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Wholesale Booty Bands – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for booty bands for your gym? Are you looking for them at wholesale prices? You are in the right place. Booty bands are one of the most effective fitness tools for a healthy legs and hips workout. 

Gym owners must equip their space with this must-have training piece. Athletes demand booty bands for their ability to add strength to their routine. And women love them because it helps to sculpt their booty and hips. 

Haunting for booty bands at wholesale rates can be difficult. So we prepared the following FAQ guide to help in your research. 

Let’s start.

Table of Contents

What is a booty band?

Booty bands are mini loop workout bands, specially designed for fitness leg training. These bands are also called hip circle bands, mini bands, or glute bands. 

Booty bands increase the effort during the athlete’s lower body exercise. Thus, they activate the glutes and engage the hips. Booty bands add extra resistance to natural movements like squats, lunges, slides, or kicks. 

Wholesale Booty Bands - The Definitive FAQ Guide 7

Figure 1 Booty bands 

Is a booty band the same as a resistance band?

Yes. Booty bands are one type of resistance band manufactured for the fitness industry. 

While other resistance band types stimulate the upper part of the body, booty bands are used for the legs and hips. Booty bands create a robust and attractive physique. 

Other types of resistance bands include:

  • Therabands
  • Eight-shaped resistance bands
  • Tubular resistance bands with handles 

What is the material of booty bands?

There are many possibilities of booty bands manufacturing materials, such as:

  • Latex
  • TPE rubber
  • Fabric 

Latex. This is a natural material, extracted straight from the rubber trees. It has the highest elasticity and tensile strength. Booty bands made from natural latex are commercial-grade bands suitable for gyms and fitness centers. 

However, there is a shortcoming of latex. In direct contact with the skin, it may cause irritations or skin allergies. 

TPE rubber. This material is artificial and it is a cheaper alternative to natural latex. Synthetic rubber does not have the same elastic properties as latex. But it is skin-friendly. 

For any person suffering from skin redness due to natural latex, TPE rubber is an excellent choice. 

Fabric is usually a mix of latex and cloth materials. Cloth can be made of cotton, jute, or any other natural fiber. Fabric is preferred for an intense workout because of its high grade of resistance. Fabric booty bands are extremely effective for fat burn. 

Yanre Fitness wholesale booty bands supplier uses only natural materials. To overcome the shortcoming of natural latex, our booty bands have a special thin layer of fabric. This layer is manufactured on top of the latex, to prevent any direct skin contact. 

Wholesale Booty Bands - The Definitive FAQ Guide 8

Figure 2 Fabric booty bands 

What are the benefits of booty bands?

  • Rapid results 

With the booty bands, you will have visible workout results in no time. Regardless of your training, powerlifting, squat, booty bands boost your burns. 

  • Extra stability 

Using the booty bands for extra stability to your glute workout is the best option. Booty bands are a complimentary fitness tool. It can be added to legs and arms. 

Athletes can perform simultaneous types of workouts with the necessary stability. 

  • The flexibility of the muscles 

Booty bands, as all resistance bands do, increase the muscle’s flexibility. This is done progressively, safely, and healthily. It prevents injuries.

  • Safe training 

Booty bands are low-impact fitness equipment. It is ideal for any fitness level. It builds healthy joints, suitable for all categories of athletes.

  • Tones your muscles 

Booty bands are ideal to tone your abs and lower body muscles, such as glutes, hamstrings, quads, and inner/outer thighs. 

Wholesale Booty Bands - The Definitive FAQ Guide 9

Figure 3 Benefits of booty bands 

What is the difference between wholesale latex and fabric booty bands?

There are few main differences between the two types of booty bands. While latex is a natural material and has specific features, the fabric is more accessible and more effective. 

For a better understanding, please see the comparison chart below:

Material Natural material comes from the rubber trees Its composition is 55 % latex, 40% water
High-end product 
A mix of latex or TPE rubberwith natural fibers, such as cotton or jute
The composition variesdepending on the manufacturer
Commercial grade quality 
Effectiveness Latex is less effective at fat burn
Less resistance added during training 
Very effective at fat burn
Great resistance added during training 
It is recommended to choose 1or 2 lighter resistance levels than the trainee is accustomed to 
Price Latex is hand-extracted from rubber trees, thus time-consuming
The final product is expensive 
Artificial made, easy and fast
The final product is less expensive 
Design Modern and colored 
Classic loop rectangular shape 
Shiny surface
Colored and pleasant
Loop rectangular shape
Fabric mat surface
Features High elastic properties
Great tensile strength 
Can cause skin allergies 
Non-slip and non-rolling 
Not so elastic
Less tensile strength 
Allergy-free material
Less grip 
Wholesale Booty Bands - The Definitive FAQ Guide 10

Figure 4 Latex and fabric booty bands 

What is the standard number of booty band resistance levels?

