine with rubber pads 

Is it easy to move the leg raise machine? 

No. A leg raise machine could weigh about 70 kg. 

If you intend to move it, make sure you ask for some else’s assistance.

Leg Raise Machine 11

Figure 11 Standard weight leg raise machine 

Where to place the leg raise machine in my gym? 

The best placement of the leg raise machine is near the weight area. 

In this way your athletes can move from a set of strength exercises to other similar gym workouts.

Leg Raise Machine 12

Figure 12 Placement of the leg raise machine 

Is it easy to assemble the leg raise machine on my own?

Yes. You can  easily assemble the leg raise machine on your own because you have the user manual. The instructions are included in the package and describe the assembling process step-by-step. 

If you encounter problems, you can always contact the support team of Yanre Fitness.

Leg Raise Machine 13

Figure 13 The diagram of a leg raise machine

Can I print my logo on the leg raise machine?

Yes. Yanre Fitness can print your logo on the leg raise machine.

Yanre Fitness is an expert in manufacturing gym and fitness equipment and can provide several custom options. To better fit your gym, we can customize the color of your equipment, the finishing materials of the paddings and the printing.

If you want to customize your leg raise machine right now, contact us for more info. 

Final Words

The leg raise machine is a good way to keep your gym up to date with professional and performative training equipment. I hope that the above guide has answered most of your questions.

If you have further inquiries, please contact our support team at any time.

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