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Commercial Exercise Bike – Definitive FAQ Guide

Around the globe, the commercial-grade exercise bike is a favorite for cardio workouts.

Are you looking for a commercial exercise bike supplier? One that delivers premium quality products at great prices. Well, you have come to the right place!

In this FAQ guide, we dig into all the details you need to buy great commercial exercise bikes for your gym.

Table of Contents

What is a commercial exercise bike?

A commercial exercise bike is an indoor training device designed for safe and comfy indoor cycling.

Design and Comfort

ItThe Commercial Exercise bike features a comfortable saddle, pedals, and front positioned handlebars. This creates the same body posture for the user as when on a normal cycling bike. But the user remains in a stationary position.


The commercial exercise bike is also known as the indoor workout bike. It is a popular training and exercise tool for cyclists confined to training in a gym or fitness center. Because of its comfort and safety features, indoor bikes are becoming very popular. It also poses less risk cycling in a gym than when cycling on the road.

The commercial-grade exercise bike is a great addition to a commercial gym. Yanre Fitness specializes in custom designed fitness equipment. Yanre Fitness also manufactures the best commercial exercise bikes on the market. Speak to us for the best quality exercise bike for your gym.

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Figure 1: Exercise Bike (Image src: Tunturi)

What are the benefits of a commercial exercise bike?

There are a few benefits that commercial exercise bikes will bring to your gym or fitness center.

  • Excellent machine for cardio fitness
  • Popular exercise tool for weight loss and fat burning
  • Cycling provides a low impact workout
  • Great for strengthening leg muscles
  • Great for working out lower body muscles
  • Much safer than regular road cycling

What is unique about the Yanre Fitness exercise bike?

A commercial-grade exercise bike features easy-to-read monitors. These monitors track your training or workout progress.

  • Offers the same exercise benefits as a normal road bike
  • Safer as it allows cycling in the safety of a gym or training center
  • Tracks speed, time, resistance, calories burnt and km’s cycled
  • Built-in workouts for increased resistance during training sessions
Commercial Exercise Bike 14

Figure 2: Exercise Bike Monitor (Image src: Amazon)

What are the features of a commercial exercise bike?

A good quality commercial exercise bike should have five key features. We list the most important features below.

Real-time performance metrics offer a full monitor display. Also offer real-time reported feedback on a user’s performance during a workout.

Multi-function computer that offers users the ability to track their various performances. distance, speed, time, and calories burnt during a workout.

Pre-set training programs that offer users various training choices. Users can choose between various pre-set training programs in different resistance levels. Also offers adjustable speed and workout distances.

Adjustable resistance settings offer users the benefit to adjust their exercise bike resistance. This creates a more extreme cardio and endurance workout.

Extended handlebars that offer users adjustability for a comfortable cycling grip.

Adjustable seating that offers users adjustability to a preferred height before working out.

Great support pedals with comfortable toe straps. This gives ample support to a user during a workout.

Is it expensive to maintain a commercial exercise bike?

No, it is not expensive to maintain a commercial exercise bike.

Maintaining your exercise bike will ensure the durability and longevity of your equipment. It will also ensure that your users have the benefit of a machine that operates 

What is the difference between a recumbent bike and an upright exercise bike?

There are two main differences between a recumbent bike and an exercise bike. This lies in the placement of the handlebars and where the pedals.

Recumbent exercise bike

  • Pedals fixed to the front of the user
  • Pedaling motion takes place in a horizontal position
  • Forward push pedaling motion
  • Stationary handlebars to the front of the user
  • Reclined seat

Upright exercise bike

  • Pedals stationed underneath the user
  • Pedaling motion takes place in a vertical position
  • Downward push pedaling motion
  • Stationary handlebars in line with the seat
  • Upright elevated seat
Commercial Exercise Bike 15

Figure 3: Recumbent Bike vs Upright Bike (Image src: Best Fitness)

How to find the best commercial exercise bike suppliers – step by step?

Finding the best suppliers of exercise bikes can be a difficult task. Especially if you do not know what to look for or where to start. The methods below will set you on your way.

Visit Industry exhibitions or trade shows.

Industry exhibitions and trade shows are excellent for finding premium equipment. They feature the top manufacturers of commercial-grade fitness equipment globally.

Suppliers and manufacturers display a large variety of their equipment at these trade shows. This gives gym owners and wholesale distributors the chance to experience the products first-hand.

China hosts some of the largest Industry exhibitions globally. The most famous is the FIBO exhibition and the CIHIE Fair. 

Google Direct Search

Start by searching for the exact product you are looking for.

Type ‘commercial exercise bike supplier’ into the search bar. Typing the product name into the search bar on google will give you access to hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers. 

Who are the top commercial exercise bike suppliers in China? 

China harbors some of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers and wholesale suppliers globally. 

Yanre Fitness offers custom-designed fitness equipment. Their premium quality exercise bikes can endure continuous training. They manufacture and stock a wide variety of gym and fitness equipment. This is to ensure immediate product availability in bulk on any product ordered.