Commercial grade booty bands have 3 or more levels. A gym owner must look to cover a variety of resistance levels. 

All trainees, from beginner to advanced, must have access to progressive strength training. So, it is recommended to provide premium quality booty bands. 

Booty bands usually are delivered in sets of different resistance levels. The 3 resistance levels are:

  • Light resistance. It starts at 5 kg (12 lb) and goes up to 14 kg (32 lb) of resistance
  • Medium resistance. It starts at 11 kg (25 lb) and goes up to 22 kg (50lb) of resistance
  • Heavy resistance. It starts at 18 kg (40lb) and goes up to 30 kg (70lb) of resistance

The levels of the booty resistance bands are indicated by a specific color code. Each brand can have its own color code. An example can be:

  • Yellow, light resistance booty bands
  • Grey, medium resistance booty bands
  • Black, heavy resistance booty bands

You must confirm with your supplier this information. In this case, your supplier only provides 1 resistance level, check its reliability. Premium quality suppliers always offer at least 3 levels. 

Wholesale Booty Bands - The Definitive FAQ Guide 11

Figure 5 Booty bands resistance levels

What is the weight of booty bands?

Booty bands have different weights, depending on their resistance level. Heavy resistance booty bands are thicker. So they weigh more. 

The average weights are:

  • Light resistance booty bands weigh about 105 grams
  • Medium resistance booty bands weigh about 125 grams
  • Heavy resistance booty bands weigh about 150 grams

Regardless of their weight, booty bands are lightweight and can be easily carried around. 

Where to order wholesale booty bands?

Booty bands at wholesale prices can be found at any gym equipment manufacturer or supplier. 

There are 3 main categories of providers at wholesale rates:

  • Booty bands and any other fitness equipment manufacturers

The manufacturer should be the best option for booty band wholesale rates because he is the producer. Once the product leaves its factory, the price will easily start to grow. 

Yanre Fitness is a wholesale premium supplier of booty bands. From raw materials to logo printing, we work fast, clear and at affordable rates. 

  • Booty bands suppliers

Suppliers are also a good option if you prefer to shop somewhere closer to your gym. Suppliers have access to the manufacturers and sell afterward to gyms or sports centers. 

Suppliers can add an extra penny to the wholesale price. But still, you can get good offers.

  • Booty bands distributors

Distributors are the most expensive option. They buy booty bands in bulk at factory prices and sell them with a significant increase. The earnings are bigger than manufacturers and suppliers have. 

This option is reasonable in the case you want to buy locally and don’t want to get involved with customs procedures. 

Yanre Fitness is a wholesale booty band manufacturer. We can provide premium quality at affordable rates. Our factory has large units of booty bands and other gym equipment mass production. So, we can offer very good prices and business deals. 

Wholesale Booty Bands - The Definitive FAQ Guide 12

Figure 6 Yanre Fitness wholesale manufacturer and supplier 

What are the advantages of booty bands in bulk?

When looking for wholesale booty bands, there are few advantages to consider:

  • Direct access to the manufacturer 
  • Factory visits and samples 
  • Large production quantities 
  • Cost-effective products
  • Own design possibilities 
  • Fast delivery 
  • International shipment 

Direct access to the manufacturer. Wholesale booty bands provide direct contact with the manufacturer. You can find out first hand what the raw materials are. You will know the manufacturing process and the quality control steps. 

You will be able to see what international certifications your manufacturer or supplier has. To mass-produce booty bands, the supplier needs to respect some standards. The safe and healthy standards must be public and visible. 

Factory visits and samples. If you want to strictly overwatch the production of your booty bands, choose a factory visit. Reliable wholesale manufacturers offer such visits.

A factory visit will help you understand the manufacturer’s production capacity. You will see what type of production machinery he uses. Before mass production, you get a sample.

Large production quantities. Wholesale booty bands manufacturers provide bulk quantities to their clients. They have the technology, the space, and the know-how of the job. 

