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Our gym equipment meet ISO 20957 standard, with over 40 patents (Utility Model Patents & Appearance Design Patents)

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Standing Lateral Raise Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

Are you looking for the best quality standing lateral raise machine for your commercial gym or business? 

If your answer is yes and you are interested, this FAQ guide will help you to choose the best one. 

It is exactly what you are looking for. Please have a look!

Table of Contents

What is a standing lateral raise machine?

A standing lateral raise machine is a piece of gym equipment by which you perform lateral raise exercise by standing straight without dumbbells. It is used for growing shoulders and muscles. 

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Figure-1: Standing Lateral Raise Machine

What is the difference between a lateral raise machine and a standing lateral raise machine?

Both are forms of exercise that target shoulder and muscle growth. Yet some noteworthy differences between the two are shown below:

Lateral raise machineStanding lateral raise machine
The lateral raise machine is done manually, dumbbells in both hands.A standing lateral raise machine by which vertical, lateral movement is performed.
The lateral raise machine is used for sitting or standing positions.The standing lateral raise machine needs to stand tall to work out.
You will need dumbbells to work out.You will not require any additional instruments to work out.
Not necessarily forming a T shape while exercising by lateral raise machine. This exercise constantly forms a T shape.
Needs separate instruments for different height users.It is convenient for any height.
Needs separate weight dumbbells for different users.Weight is easily adjustable for different needs.
The user needs proper guidance from the instructor to perform the exercise correctly. The standing lateral raise machine renders the user the proper format of exercising with convenience.
Standing Lateral Raise Machine 8

Figure-2: Lateral Raise Machine

What are the dimensions of a standing lateral raise machine?

The dimensions are as follows: 

  • The height of a standing lateral raise machine is usually 62″ to 65″.
  • The width of a standing lateral raise machine is usually 28″ to 30″.
  • The length of a standing lateral raise machine is usually 52″ to 55″. 

The dimensions state how much space a standing lateral raise machine will cover. 

What is the weight capacity available for a standing lateral raise machine?

The standard weight capacity of a standing lateral raise machine is 150 pounds. It depends on the size, manufacturing process, and quality of raw materials. 

What are the materials of standing lateral raise machines?

Standing lateral raise machines contain high strength and heavy-duty steel, which is very durable and long-lasting. 

How much space is needed for a standing lateral raise machine?

Generally,  an average space is needed for setting up a standing lateral raise machine for your gym around 1.35- 2 square meters. 

Actually, the space a standing lateral raise machine will take depends upon the dimensions of the equipment. 

What are the uses of a standing lateral raise machine in gyms?

The gym owners often confront a common question by the clients, which can boost their muscles and make shoulders broader and more muscular? 

A standing lateral raise machine must be used in gyms for a number of reasons such as:

  • Providing modern exercising equipment to customers
  • Letting the gym owner set a standard monthly/annual fee for customers
  • Helping the customers gain their desired broader shoulder and stronger muscles in a shorter time
  • One size fits most exercise equipment
  • No need for extra dumbbells for lateral raise exercise
  • Convenient to use
  • Requires small space.
Standing Lateral Raise Machine 9

Figure-3: Man using standing lateral raise machine at the gym

You can watch the video for detailed information:

How to assemble the standing lateral raise machine?

You will get the equipment along with a manual. You are required to go through the instructions manual properly and follow them step-by-step to help you correctly assemble the machine.

Standing Lateral Raise Machine 10

Figure-4: A perfect setup of standing lateral gym machine

How to choose the best standing lateral raise machine for the commercial gym?

To select the best standing lateral raise machine for your commercial gym, you will need to consider some significant things, which are as under:

Select Your Suitable Version

Before buying a standing lateral raise machine, you have to understand whether a readymade standing lateral raise machine will be suitable for you or not.

It’s very often found that people buy standing lateral raise machines from a shop  as per their need. 

The readymade version of the equipment will give a preset color, dimensions, and design that you will not change.

Check the Weight Stack

One of the most important factors while choosing a standing lateral raise machine is the device’s weight capacity. A 150 pounds (at least) weight stack is thought to be standard for commercial gyms.

Think About the Safety of the Equipment

A standing lateral raise machine is a significant investment for commercial gym owners as well for the wholesalers. It is recommended to check its safety. Such as

  • Easily attachable/detachable;
  • Premium quality steel;
  • Easy lock and unlock of the attachments;

These things give the owner the flexibility to change location, repair, and reorganize the machines when necessary.

Suppose the machines are not easily attachable or detachable. In that case, the owner has to incur extra costs to hire a professional repairman every time he/she finds any technical problem in that machine. 


Many gym owners overlook the necessity of finishing the equipment while purchasing a standing lateral raise machine. You need to be very picky for a commercial gym about the suitable design, color, and metal.

A dull look of the equipment may dishearten the users, whereas a gorgeous finishing can pose a positive impression to the clients. 

The commercial gym owners may also be required to consider the durability of the finishing. Remember, a better finishing will need comparatively less maintenance and repair service for the gym owners.

Double-check the Easy Adjustment

The best and high-quality equipment offers suitable fittings in each joint. The attaching pins should be able to keep the structure as it should be.

Final Words

We hope that this FAQ guide regarding the standing lateral raise machine has covered most of the queries. 

This will also help choose the best quality equipment for your commercial gym from the market.

You can also use this FAQ guide to know if the Yanre Fitness standing lateral raise machine is a suitable match for you.

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