Amy Sport offers fitness equipment and accessories to kit out your commercial gym.

Shandong Fitness Offers the promise of great design and quality on all gym equipment.

Where can I locate the serial number on a commercial exercise bike?

The serial number of your commercial exercise bike is in one of three places.

  • Underneath the bike seat
  • On the hub system cover
  • On the back support bar.

Your exercise bike’s serial number is a series of letters and numbers. And it features on a white or silver sticker.

Commercial Exercise Bike 16

Figure 4: Exercise Bike Serial number (Image src: In care)

What are the specifications of a quality commercial exercise bike?

At Yanre Fitness we manufacture quality commercial exercise bikes. We manufacture our bikes from premium grade carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Premium materials coupled with custom designs ensure complete customer satisfaction. It also delivers the best continuous machine performance.

Our premium exercise bikes are custom designed. To ensure we deliver the best quality, we offer the below product specifications:

  • Self-generating powered EMS bike with optional computer
  • Up to 12 display programs and 4 user memory
  • Measures calories, pulse, heart rate, watt, speed, distance, endurance, fitness
  • Premium monitoring hand-pulse system
  • Self-generating bike with a-grade power system
  • Magnetic Flywheel for greatest resistance levels
  • Up to 16 level tension control
  • Can take up to 150 KG
  • Commercial Grade certificate
Commercial Exercise Bike 17

Figure 5: Specs of a custom-designed exercise Bike (Image src: Yanre Fitness)

Is it easy to assemble a commercial exercise bike?

Yes, it is straightforward and easy to assemble a commercial exercise bike, yourself.

The pre-assembled parts together with the self-assembled pieces have a detailed user guide. This guide offers clear stipulations in a step-by-step format. With details on how to assemble your commercial exercise bike.

Who do I contact for technical support on a commercial exercise bike?

Contact your supplier or manufacturer of your commercial exercise bike.

Their contact details are on the back of the user guide. The user guide is the booklet that you have received with the delivery of your machine.

What are the resistance settings on a commercial exercise bike?

Premium quality exercise bikes offer up to 16 different resistance settings and training programs.

Pre-set training programs that offer users various training choices. Users can choose between various pre-set training programs in different resistance levels. Also offers adjustable speed and workout distances.

Adjustable resistance settings offer users the benefit to adjust their exercise bike resistance. This creates a more extreme cardio and endurance workout.

How to adjust the settings on a commercial exercise bike

It only takes a second to adjust the training or resistance settings on your exercise bike.

Do I need to lubricate a commercial exercise bike?

Yes, regular lubrication of a commercial exercise bike is particularly important.

All commercial exercise bikes come with a specialized lubricant in the delivery packaging. Use this lubricant to lubricate the metal parts and gears of your exercise machines.

Lubricate and clean your commercial grade exercise bike often. This will ensure full functionality and user satisfaction.

How to lubricate and care for a commercial exercise bike?

Regular lubrication of your fitness equipment will prevent squeaking or a breakdown. Below is everything you need to take complete care of your machine.


It is important that you lubricate your exercise bike often. This will ensure long standing use of all your fitness and gym equipment.

Use only commercial grade lubricants during lubrication sessions. A light spray will aid you to reach every corner of the bearings. 

Machine Metal Parts 

Any fitness machine should receive bi-monthly checks and maintenance.  Total overall maintenance should be done once annually.  This will ensure that your commercial exercise bike operates at full function.

Regular maintenance increases the life of your exercise machine. It also prevents friction of metal parts that causes squeaky noises. Below are some checkpoints for good maintenance:

  • Check, clean, and lubricate the bike rails
  • Check all seals and bearings
  • Lubricate all seals and bearings
  • Check and fasten all screws and connections
  • Perform a regular brake control test
  • Perform a regular electrical and functional test


During workout sessions, machines become wheat and salty from sweat. The salt residue from sweat causes hardening of materials and white salt stains. It also is a major cause for corrosions of metal bearings and machine parts.

It is important to clean all areas to remove all traces of moisture and sweat. Ensure you clean the sensors, handles, rails, pedals, and console.

Wipe these areas with a damp cloth. No harsh chemicals should be used on your machines. It will damage the paint, parts, and plastic consoles. It will eat into the metal parts in your commercial exercise bike.

Daily cleaning and general maintenance are vital.

The life of your commercial exercise bike depends on regular cleaning and maintenance.

What is the wholesale price of a commercial exercise bike?

Commercial exercise bikes are available for as little as $1350.

At Yanre Fitness we pride ourselves in offering only the best fitness equipment. Our custom-designed machines will be great in your commercial gym or fitness studio.

Order your premium quality exercise bike in bulk now!

Final Words

China has some of the best fitness equipment manufacturers globally. 

We can ensure you of the best quality. Yanre Fitness offers commercial premium-grade exercise bikes at the best wholesale prices.

Want to import commercial grade exercise bikes in bulk from China? Contact us Right Now!