Any gym or sports center owner needs more than a few pieces. Gym owners require booty bands in bulk, so wholesale suppliers are the best option. 

Cost-effective booty bands. By working straight with the manufacturer, you get preference prices. Wholesale rates apply to the final booty band price and personalization services. Most often, gym owners look for branding their bands, printing a logo or a slogan. 

You can save up to a third of your budget if you choose a direct collaboration with the gym equipment producer. 

Own design possibilities. One of the trends today in the fitness market is to build a brand of its own. Reliable manufacturers can help you both design and produce your booty bands. You can design the shape, the thickness, the raw materials, the quality, logo, etc.

If you want to build a private label, the manufacturer is the best place to start. Look for manufacturers that have both OEM and ODM skills. You will benefit from premium services, design, and booty band quality. 

Fast delivery is a must for every reliable manufacturer or supplier. For example, a booty band manufacturer can produce your sample in less than 7 days. The delivery time of bulk quantities of booty bands is less than a month. 

International shipment. Large manufacturers have their factories in countries where the labor force is cheaper. They provide international shipment services. All the documents are provided to serve at the customs. 

Yanre Fitness is a top-level manufacturer based in China. Its services in the gym industry spend over 20 years of experience. Yanre provides knowledge and expertise at wholesale rates. 

For every worldwide client, Yanre helps with the customs procedures and ensures quality is above all other matters. 

What are the quality standards of premium wholesale booty bands?

Manufacturers are strictly connected to safe and quality international regulations. These include all standard quality criteria to be respected. These include:


For prolonged use, the booty bands should have reinforced stitching. This will ensure keeping the shape of the bands for larger periods.

Snap-resistant Label

All premium quality booty bands are labeled with snap-resistant features. A rupture of the booty band can cause serious injuries. The label will prevent any unpleasant accidents at the gym.

Quality Control Procedures

All gym factories must have certifications that ensure quality standards. Your supplier can have ISO certification, CGS or others. 


Accessibility is meant for both price rates and business collaboration. A reliable provider is easy to reach. He will have good customs connections, and an international portfolio.

Flexible Fabric Materials

The quality of the fabric is crucial to determine the quality of the final booty band. Premium booty bands use flexible, soft, and comfortable fabric materials. 

Non-slip and Non-rolling Design 

Advanced non-slip and non-rolling fabric design ensure the band will not go out of place. For booty bands training, this feature is important. 


The best is that the booty bands can be used for more than one type of fitness. Your athletes can hit booty with exercise options, such as CrossFit, Hot Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Booty Workout, etc. 

Wholesale Booty Bands - The Definitive FAQ Guide 13

Figure 7 Features of quality booty bands 

Why choose a wholesale booty band manufacturer from China?

A wholesale booty band manufacturer from China has several advantages. Some might say that price is the first argument. But studies say that China is more expensive compared to other Asian or Latin-American countries. 

The most important motifs to choose Chinese wholesale booty manufacturers are:


Chinese people are eager to do business with national and international clients. They have the openness for it and they have talent. They are approachable and respect work.


China has a lot of infrastructures. The client does not have to invest in this. International delivery is convenient and for bulk quantities, shipment can be even free. 


China was for a long period the factory of the world. By supplying a great variety of products and parts of it, with time their experience grew. 

Now, Chinese factories invest in their technology and can deliver creativity, new technologies, and quality fitness products. 

Flexible Production

Chinese factories are flexible. They can deliver both mass production and small amounts. They do not question, they ask what you need and produce it. China is now a hub of goods for both America and Europe. 

Yanre Fitness is a reference name for Chinese gym and fitness equipment manufacturing. We have specialized teams of designers and engineers. Our workers are devoted and respect all clients’ requirements. 

We established our reputations through quality and expertise in the field. If you want to confirm any booty band features, contact our team right now. 

Wholesale Booty Bands - The Definitive FAQ Guide 14

Figure 8 Searching for a Chinese gym factory 

What is the wholesale price of booty bands?

The average wholesale price for bulk booty bands starts as low as 2 $ per piece. But prices can vary, depending on the manufacturer. 

If you want to confirm the wholesale price of booty bands, contact Yanre now.

Final Words

I hope the above guide has answered most of your questions about bulk booty bands. 

If something is still questionable, contact Yanre Fitness to clarify all doubts. 

Need to import booty bands at wholesale rates? Let Yanre take care of your order. Contact us now for a quick quote.