Plyo Soft Box


Plyo Soft Box


Plyo soft box, FPB02, is made of heavy-duty foam material for added stability and protection. The PVC covering improves foot grip and avoids slipping due to sweat, while the heavy-duty foam design absorbs pressure and decreases injury risk. The covering is also simply removable for cleaning and washing. This box is ideal for jump training and conditioning.


Plyo Soft Box


  • Material: Material: Outside 1000D PVC TARP, compressed cotton cushioning
  • Dimension: 90*75*7.5cm/90*75*15cm/ 90*75*30cm/90*75*45cm/90*75*60cm
  • Weight: 130kg
  • Color: green, blue red, black


  • Heavy-duty foam construction allows for added stability.
  • Soft material helps prevent injury, Light weight, easy to move.
  • No assembly required. Built like a tank, very strong.
  • Available in four different heights (15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm) allow for versatility and space saving.
  • Durable soft foam interior. Made from high quality compressed cotton.

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