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Shrug Machine – Definitive FAQ Guide

No commercial gym or distribution center is complete without a shrug machine. Are you looking to buy one? Do you want to know the important features of a shrug machine?

Our comprehensive FAQ guide will address all the questions you might have while buying the shrug machine. 

Table of Contents

What is a shrug machine?

A shoulder shrug machine is used in strength training. It is typically used to isolate and work a specific set of muscles. In the shrug machine, the trapezius muscles are targeted which are on either side of the neck. The secondary muscles utilized during this exercise are the deltoids, rhomboids, and supraspinatus muscles. 

The machine provides fixed movement patterns for better isolation while exercising. Weights can also be added to build muscle mass.

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Figure 1. Target Muscles for the Shrug Machine.

What are the different types of shrug machines?

There are three types of shrug machines:

  1. Seated Shrug Machines
  2. Standing Shrug Machines
  3. Seated/Standing Shrug Machine

Seated Shrug Machine:

The seated shrug machine allows users to perform the shrug while being seated. It has an adjustable seat upon which the user sits while lifting the loaded weights. 

Many users prefer this type as it is more focused on the trapezius muscles without allowing interference or support. 

Follow the link below to see how seated shrug machines are used:

Standing Shrug Machine:

While using this type of machine, the user must remain standing and lift the loaded plates to perform the shrug exercise. 

Some users prefer the seated shoulder shrug machine because of its convenient usage. 

Seated/Standing Shrug Machine:

This type is the combination of both seated and standing shrug machines. It allows users to perform both seated and standing shrugs on a single station. This type is suitable for commercial gyms as it accommodates users of both preferences.

Shrug Machine 8

Figure 4. Seated/Standing Shrug Machine

What is the average price of a shrug machine?

The shrug machine can cost from $400 to $3000. The price varies depending upon the brand and type of shrug bought. 

The price is also dependent upon the plates and whether they are included with the machine or not. The seating/standing shrug is more expensive as compared to a seated shrug machine. 

What are the average dimensions of a shrug machine?

The average dimensions of the shrug machine are 1200 mm x 1670 mm x 1320 mm. These, however, vary according to the brand and type of the machine. 

Some manufacturers produce bulkier versions than others. Please contact Yanre Fitness for the exact dimensions before purchase. 

What is the average weight of a shrug machine?

The average weight of a hammer strength shrug machine deadlift is 110kg, but it can go higher. Please note that this weight does not include the weight of the weight plates. Contact us to find out about the exact weight of the shrug machine.

What is the average weight capacity of a shrug machine?

Shrug machines can tolerate up to 160kg of user weight. However, this is subject to change for different manufacturers. You can find this information in the user manual of your machine. 

Consult our sales department to know the exact weight of the shrug machine. 

Do the weight plates come with the shrug machine?

No, weight plates are not available with the shrug machine. Yanre Fitness does not sell the plates along with the hammer strength shrug machines. You can purchase your weight plates from here. The best part of not having the plates with a shrug machine is that you do not get them unnecessarily. 

How much weight can be lifted with the shrug machine?

The average weight lifted during the shrug machine exercise can go from 200Kg to 300kg. The users will start from lighter weights and move on to higher weights as they advance. 

Are the seats of the shrug machine adjustable?

Yes, the seat for the hammer strength shrug machine needs to be adjustable. The adjustable seat allows users to be comfortable while exercising and take advantage of the machine to its full extent. 

In addition to that, not all the users will be comfortable at a single height. That is why the seat has been made adjustable. It allows the user to move it according to their height.

Shrug Machine 9

Figure 5. The Seat can be moved along the support beam.

What kind of padding does the shrug machine have?

There are two types of filling material for padding 

  1. Regeneration foam
  2. High-density foaming material

Regeneration Foam:

  • recycled material
  • more likely to wear out early
  • low durability
  • likely to thin out over time
Shrug Machine 10

Figure 6. Regeneration Foam

High-Density Foaming Material :

High-density foaming material can be rubber or PU:

  • highly durable and comfortable for use
  • more expensive than regeneration foam
Shrug Machine 11

Figure 7. High-density Foaming Material

What are the frame materials for the shrug machine?

The mainframe of the hammer strength shrug machine is made from pipes. Square piping is the preferred model for modern manufacturers. These pipes are generally made from hard chrome plated steel. 

Piping standards are set differently in each country so be sure to ask the manufacturer about the standards in your country. Pipe strength is dependent on pipe thickness with 3 mm being the standard.

For a more detailed guide regarding the materials, please refer to our Commercial Equipment Buying Guide in 2021 

Shrug Machine 12

Figure 8. Yanre Fitness Shrug Machine with Its Main Frame Specifications

What kind of finish does a shrug machine have?

The hammer strength shrug machine has a two-step finish:

  1. Sandblasting or Pickle Phosphating
  2. Powder Coating

Sandblasting or Pickle Phosphating

This is the first step in the finishing process. During sandblasting, the surface is cleaned by blast sand due to the pressure from compressed air or steam. During phosphate pickling, a thin layer of zinc or manganese phosphate is formed on the metal surface.

Both treatments are viable, but sandblasting is preferred because it is less likely to harm the environment than phosphate pickling.

 Powder Coating

This is the second step of the process in which the powder is applied electrostatically then fixed by heat or UV radiation. This protects the surface from rust, abrasions, and fading.

For more information, visit our Commercial Equipment Buying Guide in 2021.

Will the material of the shrug machine corrode after a while?

It depends upon the materials the manufacturers used and their finishing techniques. It is important to consult with the manufacturers regarding materials used for the machine. Make sure that they are non-corrosive ones. 

Yanre Fitness utilizes materials like carbon steel, aluminium, ABS plastics which are guaranteed to be long-lasting. 

Does the shrug machine come pre-assembled?

No, most suppliers or manufacturers do not ship pre-assembled products. Similarly, Yanre Fitness does not sell pre-assembled shrug machine because of high corresponding shipping charges. 

The hammer strength shrug machine does come with a user manual. You will get the explanation of the procedure for easily assembling the machine for your convenience. 

You can also hire professionals for the installation process. 

Is it easy to install a shrug machine?

Some shrug machines come with complex design and so require professionals for installation. Again, some manufacturers produce shrug machines with sleek design. You can easily assemble them by following the directions of manual. 

Yanre Fitness provides you with a manual that allows you to assemble and install the machine by yourself. If you feel the need to call in professional installation staff, you can still do so.

Can I customize the shrug machine with my own logo? 

Yanre Fitness does offer you the service of customizing the shrug machine by adding your logo to it. Please contact our sales department for more information regarding logo printing.

Can I customize the shrug machine with other color options?

Yes, Yanre Fitness allows you to customize the machine color to your liking. Please get in touch with our sales department to place your order and specify your requirements. 


We hope that our FAQ guide has answered all questions that you might have had about the shrug machine. You now know everything you needed to make an informed decision while buying a hammer-strength shrug machine. Want to import shrug machines from China?  Take a look at the Yanre Fitness 82027 Hammer Strength Shrug Machine and contact us for a quick quote.